Like Fathers, Like Sons

by Engineer of Knowledge

It came to my attention just the other day that John Wilkes Booth’s father promoted his own death threat to a President in his time.  I could not help but draw a parallel to the current Koch family when I came upon this information and decided that it needed to become a posting.

Junius Brutus Booth (May 1, 1796 – November 30, 1852) was the father of John Wilkes Booth as we all know was the actor and the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln.  The Booth family, along with their slaves, lived on a farm near Bel Air,Maryland.

I think that it should be noted of this interesting fact that Junius Brutus Booth was named after Marcus Junius Brutus, and as history has taught us was one of the lead assassins of Julius Caesar as a side note.

In 1835, Junius Brutus Booth wrote a letter to President Andrew Jackson, demanding he pardon two pirates.  In the letter he threatened to kill President Andrew Jackson.  To confirm this fact, a recent handwriting analysis of a letter written concluded that the letter was, in fact, written by Junius Brutus Booth.

Now for the acts of the son.

John Wilkes Booth tried to convince several co-conspirators to participate in his plot to kill several high government officials, including the Vice President, the Secretary of State, and probably General Grant, but found few willing to go along with this scheme.

On April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth decided to act alone so around 10:15 PM, as the President and the First Lady watched a performance of Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre, Booth, showed a card to a presidential aide and was allowed entry through a lobby door leading to the presidential box. Reaching the box, Booth pushed open the door. The President sat in his armchair, one hand on the railing and the other holding to the side a flag that decorated the box, in order to gain a better view of a person in the orchestra. From a distance of about four feet behind Lincoln, Booth fired a bullet into the President’s brain as he shouted “Revenge for the South!”

Major Rathbone, seated with the President in the State Box, sprang up to grab the assassin, but Booth wrested himself away after slashing the general with a large knife. Booth rushed to the front of the box as Rathbone reached for him again, catching some of his clothes as Booth leapt over the railing. Rathbone’s grab was enough to cause Booth to fall roughly on the stage below, where he badly fractured his leg.  Rising from the stage, Booth shouted “Sic semper tyrannus!” (thus always to tyrants) and ran across the stage and toward the back of the theatre. Booth rushed out the back door of the theatre to a horse being held for him by Joseph Burroughs (better known as “Peanuts”). Booth mounted the horse and swept rapidly down an alley, then to the left toward F Street and disappeared into the Washington darkness.

I bring this history lesson up as I want to give a comparison to the father Fred Koch and his billionaire sons, Charles and David Koch and those who follow their viewpoints.

In 1958, Fred Koch, the founder of Koch Industries, joined a group of manufacturing executives and Robert Welch to found the, “John Birch Society,” a virulent far-right group that dominated the civil rights debate.  The “John Birch Society” organized an impeachment campaign against then Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren for the Brown v. Board decision outlawing racial
segregation, and mobilized its supporters to oppose integration of schools on the grounds that mixing black and white would lead to the “mongrelization” of the races.  Fred Koch supported the “John Birch Society’s” anti-civil rights campaign, and wrote a screed denouncing the civil rights movement as communist inspired.  In the early 1960’s John Kennedy was a hero of the Civil Rights movement, and Fred Koch with his far right racist viewpoints hated him.  Fred Koch financed a truly ugly attack on JFK, claiming that, as a Catholic, Kennedy would be un-American and merely a pipeline to the Vatican, where the Pope and the Jesuits would rule America. Fred was a pathological hater of African-Americans, Catholics, Jews, Gays, the Kennedys, and yes even Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Other writings stated that President Kennedy supported racial communist riots in America because of his civil rights stand. They said he was anti-Christian and promoted anti-Christian rulings by the Warren Court, that he was a despicable liar.  Flying Confederate flags, they’re screaming that Kennedy should be shot because he loved African-Americans, only they were much more ignorant and hostile in the way they talked about African-Americans, you can imagine. (i.e. “N” word Lover)

Fred Koch even had influence within the military at this time and the paramilitary group “Minutemen” had declared the Kennedy administration as “soft on communism” and were looking at guerilla warfare tactics to deal with the soon to come “Black Uprising.”  Beginning about a week before the President’s Dallas,  TX trip, posters began appearing, with mug shots of President Kennedy, and a banner reading “Wanted for Treason.”

In a way, the Koch brothers are simply fulfilling their father’s “Family Tradition” legacy.  Charles and David did not only inherit an oil company, they inherited their father’s political philosophy.  The “Tea Party” movement, orchestrated by AFP and other Koch fronts, reflects the paranoid style of the movement started by their father.

So as it has been noted in the previous posting these exact same “Code Words” showing up on the LIV blogs sites such as:

“COMMIE,” “LIBBRUL,” with common phrases as “they hate America,” “Those People,” and the ever favorite terms of “shit bird,” “douche bag,” and as we all know are “promoting communism, socialism, anarchism,” “vandalizing,” “leftist vermin,” “small scale communism,” etc., is just the same old racist KKK or John Birch Society that is now showing  up in these “Conservative Tea Party” blog sites.

Those making up the “LIV” blog sites you have made mention of and this demographics of the population have always been there and can be counted on being there in the future with their sanctimonious ignorance.


38 thoughts on “Like Fathers, Like Sons

  1. Two issues:
    1. Is it just me or do the LIV’s seem to prefer the LIC’s (low information candidates)? Their current favorite Herman Cain stated in a recent interview that China was trying to build a nuclear program. China has had nuclear capabilities since 1964. Do you think he knows about Russia?

    2. After researching the Koch brothers, I learned they are so much worse than I ever thought was possible in the United States. Some of their current pollution violations are literally killing us now within the boundaries of our Country. The posse member who goes by “Common Sense” seems to be looked upon by them as some sort of grandfather figure. I think he’s the worst because he’s the one that reposts outright lies (and then verifies their authenticity with Bible verses). I suppose the rest are either too ignorant or too lazy to care what he’s doing. I think most of the posters on this blog are better writers than me; come on, there must be a way to make them realize they’re doing exactly what they are accusing others of doing. There is another liar in the group, but I figure anyone dumb enough to believe what he prints is too far gone down the dumb track.

    I’ve noticed that in political discussion, many people just have heard rumblings, but not any actual incidents. Do you think a posting listing just five of the worst things the Koch brothers have done would be of interest?

  2. Hello Northwest,
    When I heard Herman Cain’s statement in that interview when he said that China was trying to build a nuclear program and I had to shake my head at the stupidity of this comment as I am old enough to remember well when they tested and set off their atomic bomb in 1964.

    But what gets me are those that have no idea how ignorant that statement was which gets us back to the LIV factor.

    1. Engineer- thanks for this post and your clever comparisons. Koch Sr. seemed like one of those awful humans that we come across from time to time throughout history. He apparently had little love in his heart and clearly none to give away to others. Makes you glad to know that you, your family and friends are in a much better place that that sorry thing. It is clear to me, then, why so many on the far-right side of life think the Koch Bros. are grand. They apparently remind them of themselves!

  3. JUST FOR THE RECORD: I was bored so I took a stroll to the “other” side. It seems my statement about being certified as non-racist caught their attention. Honestly, they are all so stupid I don’t feel like explaining it to them; I do feel it necessary to explain to the readers of this blog.

    Sometime around 1980 I gave a deposition (and more) to an officer of the United States Government in a discrimination suit. I was young and dumb, but being a child of the 60’s, I knew it was the right thing to do. The company being sued obviously lost (but not before I quit). They then went out of their way to hunt me down and call any company I was working for and told them lies. This lasted for years. Because I had a special “talent”, it only caused me minor problems that I had to explain, but problems I didn’t need. Even if you’re innocent, nobody wants a trouble maker in upper management.

    Unbelievably, later around 1983 I got tangled up into another more serious discrimination suit filed by the United States Government. This was a much more extensive and expensive lawsuit. I won’t give the “posse” any ammunition, but let’s just say the United States of America, in a court of law, certified I was not a racist.

    The first incident was needed because some one was discriminated against purely for the color of their skin; I had thought the U.S. had gotten over that crap. The second incident was a waste of time and money because there are real cases of discrimination still going on that need attention.

    For some reason, racism just pisses me off big time. In 1994 at Detroit Metro Airport I once again came across blatant racism. Unfortunately because of the “posse” I can’t share all the facts, but it still hurts because someone I care a great deal about, and who is a wonderful person beyond description, was hurt by an idiot on a flight from Newark. I made it VERY clear there is no room for racism in the Midwest!

    Sorry if this ran on, but racism is a big deal to me and so are you guys.

    1. Thank you NWO for letting us know a bit more about your life and experiences. The Posse to which you refer is fairly useless to anyone but themselves. There is absolutely nothing of any worth or substance posted there. Rather, it is a club for mutual admiration. They have nothing to offer and do not wish to learn. Cain is, therefore, their man for sure!

  4. Yep, Marcy Kaptur needs to be thrown out of the House of Representatives “club house.” Like the way that you all are ignoring my comment below on how Kaptur voted with the 1 percenters and against
    the rest of us. We, the so called “people” that M_R said Kaptur represented.

    By the way, on that same bill, do you know what Representative did stand
    with the 99%, the real people? Kucinich voted NO, while Kaptur voted with
    every single one of the GOP members. If you didn’t catch my comment on
    this House Bill, check down below. It only proves that Kaptur is in the hip
    pocket of Wall Street and the 1 percenters.

      1. Let’s see, if Marcy Kaptur backed out of the race for the 9th Congressional District, who might run on the Democrat ticket:

        Dennis Kucinich – Obviously. I remember when he was mayor of Cleveland. (oops)

        Lee Fisher – I think of him as a democrat Michael DeWine. But hey, if you need any special favors to be done …. Have you noticed he really doesn’t win any elections on his own?

        Carleton ” Carty” S. Finkbeiner – Does he really need any further explanation? Has anyone else noticed Carty lies sometimes to cover his ass?

        Jack Ford – Oh God. Did any of you ever catch COFFEE WITH THE FORDS? Now there’s one exciting guy. Do you think he realized Carty was just using him so Carty could get re-elected in 4 years?

        James Anthony Traficant, Jr. – Besides that whole being convicted of 10 felony counts including bribery, racketeering, and tax evasion, there was that pesky House ethics investigation. But I heard that now he’s been out of prison for 2 years, he planning to run for Congress again but on a Tea Party Platform.

        You’ve got your various school board members from both Toledo and Cleveland, but they don’t seem to be doing a real bang-up job running things in the schools. I’d pull some state senators or representatives, but they really don’t have a whole lot of experience among the lot of them. I’ve even noticed that some of them kind of screwed over the special interest groups that got them elected to favor a competing special interest group that showed more “promise” (if you catch my drift).

        Maybe we can convince Joe The Plumber to switch parties. Naw, he’s too much like Herman Cain (lots of skeletons in his closet).

        Miss Kaptur isn’t looking so bad now, is she?

          1. That’s a false “spin”, M_R. Why don’t you respond instead to her vote with
            the GOP on H.B 674? And, Kaptur a “baby” in the cesspool of Congress?

      2. Below, NON wrote the following: “If anyone disagrees, they’re not barred. It fact, it usually ends up in a discussion of the issue including exchanges of information, facts and personal experiences. And nobody gets called a shitbird or turd!

        (And really, when is the last time you read an outright lie here? Or saw an accurate fact dismissed with a spurious statement?)

        Thanks for that lead in, NON, but also for giving an interesting response
        to my serious comments about Kaptur and Congress. However, it seems
        to me the blog is “dismissing accurate facts” with put downs as “johnny one note” and today with “yawn”. Apparently, simply because M_R cannot
        bring a serious factual argument to retain his wrong-headed Congresswoman
        or to refute the factual vote on the GOP H. R. 674 Bill where she voted
        for the millionaires. This particular example of our dysfunctional Congress
        of bipartisian support for the 1 percenters would not be the only one. If we
        had the time to research all of Ms. Kaptur’s votes, it seems to me that there
        would be many bills that she voted for that has enhanced the bottom line
        and given the advantage to the 1 percenters. Suffice it to say, Congress
        has enabled the wealthy to achieve unheard of wealth compared to all
        of our national history. The income inequality today is the greatest in our
        history, and Marcy Kaptur and her other members of Congress has
        enabled this to happen as in H.B. 674. Why would we reward such votes
        and and the worsening condition of American society, and their destruction
        of the American Dream by returning any of them to their “job”?

  5. Northwest Ohio Native writes: “Let’s see, if Marcy Kaptur backed out of the race for the 9th Congressional District, who might run on the Democrat ticket:”

    NON, it seems to me that you are looking “within the box”. Probably, I
    would not support any of the people you have listed. We need change, not
    ilk of the same thought.
    Moreover, I don’t think Kaptur would ever “back out” Howver, NON, she
    is not irreplacable, life goes on. She would leave Congress with 24 years
    of service and have a wonderful retirement account with a great health
    care package. Likely, she would became an effective lobbyist for some
    corporate entity. Maybe one of those military-industrial corporations that
    she seems to favor?
    It seems to me you have to find some one “outside the box” to really
    have change. Some one with either union membership in private manufacturing industry or in public union service as a teacher. Some one
    with education and public involvement. Some one who can relate to the
    minority. Some one with a good family life. And, Some one whose roots
    are in the 9th District. However, time is short. Kaptur is in the District about
    4 days each week campaigning on our expense account as Congress is
    in session about 3 days a week and couple that with all the weekly breaks, it
    becomes an uphill struggle for a neophate. But, that individual would have
    the anger of the public over how Congress has performed, a positive favorable
    opinion of 9% Kaptur and her friends have betrayed the middle class and
    the American Dream. How can any one vote to continue such malfeasance in office toward the massive majority of the people?

    1. The new 9th District covers north Toledo (heavily African-American) and Point Place (really heavily white); follows the shoreline to Cleveland where it takes in the western suburbs (very white middle class and some very gay). Then you throw in Ottawa, Erie and Lorain counties, heavily rural or rust belt. Not a lot of union support from those areas.

      Recent history has shown that any new candidates from that new district might come from a moneyed family in Sandusky heavy into politics. Anyone come to mind?

      And do you still live in the 9th Congressional District? There’s talk the proposed Democrat redistricting throws Wood, Fulton and Ottawa Counties in with Lucas/Toledo. I would be beyond mad and work/contribute like hell to keep Toledo from controlling the 9th Congressional District if that happens.

  6. In all due respect NON, I have written often where I now live. Recently, I
    wrote in response to M_R that I was jealous that he lived in a Cong. Dist.
    where he can affect change, and I can’t. I still have business interests in
    the Toledo area.

    Further, you write, “I would be beyond mad and work/contribute like hell to keep Toledo from controlling the 9th Congressional District if that happens.”
    I don’t follow that remark. Why shouldn’t the area with the most people
    “control” the 9th Congressional District? Why do you emphasize the

    1. African-Americans living in large cities have different goals than people living in the suburbs. I’ve watched the Toledo City Schools get more and more African-American while they serve the students less and less. I’ve watched Toledo turn into Southern Detroit. The African-American community seems to get used a lot and usually not for their best interests. Let’s get REALLY realistic for a moment: Think back over political races held in Toledo for the last couple of decades. There have been a few (or more) where a white candidate ran against a black candidate. Because of their historical experience, black voters will use a person’s race as a determining factor of who to vote for. And all too often a horrible candidate is elected based purely on their race. Yes, I know this is bad. Yes, I know this needs to change. You got an answer?

      Now they’re going to judge schools on academic achievement and “the better” schools are the ones who are going to get more money. The intercity schools are going to get so screwed; really bad. If I knew the answer, maybe I’d consider running for a public office but I don’t have a solution that would ever get any traction in today’s political climate. But I’ll tell you this. every time anyone tries to make a difference, they get slammed. Can we say DARLENE FISHER?

      I still have property in the City of Toledo. I want to sell it badly; I’ve dropped the selling price almost $100,000. And still no buyers. If issue 2 fails, there will be more layoffs. Less public protection, less public services and less infrastructure repair. Think people will want to move into Toledo? I think issue 2 will fail; and of course, no comprise will replace the needed regulations. Not enough people seem to give a damn; I’m getting older and more tired; time for me to rest and to do that I had to move out of Toledo.

    2. Mr. UnTheFlag, with all due respect, you baited me. I did NOT emphasize anyone. I was merely addressing the complicated make-up of the new District 9 Congressional District. Different groups, different for any reason, have different voting issues. I was suggesting that with such a mix of different political issues, maybe someone from the middle might be a good choice. Or maybe Miss Kaptur, who has a varied background, could make it work.

      The western suburbs of Toledo have much more in common with the rest of the new 5th Congressional District than they do with the rest of Toledo. Fulton, Wood and Ottawa Countries have little to nothing in common with the City of Toledo. Do you really think any Congressperson from Toledo would look after the rural counties the same way they would look after the city of Toledo? Isn’t that what all the recent bitching has been about regarding the new Congressional Districts?

      Are you familiar with recent remarks made by former Toledo City Council President Louis Escobar? I know Mr. Escobar personally and he does not lie. Nothing was done. And this was NOT the first case of this type revealed during the last few years. Can we say Pete Gerken? Nothing was done in any of the cases either. You think I want to be part of that?

      The City of Toledo is becoming a “donut”: hollow in the middle.

      (“Why shouldn’t the area with the most people“control” the 9th Congressional District? Why do you emphasize the Afro-American?” You do realize it sounds like you’re saying Toledo is controlled by Afro-Americans? I always thought Congresspersons were supposed to represent ALL of the people, not just the special interests.)

    1. Sorry, here is the quote. It didn’t make much sense as to the point you were tying to make. I’m a little (OK, a lot) sensitive to racism, whether it’s me or anybody else.

      “Why shouldn’t the area with the most people control” the 9th Congressional District?Why do you emphasize the Afro-American?” 11/06/2011 11:49 am

      I guess I did not do a very good job of trying to make my point in the original comment. The big bitch is that Toledo would be split into 3 congressional districts, giving it less voice in the Congress. I think that is exactly what would happen if they drew up a new map and lumped the surrounding counties in with Lucas (Toledo) County. It sounded to me that you thought I didn’t want to be included with Toledo because of its’ large African-American population. It’s kind of funny because I don’t want to be part of Toledo for the same reason you want Marcy Kaptur replaced: controlling special interest groups (of any race, creed, union, etc.). And let’s face it, LIV’s are the reason special interest groups have so much power.

      Sorry for any misunderstanding.

  7. Liv’s are the reason special interest groups have so much power? You’re kidding?
    NON- You said that racism bothers you. how do you feel about Jews? I only ask, because some of your comments seem to border on not liking the Jews.

    1. I have no problem with Jews. I used to think only Catholics, Blacks, bald men, short people and fat kids got discriminated against. I think Senator Diane Feinstein would make a great President (I think she’s Jewish). I’m sure there are many other Jews I admire, I just don’t check their “papers” first (not that it would make any difference). My roommate at college was President of Hillel. My girlfriend was Jewish. One time she got really mad because she thought I called her something that sounds like “kite”. I’d never heard the word before and it took a while for her to explain it to me. And this is the last time I will explain it to you! You seem to have a problem with people who disagree with you (I read your comment about me).

      I do have a problem with a lot of Europeans deciding they want to live in the desert because “God” said it was OK. And then they fight with their neighbors and except the United States to protect them.

      Heard any news lately about Israel wanting to attack Iran? It’s rumored the Iranians got their nuclear knowledge from Pakistan. That Israeli spy we caught was trying to sell Pakistan the nuclear plans on the side. As recent as the last peace attempt by the United States, Israel was still demanding his return and refusing to let U.S. officials interview his handler who they refuse to turn over. For centuries Arab Jews got along with Arab Islamics. Now you got European Jews kicking the big kids and Americans are dying.

      Ya, I got a huge problem with the MASSIVE support and MASSIVE injury my country suffers through because Israel is selfish at the very least.

      And your LIV friends are the ones who only read the headlines, and vote according to what they see on TV without doing any further research. You need to know more to pass a driver’s test than to vote.

      1. First- It’s not that “last” time that you’ll tell me, since it’s the only time I asked. You clarified, now I know. Don’t get your undies in a bunch dude.

        Second- I do not like the aid to Israel either. I think maybe the U.S. government figured way back when, that our Jewish friends would keep an eye on our “evil” Muslim enemy. I don’t agree with the U.S enabling the Jews to occupy that land long ago, and I don’t agree with us aiding them today. In fact, my understanding is that their was a leader in place, too somewhat control the radical Muslims, and keep them in their place. But we went after him, because he had weapons of mass destruction.

  8. J.O.B. I cannot believe that you defend LIV’s in regards to the power of special interest groups. What do you define as a special interest group? Unions? but not corporate interests and banks? The general welfare but not the Health Care and Insurance industry?
    I have seen the evidence on your own blog when we tried to discuss health care in the USA. People who are uninformed and pick their facts and define their version of what truth is, as defined by their preconceived notions are the most easy to control. By feeding the prejudices and fears of the masses with hysterical labels and easy to digest sound bites, you derail any attempt at common sense.
    And the attempt to throw a truly red herring into NONs path with your allusion to anti Jewish prejudice on his part also throws me for a loop. You know as well as any of us that the attempt to confuse racist anti semitism with the policies of Israel is the oldest tactic to defends the aggressive and repressive Israeli actions in the Mid East. I have continuing discussions with my Jewish friends…some you can’t even talk to with out the red herring of equating anti Zionism with Anti Semitism….but you would be truly surprised as to the real level of anti Israeli sentiment in the Jewish population in the USA. That’s what you learn when you really talk to people and take the time to listen.
    If you read the news about what is happening on a social level in Israel today, you will see that the Israeli Right Wing Government is trying to mobilize public support against the growing pro Palestinian sentiment and the Israelis own version of OWS, which is conducting a National Strike today. Inside Israel there is much dissatisfaction and dissent with the Conservative militant policies of the Netanyahu government.
    Much of what we are seeing in the controlled debate within the Knesset is a n Israeli version of Wagging the Dog…
    Not that I don’t expect the shit to hit fan when the IEAE report is made public later this week regarding Irans Pakistani aided break throughs in Nuclear technology, but Israel is not going to bomb Tehran this week, trust me.

    1. Dottie- When I see the acronym LIV used here, it is 100% meant to describe Conservative voters. I think that’s wrong on two different levels.
      First- Their are as many people who vote Democratic as there are Republicans, who one might define as a LIV.
      Second- Who’s to say what system would work and to what degree?

      I define special interest groups as any group that will back a candidate, just because said candidate is more likely to help push legislature, that will help that group. The comment was “LIV’s are the reason that special interest groups kave so much power”. If you go by the correct definition of LIV, then that statement is true. If you go by the definition of LIV that everyone here seems to go by, then the statement is 100% false.

      As for the question asked of NON, it was not a red herring. It was not to pass judgement. It was not to be accusatory. It was simply,,,,,,,,,, a question. He answered it, and now I know.

      I must plead ignorance when it comes to the social level of Isreal right now. It’s not that I don’t like to read, I just don’t give a s##t. I’m too busy trying to come up with ideas, that I think will help the country, I live in. Maybe if America had that same way of thinking, we wouldn’t have so many messes.

  9. how do you feel about Jews? I only ask, because some of your comments seem to border on not liking the Jews.

    Odd statement. I have not seen any such potential bigotry on his part. Are you, JOB, reading too much into comments?

    Microdot wrote, J.O.B. I cannot believe that you defend LIV’s in regards to the power of special interest groups.

    How can anyone defend a LIV- especially ones who run blogs?

    1. Mud- After receiving NON’s reply, I believe maybe I did read too much into some previous comments. Now I know. No harm, no foul.

      Before I answer to your second comment, Please give me your definition of LIV. And please, do not answer Low Information Voter.

  10. Thanks guys. I was getting ready to swear off blogs because I always seemed forced to defend myself on a personal level. I learn by listening to all sides and know that having “unmovable” perceived notions is not a good thing.

  11. I would suggest that there is a difference among us who might be considered
    a “high information voter”, the LIV, and the 1 percenters. The former two as
    a voting group have much less influence on legislation than the 1 percenters.
    This is especially true for the past four decades. FOUR DECADES! The votes
    for the politicians from the two former groups has had very little impact on
    favorable legislation for our composite 99%. Instead, Congress has given
    it all to the 1 percenters. Just look at Kaptur’s role in H.B. 674. She mouths
    jobs, jobs, jobs as the selling point of her vote. But who does really benefit
    from the Bill? Yep, non taxing paying corporate contractors worth millions
    of dollars. They owe $750 MILLION in back taxes. It will cost the U.S.
    Treasury over $11.2 BILLION.

    Let me give one more example. Sen. Schumer of NY. As HIVers, I am sure
    we all know that name and the power he is in the Senate. He passed
    legislation which protects Wall Street hedge fund managers from paying
    ordinary income tax, and lets them pay the huge profits they make that
    helped our financial meltdown as capital gains., subject only to a 15% tax.

    Do you see the thread? Our Congress has been very generous to those
    at the top of the U.S. economic ladder, while the large majority of us have
    been ignored. The U.S. Congress has enabled outrageous income
    inequality by enacting laws as these which has effectively cut progressive
    taxation on the top 1%. Sure thing, M_R, Kaptur and Schumer are falsely
    accused babies. What a pile that is!

    1. Did a little research. Seems it’s a case of wanting to change “definitions” instead of changing the tax law. I assume repealing the 3% withholding was to allow companies to keep more money with which they will hire more people. If that is the case, WHAT A LAME ARGUMENT. Now companies paying their fair share of taxes, thus reducing the deficit, would be a great way to improve the economy.

      Changing what is considered/called capital gains is lame. If you think more tax should be collected, then raise the capital gains tax rate, don’t rename capital gains.

      And don’t be too hard on hedge fund managers; they are only doing what they are supposed to do. Almost every working or retired person I know owns a piece of a hedge fund (probably several). If the widget company you own stock in hasn’t paid a dividend in a few years, but you’ve noticed a particular hedge fund rising 7% in value per year, where do you want your money?

  12. I was a huge Chad Mitchell Trio fan in my youth. They had a song called The John Birch Society, with the lyric:
    “We only hail the hero from whom we got our name,
    We’re not sure what he did, but he’s our hero just the same.”
    LIV have been a feature of this group since its inception.

  13. Hello Zentrails,
    Thank you for your input as you are correct that there were more than just Booth but it was just Booth who pulled the trigger verses many more being involve in the first plan. Booth did have help in getting away or just knew about the plot and did not turn him in making them involved in the conspiracy.

  14. Hello Powkat,
    Good information and I am going to have to look into the Chad Mitchell tro to check out the song as you have me at a disadvantage…..but this is what this blog is about. To follow up and educate yourself from the information passed on.
    Thank you.

  15. I enjoyed this post and the ensuing comments very much. There is another song by Bob Dylan “Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues” from the same era.
    It’s pretty funny and it captures the paranoiac mindless idiocy of the era.
    sample lyric…it’s actually like a rapping folk song:
    Well, I quit my job so I could work alone
    I got a magnifying glass like Sherlock Holmes
    Followed some clues from my detective bag
    and discovered they were red stripes on the American flag
    Did you know about Betsy Ross?

  16. Thank you, Engineer of Knowledge, for giving us those fabulous insights into history! So we have the senior Koch to thank for the Birchers? Now I DEFINITELY can’t stand his sons!!!

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