GOP Teabagger Freshmen Are Seeing Fundraising Dwindle

As I have said many times before, “Extremism in any form is short lived and has no longevity.”

As the citizens of the U.S. are waking up to the reality of the “Koch bought and paid for” Republicans, current campaign finance reports show two thirds of the Republican freshmen who captured Democratic held seats in the GOP’s 2010 takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives saw their fundraising drastically dipping in this past quarter.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee took in nearly twice as much campaign cash from private donations than the House Republicans in September from their Corporate (I’m a citizen too) puppet masters.

Yes there is a recognized “Deep Sense of Buyer’s Remorse” from the middle classes that has set across the country toward those mindless, radical, Teabagger Republicans as they are being exposed for the LIV policies they were trying to push through…..or keep real progress solutions from being passed into policy.

Bottom line here, people don’t like this Republican “Do Nothing Except Block and Vote NO” Congressional broken institution.

Power may corrupt the few; it is the “Weakness of Mind” that corrupts the many.  Like the swing of the pendulum the U.S. will be making corrections and the purging of the Tea Party Republicans.


31 thoughts on “GOP Teabagger Freshmen Are Seeing Fundraising Dwindle

  1. “Extremism in any form is short lived and has no longevity.” I’m reminded of that scary phrase uttered by right-wing GOP presidential hopeful, Barry Goldwater, “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!”

    Yes, extremism. Reactionary extremism seems to be the hallmark of many of the GOP presidential candidates- especially the ‘bomb “Iran’ group and the torture folks.

    America is a centrist to centrist-right nation and those Teabaggers who sneaked in while no one was watching the gate back in ’10 are now facing an electorate that is paying attention, albeit a bit too late.

    Too bad that many on the right who live in an alternate universe do not at all understand that it is they who are the statistical outliers.

  2. I don’t know what part of Toledo you live in, but 5th District Congressman Latta is the one who held the Tea Parties this past summer. They were advertised as a “Tea Party”. These “parties” were held on public property with sanitary facilities and security available. I wonder who footed the bill or if there even was a bill. A particularly annoying member of the posse is always drawing distinctions between these “parties” and the Occupy Wall Street groups.

    My spouse points out the distinctions also:
    1. The occupy groups are living there full time while the teabaggers hold their rally then go home. They have homes.
    2. The occupy groups have to handle many problems associated with a prolonged sit-in including sanitary issues and security, while the teabaggers were at locations where the taxpayer provided sanitary support and police protection. Out here the “parties” were held in contained areas, while the occupy groups seem to be exposed to the worst elements of a downtown location.
    3. The teabaggers actually got instructions on behavior from a national source (i.e. which people to throw out because they looked bad on TV reports). The occupy groups all seem to be locally grown and not nationally organized. And everybody is invited.
    4. The teabaggers got their drive from rally cries complaining of Wall Street shenanigans. Do I have it wrong, but isn’t that the main reason the occupy groups got started? And ya think that the name (Occupy Wall Street groups) might indicate that the Wall Street shenanigans might have something to do with their beefs?
    5. And finally, but to me the most annoying, is when they state the “parties” left the areas cleaner than when they got there. What the f***? Trust me, I know these people and the only cleaning done after the parties was by the county maintenance departments. And before you doubting debbies (I know you’re out there) start saying anything different, locate where these parties were held, then check out the minutes of the previous and following month’s commissioners’ meetings.

    1. Non wrote: “The teabaggers got their drive from rally cries complaining of Wall Street shenanigans. Do I have it wrong, but isn’t that the main reason the occupy groups got started? ”

      And, this brings up the question, why are the two groups not acting in
      unison? What is the dynamics that is preventing each group from seeing
      each other sitting in the same boat? The “tea party” was born out of
      “too big to fail” and yet they seeming support corporations and an
      intrusive government. What has gone wrong for these two groups not
      see that they are a “mutual admiration society?”

  3. Your spouse is welcome to comment first-hand if she’d like.

    Regarding #5, my right-wing brother-in-law said the same thing to my wife and me. My wife then asked him, “How do you know?” His answer? He ‘heard it on the radio.’ Guess who he listens to each day??

  4. Engineer of Knowledge,
    The reason the Tea Partiers are lagging in contributions stems directly from the fact that once elected, they did ZERO to create jobs, the most pressing issue of our time by far. They didn’t pass one single solitary jobs bill this entire session, but they steadfastly refused to raise taxes on the uppermost 1% and instead penalized the poor and the middle class with deep cuts to much-needed programs. Such behavior is not very conducive to fundraising – OR re-election!

    1. Of course they did ZERO on jobs. After all, how are jobs created? Not by blather, not by tax cuts, not by slashing regulations. It’s STIMULUS, of course, and not that canard, ‘trickle down.’

      1. Oh Mud, you are so wrong. Don’t ya know it’s tax cuts for the uber-rich so they’ll create jobs. George Bush knows this and look how well it’s worked now for years.

        (Must remember to take my medication.)

        1. Thanks for helping me to better understand a situation that apparently I got backwards. So the TRUTH is that if we give enough goodies to the top dogs, they might throw a crumb or two down to us?

          Goodie, goodie!

    2. Hello Jack my friend,
      You are exactly correct….they have done ZERO of any constructive aspect and have blocked any progress being attempted by others.
      Their platform was to destroy any and all established “Social Safety Networks” for the middle class and poor that needed them the most today.

    3. “they did ZERO to create jobs”

      And, please tell me what did Obama do to create jobs? Well, he renewed
      the Bush tax cuts, so I guess Bush and the GOP were right that cutting
      taxes creates jobs? That just added $4 TRILLION more in debt! I’m sure
      this thread will be replete with criticism of the Bush tax cuts, but, yep,
      thats what Obama and the Dems did. What’s that about “not a dimes
      difference between a Republican and a Democrat”? Hello, out there!
      When are you guys going to get it?

      Now, lets see, Obama passed the Stimulus Bill, and what did that get us?
      Yep $800 Billion more in debt, which with the compounding interest is now
      more than a Trillion Dollars. It was nothing concrete, no lasting benefits. All the teachers, fireman, policemen, and social workers that the bill saved for
      a year are now all gone. Next, Obama spent a year and half on his
      health reform act, and it is nothing more than a pay out to the insureance
      companies and pharmaceutical companies. He absolutely and totally caved
      on the public option. Finally, there was the Frank-Dodd Financial Reform
      Act. It’s a sham! Did nothing to restore Glass-Steagle. Banks are still
      investment houses. For christ’s sake, what the hell are you all missing?
      It’s like you all just ignoring all this bull shit that a Republican and Democratic President and Congress give you. I thought you all wanted change, instead
      it seems all you are interested in is preserving the status quo…WTF am I

      1. “Well, he renewed the Bush tax cuts, so I guess Bush and the GOP were right that cutting taxes creates jobs?”

        President Obama was forced to extend the Bush tax cuts in exchange for tax cuts to the middle class and to extend unemployment benefits. The way certain parties try to blame the President for their own dirty work is kind of annoying.

  5. Mud, I’ve got another question. On an earlier blog comment I threw out the idea of a minimum I.Q. requirement to curb voter fraud. One of your buddies in the posse that goes by HARDNOX promised a special blog post today. Well, I was foolish enough to go over and read it today (although I’m barred from posting comments there). It really appears to be the rantings of a madman. The fact that people like him are allowed to own guns concerns me. What do you think about some sort of minimum I.Q. requirement for gun owners?

    1. That’s a super start, NON, then we need to make sure they are completely sane.

      Making sure that gun owners were intelligent and sane would mean the market in firearms would dry up, which is one of the reasons the NRA fears gun control. The other is the NRA has nothing to do with sportsmanship and is a right wing lobbying organisation to get LIVs to vote against their interests.

      1. Laci- That’s not a bad suggestion either, except for one thing. I’m not sure where you live, but in Chicago, the majority of gun owners are what one might call criminals. You know, violent gang members, ex-felons. So, as much as your point may be valid, the criminals do not purchase their firearms legally anyway. After all, they’re criminals, so I don’t see the firearm market drying up anytime soon

    2. NON- That wouldn’t be a bad idea, but it opens the door to alot of possibilties, and doesn’t really solve anything. I believe Ted Kaczynski’s I.Q. was probably higher then any of ours. Look at the damage he did. And that was through the mail.
      Where would we stop? I.Q. test in order to vote? To own a firearm? Let’s parlee that into a minimum I.Q. to reproduce. Maybe to run a blog. How about welfare recipients lose their voting rights? Bettter yet, if you receive any assistance from the government, you are not aloud to vote. That includes unemployment.
      I used to have the same ideas as you with the voting, basically out of disgust for stupidity. But when you sit back, and look at it with an open mind, which is just as hard for me to do as anyone else. It just isn’t a good idea.

  6. Sorry, one more thing. On one of your buddy’s blogs they go on about the $1,000 per plate fund raiser President Obama held in Hawaii. As you know, I’m considered a Republican by the RNC because I donated to some Republican candidates and a Democrat by the DNC because I donated to some Democrat candidates. I get invitations to these types of dinners all the time and the price per plate is way higher than $1,000 (and most of the dinners are in Ohio).

    And as a rather humorous side note, they make mention of Obama vacationing in Hawaii all the time. Do they realize that Hawaii is a State and was the home of President Obama before he moved to Chicago? If I ever get really bored, I’m going to find out how much time the previous President spent vacationing in Texas. I seem to recall that he holds the record for taking the most time off while President.

  7. Sorry, sorry, sorry for posting again, but this is just too funny. I signed off the computer just now and began opening some mail. The VERY first letter is from Josh Mandel asking to help open his campaign “to defeat the most liberal member of the United States Senate”. Brown was one of those Democrats I donated to and now the DNC is after me.

    If you want to go, you gotta pay and for the two of us it would be $5,000 (spouses $5,000 more). Do you suppose the Republicans ask for more because they serve a better dinner?

    1. Never say that you are sorry for posting comments. I enjoy reading them because they are diverse and not limited to a single, obsessive thought.

      1. So does that mean I should make reservations for four and forward you the address of where to send the $10,000.00 check?

        1. Laci- If it is me you speak of, then feel free to call me a LIV, and rip away. But I always check in here from time to time. At least until Mud asks me to not return.
          If someone makes a naive statement, or a statement I disagree with, I will express my opinion. That first amendment is a b###h, isn’t it?

    2. Wow, NON, a thousand a plate, or five thousand a plate. How about $35,000.00 a plate. That is what Obama charge recently for member of
      Wall Street and super elite to have dinner with him in NYC…Now, NON,
      which telephone call do you think Obama is going to answer when it comes
      into the White House or Air Force One, the guy giving $25 over the
      internet or the guy giving $35,000.00 in person and shaking his hand?

      Non, you know, M_R, journeyed to Washington, D.C. to witness Obama being sworn in as President.. I wish that I could have gone. But, M_R, and all the other small contributers and campaign workers were out on the Mall,
      while the FAT CATS were up on the stage and later attending the brunch
      inside the Capitol Building. Unitl we all join the Wall Street Occupiers and thrown every member of Congress out and enact political campaign money
      reform by a constitutinal admendment which the Supreme Court cannot
      over rule, nothing will change.

  8. Come on, the Tea Party is astroturf. It’ll be a force to be reckoned as long as the Koch Brothers and their cronies have the money to fund it!

    That’s why they hate the occupation movement which is truly grass roots and populist.

    As Muddy points the 1% and the Tea PArty are a “mutual admiration society”.

  9. M_R wrote: “America is a centrist to centrist-right nation.” Really? I tend to think it is centrist to centrist left. Just look at the percentages on social
    security, medicare, the wars, income inequality, the favorable rating of
    Congress, the occupy WS movement, the recent vote on collective
    bargaining in Ohio, the overwhelming defeat of “personhood” in Mississippi,
    the growing favorable percentage of the Health Care Reform Act, just to name a few. The “PEOPLE” seem to be way ahead of the politicians in what they
    want. Its virtually every member of Congress that is standing in the way of the
    people, M_R. Would you wake up and smell the roses? With that statement you are putting the people down. It’s not the PEOPLE who are center right,
    its the Members of Congress, and your own Marcy Kaptur, who through
    the evidence that I gave below, thwarts the actions of the people. The “Lady
    LIberty Flag Bearer that you once championed must be weeping now. It’s time now, my friend, for her to hold that flag hight again and lead. The
    General of the North must reclaim the revolution for the rights of the people
    and the American Dream.

    1. Really? I tend to think it is centrist to centrist left.

      Your point about entitlements is true, except that these same benefactors vote center-right. It’s just like that goofy collection of Medicare/Social Security nuts who called themselves Tea Party Activists, demanding lower taxes but not lower benefits.

      1. ” these same benefactors vote center-right.” Really? It’s an interesting
        vote…maybe worth discussing. Let’s look a the recent Ohio collective
        bargaining vote. What was it, 61%? Single issue voters? Police usually
        vote GOP, but this time the issue was in their wallet or pocket book, single
        issue? I don’t know. Probably had a number of senior citizens voting for
        collective bargaining. That would be natural, wouldn’t it?Police voting, and
        maybe firemen, for a center to center left position. Is it a re-alignment?
        Teachers are probably center to center-left and will vote for quality of
        life positions usually, it seems to me.

        Ontheotherhand, you will have people who would support such a candidate or issue perhaps voting against it to send a message. If I can’t defeat a member of Congress in their primary, then I may just have to vote for their
        opponent in the general. It’s change the people in the primary, or change
        them in the general. There just a host of reasons why a person votes the
        way they do.

  10. There just a host of reasons why a person votes the
    way they do.

    I’m wondering if one of those reasons is because the candidate reflects the same qualities as they see in the mirror each day. Take Herman Cain, for example. The right-wing posse is in love with him, but I keep pointing out how dumb Cain is. Today, for example, Cain said, Do I agree that they now have a country where you’ve got Taliban and al Qaeda that’s going to be a part of the government?”

    So you see- ignorant people like ignorant candidates.

  11. Why do we care an iota about what Cain says? With 10% of the GOP vote, Cain is going no where! We need to worry about how our present Members
    of Congress have voted against the 99%ers and for the 1%ers.

  12. E.O.K.- Good post as always. But I believe people who voted for Democrats are just as disgusted as people who voted for tea-party candidates.

    At my October union meeting, members were telling the elected officials that they don’t want any of there dues money spent on campaign donations.

    The true middle class is dying, because politicians in Congress do not want to practice bi-partisanship. They just want to point fingers.

    Never underestimate the desparation of the unemployed middle-class, and how they’ll vote.

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