The Annual Christmas Canard

How’s your annual Christmas canard correspondence doing so far? The GOP’s Christmas canard has already arrived warning the sappy recipient that President Obama is working hard to cancel Christmas this year and, by the way, we’d appreciate a large donation. There’s a whole hunk of easily duped Christians who actually ‘believe’ this crap, but then, they are ‘believers.’ The none-too-bright Rick Perry is running an ad in Iowa warning the oh-so righteous Christian voters there that President Obama supports gays but not prayer in school and is conducting “a war on religion.” Interestingly, someone noted that the jacket he’s wearing is the same one as one of the actors in Brokeback Mountain.

Are Iowan Christians that ignorant? Year after nauseous year, the right-wing pulls out the same duck stew and shoves it down their throats. It ought to be quite rancid by now, but fresh spices mask the rancidity. Perry’s million dollar ad blitz must mean that these Iowans are especially vulnerable to propaganda.

I don’t mean to denigrate the lowly duck by referring to it by its French name. Many people enjoy Canard a l’orange and duck is a Christmas dinner imperative as well in many European cultures. The holiday classic, A Christmas Story, featured duck [as turkey] after the hillbilly neighbors’ dogs ate the family turkey. Apparently their only fault with the duck was its neck.

Yet the etymology of the word canard refers to the duck’s ability to feign injury in order to draw the predator  away from the hapless ducklings. The perfect ruse, the perfect political maneuver. How many political canards have we experienced throughout the years? How about we all pick one political canard that continues to be played time after time that, in fact, bamboozles The People, the Low Information Voters?

Go ahead. Only one on the first round.



12 thoughts on “The Annual Christmas Canard

  1. I am of course an amateur de le canard! But in France, the oldest traditional serious and satirical political publication is the weekly little deadly newspaper, Le Canard Enchaine or in English, the chained duck….
    It’s been around for almost 100 years and weekly digs up the dirt and uncovers scandals and of course uses some of the most creative and humorous punning in the process.
    They would have a riot with any politician who tried to bring religion into the political process…in fact they are.
    Today, I am publishing a piece on the French weekly satirical paper, Charlie Hebdo. Charlie is on the newstands everywhere and has a history of outrage that has inspired violence against the paper regularly over it’s almost 50 years. On Nov 2, the office of Charlie were firebombed after they published a cover that satirized Sharia Law…the pun they used was renaming the paper Charia Hebdo….in French, Charia and Charlie are almost the same. Of course, Charlie rains its deadly satire equally, left and right and is violently anti all religions equally!
    After the firebombing, the offices of many French publications opened their doors and resources to the staff of Charlie and they never missed an issue. They recently opened a new office, in an “undisclosed” location that supposedly is firebomb proof.
    And how did Charlie show its appreciation in the defense of it’s outrage to Islam…why, with this weeks cover of a satire of The Last Supper…entitled Diner avec Cons…..(con, is the common french slang obscenity, used quite famously by our prezident/hyper mini emperor Sarko “Casse-toi. pauvre con!” which of course translates loosely to shut your mouth pathetic asshole!)
    But then again, this is France and Freedom of the press and speech is our sacred “in your face” tradition. America still has a lot to learn.

    1. Le Canard Enchaine: Grand, just grand! But then again, this is France and Freedom of the press and speech is our sacred “in your face” tradition. America still has a lot to learn.

      Oh yes, indeed we do. I can only imagine how a publication like Le Canard Enchaine or Charlie Hebdo would have been skewering the burlesque act, aka the GOP presidential candidates.

      Today Dem. consultant James Carville said, “Better candidates haven’t stepped up for the GOP presidential nomination because the party has dumbed down the job. Good candidates have shied away due to the low level of discourse.”

      Dumbed-down. I believe that Webster’s uses ‘dumbed down’ as a synonym for ‘right-wing.’

  2. Microdot- I received a comment from a mutual acquaintance of ours, the woman with extra-large red underpants. I thought she had died along with her pathetic homophobic blog, but although the blog is dead, she apparently isn’t. I figured if she were alive, this post would ‘raise her up’ and it did. Do I qualify as a ‘christ’ now that I’ve raised her from the dead??

    I must credit her with one thing, though. She awakened me to the evil [c]hristians living among us- the CINO’s, Christians in name only. Many of these CINO’s find a warm welcome in today’s OGOP, the once-Grand Republican Party. These CINO’s feel welcome among the hateful right-wing of the party, the ones who, like her, hate gays and lesbians. They cozy up with the hate-immigrants, hate-Muslims, and hate-Blacks in the OGOP. They also like their personal wealth guarded and bedamn and despise the poor. Real Jesus-stuff! The word pathetic doesn’t even come close…

  3. I also received a comment from JOB asking if he could post more comments on this blog. I placed him in my ‘verification’ folder along with the other members of the RBP- Right-wing Blog Posse.

    When I changed the background color of the blog to brown, it was to remind me, us, of the bull that these right-wingers have heaped on to us over the past few months. One can only tolerate a certain amount of lying and spinning before nausea consumes them.

    Northwest Ohio Native and I attempted to bring the light of truth to the RBP, but we were summarily laughed-at, ridiculed and dismissed as ‘ass holes.’ It became clear to me that it was a great waste of my time attempting to counter their idiocy.

    I have not looked back on any of those blogs in the past week. One can only imagine what it’s like there without the babysitter.

    On this blog about a week ago, JOB challenged me on this blog and his blog to come up with ‘a single campaign pledge that Obama kept.’ And so I did, and gave a reference to a website where there were 8 pages of ‘promises kept.’ Yes, 8 web pages.

    Well, of course, the truth really annoys the RBP, and so, on his blog, he continued to post only promises NOT kept, and there are several, of course, as if to conclude that Obama never kept campaign promises.

    That type of nonsense, idiocy really, is what prompted me to unplug the RBP and come home and take an hour shower, using an entire bar of Dial.

    Now, JOB wants to post more of his idiocy here. The last post I saw on his blog ended with calling President Obama a “co*ksucker!”

  4. I was actually getting headaches from reading those blogs. The biggest difference I noticed was the awful personal attacks by some of the posse. Since I haven’t been back for about a week now, I’ve been feeling better.

    The last point I was trying to make was that having a simple majority in the U.S. Senate does not guarantee easy passage of any bills. Factually there are 49 members from the Republican ticket, 49 members from the Democrat ticket and 2 independents. I assume because the independents aren’t taking orders from some party boss, they vote as the people want (Surprise! Usually with the Democrats – go figure).

    They have a blowhard (Sgt. Price aka CommonSense) “over there” who spouts history, when he’s not quoting the Bible, as he sees it or wants to see it. For an expert on the The U.S. Constitution I wondered why he never jumped in to explain how a filibuster worked. Oh, he also never explained how you can have “freedom of religion” if you have to follow a book written by an English king in the 1600’s.

    And for being a Muslim and promoting Muslim causes, the President sure has a lot of (taxpayer paid) Christmas trees in and around the White House.

    And Mr. Mud, at least now they know that Kenya is in Africa not Indonesia. Although they’re still having problems with facts regarding our President’s birth and education. (LOL – maybe you can work on that for the Holidays.)

      1. You mean he really didn’t mean all those nice things he wrote on EON’s blog?

  5. December 20 – Fun Facts of Things that happened on this Date:

    YEAR 1520: The heretic Martin Luther burnt the papal bull issued by Leo X, titled “Exsurge Domine”, demanding an end to his heresies. Luther had published 95 points against the practice of granting indulgences, and the Catholic Church only had 94 points in favor of them. Although technically he was the winner, Luther was subsequently excommunicated. (Eh? Do ya think he knew that King James was going to write a Bible in a 150 years>)

    YEAR 1993: Adolf Hitler is baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in a ceremony performed inside their London temple. Mormons use this strange retroactive baptismal ritual to ensure ancestors or other relatives may join them in heaven. (Wow, that was close for some folks in the United States, including a couple of current Presidential candidates.)

  6. “High court halts new Texas electoral maps”

    Seems the GOP down there didn’t like the maps drawn up by Federal judges because it improved a Democrat’s chance of winning. This is one to watch as it will definitely affect Ohio’s redistricting.

  7. The fat broad? she is the problem. her depends were declared a biohazard hot zone ages ago. but though she might represent a certain decaying segment of america, the segment is more and more irrelevant. JOB. well, I like him and kind of respect the line he is trying to walk. It’s not easy to walk that tightrope. I would hope that he reads this comment, because, like him I get pissed off and say shit I regret the next day, but then again, I get pissed off and say shit that I only agree with and feel good about the next day too.
    You have to respect him if only for the fact that he comes to this blog, and listens. I have a gallery of Charlie Hebdo covers up on my blog.

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