The Bubble Universe of the Righteous

I’ve been fascinated for the past year or so with the concept of the multiverse; that is, the hypothesis that the former term, universe, may refer merely to our universe, one of billions out there in space. Just last week, PBS ended a 4-part NOVA series, The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse? Theoretical astrophysicist and author, Brian Greene, examined the idea that there are perhaps an endless number of multiple universes in space rather than just the one in which we live.

To those of us with both an imaginative and open mind, the concept is most attractive and exciting. Yet, sadly, to many who are neither imaginative nor open to new ideas, this presentation must have seemed to have been a nightmare. And easily dismissed. Like those who  already exist in their own multiverse- on the far-right side of the political spectrum.

Hell, there are some ‘over there’ who doubt that Neil Armstrong never set foot on the Moon. Or that there is climate change.  Or that the world is round. Of course, many in that alternate bubble believe that a mating pair of brontosaurus were aboard Noah’s ark. Parallel and non-interactive multiverses. Examples abound right here on this 3rd planet from the star we call Sun.

For the past several months, I’ve been wading through Greene’s book, The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos.  Wading ever-so slowly as my brain attempts to align itself with these seemingly unreal possibilities. Nonetheless, I do not summarily dismiss what I cannot fathom.  Rather, I allow the ideas to bang around in my head and I find that the challenge of trying to understand them is refreshing, albeit ambitious.

I’ve always been attracted to the study of space and I can recall how, in some elementary grade class, I rattled of the ‘9’ planets of our solar system in perfect order. My father was an avid amateur astronomer who purchased an 8″ reflector telescope that he and I used in our backyard to explore the ‘heavens.’ I was able to see the ring[s] of Saturn and the 4 Jovian moons as well as various, complex nebulae.

To me, ‘heaven’ was not just above the clouds as many of the ancients believed [and many Americans still do!] The idea that that very concept permeates the pages of the Bible places that book in the dustbin of history. Yet, millions of our fellow citizens cling to that book as if it were  Truth incarnate. They live in another multiverse to which I cannot communicate.

There is an interesting and frightening convergence of to multiverses which produce quite the entangled space-time interaction. Rather than a quantum leap into the future, this interaction stifles time and imagination. It propels one back in time to a dark and unpleasant time before the Enlightenment. Those two intersecting multiverses are Religion and Politics. Righteous people exist in both of these places and, at the intersection of the two, grievous results ensue.

Here’s an example that I discovered just yesterday as I peered out of my backyard telescope. Did you know this: The American Revolution was a success, but the French Revolution was a failure because the first was ‘of God’ while the second was not? I do realize that, after discussing all of those exquisite astronomical hypotheses above, this statement is terribly banal. But then, Brian Greene never claimed that the collision of two multiverses always produce something magnificent and interesting. Did I mention that the person who made the statement about the two revolutions was a right-wing blogger?  And a ‘good’ Christian? Not only that, but a ‘history major?’ Triple concurrence!

You may have already guessed that this post is my usual Sunday sermon for those who find pews stultifying. Back to that curious intersection of religion and history.  Oh, not that actual conjunction of the two that resulted in death and misery of millions of people over time, but the hypothetical interaction of a Deity in human history. No doubt at this very moment as I type, thousands of church-goers are listening to fantastical statements of the way that a Deity has and will save their souls and impact their lives. And will the ushers please pass the collection plate. A bevy of huckster preachers are on-air this morning as well, for those who choose to get-a-Deity from the comfort of their living rooms. They accept Visa and Mastercard.

If one wishes, one could fly to Mongolia to visit a shaman of the nomadic reindeer herders in northern Mongolia. It would be more cathartic and clearly more healthy than listening to a preacher here in the U.S. One must travel by horse for two days to reach the shamans, thereby exposing the faithful seeker to abundant sunshine and crystal clean air. A person can bathe in a sacred lake or drink from one of the sacred springs that feed the lakes.

And why not? Neither the reindeer shaman or the Christian preacher give a guarantee of effectiveness. It’s a pig in a poke. Roll of the dice. Religious hucksters have been plying their wares for millennia for the gullible and the distraught. Miracles. Incense. Chant. Drums. Sacred statements. Frogs, twigs and a special drink. Voilà.

History, politics and religion. What a toxic brew! All Hell can break loose!


24 thoughts on “The Bubble Universe of the Righteous

  1. I have become fond of a new term that I think is excellent to describe the current crop of GOP candidates for President: political evangelism.

    I just wrote about the hilarious (but of course FALSE) furor over the right wing efforts to organize a boycott of Butterball turkeys, because they are secretly ‘halal’, the muslim equivalent of kosher.

    In fact, they are neither halal nor kosher. Rather all turkeys are humanely killed in a way which is consistent with both religions (and no religion) all the time. Most animals are. There are 20+ countries to which Butterball exports their turkeys. In those countries, the religious prayers are said over the birds, and THEN they are – in those countries – marked ‘halal’.

    The right wing political universe has gone off their nuts with the claims that this is ‘stealth islamicization of America, and that your Thanksgiving turkey is being sacrificed to false idols, yada yada yada.

    This is an ‘alternate’ universe of right wing conspiracy theories where fear is paramount, and fact checking doesn’t exist.

    But Islamophobia has replaced anti-gay hysteria (now that the birthers have fallen off, but not gone away completely!).

    Good for you Muddy! I have also been attempting to follow and understand the reasoning of the multiverse. I refer to such things as my brain pushups in conversation with Laci.

    Ah, but sadly the right wing lunatics do NOT engage in such brainpushups when it comes to Science. Only their warped version of religion.

    1. Doggone writes, The right wing political universe has gone off their nuts with…

      I’ll bet that those who regularly post comments here could finish that sentence in at least 50 different ways.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    May I also interject that the German Nazis claimed to be “Religious Conservatives with Patriotic Values” purging the “Anti-Christian and Satan’s” influences in the world and doing God’s work. The Ku Klux Klan in this country proclaims “Fundamentalist Christian and Patriotic Values.” Members of the “John Burch Society” started by the Koch Brother’s father also touted the formation of this group by responsible citizens with “Christian and Patriotic Values” to stop the influences of Negro/Jewish Communism. As you should expect, I could go on and on, giving example after example of the exact same scenarios throughout history.

    For those who once again claiming their political motivation coming from the “Fundamentalist Christian Religious and Patriotic Values”…..should see a common denominator theme going on here…..but they are going to do what they are going to do anyway making the same mistakes that should have been learned by now through history.

    This is the insanity that sane minded, responsible, factual contributors to blogs need to expose the truth for what the “Fundamentalist Christian Religious and Patriotic Values” others truly are.

  3. Engineer writes, …the German Nazis claimed to be “Religious Conservatives with Patriotic Values” purging the “Anti-Christian and Satan’s” influences in the world and doing God’s work.

    Interestingly, Engineer, just less than an hour ago, one of the right-wing bloggers [who claims to be a history major!] listed all of the atheist leaders who killed people. Oddly, he didn’t mention any [c]hristian leaders. Perhaps he forgot. Or, maybe he got his ‘history major’ from Liberty University.

    1. LOL – No, he got his degree in Washington State. And you paid for the tuition, room, board and an allowance while he was there. Talk about a waste of taxpayer money! And you’re still paying to support him. It just kills me when I read something he makes up, then he claims it’s a fact because “I’m was a history major”.

      Q: What’s the difference between COMMONSENSE and a park bench?
      A: A park bench can support a family.

      And you should really check out the “other” blog. He states that “proven science” shows the Bible to be an accurate history book. Then he proceeds to provide a link to his source. But it never dawns on him that if you’re going to provide a source for your statement, the source must be a reliable source.

      I’m really disappointed in TGP. Sepp lied about his military experience. CS makes stuff up. And now TGP is posting falsehoods. Did you catch his piece on Occupy Toledo? Totally full of lies and misinformation.

      SUGGESTION TO MR. MUD FOR A POST: TGP has on several occasions lifted posts from this blog and reposted them on his blog (without permission). I’d like to use his post on Occupy Toledo to show how a propagandist spins a story. He posted three videos, than wrote untrue things about them. A person outside Toledo (or the U.S.) might not even notice the falsehoods. How in the hell can someone claim to be a proud ex-Marine and American, then try to destroy everything this Country stands for?

      1. Yeah, how do you do it, Jeff? You are a piece of work. Lying about your own service doesn’t seem to bother you, does it?

        I challenge you to prove I lied about Occupy Toledo. All I did was show real video clips. You are the one who is upset by them.

        1. I didn’t lie. I have been purposely vague about my past because of all the nuts on the internet. You assume too much.

      2. By the way, Jeff. If my post was so full of lies and falsehoods, why was the only “learned” response:

        mud_rake said…
        Commander-in-Chief Herman Cain: “”Remember when you talk about attacking Iran it is a very mountainous region.”

        No attempt to defend the Occutards of Toledo or anywhere else. Just a sophomoric attempt at you’re rubber, I’m glue.

        1. Uh, I think you missed his point. And I can’t post on your blog. Remember?

  4. Hello Muddy,
    Here is another example of a good Christian Religious Person who ended up as the leader of a country. The person I am thinking of was a former seminarian priest in the Russian Orthodox Christianity from Georgia, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, who later became known as “Joseph Stalin.”

    Oh My… what a good example he turned out to be…. being such a devoutly Religious Christian leader and all that. Again, how many of his own people did he exterminate from the last count? Well I’m sure he was doing God’s work anyway.

    Yes what the United States needs is a REAL Christian Religious Person to be President because they will do good things that God wants done.

  5. To those who post comments here, I’d like to explain Tenth’s comment above. He wonders why I posted this on his blog: Commander-in-Chief Herman Cain: “”Remember when you talk about attacking Iran it is a very mountainous region.”

    Perhaps it is that Mr. Cain doesn’t know very much about anything and he would make an awfully inept CIC of this nation.

    By the way, Tenth thinks that Cain would make a wonderful CIC.

    1. Mud,

      What did that comment have to do with Occupy Toledo? You sound like a babbling idiot when you interject a new thought into a conversation. Then, you sound like a babbling idiot when you try to stay on topic – if you try to stay on topic.

      1. I figured that the thread, Occupy Toledo, was just a gag so I threw Herman Cain into the odd stew. It was a gag, wasn’t it??

  6. In keeping with the theme of this posting [alternate multiple universes] it may interest you to know the following ‘facts’ which are presented as ‘truths’ on a familiar right-wing blog:

    1. President Obama spent his early years in a foreign country, (Indonesia), where he was taught Marxism and Islamism, both anti-American philosophies;

    2. Obama spent a lifetime being taught that America should be damned by God in his Marxist upbringing and liberation theology church;

    3. the French Revolution was conducted by a Godless group of people who believed in man’s own ability to reason. They disdained Christianity and they became vicious animals;

    4. Start a revolution with God and you get the United States of America. Start a revolution against God and you get France;

    5. The Bible is a reliable, historical document;

    6. The greatest murders in history are all famous Liberals (Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Tito, Mussolini, etc.);

    7. Liberals are like neo-nazis. They’re all certain that if they get the government they want, they’ll be exempted from the force it uses to keep people in line when in fact most of them would be the first to find themselves choking on gas or, digging the pit they’ll be lining up in front of;

    8. If you’re a marxist, you’ll know many other marxists…as Obama does;

    9. My degree is in history and I am a voracious reader of the same. You have never won and are not likely to ever win a dispute over history with me.


    This ‘history major’ wrote 3, 4, 6 and 9. Yesterday I asked Common Sense [the history major] whether he had any proof that God had intervened in human history. That’s when he spun the French Revolution. Additionally, the history major said that the reason that America won its revolution is because George Washington was a Christian and his leadership was guided by his faith.

    Today I asked whether British Gen. Thomas Gage was ‘guided by his Christian faith, too?’ The question remains unanswered [or un-spun] as of now.

    …just keeping you abreast of what’s going on in that alternate universe on the far-right edge of space.

    1. Mud,

      My response to your Gage question is posted. As usual with your research, its very shaky.

      1. The Gage question, for those who do not follow Tenth Generation Patriot’s blog, was a statement that both Gen. Washington and Gen Gage, the British commander during the Revolutionary War, were ‘good Christians.’ One of the blog’s historical experts noted that Washington probably won because he was on God’s side.

        If you were looking for any logic in all of this, there is none because, after all, we’re dealing with yet a third alternate multiverse- Religion.

        1. -So following on that line of reasoning, the British are bad Christians?
          -So all these years my history teachers have been lying to me; the early colonists didn’t come here for religious freedom (that would include freedom from religion)?
          -So you mean to tell me “God” plays favorites? Ya think “God” got all mad at General Gage for going Protestant on him?
          -So “God” was here for our Revolution? I know the French Revolution took place after ours, so was “God” on vacation for theirs?
          -And how come we didn’t study the Bible in history class?
          -Why do we need a Constitution if we’re supposed to follow the Bible? I mean, hasn’t followin’ the Bible for government worked well in the past?
          -And what kind of schools do they have in Indonesia? I mean, Obama studin’ all that Islamic stuff in Catholic and public schools. Ya figure the Pope knows about this? And how come those posse boys figured this out, but nobody else has?
          -So those boys CS mentioned killed a lot more people, than say, the Christian Crusaders? Or don’t it count when you’re killin’ for Christ?
          -And what about Obama’s mama knowin’ in 1961 her son would be President of the United States? Is she some sort of fortune teller?
          -I heard Herman Cain say he would study history when he got elected. What wuz he doin’ when he should have been learnin’ it in school? I hope he don’t study history in the State of Washington; I’ve seen what those universities produce.
          -And if the U.S. Marine Corps doesn’t offer anything less than a four year stint, why do some serve only three years? And are they so hard up with this all volunteer military that they lower the standards to be a Marine?

        2. Mud,

          No one noted that Washington probably won because he was on God’s side. You like to spew all this misinformation, and then you have the nerve to accuse someone of being a LIV. You are a very low life form.

          Anyone is welcome to come check out the real posts, so you can judge for yourself.

          By the way, Mud, General Thomas Gage was only in charge of the British army in the colonies until 1777. Just in case you were worried about being factual.

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