It’s Romney! Or do I Repeat Myself?

That cattle review on CNBC last evening, aka the GOP debate, proved to anyone without a horse in the race that it will be Obama v. Romney a year from now. It was such a pathetic display of ignorance and right-wing blather that I had to turn it off a half-hour into it.

Rick Perry is out.  He did himself in with an enormous gaff- he couldn’t remember the Department of Energy.  A TEXAN couldn’t remember which department of the government oversees oil production. Texas- the oil state. Back to Austin, Rick.

The right-wing bloggers who used to drool over Trump and Perry, have now circled their wagons around Herman Cain. He’s the one!  Well he’s #3 but #1 at this writing. They, of course, don’t believe any of the sexual harassment charges against ‘their man.’ None! One popular right-wing blogger, playing the role of the Apostle Thomas, won’t believe any of it until he places his fingers around the actual documents. Amen.

Of course, they throw up [literally] the Bill Clinton affair as if they are elementary students caught with their pants down, pun intended. ‘He did it too!’ Not only did ‘he do it too,’ but he was impeached! Sad, isn’t it? But in their alternate reality, stuff like that makes them feel better as they wait for the shoe to drop. The real world, the one that we live in, is much too harsh, too painful for them.  I’m sure that this is why they build an alternate universe in which to live and blog. It feels good inside of that ‘other’ place.

That dropped shoe will come soon and the right-wing will spend quite a few days in denial, ranting and raving as is their custom. When that’s all done, then they’ll have to find #4 to become the new #1.  The anybody-but-Romney candidate. Who? I’m guessing Newt. He’s been edging up and saying all of the right things. How many marriages? Divorced one wife when she got cancer? Newt!

It’s all quite a hoot here on the sidelines. They hate President Obama so intensely, but they can’t seem to find anyone [except Romney] who might be able to stop him from winning a 2nd term. When the 2nd term does in fact come true, what will these right-wingers do with all of that pent-up hate? Can you imagine 4 more years of seething hate?

Langston Hughes wrote about deferring one’s hopes and dreams.  Of course, he was referring to a much more serious situation than some hateful right-wingers. His original title for this piece was, ‘Harlem.’ You get the point.

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?


28 thoughts on “It’s Romney! Or do I Repeat Myself?

  1. does it explode?
    it blowed up good
    it blowed up real good!
    But the real tragedy is the fact that America is focused on the form, not the substance.The media dumbs it down like it was another episode of American Idol and focuses on the obvious hyped sensationalized flaws. The real outrage is the idiocy of Perry’s and Paul’s brainless easy no thought solutions to our problems by eliminating government agencies.
    Perry would eliminate the Department of Education? Perry would eliminate the Department of Energy? The sheer insanity of the effects that these brainless decisions would have in the short run are mind boggling.
    Never mind that Texas is so intrinsically linked to the Department of Energy in regards to it’s Hydrocarbon and Solar power production, that’s only kiddie stuff compared to Nuclear power and the regulation of atomic materials used in the production of Americas Nuclear arsenal.
    There is no debate, only a political parody of Dancing With The Stars….and the featured dance routine is a sort of Macabre version of the St. Vitus variations of the Dance of Death…..

    1. The sheer insanity of the effects that these brainless decisions would have in the short run are mind boggling

      Well, of course look who is he ‘playing’ to at the moment. Does that help explain this ‘brainless’ decision??’

    2. MD, your following words are right on: “…the real tragedy is the fact that America is focused on the form, not the substance.”

      This is exactly what I have been writing in comment after comment in Congress enabling the distruction of the American Dream. M_R commented
      that I’m suggesting that entire Congress be thrown out and in another
      comment asked if the “baby should be thrown out with the bath water.” The
      “baby” in this case would be Marcy Kaptur. My response is absolutely she should be removed from her fiefdom…She has sold out the 99 percenters
      of her district. For some strange reason, M_R can’t call Kaptur out on it.
      He and NON are missing exactly what you wrote, that is, “the substance.”
      If M_R would just look behind the curtain that hides the real Kaptur, he and
      others would see how Kaptur and Congress has presided over the decline
      of the middle class in the United States. Congress needs to be completely
      cleansed of everyone, even the staffers who go on to become lobbyist for
      the wealthy, the corporations, and Wall Street.

      Kaptur and her fellow members of the House and the Senate have enabled
      the wealthy to become a class of their own at the expense of the lower
      classes. E.G. : From 1945 to 1980 only 1% of all the income of the the
      United States was controlled by the wealthy. However, now 0.01% control
      6% of U.S. income. That change has been enabled by the laws passed
      in Congress. Despite Kaptur’s this side of the curtain activities which attempts to show her as a representative of the real “people”, her behind
      the curtain real agenda has been 24 years of destroying the middle class
      and the lower classes with a campaign of uinregulated rapacious capitalism.

  2. Hello Muddy,
    You noted:
    “Of course, they throw up [literally] the Bill Clinton affair as if they are elementary students caught with their pants down, pun intended. “He did it too!”

    Ah the good old incompetent “Divertive Argument” tactic ….. and this fact being aside, what are we to take from this statement ….that this makes Herman Cain’s act OK? Of course not.

    As I have tried to explain this WAY too often to the LIVs who have visited this blog but the weak minds still revert back to this “Divertive Argument” tactic.

    But for entertainment value of exposing the ignorance of the LIV blogs in question, let’s break down the differences in the two acts in consideration. Bill Clinton had a willing partner who wanted to have sex with him, sought him out, came to his office and closed the door to undress and present herself to him. Herman Cain’s women were NOT willing participants which takes them to the level of “Sexual Assault Victims.” In my mind, (and any other normal people for that fact) find this to be a vast world of differences in the two acts being compared.

    As for the Tea Party members feeble minded viewpoints……these rules I guess just do not apply.

    Now that Sarah Palin is no longer a Tea Party favorite, I am kind of rooting for Herman Cain as being the Republican Party’s candidate as I can see no better chance of this imploding for the “Republican Ultra Conservative Wing Nut” aspects within the Party and SANITY will once again return to my Republican Party.

    1. Engineer, I am no supporter of Cain, but how do we know that? I have not seen any pictures, or heard any tape recordings of propositions. It seems
      to me all that we have is alleged allegations. Cain is a wealthy man, why would a woman wait all these years to say he put his hand up her skirt and rubbed her genitals?

      1. Hello Uptheflag,
        Sorry for getting back to you so late but I have been very busy with my new job but I am responding to your reply.

        I have to concede that there was more emotion verses fact when I stated the “Herman Cain ought to end this Tea Party nonsense once and for all!” I guess a person has to consider the level of ignorance by those claiming Tea Party viewpoints that are only surpassed by their propensity to display that trait. So in conclusion, I have to admit that it was a statement of wishful thinking.

        As far as the Sexual Harassment accusations towards Herman Cain, the woman who did come out publicly against him was:

        1. Not employed with National Restaurant Association like the two others who took the out of court settlements, so who was she going to go to? She was to the best of her knowledge was she was on a job interview. As far as the legal aspects go the National Restaurant Association….not their problem.

        2. The woman had been laid off and was scrambling to find employment to support herself and daughter, so what would her chances be of finding meaningful employment with a Sexual Harassment court case pending, especially with someone with the high profile of Herman Cain even at this time. Just as you have noted, there were no pictures, or tape recordings to support her claims so the chance of conviction against Herman Cain was less than nil.

        3. Just as less than 30% of rapes and less than 10% of Sexual Harassments are reported because the first reaction of most women is shame, wanting the offence to just go away not having to face what happened to them. This is a short term but with long term mental problems solution as embedded forced down emotions and memories will erupt with a volcano force at a later date. Seeing this (from the woman’s point of view) asshole being lionized by the public and running for the highest office in the land, will be too much for the woman offended to mentally withstand. Ergo, she has to come forth and tell her story for her own mental health.

        4. Now that another woman has come forth making those willing to come out making a total of four with much the same Sexual Harassment offence story, I would say, “OK if it were just one person, it could be a misunderstanding or a poor decision on the man’s part. But when there are four women with many more suspected that don’t want to come forward and be subjected to the attempts of the discrediting defamation attacks. In my personal opinion I see a pattern of a man out of control with his Sexual Harassment mindset.

        So in closing, I will say once again sorry for taking so long to address your questions but thank you for your comments and thoughts. This is how we learn, enlighten, and educate ourselves through open and considerate dialogue. This is a rare example should you find this attribute on the Ultra Conservative Tea Party sites.

  3. Hey Laci,
    Yea Rick, I have no short term memory anymore just like burned out “W” dimwit, Perry. The only thing I would have a concern with Rick Perry, this country did kinda voted “W” Bush for President….at least the second time.

  4. As I stated on the blog that Mud refers to, if it turns out that Cain was lying, then their is no chance he would get my vote. I would love to hear from these women, and I think legally they should be allowed to speak. I believe Cain broke the confidentiality agreement, so let the women speak.

    Also, I stated on said blog, that Clinton broke a law, and should have been removed from office.. Cain has not. So PILE’s, go ahead, educate this LIV. Please tell me how this is not true.

    Oh, I don’t give s##t about any politician that cheats on their spouse. That’s their personal issues, and has nothing to do with how they perform the job they were elected to do. I don’t judge noone, until they lie to me.

      1. I’m curious as to what law Clinton broke?

        In 1970, then-House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford defined the criterion as he saw it: “An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.” This is a good introduction to what happened to Bill Clinton.

        Clinton’s impeachment proceedings were largely partisan, with every guilty verdict coming from Republican Senators, only five Democratic Representatives voting to impeach, and no Democratic Senators voting for conviction. With a two-thirds majority required for conviction, only 45 senators voted guilty on the perjury charge and 50 on the obstruction charge. Both figures come below the two-thirds majority needed to impeach (66 votes).

        That means that Clinton was acquitted by the Senate of the charges.

        Acquittal means, In the common law tradition, that the accused is formally certified free from the criminal charges. He can still be civilly liable.

        Does that answer your question?

        1. Laci- Are you serious? You ask me what crime, but you obviously know what crime I meant.

          1- The Senate votes were just as partisan as the House votes. How can you in your right mind defend this? Are you comparing 100 Senate votes to a jury of 12. The guy committed perjury, If you refute that, you’re either in denial, or you yourself are quite the LIV.

          2- Clinton was acquitted by the Senate of all charges. Are you trying to say that therefore he was innocent? It wasn’t a court ruling. It was a judgement passed down by 100 politicians. Are you really trying to compare the two. BTW, he can not be held civally liable, since he accepted immunity for all future prosecutions. Of course, that little get out of jail free card was given, when he left office. But let’s prosecute baseball players for the same charge. And Casey Anthony is obviously innocent, right?

          3- So, does this answer the question, did Clinton commit perjury? I guess, when I take into account, that the answer was given by a PILE.

        1. JOB states: Pretentious Intolerant Liberal Elitist.

          Cute. Meaningless, but cute.

          Maybe we all should make up acronyms and then let others guess what they mean. [I think I used to do this in high school if my memory serves me, just after learning in history of the many government agencies created by FDR. It was fun for a while…]

          OK. Here’s my first one: ABURRS

  5. Again, this discussion echoes the utter lack of substance which is being used by the media to hype it self and is driving the American presidential race. The original point of the post was about the lack of substance the knee jerk appeal of simplistic, idiotic and dangerous solutions to our nations problems made by a group of opportunistic and incompetent candidates trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the electorate. The real debate should be how the media participates in this debased process, how the corporate conservatives interests afre working to destroy the voting base of the progressives.
    UTF’s comment about a woman waiting so long to bring up a sexual harassment charge in reality should be viewed in the light of Cains overly aggressive actions in his methods of squelching the comments…his lawyer threatens any one thinking about further allegations. They are actively using private investigators to dig up smears against the accusers. He has even set up a web site to smear Sharon Bialeck.
    In reality, most sexual harassment incidents are not reported or prosecuted because they are covered up, settled out of the public eye or the psychological trauma of the victim which causes reluctance to even acknowledge it publically. I think UTF, your argument is very shallow and hollow indeed.
    I agree that the faux sensationalism of morality in America creates an atmosphere where the private lives of public figures can be used selectively to destroy them, but when the actions are blatant hypocrisy, they reflect a pattern of psychopathic behavior…like discovering an evangelical mega church religious leader who condemns homosexuality publically is actually snorting meth and diddling toy boys. These things happen you know.
    The first reaction is to blatantly deny, get lawyered up and smear the accuser.
    I will heartily agree with Mudrake and the Engineer that I would welcome a Cain candidacy. It might just provoke the ultimate mental meltdown of the political system, a cathartic social enema. I hope you are all ready to deal with the ensuing tsunami of filth we will all surely be covered in….
    Gentlemen, get your swiffers ready……

    1. Don’t know how much contact you have with Toledo, so I thought I’d give you an update on Occupy Toledo. I went down on Wednesday, but all the street parking is blocked off. They are set up on Levis Square, the plaza between The Fiberglas Tower and The Toledo Edison Building. They have tents set up on the plaza away from and not blocking the sidewalks. It was very clean and orderly. The have big sign with the tents behind the sign. So as of two days ago, they were still there and being very cooperative with local law enforcement. I wanted to talk to some of them, but it was pouring rain and there was no parking near The Huntington Center (new arena).

      1. It was very clean and orderly.

        Of course it was and I would imagine that the same is reflected across the nation. The perceived filth, disorder and misconduct lives in the imaginations of those living in the alternate, bubble universe that clings to the far-right edge of the round earth.

      2. I have been following the Occupy Toledo action since it began. I wanted to post their Occupy live cam on my blog, but it’s really not too compelling. That’s probably a plus because from what I can see on their facebook page, they have been able to engage and negotiate a reasonable response from the Toledo City Government. What they need is a way to make a statement that will resound with the apathetic defeatist mentality that seems to have paralyzed Toledo. The city with the biggest jump in poverty statistics in the USA in 2011!

    2. MD….Of course, there is smoke with the Cain charges. But, that is just
      what there are here, charges. The Cain charges pale in contrast with
      the current child sex scandal at Penn State. At Penn State a Grand Jury
      has met and issue a due cause of probable guilt by administrators and/or
      faculty. There was an observer to the child abuse in the locker room, who
      walked away and did not stop the abuse. The University now puts him on
      admininistrative leave. Oh, and he was to coach the Penn State team today.
      While the Board removed the University President and Patrono, only on
      allegations, they did not remove the person watching the rape of the 10
      year old.

      What there is here are two scandals against two groups that society seeks
      to protect, women in the work place and children to be bodily safe. But,
      that is the end of the similarity, it seems to me. The former has been to
      legal hearings, the latter has not. The Cain scandal is all “in-house” and
      there has been no due process to learn the facts. In no way, MD, did
      I write that Cain was innocent of the charges. But, you know, this is the
      United States with a system of laws. We are not Egypt, or Iran, or
      Saudia Ariabia, or China who accuse some one and then they disappear.
      I’m dismayed, MD, that you attack me for being “shallow”. The laws of the
      United States are for every citizen, not just the ones we like or don’t like.
      To say otherwise is to diminish the protection of all. I am afraid that you
      and others who really accept the point that defense of every citizen is a
      hallmark of the United States legal system really miss the “substance” of
      what the United States is all about.

      1. I understand the basis of your comment, and I agree with the fact that Herman Cain is a citizen and deserves the protection of his legal rights under the law.
        What I object to is the over reaction of Limbaugh and his ilk to use this to further their anti feminist agenda. I think Cain knows this and has empowered every emotionally stunted conservative idiot in the country to feel empowered by his over reaction and over the top agressive attack against his accusers.
        What Cain is really about is an agenda to short circuit the already hacked concept of American “democracy”. He will never be president. That is not what he is about and that is not what his “handlers” want anyway.
        I really find the anti feminist rhetoric being used and the overtly agressive venting being displayed objectionable. I know about sexual aggression in the business world on many levels. I was a professional artist/musician for many years in New York and dealing with this as a heterosexual male professionally in a world dominated by gay men gave me a lot of insight into what women go through. I have to admit, being a man gave me a lot more leverage than a woman will ever have. I slugged a gallery owner in the face, he was smitten and gave me a show…I’m a coy bastard, eh?

  6. The right-wing is finished in the 2012 presidential election theater. They’ve run through everyone. Herman Cain will be the last one to go under [shortly.]

    This naturally pisses off the right-wing. They must be terribly frustrated that their ‘message’ does not resonate with The People of this land. They apparently do not understand that they live in a bubble universe that resembles little of the rest of this nation. Because they associate with like-minded people, they ‘believe’ that the rest o f America is just like them.

    Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote an op ed in the WP yesterday warning his fellow conservatives that The People are not at all aligned with the right-wing ideologues. He used the Ohio election results as a clear example that The People are smart enough to make decisions that belie political ideology. He told his conservative community:

    So too across the nation, as we saw Tuesday. This is no disoriented, easily led citizenry. On the contrary. It is thoughtful and discriminating. For Republicans, this means there is no coasting to victory, 9 percent unemployment or not. They need substance. They need an articulate candidate with an agenda and command of the issues who is light on slogans and lighter still on baggage.

    Light on slogans. Light on baggage. Which of the GOP presidential candidates fit those two qualifications? Surely not Perry, Newt, Cain or Bachmann. Clearly Huntsman and Romney are the survivors.

    I dropped Krauthammer’s comment on a familiar right-wing blog a few minutes ago. I’ll go back later today and see how they “respond” and report back. Naturally they will tar and feather me as they always do, but will they be able to understand that The People are not right-wingers??

    Any bets?

  7. OK, I might finally be willing to concede that “Commander-in-Chief” will not be the title used by Minnesota’s Favorite Daughter as I am afraid that Michele Bachmann’s “Happy Meal tax plan” might be indigestible when the 9-9-9 plan looks so tempting.

    Just curious, considering the recent result on SB 5, what is the reaction in Ohio to the Romney statement that he wanted to reduce government workers by 10% ? That would mean a reduction of almost 190,000 employees (on top of those that have already been cut).

    Consider this : Federal employees work in 15 Cabinet-level departments, 20 large, independent agencies (defined as having more than 1,000 employees) and 80 small agencies with roughly 60 percent of the civilian workforce employed at three large Cabinet Departments—the Department of Defense (DOD), the Veterans Administration (VA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The most recent BLS report indicates that DoD is at 652,000 while the VA is at 280,000. Additionally, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which does not release employment data for security reasons, is estimated to employ about 100,000 people.
    Remember, the U.S. Postal Service, a quasi-independent agency, so even though Congress is debating a plan to cut 100,000 workers, they should not count in the Romney total.

    So where will the cuts come from ?
    The military ?
    How about border security ? (Note : Average salary is $59,594)
    How about the Department of Education ?
    Or, the Department of Commerce ?
    Or, …. What was that third one … oh, yeah the Department of Energy ?
    What if the Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy were shut down as suggested by Rick Perry ? ? ?
    That would mean a reduction of 58,000 workers (4,000 from Ed, 39,000 from Commerce and 15,000 from Energy) …. So where does Mitt Romney get the remaining 132,000 ?
    Shutdown NASA and there is another 18,000 … heck, instead of cutting Social Security benefits, why not just shutdown the Social Security Administration sending everyone a check for how much their entitled to today letting people self-manage their own retirement … that would mean the termination of 64,000 workers … then all the remaining departments could just take a minor cut.

    MEMO TO PRESIDENT-in-waiting Romney :
    What will the addition of 190,000 workers to the unemployment rolls do for the economy ? Obviously, these 190,000 workers must not be doing anything necessary or productive … wait a second, gotta make write another memo

    MEMO TO 112th CONGRESS :
    Don’t wait for President-in-waiting Romney, cut your staff by 2 people today. (Note : House of Representatives staff may not exceed 18 full-time employees and four part-time employees … plus they have Committee Staff.)

    1. So where will the cuts come from ?

      The right-wing has no idea but the sound bite sounds just swell. How many jobs have already been cut through the draconian cuts by these right-wing governors.

      Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! – The Boner

  8. So the latest polls show that Romney is still the steady 33% candidate! In spite of Cain, in spite of Perry or uhh…what ever…you go Romney! 33% of the Republicans will always support the Mitten boy! uhh. maybe the 33% might get a little more excited over the news of a Black Sabbath Reunion Tour….It’s happenin! Yeah…Ozzie Ozbourne fer prezinet! Uhh, perhaps there might be a teensey problem with his birth certificate…uhh well, uhhh, fuck it…

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