GOP 1952 and 2012

This from a right-wing blogger today:  So little time and so little to pick from. Now that Cain is blowing up I’m at a loss. Can we draft somebody?

There is spreading angst in the GOP ranks these days about their chances to beat President Obama in 2012. And he’s very vulnerable. The right-wing of the GOP, the dominant side of today’s Republican Party, cheered on their set of candidates only to watch each one rise and fall in a very short time.  Some called this the flavor of the week as did Herman Cain, the latest victim. Right-wing bloggers have their panties all in a knot over this situation, and they clearly don’t like Romney.

Thus, what are their options? As the opening quote suggested, they could draft Candidate X. Who that would be remains a mystery. Yet, back in 1952, the Republican Party drafted Dwight D. Eisenhower rather late in the game.  It was, as it turned out, a brilliant maneuver as Ike went on to two full terms as President.

Some of us recall that scene very well because we watched it develop on our 12″ black and white Raytheon TVs. My parents were avid Robert Taft enthusiasts because, after all, he was smart and was from Ohio, for crying out loud. They ended up voting for Ike in the end, but would rather have had Taft as the candidate. I still have an ‘I Like Ike’ pin that I wore to school in the 6th grade.

I can recall vividly the vote at the Convention that July; I made some Taft signs and taped them to the walls as my family watched the vote that evening. There had been 10 candidates for the nomination including the perennial presidential candidate Harold Stassen. There were other prominent candidates including Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Gov. Earl Warren and Sen. Wayne Morse. The vote between Eisenhower and Taft teetered with each new alphabetical state vote, swinging one way and the next.

Many were disappointed during the roll call of states as the leader of the state had to announce a smattering of votes for the minor candidates as well. Stassen got 20 votes and MacArthur received 10. Governor of California Earl Warren won the state’s delegation’s impressive set of 81 votes as the state’s  ‘favorite son.’ Had there not been ‘pledged’ votes for these minor three candidates, the convention might not have given Eisenhower the nomination. The vote was 595 to 500 on the first round.

Late in 1951 Eisenhower had not yet decided to enter politics.  In a reply to a letter from Harry Truman who asked Eisenhower to run on the Democratic ticket, Eisenhower wrote back,  “I do not feel that I have any duty to seek a political nomination.” He was concerned that he ought not mix politics with his military career. Yet, in early March, Eisenhower’s name was on the GOP ballot in New Hampshire, a move that was made by friend Henry Cabot Lodge and unknown to Eisenhower. He never campaigned nor publicly spoke of running for the nomination before the vote, yet he won that primary getting 50% and capturing all of the state’s primary votes.  The day after the New Hampshire vote, Eisenhower announced that he was entering the race.

Now, fast-forward to 2012. Gaud, how unpleasant. Today’s right-listing GOP is facing a situation not unlike that of 1952. The set of burlesque show participants that gathered to seek the nomination are, well, rather worthless and will probable not be able to beat the wounded Democratic candidate next year. Will they discard the pathetic set of candidates for someone new, exciting and worthy?

Taft lost several key votes on the very first day of the convention as the Eisenhower group prepared to manipulate votes from Texas and other Southern states. They wanted to unseat pro-Taft delegates and replace them with pro-Eisenhower ones.  I”n a maneuver called of all things, “Fair Play,” the convention voted to support the pro-Eisenhower delegates in Texas and so that state’s vote went for Eisenhower, 33-5. Michigan and Pennsylvania, with uncommitted state delegations, got on the Eisenhower bandwagon after that maneuver, and the handwriting was on the wall for the Taft people.

There’s the 1952, 2012 possibility.  The only remaining question is who.


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  1. Hello Muddy,
    I just see this lack of any viable Republican Presidential Candidates as the result of how far the Ultra Religious / Extreme Right have influenced my Republican Party. What was once considered a “Moderate Republican” has been labeled as unacceptable “Liberalism.” (or the elementary grade school calling RINO)

    So today the Republican Party now has to deal with the dysfunctional aspects brought on by the Ultra Religious / Far Right Wing Teabaggers. The Republican Party has the conditions today where the sitting President is dealing with economic conditions and unemployment exponentially worse than what Jimmy Carter was dealing with.

    The difference is where Jimmy Carter was a one term President, I see no one on the Republican side palatable enough for the overall voting population to replace him. An example being the current flavor of the week being, Newt Gingrich, who was “THROWN OUT / FIRED” by his own Majority held Congress Party when he was the “Speaker of the House” because he was such a screw up embarrassment in the 1990’s. After his removal as House Speaker Newt gave an interview saying that his “Fall from Grace” was because he had aligned himself too much to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and his EXTEME CONSERVATISM!! Never before had this been done before in any recent memory. But today he is their man to fawn over. OH FOR GOD’s SAKE PLEASE!! Will these Religious Conservative LIV Dumb Asses every get a brain?

    This is what happens when you have a bunch of mentally “loose cannon” LOSERS calling the shots within the Republican Party. The only hope for MY Republican Party in the future is when these people are purged from the Party.

  2. I’ve just read two posts by current and/or former Republicans. As a long time Republican now mistaken for a Democrat I ask, do you think we’ve changed and/or grown up or has the political climate changed so much?

    Personally, I think being a very long time Republican, being baptized Roman Catholic and raised in the 60’s, it’s not something you can shake off late in life. I’m still trying to reconcile with the Church and haven’t given up on the GOP yet.

  3. Well, here we go again, MR. I was thinking last night about your writings
    and the lack of any meaningful responses to the facts, except for put downs
    like “yawn”, “johnny one note”, and most recently, “armchair activist”. That year, I wore a Stevenson pin as my parents were union Democrats. As usual,
    we had to be on the opposite side of any issue it seemed. Just as in our sports, we could never been on the same team because we were too big. Others said it was unfair to put us on the same team, lol. You had your Ike
    pen and I had my Stevenson pin. Of course, you won and would let me know
    it! So anyway, here I was in my armchair last night watching NEWT implode
    on Hannity, but thinking if it was worth a response on the blog this morning. For the moment I didnt think so and my thoughts changed to your dyed in the wool support for Kaptur and her other Congress people.And, that damn pin came into focus.

    I was reminded that one’s political background is many times traced back
    to that of the parents. Mine was Democrat and your’s was Republican. It’s
    hard to give up one’s roots totally. And, I think, our ageing process tends
    to make one less liberal as we begin to think about “conserving” what we
    have. Some don’t want to question power and authority any more, and here
    sits Kaptur-powerful-wealth-authority figure. A conservative likes that.
    I began to surmise that perhaps you are returning to your conservative base
    of your childhood. While there is much that you have written that disagrees
    with that surmising, you have seem to be reluctant to join in the discussion about Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Toledo, the income inequality in the
    United States, and betrayal of the American Dream, little criticism of Obama,
    little criticism of Democrats who play the delay game, the decline of the
    middleclass, any meaningful discussion on reforming government, and the
    like. Do you think your childhood political bearings is playing a factor in your
    seeming reluctance to open up the discussion on the substantive issues
    causing the decline of the United States? You do seem to like Teddy Roosevelt
    and Dwight Eisenhower. I know, it is just coincidence that last night I was
    thinking about you campaigning for Ike and here today you write the same.
    Go figure, huh?

  4. NON, I don’t know what to tell you about your crisis, I was raised in the 60’s and a baptized Catholic. I guess I was lucky and came from a fairly liberal family, but more than that, they just didn’t ever speak about politics…I guess I was pretty free range. I drifted into what you might consider radical ideology early on when I got involved in the anti war movement…The Catholic thing…well, I did that when I was 12 and thanks to some sociopathic teachers into corporal punishment a few psychotic nun episodes, I found it pretty easy to run far, fast and never look back….

  5. To comment on this post, though, ask yourself, what is the basic difference between 1952 and 2012? Postwar America had leaders who could be easily labeled as heroic. Who would you speculate as to being able to fill that role now for the Republicans? Who of any real moral stature would want to be forever tainted by the unavoidable outcome of the inevitable smear campaign that the Republican `party is going to be forced to mount just to even appear viable?
    I am wracking my brains trying to find the individual who might possibly fill the role of an Eisenhower today for the Republicans.
    One thing that hasn’t changed is Harry Trumans assessment of the Republican Party in a letter he wrote 60 years ago:
    “I have studied the Republican Party for years at close hand …. And I have discovered where the Republicans stand on most of the major issues. Since they won’t tell you themselves, I am going to tell you.” The letter included the following Truman assertions: Republicans “approve of the American farmer – but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand foursquare for the American home – but not for housing. They are strong for labor – but they are stronger for restricting labor’s rights. They favor a minimum wage – the smaller the minimum the better. They endorse educational opportunity for all – but they won’t spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospital are fine – for people who can afford them.”

    1. …so Truman wrote that back 60 years ago?? And it is still true today, although even more intensively. Add to this the ‘Christian’ element and the ‘damn the poor.’ And to all of this the corporate hustlers posing as AM radio talk show hosts and we’ve pretty much got today’s GOP.

      Surely you’ve heard the callous put-down of ‘the poor’ by the front-runner of the GOP, Gingrich. That arrogant SOB who bragged two days ago that he didn’t need lobbying money because he charges $60k per speech, said that poor kids in poor neighborhoods don’t know how to work because no one there works. He thinks ‘they’ should get a few dollars for working after school as janitors. He hopes to replace the ‘union janitor’ at the school.

      Then he used his granddaughter as an example of how children ought to be. She sent him a message on ‘her new Ipad,’ which she paid for herself by saving her money. Did she save her after school janitorial money? No, her allowance from her millionaire father!

      Alternate universe.

    2. Dottie- The basic difference between the elections of 1952 and 2012? The democratic incumbent in 1952 knew he was not fit to proceed.

      1. No, I think it was more like the Republican challenger wasn’t fit to run. I’ve noticed in my long life that many Presidents get credit for things they had nothing to do with.

        Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter – All Presidents who are remembered for things they had no control over, but not remembered for the extraordinary things they accomplished.

        I still remember Truman’s morning walks after he left office. And in 1956, my whole family was wearing “I like Ike” pins, in 1964 I wore a “Goldwater in 64” pin to school and in 1972 I was head of the RE-ELECT THE PRESIDENT campaign at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. My mother likes to tell the story of how she hid her religion (Roman Catholic) while working on the Nixon campaign in 1960; It was that whole thing about guns in the basements of Catholic Churches.

      2. Who is “Dottie?” There are only two known women who post comments here and neither is named Dottie. Was this a cheap right-wing attempt to smear?

        1. I guess you could get “Dottie” from the name ” microdot”.

          Interesting point though, you hear men called a woman’s name to infer a lessor mentality (or demean a male’s manhood), but very rarely do you hear a woman called a man’s name. Except when attempting to insult her femininity.

          When my sister went to college at BGSU, I remember her coming home all upset because the instucter had made comments about her breasts in front of the whole class. Thank God we’ve come a long way.

        2. Nope- that is my own little tagline that I gave MicroDot. I refer to him as Dottie on his own blog, and he never seems to mind. Was your question a cheap left-wing attempt to antagonize?

  6. Hello Microdot,
    Well stated my friend and thanks for passing on Truman’s quote. In restrospect, things have only gotten worse with the Republican Party since Truman’s and especially Eisenhower’s time. Even today Eisenhower would not be acceptable to the current movement within the Republican Party. He would be a RINO!!! This is how extreme the Party has become.

  7. Absolutely, Engineer…by any of todays standards, Eisenhower would be a frickin Democrat to say the least if not an independent…Still, can anyone think of someone the Republicans could possibly draft as their masked superhero to save their sorry butts?

  8. Engineer- This is how extreme the Party has become.

    Thanks for this comment, Engineer. As you know, I dabble on occasionally in right-wing blogs. There is a lot of anger over there and they don’t know the cause, so I pointed it out this morning after several of them lambasted me as well as Obama, the ‘tan man.’

    I pointed out to them that it was they themselves who caused the problem- the problem that Obama will most probably be serving a 2nd term. I told them that the GOP has listed so far to the right, that, to appease the base [those bloggers themselves] they needed to gather a gaggle of goons as presidential candidates. And each candidate took his or her turn imploding before their very eyes. A burlesque show indeed.

    I have no doubt that when I return to the blog, I will have become an even more hated hated messenger of the truth, if there could be ‘more’ in the hate category.

    They can’t figure out [or don’t want to figure out] that their far-right ideology is way-far from the centrist values of the majority of Americans. In their bubble universe, ‘all of America’ ought to look like their narrowly defined ideal.

    That’s what happened to the once-Grand Old Party. Yet, Engineer, I need not tell you this, because you suffer with that reality day after day.

  9. Hello Muddy,
    Yes I do suffer day after day on what my forefather’s Republican Party has become. I am just glad my own Father is not here to see what has become of the party his family had belonged to for well over 151 years. When I see or hear one of the LIV refer to a moderate Republican as,” Well he’s not a real Republican!” they have no idea what it means to be a Republican. They only have what they are mislead to believe by the large money influences that only damage their own quality of livelihood. As I have noted in my next posting on this blog, LIV YAHOOs!!

    I hope the Extreme Right Wing Voters Bloggers you visit have a chance to read this posting. I know it won’t make a difference but I want them to know they are not the voice of what it meant to be a Republican over the years. I would also add that the conditions of the Republican Party will not improve until their mindless influences dissipate and go the way of the dinosaurs.

  10. Hello Microdot,
    To answer you question, “Can anyone think of someone the Republicans could possibly draft?” I have no one except the Republican Ex-Congressman Wayne Gilchrest who I worked on some projects with and a friend. He is a Moderiate Republican but the extreme aspects within my Republican voted him out for the extremism of Republican Andy Harris from the 1st district of Maryland. A bought and paid for vote in congress today.

  11. I dare say that the batch of 1952 GOP candidates were, to a man, infinitely more deserving and qualified for the nomination than are ANY of this current batch, except perhaps Huntsman.

  12. Let’s look at some real logistics here. When the dominoes all tumble, what is the game? The Conservo/christo/corporacrats have thrown every smear they can think of at Obama. The birther thingy has dangled obscenely, but ultimately impotently in their faces for the last 4 years. They create an ACORN scandal, but it ultimately proved a farce. They have Brietbart and Sullivan as a mini industry trying desperately to create and manufacture smears and what have they done? Not much more than make themselves into a laughing stock.
    The game rules they have declared to destroy the Obama Presidency and 2012 Candidacy are the rules that they will be ultimately judged by, by the rest of the American public. The teabrain/fox mentality is a closed and shrinking universe.
    In reality land which is lot bigger than the FOX/Bizarro world, I think the Obama administration is going to be able to exploit the truth that the present administration is the first administration in over 40 years that has gone with out a major corruption scandal or investigation. Check the facts.
    The reality of Americas present foreign policy is going to trump (o, did I say the T word?) any projection based on the past record of the last Republican administration.
    Keep your eye on the cards, because we’ve got a real game of three card monty goin here folks, but heck I lived in New York for 30 years and I found watching your average street corner 3 Card Monty huckster in action more entertaining than most multi million dollar Hollywood Block busters….

  13. Home alone? Nothing good on TV and you’ve already watched all the Netfilx discs? Looking at your computer and wonder what you can do for fun?

    Check out the latest attack on our President. Seems he worked part time as a male hustler when serving in the Illinois State Senate. At least that’s what the posse is posting. Check out the name “Larry Sinclair”. First check out his “interviews” and “press conference”, then read the reports about him.

    -The posse posts that Sinclair’s charges must be true because there’s a lawsuit. (Judge threw out the lawsuit.)

    -Sinclaair has a “lawyer” representing him. (Turns out the lawyers has been disbarred.) And during the press conference the “lawyer” was asked why he was wearing a kilt. He replied it was because of his oversize genitalia. (Yes, he really did say that. You can see and hear it one the “press conference” on Utube.

    -Reported that Sinclair’s press conference was “hosted” by National Press Club. (National Press Club emphasizes that they only rented the room, like they do for anybody, and in no way are connected to Mr. Sinclair.)

    -Mr. Sinclair lives on Social Security, but can’t reveal the donors who paid for his “press conference”. He said that because of the small amounts donated, it is not required. (Later he and his “lawyer” say they got several donations from $1,000 to $5,000. Federal Law requires reporting any donations over $200.)

    There’s plenty more. It might take over an hour to see all the goodies, but it goes a long way in understanding where the posse comes up with some stuff.

    1. I saw that ‘statement’ on Tenth’s and laughed almost as hard when I read it as Engineer’s post above. They are an ignorant lot and so, so easily duped!

  14. You know, mudrake, we just might have found that next mystery candidate the republicans think can save them…I looked at this guy who gave the press conference…he looks a little too much like gingrich having a bad hair day. That’s why I wear a kilt.

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