The Clubhouse Gang

I sneaked into the clubhouse again early this Friday morning. Remember those clubhouses that we would build in the summer back in the 50’s? Fortifications [or not so fortified] up a tree or behind a garage, a wooded lot- somewhere where ‘they’ couldn’t get in? We’d even have a password to be extra sure that one of ‘them’ wouldn’t be able to enter our private domain.  There would be morning ‘meetings’ to plan the day’s activities and strategies.  Occasionally one of us would have to stay to ‘guard’ our clubhouse from the rival gang. Sometimes we ‘raided’ their clubhouse, sometimes ours fell victim.  It was lots of fun while we whiled-away the hours of those lazy days of summer.

What if there were clubhouses for adults? No, not THOSE kind of clubhouses, but the kind that we kids experienced long ago. You know, exclusive, passwords, them versus us. “Keep Out!” signs. Guardians at the gate. “One for all and all for one!” With a sign posted near the door, “NO [      ] ALLOWED!

Of course there are such adult ‘clubhouses’ which restrict entrance or membership- the KKK for example. Or militia groups.  Some church groups as well. Sororities, business clubs, MENSA.

What might be fun, yet perhaps dangerous, would be to crash one of these private gatherings to find out what goes on behind closed doors. Of course, some groups, clubs and clutches leave their windows ajar so that the investigator may find easy access to the ‘secret stuff’ that is being discussed. Or they put it boldly on the Internet!

So, as I was saying, I sneaked into the clubhouse early this morning to see how things were going over there on the far-right edge of the earth. It is a dangerous place to get to, to be sure, with barbed wire, landmines and snares surrounding the clubhouse, but I arrived with only minor scratches.

Luckily, the door was ajar. An interesting ‘conversation’ was taking place. I was able to decipher much of it, but there were some ‘special’ words and phrases that must have been secret code messages that were foreign to me. Just about every sentence included one or more of these code words.  “COMMIE” seemed to be a favorite as was the word,  “LIBBRUL.” A common phrase was, “they hate America!” I wonder if I ought to contact the FBI or Homeland Security because it seems that this club may have information about a group of terrorists that may be planning to attack our nation!

There were many other secret words that peppered the conversation that were used in sentences beginning with “They.”  Here is a list: “shitbird,” “douchebag,” “OWS crowd” [alternately, OWS clowns,] “the Left,” “SEIU thug”, “promoting communism, socialism, anarchism,” “sexual assaults, vandalizing,” “sanctimonious leftist vermin,” “small scale communism,” “libtoads,” “raping and stealing,” “braindead socialists,” ” looters and moochers,” “braindead fools,” “dreadlocks,” ” “fuck America,” “the stupid libs,” “foreign enemy,” “you carpet bombed,” “leftnut,” ” Nazi Germany,” “complete moonbat.”

The word idiot was one of the most-used words during this conversation.

Well, there’s my report.

Odd stuff, for sure, but then…





10 thoughts on “The Clubhouse Gang

  1. Wait! Wait! these people who claim to “love America” advocate policies that have crippled the country through their ignorance.

    This goes to my theory of parallel universes, which physicists have begun to suggest is more a likelihood than not.

    I think we should work on bridging the gap between reality and the better parallel universe where the solutions to these problems exist. We also need to block the influences from the negative parallel universe where these people exist. Let them destroy their world!

    1. I’ve been wading slowly through the book, The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos, by Brian Greene

  2. Hello Muddy,
    Laci has a very comment and a good posting on his site and you are now touching in my world of science. The current quantum physics theories of “String Theory” DOES mathematically work out and works with the fact of parallel universes and these universes influence each other. “Math does not lie.” Science could prove mathematically “Dark Holes” long before any science could provide the evidence of their existence.

    The mathematical equations of a body so massive that even light could not escape was first put forward by John Michell in a letter written to Henry Cavendish in 1783 of the Royal Society. In 1796, mathematician Pierre Simon Laplace promoted the same idea in the first and second editions of his book, “Exposition du systeme du Monde.”

    “Dark Stars” were largely ignored in the nineteenth century and was not brought back up until the “Theory of General Relativity.” Today the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, have independently provided what could be the best direct evidence yet for the existence of an event horizon, the defining feature of a black hole and one of the most bizarre astrophysical concepts in nature.

    So current events today have the Koch brother’s funding of the “Tea Party” bizarre world of anti-science facts, (by the way, their father funded his own little group in the early 1960’s called “Minute Men” based on the same “cutesy bull crap” and I am working on a posting with reference to this topic) is the Wing Nut Factor that is harming our real reality world.

  3. I sure hope there are no other universes. Can you imagine how embarrassed you’d be if someone from another universe popped up and you had to explain why you had done such a terrible job of taking care of your own planet?

    Actually, I’d have to say I’ve done so well in life by accepting the fact I don’t know everything, including the space surrounding me, and no matter how much I learn, there is still so much more to learn.

    1. If anyone disagrees, they’re not barred. It fact, it usually ends up in a discussion of the issue including exchanges of information, facts and personal experiences. And nobody gets called a shitbird or turd!

      (And really, when is the last time you read an outright lie here? Or saw an accurate fact dismissed with a spurious statement?)

      1. But, if anyone disagrees here, they are called LIV’s, and become the butt of jokes for everyone here. Why, because their political beliefs differ from yours? Now I will agree, that some of the right wing bloggers are easily excitable, and throw around phrases like libturd, or shitbird, but how’s that so different than LIV. Left-wing bloggers are more intelligent, why, because they found a more passively aggressive way to call someone a retard. I beg to differ. I’m not going too question anyones’ political beliefs, or ideals. But, I think both sides are wrong in some of their ideas.
        And when it comes to CS (Sgt. Price), why do you dislike him so much? He seems too be the least excitable of the bunch, and the most willing to engage in friendly debate. I’ve disagreed with him numerous times, on a bunch of different topics, we debate, we call it a day, and hopefully we learned something from each other.

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