Newt Train Coming Down the Tracks

The Little Engine that Could was always one of my favorite children’s books. The best part was that line, “I Newt I could.” “I Newt I could.”  What an amazing lesson for the readers of the book: endurance wins the race.

Not surprisingly, the Cain Train slid off of the tracks the other day when a Georgia business woman, Ginger White, claimed to have had a 13-year affair with the Baptist preacher turned politician. Apparently that was more intolerable than the claims of the 5 women who said that hey had sex-for-employment with Mr. Cain.

Our posse of right-wing bloggers are now circling their wagons around The Newt in their quest for anyone-but-Romney. Donald Trump lit them up with his birther nonsense some time ago, but, after the document was released, they saddled up with Rick Perry. The GW Bush look-alike rode high in his saddle until he failed to know several facts and began to look more like a cow puncher than a cowboy. Yesterday he forgot the Twenty-sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution that was ratified back in 1971.

The cowboy-hat-wearing Herman Cain didn’t know too very much either, but because he was black, the right-wing posse put their political chips on him to ‘prove’ that they weren’t racist. Too funny! But then, we have to remember that these people are aliens- from an alternate multiverse.

Now The Newt. If these good Christian bloggers dropped Herman Cain for his ‘sexual indiscretions’ do you suppose that they know of Newt’s multiple affairs and marriages? Or, doesn’t that matter any longer because they are now at the bottom of the candidate barrel? Here in our universe we might just find this all a bit hypocritical, but then up is down in that other universe. I think I’ll ask the question, though, on my next outer space venture. I did find these aliens quite hostile on my last visit there and was told to ‘shut up!’ by the resident history major.

So Newt Gingrich now sits in the engineer’s seat aboard the ABR Train. For how long do you suppose? How long before he places his foot squarely down his throat? His arrogance, you know. He already rounded a dangerous curve the other day when it was revealed that he had earned a $300,000 fee to advise Freddie Mac as a “historian” who warned that the mortgage company’s business model was “insane.” Imagine that. I’m trying to.

Then, a second sharp turn in the tracks. Forbes reported yesterday that Gingrich ran  “a non-profit political operation — American Solutions for Winning the Future. Before disintegrating, the Post reported it generated $52 million and sourced the cash to pay for Gingrich’s  private jet travel at $35,000 to $40,000 a trip and $200,000 to $300,000 a year in private limousine bills.”

The ‘little’ engine that could.

Forbes continued, “A health-care think tank — The Center for Health Transformation (CTH) was paid for by annual dues from its corporate sponsors ranging from $20,000 to $200,000. Diabetes treatment company, NovoNordisk paid $1.2 million as a CTH founding charter member for Gingrich’s speeches related to diabetes care, according to the Post;”

Health care? Like the Big Pharm?  No, not the pig farm, although it is in the same genre. Rather,  the pharmaceutical industry that won the no-bid Medicare prescription plan that costs the government a trillion or so.

So The Newt has been dabbling in health care dollars and home mortgage dollars. Interesting.

Not only did The Newt collect $300K from Freddie Mac, but, continuing with the Forbes article, Gingrich ran “a consulting business that famously collected $1.8 million from Freddie Mac — one of the most popular Republican party pinatas when it comes to the housing crisis blame game. One client Pharmaceuticals Research and Manufacturers of America paid Gingrich $150,000 between 2001 and 20012 when it dropped him after Gingrich recommended that it should build a web site;”

About the foot down the throat. Many politicos thought that it might be a matter of weeks before The Newt would begin to implode with his diarrhetic mouth, but they were wrong. Yesterday in South Carolina, Newt proudly proclaimed that the $300,000 was chicken feed to him. He didn’t need that paltry amount of money because he was making lots of money giving speeches.  He said:

“I did no lobbying of any kind – period. I’m going to be really direct, OK? I was charging $60,000 a speech. And the number of speeches was going up, not down. Normally, celebrities leave and they gradually sell fewer speeches every year. We were selling more.”

Add the Arrogance car to the train just behind the Treasure car. Oh, and the Celebrity car.  Did I mention the Jesus car?

What new car will The Newt be adding in the next few days? Gosh, that’s way-too difficult to predict!


12 thoughts on “Newt Train Coming Down the Tracks

  1. Mr. Mud, sorry but I think you don’t know how to keep posse score.

    First, ya gotta look at the terms used. Sexual harassment is different than an affair. And an affair is worth a lot more points in the posse scoring system. An affair won’t get you a lawsuit; it’s kinda like getting the milk without buying the cow.

    Cain only had one affair (although it lasted 13 years during his own marriage). Now The Newt had TWO affairs (and he somehow worked them into his marriage while bashing President Clinton at the same time). That puts him in the lead (like scoring in two different games at the same time).

    I think it might be too late in the game for Mitt to start scoring, but you never know if he has any points that haven’t been counted yet. Oh, but then there’s that whole thing about Morons not being Christian (a standard requirement in the posse game).

    Hey, don’t blame me. I don’t make the rules; I’m sure they’re spelled out somewhere in Sgt. Price’s Bible. Did I mention that someone else was fooling around in the early 90’s?

    1. Hey, don’t blame me. I don’t make the rules;

      Well, the difficulty that we are having here on earth is that we don’t know the odd set of ‘rules’ and ‘laws’ that govern that alternate universe on the far-right edge of space. This conundrum is akin to the difficulty astrophysics faces when it hypothesizes that an alternate set of laws might exist in other multiverses. E = mc^2 might not be true outside of our multiverse.

  2. MR writes: “Health care? Like the Big Pharm? No, not the pig farm, although it is in the same genre. Rather, the pharmaceutical industry that won the no-bid Medicare prescription plan that costs the government a trillion or so.”

    A trillion? Havent you read what Engineer and I wrote on the previous post?
    I said it was like $7 TRILLION as quoted by small government Joe Scarborough
    on Mondays Show, and Engineer countered it is more like $10 TRILLION!

    And, MR, lets not forget Obama invited Big Pharma into the White House
    as the health care debate began and made a deal with Big Pharma that the
    “reform” would leave the gains of Big Pharma intact. Yep, my friend, here
    I go again, “there’s not a dimes worth of difference between a Republican
    and a Democrat.
    And, as long as I have your attention, lol, let me reference to Morning Joe
    this morning. One of the guests was Rep. Senator Coburn, one of Joe’s
    “reasonable conservative” GOP Senators. Yesterday Coburn was trying to
    get an amendment vote on a bill to the floor of the Senate for debate. It had
    something to do with cutting an education bill in the Defense Dept.(Do I
    need to say anymore?) It centered around an apporpriation that educates
    American children on foreign bases. Apparently, Coburn discovered that
    the outlay for that is something like $51,000.00 per child. His amendment
    was to stike that. He had no chance on his amendment making it to the
    floor. He said that it is so bad that you can’t even bring up an amendment
    for open discussion, and that BOTH Parties are to blame. The Democrats
    because Reid controls access to the floor and the Republicans because
    they will not back up the call for any vote. Then, Coburn dropped a bomb
    shell that you have heard this so called “armchair activist” call for. The
    American people need to vote them out of office, he said. He went on to
    say that this group here does not want any votes as they are afraid their
    voting could cost either side re-election.

    My revolution is here, MR. I’ve been writing for months now what Sen.
    Coburn said on a major national news program this morning. Your “Little
    Engine that Could” is so apropos today it is undamnbelievable, lol. Are
    you ready to join the revolution?

    And, lest you think that the “armchair activist” has been sitting here doing
    nothing, let me assure you that is not the case. I have called a friend who
    has been very active in Mississippi Democratic Party politics and has been
    a Mississippi delegate to the Democratic National Convention. We met first
    for lunch and I discussed my thoughts of reforming the electorate. I was
    very surprised that she wholeheartedly embraced my ideas. I mean I didn’t
    know how this Party regular would react, it could go either way, but why
    not try. There’s that damn “little engine” again. Then last week we held
    a second meeting at my home, and we began to draw up some names of
    others for a larger meeting in Janurary. Now, MR, this a black female political activist, who has reached a similiar conclusion and said, “they must go.”
    So, you see, MR, this “armchair activist” may have not been out walking the
    streets passing out political literature, but I am pretty damn active in calling
    for changing the system and trying to do something about it. It’s time we
    stop wringing our hands and venting about our dysfunctional government and
    to take some action to change it. Rear guard actions will not save the day, the Right is winning the war!
    and she is of the same thought.

  3. Sorry for this last info: See NEWT backtrack tonight…He is on, gulp, Sean
    Hannity at 9 eastern.. Hannity is in love with NEWT, but it will be interesting
    to watch the “performances.” LOL…Sometimes you just have to go into the
    enemy camp…..Should be interesting to see how big government NEWT
    transforms himself into an honorable and ethical small government spokes

  4. PRIVATE MESSAGE TO MR. MUD: No, you’re not losing it. I saw your post listed first, then I saw the TGP reply. Then, after you said it was deleted, I noticed it had reappeared, but was showing up as the second post. Now I noticed your post missing again tonight. You’ll also notice that with your post out of place or missing, the other post doesn’t make sense.

    I was going to use that bloggers reply to your posts there and on here for my Quote of the Day. He posted here that he didn’t know how to delete posts. He posted there he would delete your posts because he didn’t agree with them. And now your posts and his threats to delete your posts on his blog have vanished. Oh, and he still supports Cain; I think it has something to do with the fact that Cain’s antics mimic his own behavior and attitude toward women.

    Isn’t there a saying about Marxists, Fascists, Communists, etc. that the first thing they do is control information and/or facts? That and Sgt. Price (aka CS) is very selective when complaining about discussions going “off point”.

      1. Now he’s added something new regarding your post. Strange I didn’t see your’s or TGP’s today’s posts when I looked this morning, but now they’re there (with posting times BEFORE the time I checked). He said he doesn’t know how manipulate the postings, so some stranger must be messing with his blog. Oh my!

        (You don’t think he could be trying to tarnish your reputation?)

    1. You guys are idiots. I never said I didn’t know how to delete posts. I said I didn’t know how to bar people from posting. The post in question was vile and in bad taste. Mud put it up three times, as he is vile, and has bad taste. I think I will enable moderation, and keep you idiots off my space.

  5. You know, I can’t look at this post with out thinking of an early Saturday Night Live Episode, when Michael O’Donahue was writing for them. He would appear as a character named Mr. Mike and tell children horribly depressing bed time stories. One of his classics, and I tried to find it on video for you, was called “The Little Train That Couldn’t”
    It seemed to be going along fine until they got to that big hill and the I think I can, I think I can, I think I can became gasppppp Heart Attack Heart Attack….
    With Cain having morphed into a sort of alternative universe Peewee Herman Character…get his comment on stupidity in politics today…”I know I am but what are you?” kind of retort…we are waiting for him to get his own animated character and Saturday Morning Cartoon show…the Cainamaniacs sounds good. Hey Kids, now it’s time for a 999 plan Cartoon!
    Palin teabrains are waxing nostalgic for possible revival of the miniseries.
    Newt is dissing Fox publicly….
    Mitt is whining that the Fox interviewers are picking on him, but, at the end of the day…what do they got?
    It’s still, sigh, it’s so frikin depressin, ain’t it? It’s stil gosh darn it all HE double Hockey sticks and all…it’s still gonna be Mittens….

  6. Ya think any of the posse are members? What’s up with allowing funerals? Are they saying they’re OK as long as they’re already dead? See, see….I told you racism was alive and thriving!

    “Nine members of Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church backed their former pastor, with six opposed, in Sunday’s vote to bar interracial couples from church membership and worship activities. Funerals were excluded.”

    1. You’ve got to remember that being a member of a ‘church’ and stating that you are a [c]hristian is no guarantee that you are a decent human being. That’s already been proven time after time.

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