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Anthropologists have announced the discovery a new but sub-species of mankind.  The new sub-species has a humanoid appearance and an obvious descendent of Homo sapiens, scientists have announced the name given to the new species as, “YAHOOs.”

They went on to explain that the name was not derived from the delicious Chocolate drink, “Yoo Hoo” sold in may “Quick Shops” frequented by the sub-species, (but I should add that one of the scientists was drinking a Yoo Hoo at the time of the discovery,) but more to the fact that this simple minded humanoid species follows the ancient superstitious religious beliefs originated from Yahweh.  There have been few changes in their religion except that Yahweh’s wife, “Asherah,” was worshipped as a consort of Yahweh, until the 6th century BCE, when strict monolatry of Yahweh became prevalent in the wake of the destruction of a Hebrew temple.  For some reason women could not be a God and as equal to men.  The Anthropology scientific community stated that they are still researching this odd aspect as to the YAHOOs’ superstitious reasoning for this aspect.

As a background for some I should explain that Anthropology is the study of, “What defines human life and its origins, how social relations among humans organized, what are humans’ physical traits, how do humans behave, why are there variations among different groups of humans, and how has the evolutionary past of Homo sapiens influenced its social organization and culture.”

Well it would appear that the YAHOOs have not progressed with any intelligence, enlightenment, nor do they cast aside any superstitious beliefs and practices as they are proven for what they were many years ago.  I give the example that it would be like saying the population believes in the ancient Greek religious theories of the “Titans” responsible for earthquakes, thunder and lightning, volcano eruptions, etc.  For the vast majority of the more advanced, intelligent, educated, population this would be “Mind Boggling Silliness” but for the YAHOOs this would be a given reality.  The YAHOOs are odd creatures indeed.

Scientists have noted that the YAHOOs are a week minded, easily mislead and brain washed, and the prefect target for scam artists as they do not have the capacity to distinguish fact from fantasy.  Here is where the problem arises when these very superstitions turn out to be a hindrance for the society, or any living beings for that matter. Basically, superstitious beliefs and practices are illogical assumptions based on one particular incident, and followed by the gullible.

One of the current traits and trends for the YAHOOs is they are identifying themselves with a political group called, Religious Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots but have no clue what the latter title’s meaning of this word.  Once again the weak minded YAHOOs have only what they have been mislead to the meaning but more to the fact they have been told that Yahweh supports this aspect efforts.  This is all the YAHOOs need to have their full, factual meaningless, fanatical support.


9 thoughts on “Science Update News Flash!!

  1. Hello, Engineer of Knowledge,
    Hilarious! This current batch of Tea Party reactionaries are most definitely YAHOOs!

  2. Oh, I don’t know….that’s why I wear a kilt….that alternative universe thing you are referring to…is that just outside of Glascow?

  3. QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Perry has some good ideas. The measure of a man’s intelligence being how well he agrees with you, I’d say he’s right smart.”

    On earlier blogs I hinted at election fraud. It referred to people with extremely low I.Q’s (less than 30) voting. But if you look at the current crop of LIV’s, and they’re being controlled by expert handlers, I might suggest a minimum 100 I.Q. requirement for voting eligibility.

  4. “Mitt Romney-a dumb person’s idea of what a smart person looks like.”

    ROFLMAO – Priceless !!!

  5. E.O.K.- I like your sense of humor. But, if you want to create a new phrase, or nickname, I don’t think it should be LIV/YAHOOS. That’s not creative at all. Maybe LIVYAs? How about LIVHOOs? I don’t know, it was a funny post regardless.
    I would like to address some of the comments left by you and Dottie on the previous post. When do you think the Republican party started going so extreme?
    They all seem to hate Romney, mostly because they compare him to Obama with the whole healthcare issue. I checked out some things, and it turns out the Romney idea on healthcare is quite different than Obama’s
    And I have no idea when the term RINO started.

  6. Hello J.O.B.
    First off good thoughts and comments on the alternative names. Please feel free to use any you came up with as they are all good.

    I saw the Republican really going extreme and ridicules to the point of intolerance was in the early 1990’s and Rush Limbaugh was broadcasting hate fill but inaccurate programming on his radio show. Being a Republican myself I heard of him before many others. Please research Jeff Christies shock jock from Pittsburg, PA. Jeff Christies was a morning shock jock much like Howard Stern but was fired when he went too far making fun of a Pastor and his church. In Pittsburgh, there was an evangelical minister who one Sunday made the bizarre claim that the voice of Satan could be heard on the recordings of the British Country and Western crooner Slim Whitman if you played them backwards.

    When Christie was fired, he found a new job at a sports station broadcasting the Kansas City Royals baseball games. He later moved on and started his own political talk show on the radio. Today, the onetime Shock Jock, Jeff Christie, is known as….RUSH LIMBAUGH!! Same act different subject venue.

    The term RINO started in the early 2000’s when the new three stooges, Bush / Cheney / Rove, dared anybody much less anybody within the Republican Party, to question the extremism and financial irresponsibility from this administration.

    All good questions and I was glad to answer them all. I welcome and personally invite you to visit my personal blog site. I just finished posting a piece on Herman Cain’s stopping this Presidential campaign.

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