Reason #4: The Donald

In my last post I listed 3 reasons why I think that President Obama will be a 2-term president.  Today I add #4. Donald Trump yesterday muddied the GOP waters and is set to instigate a destructive tidal wave within the party itself. Within a few hours of endorsing Newt Gingrich, he dissed two other GOP hopefuls calling Huntsman and Paul irrelevant.  Not only that, but he threatened  to derail the GOP’s candidate by running as a 3rd party candidate if he judged him as the ‘wrong one.’

If you experience a lousy Christmas this year, you can look forward to a great comedy show just two days later by watching The Great Donald Debate. Yes, The Donald will be quizzing several potential GOP presidential candidates on issues such as the validity of their birth certificates and their hair stylists.

Imagine that.

It has been a real hoot eavesdropping on the right-wing blogs for the past several months. TenthGenerationPatriot led the pack with his endorsement of a new candidate every 10 days. The none-too-bright reactionary right-winger, switched his allegiance more often than Romeny changed his views. His fellow right-wingers cheered him on, giving high-fives with each new endorsement.

The right-wing apparently loves a circus and they were treated to a new ‘act’ in the big ring every week or so. Yet, as is the case when the circus folds its tents and packs it all away, all that is left of the Grand Event are the piles of elephant shit lying on the grass.


8 thoughts on “Reason #4: The Donald

  1. Oh Muddy,
    You beat me to the punch as I was going to do a piece on the exact same thing only I was going to use the image of Woody Allen winning the “Beauty Contest” in the movie, “Sleeper.”

    Yes with electrodes stuck into his head and tears streaming down his face, Woody Allen, who was really being brain washed and reprogrammed to assimilate into the modern society he had woken up in 100’s of years in the future by the current leaders after he had been cryogenically frozen back in early 1970’s, was proud and please to accept the “Beauty Pageant Crown.”

    Well The Donald is just running another “Beauty Pageant” placing the crown on the Republican Candidate he sees fit to be in the “Brain Washed and Programmed Beauty Pageant Image” of this “Self Promoting, Wildly Aimed Loose Cannon,” that is “The Donald” Trump.

    The Donald Trump has just made a joke of the “Republican Presidential Candidate Primary.”

    1. The Donald Trump has just made a joke of the “Republican Presidential Candidate Primary.”

      Indeed so, Engineer. Which is why Paul and Huntsman opted out, calling it an indignity to the presidential race.

  2. Did you read where Cain used Donna Summer’s song during the closing credits of Pokémon 2000 to explain why he was “suspending” in campaign? Is that because his audience is about the same as the audience of Pokémon? Do ya think he realized who Donna Summer’s largest audience is? If Cain only “suspends” his campaign but doesn’t drop out of the race, is he still eligible for matching Federal funds?

  3. Engineer, I still think you should do your piece. You inspired me to go and find where I could view Sleeper on line….It’s all up in segments on YouTube, but I want to see it in better quality.
    The image is perfect. Trump is the perfect spoiler. He will screw up everything he touches. He stated in an interview on TV that he wouldn’t ask any birther questions then he made some snide mormon references.
    I won’t even go there about his cosmetic face work, because the dude is beginning to look like he’s been troweling his jowls with Preparation H these days…that’s what we call a Detroit Face Lift….
    You know, Cain had been quoting the Pokemon song all through his campaign and the first time he used it, he attributed it as the wisdom of a great poet.
    But what’s more tragic about America? These candidates or the segment of the public who doesn’t realize what fools they are being played for?

  4. Hey Microdot,
    Just like the ultra-conservative who said that he had proof that the Democrats were the one’s behind Cain’s accusers and I ask, “How does Karl Rove feel about Cain for President?” Karl Rove is still calling the shots to be sure. “The Donald” Trump will really piss him off and he does not want that to happen….”The Donald” may come up missing like Jimmy Hoffia stuff.

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