You may have noticed that I tinkered with the look of the blog, changing the background color to BROWN. There could be many reasons why I decided to do that. Perhaps brown is my favorite color. It isn’t. Maybe brown reminds me of chocolate, my drug of choice. It is, but that’s not the reason either. Could be that the color brown is the tint of my coffee with cream, the other drug of choice. Well yes, but no.

As of 24 hours ago, I made the decision to discontinue my obsession , yes obsession, with my search for intelligent life, much like the U.S. Congress did in 1993 when it voted to cancel the NASA SETI program- the study to find extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe. The funding for the NASA project amounted to  0.0074% of the United States military budget, but Congress decided that generals were more important than astrophysicists.

The U.S. Congress decided that it was a ‘waste of tax dollars’ to fund a science project- a project aimed at seeking proof that we are not the only ‘intelligent life’ in the universe? It was as if they were channeling the Pope against Copernicus.  Or Galileo or Darwin. It seems that our Congress has a an anti-science theme running through it, much as is found in Christian churches. Or, do I repeat myself?

Rather than searching for intelligent life out there, I have been searching for it on planet 3, star Sun. More specifically, continent- N. America, country- United States of America. Specific target- the right-wing of the Republican Party. I’ve been listening to the ‘debates’ of the current candidates of the GOP, their comments on the news and their political TV ads. No sign of intelligent life so far.

My last attempt at discovering intelligent life in the right-wing of the GOP was my search for it among the right-wing blogs. I spent quite a few days, months really, focusing my telescope on that segment of biological organisms, looking anxiously, hopefully for some sign, even the most minute indication of minimal higher-level brain functioning. Yet, there was none. No evidence, no indication thereof.

As a result I have turned off my radio telescope. Not because of lack of interest, mind you, but for lack of  hope. A hypothesis that I am currently perusing is that there must have been an alien landing on our earth at some distant time, eons ago. A lifeform, similar to homo sapiens, mated with our distant ancestors or implanted our ancestors with a mutant ‘seed’ [Biblical terminology] which altered the cerebrum in the resulting hybrid species, essentially numbing certain cells therein, rendering them non-functional. According to my hypothesis, and quite fortunately, that mutant trait has become a recessive gene and only exhibits itself in a small percentage of today’s modern humans- a trait especially virulent here in the U.S. More specifically, it is quite commonly found in those who support a right-wing political agenda.

Why brown? It is to remind me and those who read and comment on this blog that I’ve read and heard all of the BULL SHIT that can be tolerated by fully-functioning, fully-intelligent human beings, and that I will tolerate only thoughtful people here on this blog.






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  1. LOL – Good Lord! Just this morning I deleted the links to those blogs off of my computer. I tried being nice. I tried finding common ground. I tried pointing them to their own sources if they wouldn’t believe me.

    Nothing worked. All I got in return were threats, name calling and persons trying to disclose more personal information about me than I wanted posted on the Internet.

    However, I did learn a few things. My God but there are some uninformed people who write and comment on blogs. And I have never seen the extent of outright lying in my life.

    I don’t know what surprised me the most. The fact that they don’t seem to care about the people coming after them (even their own children), or the fact that they will judge the validity of information based strictly on the source of that information. I mean FOX News? Really? Did you see that recent survey that found people who got their news from FOX were actually more ignorant than people that didn’t watch any TV news?

    Like I posted somewhere, the difference between a dumb person and a smart person is a smart person realizes they will always be too dumb to know everything.

    (After thought – Why do they even bother reading other blogs if they refuse to learn anything at all? On the other hand, why read only blogs where they already agree and/or know anything that is posted?)

    (And why are they so rude? Could it be they know…….?)

    1. NON- apparently you and I both came to the same conclusion: debating with the far-right is like arguing with a brick.

      I intend not to look backwards again, but only progressively forward. Let them bitch, complain and write their own set of facts. It really doesn’t matter any more because, as I wrote a few days ago, the current set of clowns running in the once-grand Old Party are all losers, just like the far-right dolts who propelled them to the ‘top.’

  2. Oh Muddy and NON,
    I deal this these types of people all the time at Republican gatherings. Dumb and Mouthy spouting off non-thinking crap as if it were fact….This is where I find some of my best topics to post on this and my site.

    The extreme right wingers are a wealth of entertainment and a good source of stories to expose the stupidity that is Ultra Right Wing Conservatives.

    As the more sane and critical thinking demographics read and are exposed to the inaccurate statements of the Goofy Right, that makes them better prepared to expose them for what they are when it comes up on other sites.

    Yes we have to tolerate the abuse and stupidity for the Ultra Religious Conservative Right WIng to expose them…..It is OUR CROSS TO BEAR!!

    1. Fully agree with your comment, Engineer….But, help me with something.
      Since the “RIght” has taken up residence in your traditional conservative
      Republican Party, perhaps you can better address my query. You have
      had to deal with them and now have to fight a “rear-guard” action against
      them. Therefore, what are the planks of these “Ultra Right Wing
      Conservatives”, the “Goofy Right”, or the “Extreme Right”? Secondly, how
      do they differ from your position as a moderate Republican Conservative?
      Let’s say one plank is: small central government. What is the difference
      between your concept of traditional Republican philosophy on small
      government and that of the “Right”? Hope I’m not asking for “mission
      impossible”, Engineer, lol! As Sargeant Friday said, “Just the facts, please.”
      Living here in the deep South and the bible-belt requires simplicity, so
      bear with me. But, I am interested in the various differences of the two
      groups within the Republican Party today. Such areas as but not limited
      to education, defense/militarism, taxes, energy, climate change, the
      American Dream, immigration, freedom of speech, search and seizure,
      gun rights, voting rights, social security-medicare-medicaid, national
      debt, balanced budget amendment, citizens united case, etc. Are there
      differences between you and them on these types of issues? Whatever
      you can do, Engineer, it would be helpful and interesting.

  3. My take is that the “fundies” say they want a small government, but want to “govern” everything the citizens do. They swear by the U.S. Constitution, but want to dictate laws according to a literal translation of “their” Christian Bible. They call the “other” side uncivilized, but they don’t want the responsibility of living in a civilized society. They claim they don’t use any government money themselves, but drive their kids on public roads to the public school; then demand a larger military to protect them and scream bloody murder if the “government” doesn’t regulate.

    1. Good points, NON. I can see that you learned their ‘strategy’ quite well during your time over there in that alternate universe.

  4. Hello Uptheflag,
    When I refer to the “Ultra Right Wing Conservatives”, the “Goofy Right”, or the “Extreme Right,” I am simply referring to the far right wing of the political spectrum. They can be Democrats or Republican. I know some “Blue Dog” Democrats that are no different than some Republicans. This could be filed under your statement that there is no difference between the parties.

    The differences and problem I have with the mindset of the Republican Party is as follows:
    The desire to Privatize the National School System or Cutting the Education Budget to the point it becomes non-functional. As I see it, this is nothing more than a retribution for not being in step with denying evolution and pushing “Intelligent Design” which is nothing more than religious “Bible Creationism.” This is not new as I give you the example of the legal trial of The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes or better known as the Scopes Monkey Trial fiasco. Even though this was exposed for what it was, the fight is a continuing battle of Science verses Religion Bible Stories.

    I do believe in a strong military provided its use is based on responsible and truthful means to protect the sovereignty of the country. Too many times in history wars have been started to gain economic, territory, raw materials, etc, advantages. I give you the example of Samuel Clemmons was a loud voice against the made up reasons for the Spanish American War and those who blindly cheered and beat the “War Drums.”

    There are the voices who think “TAXES” are an abuse to the public but put no reason of where the finances are to come from to fund the same Military, police force (CIA, FBI, NSA, local and state police, or any anti-terrorist agencies, etc), Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Services, Highway Roads and infrastructure….well I could just go on but you get the picture. When I here one of those that we are speaking of say, “Every time the government gets involved, they just screw it up and waste money.” My reply usually is, “Does that include the Military (Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard) our police force (CIA, FBI, NSA, local and state police, or any anti-terrorist agencies, etc), and the Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Services that answer your 911 calls?” Their response usually is, “Well I’m not talking about that,” or I just get a blank stare. The odd thing is that this logical argument does not sink in because five minutes later they will repeat the same illogical statement.

    With regards to the discussion of Climate Change, I am a man of Science Fact and I give you the example of repeated, responsible studies with tabulated facts with graphs to better see and understand the information collected for over 100 years plus showing the correlation between the increase in burning hydrocarbon fuels and the increase CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere. I even give you the example of “KOCH BROTHER ANTI-CLIMATE FUNDING BACKFIRED” where they financed a private study where the findings were, “There is no reason now to be a skeptic about steadily increasing temperatures, they are man made affects, and Greenhouse gases could have a disastrous impact on the world.” But the same groups of people we are speaking of still tout the Hydrocarbon Industries line that there is not proof and it is “Made Up” science.

    With the current topic of “Immigration” we have heard this same old song over and over again with every wave of Immigration that has entered this country. In the 1840’s it was the Irish. Then it was Italians, Germans, Spanish, Slovak nationalities etc. Nothing has changed with this mindset and it is the same lack of intellect people. Only the years have changed.

    The instillation of the “Patriot Act,” that infringes on the “Bill of Rights” (freedom of speech, search and seizure), that Thomas Jefferson fought so hard to put into our Constitution right from the start, to very frank, is a travesty. I understand the desire to protect the U.S. from attacks but at what cost and sacrifice to these Civil Liberties? It was Franklin who said that these Civil Liberties would never be taken away from us by foreign powers but we would legislate them away based on an outside threat from foreign entities. Jefferson said that we have handed you a Republic, it is up to you to keep it. Well base on a threat from religious radical terrorists, or legislators voted the removal these Civil Liberty Rights. What a disappointment those congressmen and senators along with President W. Bush who signed them into law must be to our Founding Fathers. Once these Civil Liberties that lasted for over 225 are gone, it will be hard to regain them back if ever. We are all worse off for it today.

    After paying into a system our whole working life, the Social Security and Medicare Medicaid safety net had for so long had the money diverted, under funded, and then apocalyptically cut taxes to fund other aspects of government only to borrow our budget of potentially hostile foreign countries. Instead of proper stewards of our aged population care, it was abused and now the same group we are speaking of wants to abolish this safety net. This has been the focus of the far right Republican’s since it was establish in the 1930’s. Well by financially busting the government’s operating capital by collecting responsible tax revenues for the last 30 years, their dream may finally come to reality.

    These have been my concerns, outcome predictions, and discontent with the Far Right Political Spectrum within my Republican Party. Extremism in any direction, be it Liberal or Conservative, is damaging to the country and its citizens. We are seeing the effects today and if they are allowed to continue, we as a whole will suffer deeper declines.

    1. Excellent comment, Engineer. That’s a perfect explanation of how your once-Grand Old Party has been kidnapped and held for ransom by that right-wing clutch of pirates.

  5. Thanks for the response, Engineer. If we could pursue one issue that
    you omitted, it would be helpful. Would you comment on the difference
    you have on the small government philosophy of the Republican Party and
    that of the far Right? How does the 10th Amendment play into both groups
    of the relationship between the Federal Government and the States?

    When I think of the “traditional” Republican Party, I have in mind the Party
    of John Adams, Hamilton, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower,
    Rockefeller. From the late 1960s to the present, the “traditional” Party
    has been in the descendancy, the 1970s was a struggle for power between
    the “tradionalists” and the GOP Right, and from 1980 to the present the
    Right has been ascendant. And, this brings up to me the question of Reagan.
    Were you a Reagan supporter?

    1. UptheFlag writes,

      When I think of the “traditional” Republican Party, I have in mind the Party
      of John Adams, Hamilton, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower,

      Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end. Nostalgia, auld langsyne. I quite enjoy the visual rather than the verbal description; too bad that my art skill is nihl. Pirates, UptheFlag, pirates boarding the ship and seizing it, holding it and the passengers for ransom. That’s how I see the scenario playing out. A group of ruthless ideologues [led by none other than Newt Gingrich] seized the once-Grand Old Party and threw overboard all who did not agree with their ideology.

      They are Blackbeard, Captain Kidd and Henry Morgan in business suits. Purging of those who have alternate agendas- dotting the pages of our history books.

      The question that remains is: can this ship be re-taken or will it be blown to bits and rest at the bottom of the sea?

  6. Hello Uptheflag,
    I will readdress your questions when I have more time….hopefully tomorrow as I do think they are very good questions.

    Hello Muddy,
    I have a historical fact image for you….Black Beard ran his flag ship, the “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” aground on a sand bar of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He transferred all the monetary wealth he had on board to a smaller ship and told the crew that he left behind to mind his well armed larger ship with the promise he would return to get them……HE NEVER DID because he had no intention to from the start. Yes he took the money and ran out on his crew leaving a good part of his crew “High and Dry!” Less money he had to split the stolen “Booty Spoils” with.

    How’s that for “Food For Thought?”

  7. Hello Uptheflag,
    As promised I am getting back to you. I have stated often that I view my political perspective much like Teddy Roosevelt’s. “We are all the summation of our life’s experiences.” I did vote for President Reagan as I was very displeased with the country’s economy under Jimmy Carter, who gave away the Panama Canal (which I was very much against) were our sister ship was rammed by a Panamanian Freighter in open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the reason I and my ship was sent to South America in less than 7 days from Charleston, SC, then the final straw was the attack on our Embassy and Iran Hostage fiasco. I had just gotten off of active duty and was trying to “Come Home” mentally after my missions in South America and the “nose to nose” antics of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean.

    One of the things I saw first hand during my travels as a young man and made a BIG impression on me, was the new “National Deficit Clock” in Times Square, New York City counting up the amount faster than I could count to keep up. The numbers were clicking by at a blinding speed. Reagan campaigned that he was going to address this issue and rang very true for me. But the problem was as soon as he got into office he took the Nation from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation in the world……Not the direction I had voted for. But with hope still within me, and Dukakis was not anything I could have voted for, I voted once again for him the second time and that only brought on the “Iran Contra” policy. I was piss of royally that my country was giving arms for money to the country that had attacked our Embassy. That left me with no respect for his administration. I have told the story of a family friend who was the lawyer for the CIA agent that Ollie North reported to and what we heard on the televised Iran Contra hearings where national laws were broken, were all lies. By the way, the family friend’s client, the CIA agent, was the only one who did not get indicted. A fact the lawyer friend takes great pride in for his skills.

    After President Nixon was pardon the statement was made that we as a nation have established a two tier legal system. To quote Dick Cheney, “If the President does it, it is not illegal.” We are seeing this too often of laws being broken at the highest levels of government and no indictments are being handed down….like exposing a CIA agent which is a Federal Offence with Death as the penalty….and G.W. Bush admitted to a reporter on Air Force 1 that he gave the order to do so.

    Now the argument of “State’s Rights” verses “Federal Government Rights” argument has been going on since the beginning of establishing the Constitutional Federal Government.

    I give you the example of President George Washington who sent in Federal Troops to squelch the “Whiskey Rebellion” on the then frontier and of course we even had a Civil War in less than 100 years existence of this country. We again saw the clash between “State’s Rights” and “Federal Government Rights” during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s which some could say was nothing more than the continuation, or evolution there of, of the Civil War arguments. To put a modern day face of this issue, I give you the California State’s decriminalizing marijuana “Probation” laws because they were not working in that state, but the Federal Law Enforcements Agencies coming in and arresting people thinking they were operating a legal business.

    Now to address the “Small Government Philosophy” of the Republican Party I can support but what is being proposed by the Tea Party Members is bordering on a level of Anarchy. I will give you the examples of the voices wanting to disband the EPA because of the enforcement of pollution laws but the genesis is from those companies who have no conscience of poisoning the water, air, and soil, for their own financial gains leaving those around the poisoned areas holding the bill in loss of property values and personal health and wealth. This in my mind is just the legal stealing of others wealth but with the mantle of too much regulation. This is not the answer to smaller government.

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