GOP Candidates Pimp Evangelical Iowa Voters

Here we go again, again, or do I repeat myself. “God’s Own Party Lights up in Iowa” may have been a good title for the news report.  Our local paper ran the headline, “GOP hopefuls woo evangelicals: 6 candidates at Iowa forum call for religion’s role in politics to grow.”

Yes sir! Just what America needs is politics bathing in baptismal waters! Judas Priest, what the Hell is going on? Many of the candidates, the report said, cried while telling their story of conversion. Thrice-married Newt sobbed, and later excoriated the Occupy group for using public toilets and public parks.  At the end of his rant he chided the protesters to ‘take a bath and get a job!’ Jesus Christ! He received wild applause for that nasty statement.

Of course, neither Romney nor Huntsman attended the forum, knowing that there was a sign, “Mormons Need Not Attend!”

Pimping Jesus. These odd candidates were no doubt at home with this set of odd Christians- CINO’s, Christians in name only. I’ve written extensively about these CINO’s and I do not care to go any futher into this sorry-ass lot of shysters.

USA Today printed this line about the gathering: “With the presidential hopefuls gathered around a Thanksgiving-themed table facing the audience, the imagery was one of the Last Supper setup – and faith was a central theme.” The paper also noted that the event was pipped into the pews at First Federated Church in Des Moines where the governor, a senator and a representative listened intently.

It was interesting to see libertarian Ron Paul at the table. I wonder if he objected when the table talk turned to woman’s reproductive rights? Gingrich said that he liked the recently-defeated Mississippi ballot initiative that declared ‘personhood’ for a newly fertilized egg- the law that would require each miscarriage to be reported to the police for possible criminal investigation.  Libertarian?  Get the government out of our lives?

The sanctimonious Rick Santorum, after tearing up about so-called ‘partial birth’ abortion said,  “One reason he is running for president is a desire to overturn the health care reforms known as “Obamacare” and assure sick children have access to necessary care.” WTF?? Is he nuts or does he think that the Iowa voters are that stupid? Probably.

One might ask of these oh-so Christian candidates, WWJD? But then, they are CINO’s and don’t give a damn what Jesus did or said during his life. Charlatans all!




11 thoughts on “GOP Candidates Pimp Evangelical Iowa Voters

  1. All I can say is that it’s pretty bad when longtime Republicans (not only me) have already signed on to re-elect President Obama. Seems like the only support the current crop of Republican candidates have are “RINO’s”.

    (FUN FACT: In 1988 President Reagan screwed up a quote (maybe?) and said: “Facts are dumb.”

    1. Keep your powder dry, NON….There still may be a third Party choice.
      This President we have now is becoming a total disappointment. I don’t
      think he understands leadership!

  2. A good American should run once someone brings up the topic of religion in the realm of politics.

    Naw, Paul believes in personal liberties–except when it comes to a right of a woman to make her own reproductive decisions.

    Even worse, Sanitorium who said that he thought JFK’s separation of Church and State was un-American in its bringing about a “secular state”.

    Any luck, the debt fiasco will ruin republican credibility.

      1. Really, Laci?

        •Ron Paul is Pro-Choice state by state:
        – opposes a national ban on the dismembering of unborn children
        – claims the states may decide if they want to permit the killing of children
        – has not acknowledged that human rights trump states’ rights
        – legislates as though rights come from the state and not from our Creator, thus
        – believes the states have the right to permit genocide and commit holocaust
        – claims that killing children in the womb cannot “conceivably” violate the U.S. Constitution
        – believes the state is the ultimate authority, superseding God’s enduring command, Do not murder
        – is essentially a Libertarian (small godless government) but runs as a Republican for greater visibility
        – The Libertarian Party promotes legalized abortion, pornography, adultery, crack cocaine, suicide, euthanasia, and prostitution
        – Ron Paul uses Libertarians for financial and political support but doesn’t warn them about their party’s gross immorality
        These observations about Ron Paul are documented below.
        •Opposed to National Ban on Abortion: “While Roe v. Wade is invalid, a federal law banning abortion across all 50 states would be “equally invalid””

        1. I wonder, Upthe Flag, whether Paul supported that idiotic Mississippi ballot initiative that wished to declare a fertilized zygote as a ‘person?’ Newt supported it and surely Santorum.

          I’m glad that your fellow Mississippians voted it down; that was quite the shocker in that bright red state in which you live.

          1. And, what does that say about ur LIV theory? You have had Mississippi
            down as your leading LIV State. Was it voters of low intelligence who
            could not understand what the “personhood” concept entailed?

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