Ohio Workers Spank Right-wing Governor

Ohio’s right-wing governor, John Kasich, was trashed by Ohio voters yesterday as his anti-union proposal was soundly rejected by the voters.  Issue 2 would have restricted bargaining rights of Ohio’s teachers, firefighters, police and other public employees. Governor Kasich, funded by outside interests, appeared in many TV spots before the election urging voters to support his proposal.  Voters rejected both him and the proposal 61% to 39%.

Kasich and his fellow right-wing governors, especially Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, brought a hidden right-wing agenda to their statehouse governments, but the voters have fought back.  Too bad that these same voters failed to show up at the polls in 2010. Nonetheless, the  massive rejection of workers’ rights yesterday in  Ohio might indicate that The People are finally catching on to the draconian policies of the right-wing.  Had Kasich been successful, there is no doubt that his fellow right-wing governors would have been encouraged to do the same to the workers in their states. Luckily, The People woke up. They woke up through the phone calls, literature dropped-off at their doors, and the conversations they had on their porches with volunteers who rang their doorbells.  That’s how it was done!


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  1. There has been a rolling discussion on this blog in the past several months regarding low information voters [LIV’s] and how easily they can be duped into ‘believing’ the political ads that flood their TV’s during the election season.

    We educated these LIV’s in Ohio for the past several weeks and the result was spectacular. They became HIV’s due to the efforts of The People who contacted them in person.

    Our congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur, along with the AFL-CIO, Teamsters, Steel Workers, ASFME, Fire, Police and Teachers’ Unions helped with the efforts and we shut down our right-wing governor and sent him reeling back on his heels as he tried to strip unions of their bargaining rights. How’s that for turning LIV’s into HIV’s?

    My wife and I were part of that effort and we and many others went door-to-door to fight Kasich’s anti-union issue; we made phone calls and organized other canvassing events. That’s the power of THE PEOPLE. It is The People who will help educate the low information voters, and it is hand-to-hand combat.

    We had to fight the big $$ from outside interest groups who poured in millions to back the governor and his plan. We did that through door-to-door campaigning. Boots on the ground. That is how The People fight big money; that’s how we educate the low information voters.

  2. I’ll write more later, but I actually had mixed feelings about SB-5. My household also was mixed (spouse a teacher). My sister, the teacher, was going to retire if issue 2 passed. My sister-in-law, retired teacher, actually was in favor of the bill; her brother, government worker, was against it. I assume my niece, a teacher was against it while my aunt, retired teacher, was probably for it.

    There was a lot, a whole lotta lot, more money against the issue. Wanna bet most of it was from out-of-state unions? Too bad people don’t put in the same amount of effort to support our schools. I saw many more lies in the TV ads against the issue. I thought of the LIV’s who would believe those lies and vote against the issue (I’d love to discuss this part later).

    It appeared to me as using a sledge hammer to kill a fly. Some of the regulations included in SB-5 are just ridiculous (i.e. teacher/school performance). Now you know I’m gonna be all over you when the layoffs start. So I’m not sad or happy it failed, I’m just upset that the politicians couldn’t get their act together and we had to vote on it. Did you notice issue 3 passed; same thing, misinformation and politicians just looking to get re-elected.

    1. NWO- I’m curious about these former teachers whom you referenced above. Why would they vote against the interests of their fellow teachers?

      1. And, I am curious about the unions providing more money than those opposed…I have not heard that….

        While the “people” won on collective bargaining, the GOP won on Health
        Care Reform. Why was that easily defeated?

        IN MIssissippi, I know you all have read and/or read that the personhood
        amendment was defeated easily, despite the support of the Mississippi
        Baptist Association and both the GOP and Dem candidates for
        Governor. Yet, voter ID was easily passed, and every member of State Executive Government is now Republican, as is the Legislature. The
        House had been controlled for years by the Dems, but no longer. The
        MS Legislature is now totally GOP.

        It seems there has been a lot of hype as to a so-called huge Democratic
        victory on Tuesday.

  3. The issue was not about teachers only. Did you notice that Toledo’s largest public employees’ union was not featured in any of the ads? Did you notice all the ads featuring hospital nurses? What percentage of public employees are nurses in hospitals? Being an education advocate, I fear for the reduction of an already poor educational system.

    I spent a large part of this afternoon in the company of a school union official (sorry to be so vague, but the posse and all). He pointed out that Ohio public school employees’ pension funds were returning at around 8%. Social Security is returning at 0%. He also stated that claims of layoffs if the issue failed were unfounded. I seem to notice that the layoffs have been happening for at least two years now.

    Just from a purely financial view, if the wages and benefits are not adjusted and the revenues don’t increase, where will the money come from if not layoffs? I’m not blaming the union members for the economy, but that still doesn’t create money to keep paying when the well runs dry.

    And didn’t the police vote against the interests of their fellow officers when they wouldn’t budge on their contract and police layoffs ensued.

    And now I want an honest answer, no matter how hard it may be to admit: Do you think the massive spending of out-of-state union money for advertising had a major effect on the voting? And don’t say it ain’t so; remember who I was talking to a few hours ago.

  4. Do you think the massive spending of out-of-state union money for advertising had a major effect on the voting?

    Of course it had an effect, although I am unclear if the quantifier ‘major’ is true or not. However, what I am sure was one major affect on the voting was the people on the ground, going door-to-door to get the message out. This was massive. On Saturday, 16 teachers assembled at the Sylvania Library to go door-to-door. There weren’t enough packets for all of them so they split up the turn among them. That was just the 12 noon run; there were three other runs that day with equally large numbers of volunteers.

    Boots on the ground can trump slick TV commercials any time. That’s how people are persuaded; that’s how LIV’s become HIV’s.

    1. I was very impressed by the effort myself. I just wish we could “educate” people on the importance of education; and that includes the liberal arts classes also. Didn’t Sylvania’s last school levy fail? I remember when I was growing up, Sylvania always had the best shcool district (better funding = better schools).

      LOL – It just dawned on me that “some” people might read that and think “liberal arts classes” are some sort of political classes. I know, that’s really sad not funny. Out here there were mostly “no on 2” signs, but the few “yes” signs were usually next to “yes on 3” signs. That made me stop and think more than once. I also noticed that the “no” celebration was set up at the teamsters hall there at South and The Trail. (So here’s one for UpTheFlag) That bothered me like when Kaptur’s victory parties are held at a U.A.W. hall.

      1. How so, NON?

        You asked a good question above, Non, and that was paying for all the bloated state employees pensions? I notice, M_R, didn’t offer his
        comment on your question of “where will the money come from?”

  5. Hello Muddy,
    When I got up this morning, I went to the TV news to hear how the vote went yesterday…..I could not have been more pleased and just shows that hope can be renewed by getting the true and accurate facts out to the public. Show should be the example for the 2012 election. A BIG LOSS FOR THE “FLASH IN THE PAN” TEABAGGERS!!!

    1. Another one for the record. I was chided on another blog for using the word “teabagger” because it has another meaning. If I remember correctly, they are the ones who wear hats with teabags dangling from the brim.

  6. Mud- I would like to congratulate you and your fellow Ohioans. It is a good victory for labor. Now I have to dig my heels in, for a long debate on TGP’s blog……………………Later

    1. Why would this be so? After all, how can one ‘debate’ facts? But then, I sometimes forget about that alternate universe…

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