It’s Obama 2012: No Doubts At All

It really doesn’t matter about that horse and pony show taking place over there in the GOP- the one with the flavor of the week.  It is of no consequence who the once-Grand Old Party selects in Tampa in 2012. The game’s already over and President Obama will take the oath for his 2nd term in January 2013.

The right-wingers will piss and moan when the results come in on Tuesday evening, Nov. 6, 2012. There will be no joy in right-wingville that night.Lots of groans and cursing will not change the outcome one iota.

Why am I so sure about this nearly a year out? Three things.  First, look at the participants in the burlesque show. If that doesn’t spell GOP disaster then nothing else will.  Second, the economy is on an up swing. Businesses are hiring and confidence in our economy is growing steadily. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the Obama campaign itself will shut out the GOP campaign.

About the third point: I was part of the 2008 campaign and watched its brilliance unfold. Three years later, it is even more-well organized and more connected. Just this evening my wife and I spent 2 hours at our first neighborhood organizing meeting.  Yes already, 12 months from election day, neighborhood teams are forming and receiving instructions. Nineteen people attended tonight’s meeting ranging in age from 88 to 17, with a median age of 45. The outline for neighborhood teams was presented and the various jobs were described. Next Sunday, the phone banks are up and operating, collecting more people for each of the teams. Teams will be interfaced on the web, through social media, and through a newly created connector that was not described to us. The data that was collected in 2008 is already in the system and updated. It’s just a matter of plugging it in.

Beyond the phone banks, the door-to-door effort will be the key to success, and there are thousands of volunteers ready for their street assignments. It is an amazing package of organization and connectivity that the GOP can only sit back and watch unfold.

If you still like circus acts, then continue to follow the GOP race, but don’t sweat anything.  Obama’s got it in the bag. And you heard it right here.


Play around with this electoral map for a while, selecting a category on the left and moving the slide to change the values.  It is very revealing:


28 thoughts on “It’s Obama 2012: No Doubts At All

  1. “Forget the dog and pony show, the G.O.P. nod will go to Mitt Romney. And I can almost guarantee, that his running mate will be Marco Rubio. If anyone thinks the Democratic party will walk away with the 2012 elections, they are sorely mistaken.”

    That was a quote from Thom Hartmann on his show Thursday

    1. I know, JOB, just how much you dislike Obama and would really like to see him go down, you can click your Rubio heels three times all you wish, but, as I explained above, Obama wins. By the way, what type of political guru is Thom Hartmann?

      Further, JOB, play around with the link I dropped on the post to see where Obama’s strengths lie. Then work the Electoral College numbers and see what you get.

      1. Well, M_R, I will have to hold my nose and vote for Obama unless there
        is a real third party alternative. Since I doubt that because of the way the
        election laws are set up it basically prohibits multi-party candidates, I will
        have to support Obama, but only because of the Supreme Court issue.

        It’s too bad that you are not using that organizational zeal to have an
        alternative to Kaptur. It’s Members of Congress that are the real
        problem to restoring the middleclass and the American Dream. Like I
        commented to NON recently we do get rid of Members by age or retiring.
        And we got rid of one of the biggest betrayers last week, Rep Barney Frank of MA. Well, he’s leaving with his pant pockets filled with lobbyist money!
        And, it appears Kaptur’s purse runneth over with congressional-military-
        industrial lobbying money. The Revolution is nigh, my friend, and your
        missing it by playing in Presidential politics. What “fun” is it to play and
        what you already say is an easy victory for the President? Why waste
        your talents on that level instead of the local level. What was that about “all
        politics is local”?

  2. Hah, even though I say mitt will get the republican nomination, I, you and we all just don’t get it…you see, Newt has declared he is the one. He said it on the tv too, so if Hartmann says that Mitt is going to win on his TV show and Newt says he is going to win on another tv show…who are we supposed to believe? Because if someone said it on a tv show, then it must be true, right? Boy, golly, if I were a real republican voter, I’d wait until the next episode of The Fantasy Island Debates with Donald Trump, but it won’t really feel right until they bring find someone to be the Donalds little buddy, Tattoo….Hey Boss…EETS DEE NOOOT! DEE NOOT!

  3. I’m sure you all know by now, I don’t have a mean bone in my body…well, that depends on what I have on under my kilt, but you know, if you elect Newt, Callistra will be the first lady…well I guess that’s a qualified projection…with Newt who knows what tomorrow will bring…Newt has to make money because in the words of Newt, “it’s because my trophy wife has found a surgeon who will graft living tissue from a Salvadoran infant onto her face, but that shit costs money you know?” It’s not easy being a Gingrich……

    1. The problem now brewing in the once-Grand Old Party, Microdot, is that Newt looks like the spoiler. His arrogance and bigger-than-life ego will be a distraction in the party as the process moves along. He believes that he is God’s 2nd born son and that he now has the clear pathway to the nomination. Think historically of the 1980 Democratic race where Teddy Kennedy muddies the waters of Jimmy Carter and cost him the election.

  4. Herman Cain just endorsed Newt….I have a few words of advice to Newt…
    “Leetle Noot, he beckomns yooo into his web of Seeen! But don’ go eennnn…Meester Cain Feenger Cain Feengeer! ”

    I am releasing the single. Cain Feengeer and I expect it will become a multi billion dollar platinum hit, I am available for private performances and parties…talk to my agent…

  5. By the way, did you see that billboard on Airport Highway? Something about Obama living like a sultan.

  6. OMG! Mr. Mud I was reading some more “conservative” blogs and you sure stirred them up. But it just occurred to me; do you realize you are probably the brightest person they converse with on a regular basis. That’s a big responsibility and I hope you take it seriously.

        1. Lost? Well, there’s quite a thick fog over on the far-edge of the political spectrum- a miasma that causes the residents there to see, hear and say very odd and weird things. My theory about an alien multiverse is not too difficult to grasp after being ‘among them’ too very long.

          TGP wrote a bit ago that Obama is a Muslim. Does that help clarify the lack of signs of intelligence in that multiverse?

          1. I can’t remember which “blog” it was, but one of them said something like this” “They’re even tearing his statue down in Indonesia now”

            Because the posse is alway saying how our President is hell bent on promoting Islam, I thought I’d check out that claim.

            Turns out they’ve twisted the truth again. The statue of President Obama as a six year old school boy is being moved from a park to a school yard. One extremist Muslim group is calling for the “complete removal” because Obama hasn’t done anything for the Muslims (hmmm). Another group just thinks an Indonesia native would be more appropriate in a public park. The school master wants the statue in the school yard as an example of success possible for the children.

            Seems like nothing is too sacred for the posse to lie about. Oh, while in the shower this morning it occurred to me, the posse’s children are probably the second most intelligent life form they come into contact with. Let’s hope the kids wear off on the parents, not the other way around.

            1. I already replied on TGP’s blog to Sepp’s moronic statement regarding Statuegate. Remember, NON, they don’t call then ‘reactionary‘ for nothing.

  7. Mud- Thom Hartman hosts the talk radio spot on Chicago A.M. 820. He’s on from 2-5P.M. And he’s a Liberal. You are correct, I do not like our president. But you seem to get a kick out of twisting things around. I have no problem with him on a personal level. It’s professionally, that I dislike him. And unlike your claim on my blog, I do not “hate” him on either level. I just want him to leave office. I think he’s a horrible President, and he’s done a 180 on so many campaign promises, that hit close too home.
    I do not like this years crop of G.O.P. candidates, but Obama leaves me no choice. I will vote for whomever is running against him. Plain and simple. It might sound LIV, or hateful to you, but I seem to look at things a bit differently than you.
    Now, if Obama were to leave office, and a certain Secretary of State were to run, then we could end the discussion here and now.

    Dottie (“Such an obvious smear”)- I don’t see how Newt could get the nod. Since the G.O.P. regards itself as the holder of the utmost moral standards. Isn’t their something in the Bible about coveting thy neighbors wife, or something? But then again, it didn’t say anything about wives, so he may have us there.

    1. JOB- What does Thom Hartman’s political position on the political spectrum have to do with his credibility?

      Sorry that you cannot see ANYTHING positive in what Obama has accomplished. You must have been clearly devastated during the 8 long years of the GW Bush administration. Did you find anything positive about the Clinton administration?

      1. Mud- Thom Hartman’s credibilty in the Democratic party as well as his thoughts in this political spectrum are alot more credible than yours, in my opinion. And I’m pretty sure he wasn’t endorsing Romney. He was only giving his synopsis on the 2012 Presidential race, which again, I find more credible than yours.

        I think the first term of Bush was good, the second, not so much.

        I voted for Clinton in ’96. It was the first time I was allowed to vote. Politically speaking, I was happy. Personally, I was disappointed. If ’96 was his first term, and he ran as incumbent in 2000, I would have voted against. I don’t care what you and Laci think, the man committed perjury, end of story. Therefore, in my opinion, would not be fit too be President.

        Honesty goes a long way with me.

        1. So, you’ve been unhappy with the Presidents pretty much except for GW Bush’s first term. Do you mean the first term when he initiated two wars that were not paid-for? The specious Iraq War with those vacuous WMD’s and the “mushroom cloud” as well as those “mobile biological weapons and “aluminum tubes” as well as the “uranium form Africa”?

          That pile of shit? You BELIEVED all of that crap?

          But then, you were young and impressionable and awfully wet behind the ears. Has your wisdom grown any since then or has it been pretty much stagnant?

  8. BTW- Obama’s negatives outweigh the positives. He needs to step aside and let Hillary take over.

    1. Incorrect, JOB. I see that you are now running a series of ‘broken campaign promises’ on your blog- red, red meat for the right-wing posse. They sure devoured that meat quickly with 5 fast and ignorant comments.I challenge you to continue with your ‘series’ but also include Obama’s promises that WERE fulfilled rather than just the ones that were not.

      As you supported GW Bush and his idiotic wars, I wonder what HIS campaign promises were? Oh, I just remembered one. I believe I’m correct on this- “I don’t want to nation-build.” Gulp!

      1. You post a campaign promise Obama has kept. I don’t think you or any of your peers can name one.

        1. The sad thing about Tenth is that he knows very little, yet reacts boldly out of his ignornance. I have proven every challenge he has made wrong and, therefore, I will continue that trend.

          How many do you want? You said “a” campaign promise so here’s one:

          Extend child tax credits and marriage-penalty fixes

          OBAMA- We will extend aspects of the Bush tax cuts such as child credit expansions and changes to marriage bonuses and penalties.

          RESULT: Obama’s promise to extend child tax credits and marriage-penalty fixes: the legislation Obama signed on Dec. 17, 2010, continues those tax measures for everyone for another two years.

            1. Jeff,

              Denying that Obama did nothing doesn’t mean he kept a promise. I believe the promise attached to the recovery and reinvestment was that it would keep unemployment under 8%. Certainly not a win for Obama.

              1. Tully, why don’t you ask your kids, no never mind about that. Ask some neighbor kids how the United States Senate works. Then when you understand you mind be able to remark on the successes or failures of President Obama’s campaign promises.

              2. Denying that Obama did nothing doesn’t mean he kept a promise.

                Three negatives in one sentence makes for interesting reading, but then, is is great SPIN, Tenth, and this type of double-talk [triple-talk] only plays well on your blog.

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