Black Walnut Ice Cream

Melting fast. Just like Herman. Not only that, but it now appears that it was, in fact, Haagen Dazs’ flavor of the month.  Poor Herman. “Uzbekie-beckie-beckistan-stan-stan” has now been replaced by Great Silence.

Question to Herman Cain: ‘Do you agree with the president on Libya?’  Cain: “OK, Libya.” [pause] “President Obama supported the uprising, correct?” he asks, speaking carefully. “President Obama called for the removal of Qaddafi – just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before I say yes I agree, or no I didn’t agree. I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason – nope, that’s a different one.” [pause] “I gotta go back and see – um, I got all this stuff twirling around in my head. Specifically, what are you asking me. Did I agree or not disagree with Obama?”

Gulp. Three AM phone call: busy signal.

My pals over there on the far-right edge of the flat earth must be in shock this morning. Herman Cain was their last-best hope of defeating their arch enemy in November 2012.  He was black, too! First it was The Donald; then Bachmann. After that, Perry. And now, The Herman melts like a black walnut cone on a warm Fall day.

But wait! Do you see what I see? The Newt is a-rising in the polls.  Thrice-married, dirt-bag-ethics Newt Gingrich is knocking on the right-wing door.  He wants in. He wants to carry the anybody-but-Romney torch this month.

What a conundrum. What’s an Obama-hating Teabagger to do??




11 thoughts on “Black Walnut Ice Cream

  1. Hey, I said I’ve been watching Newt and agreed with only some of the things he said. Other than that…….Geez, I’m trying to eat breakfast and even the thought of him as President makes me queasy.

    My favorite quote from the posse for supporting of Cain was that he had experience because he had already solved complex economic issues. Do these people even know what the term”complex economic issues” means? Other then that and the harassment charges he can’t seem to remember paying off, how is the world did anyone even consider supporting Cain?

    Which, coincidentally, brings me back to your previous blog post. Should there be an I.Q. threshold for voting eligibility? Right now in the State of Ohio there is none and that touches on some of the inferences I was making in my comments on your last blog post. And if a minimum I.Q. requirement is called for because of voter fraud, what would be the standard and who should make the standard? I’m not just talking about the ads aimed at LIV’s, but also organized fraud orchestrated by special interest groups and/or a political candidates.

  2. We just saw the Herman Cain Libya video on mainstream noon time news here in France. The presenters jaw dropped. The most amusing part of this episode Republican Grand Guignol Comedy Tour will be Cain, his handlers and his demented supporters trying to explain what he was trying to say and make it sound reasonable. I can already hear my sociopathic conservative brother in law in California…”But, I was always sooooo Newt!”

  3. UptheFlag- I posted this new thread especially for you for 2 reasons. First, you asked for another one and, secondly, I’d like you, with your professional degree in History, to tell us how Gingrich’s view of political history differs from the version that you learned, studied and taught.

    On another note, I posed the question [Libya] that Cain fumbled on a right-wing blog earlier this morning. I only pasted the question with no hint as to why. Two right-wingers [including Sepp] tore into me as if I had been defending Obama’s position. The poor saps! Obviously, their only source of ‘information’ [FoxNews] did not run the Cain story so they didn’t know that Cain screwed up so completely.

    Talk about LIV’s! Funny stuff, really funny.

    1. As to Gingrich’s political history, I don’t know exactly how to proceed. As far as foreign affairs it seems he is right of center, yet supports world
      involvement that is in common with Democrats. He strongly defended
      foreign aid. In domestic affairs he is a opposed to a strong central
      government, strains of Jefferson and Madison there. He champions the Bill
      of Rights, and if we champion the phrase that there should be “no” law
      about establishing religion he can champion that there be “no” law
      abridging the right to bear arms. Then there is the Tenth Amendment, or
      the States Rights Amendment which he supports. Again, its a matter of
      interpretation, yet it is in the main stream of United States political history.
      Where Gingrich loses is in his verbose descriptions of events, politicies,
      and personalitities. That is noting but political garbage; it is plandering
      to the Right who wants to hear such inane remarks.

      Texans have a saying that I learned when I lived there and still hear when
      I visit my family living in the Dallas area, that is, “does he stand hitched.”
      Comes from their cowboy era, when the cowboy came into town and
      tied up his horse to the hitching post or rail. It seems to me that both
      Gingrich and Romney had not “stand hitched.” However, the Texan in
      this race has. Perry has not backed down from his immigration policy of
      allowing hispanices to attend Texas public schools or the virus protection
      vaccine. Perry has stood hitched according to Texas jargon! Gingrich will
      say anything to get elected. His political personal history is loaded with
      extremely damaging material, with the latest being his statment that although
      he received $1.8 MILLION dollars from Freddie Mac, he was not lobbying
      for them.

  4. I have to be a bit harsh.How can Cain still be in the race,are Americans going totally nuts? Americans are loosing a lot of respect in my country(Denmark) and for good reasons!

  5. Hello Muddy,
    Yea Cain’s befuddled non-coherent comments spoke volumes for me too.

    Hello Pjevs,
    Yea many of us normal U.S. citizens are loosing respect (and ashamed) with this large group too.

  6. Aww. M_R, you did that for me? Your so sweet! By gosh, i guess you do
    read some of the old comments, lol…Wish we could have some more meaningful comments than “johnny one note.”

    1. I read your comments but have grown tired of replying to the johnny one note nonsense. That’s why I gave you an opportunity to stretch yourself just a bit here in this thread.

      1. It seems to me, M-R, you are in deep denial about Marcy Kaptur….First,
        how can you rationalize her recent vote, 2011, on HB 674, in which she
        voted for big millionair contractors to avoid a 3% withholding until they
        pay their taxes..This vote alone is costing you and me, and the 99%ers
        11.2BILLION. She is giving business tax relief to the top 1%

        Lets see a few more of her votes. She voted NO to eliminate the marriage
        penalty tax. Married people pay much more higher taxes than two single
        people. Here’s one, how about her YES vote on the Defense Appropriations
        Bill to fund the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars? What’s this I read about you
        protesting the wars, and you want to retain the person voting for them?

        Further, on March 17, 2011, whe voted NO on removing U.S. forces from
        Afghanistan. The argument presented: “Let us not give up now…This is
        about our vital national security interests.” What the hell is this? Who
        voted YES? Yep, Kucinch! Where is your thinking, M_R?

        In 2000 she voted against the MINIMUM WAGE. This was a bill to raise
        the minimum wage by $1.00 over two years C’mon, M_R, you know the
        history of the minimum wage and how the GOP detests it. And, here you
        have your Democratic Congresswoman voting against it. Who did that
        vote help? Certainly not the restaurant workers, department store workers,
        or the K-Marts or Wall Marts, receptionists, nurse aides, janitors, and etc.
        She voted for the fat cats pure and simple it seems. Why is that M_R?
        How can you write about the LIV and you”re certainly a HIV person ready
        to vote for this betrayal of the American Dream? You know, a remember a
        certain high school English teacher who told us constantly in our writing to
        “stop chinning yourselves on the curb.” His exact words I do believe.
        With all your beautiful writing and clearly drawing out the obstacles to reform
        I hope you will use that ability to look at all these Congressional members betraying the American Dream. We should spend $2.5BILLION a week
        in Afghanistan building roads and dams and schools? That should be enough right there to say good-bye, Marcy! That vote was March 17, 2011
        not 2003! Change, my friend, you write about it all the time. Don’t ignore
        it, change the person!

  7. Mr. Mud, it appears your questions have been answered this morning on the blog in question. He posted a longer segment of the interview and says it shows how wrong you are.

    I watched the longer version and to me it shows how Mr. Cain can babble on about nothing and it shows that he’s an expert on world politics. Seriously, how can anybody still support this guy after he constantly……wait a minute, we’re talking about this interview, not the harassment payoffs. Maybe we are the ones underestimating Herman Cain or else he has some damn good handlers

    1. NWO- of course they are in deep denial that their man has proven himself such a putz. The ‘thinking’ that goes on over there on the far-right edge of the flat earth often reminds me of school children caught with their pants down.

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