A Glimpse into the World on the Right Side of the Universe

I took a little stroll once again over to the far-right side of life, into the world of delusion. It has not changed too much.  Reminded me of the ghosts and goblins who rang our doorbell last night- the alternate universe of make-believe. So here’s my monthly update for anyone curious about what the far-right is moaning and groaning about.

#1. Over at the blog, THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE,  they are convinced that President Obama is a dictator. The latest post is: Obama Vows to Continue Being Dictator.  That title reminds me of those sensational newspapers at the check-out at the grocery store. They are ‘worried’ about the executive orders that Obama is signing- hence the reference to dictator.  How many executive orders did GW Bush sign?? There is a reference in the post to someone named “Baghdad Bob Carney.” Then there is this line: Obama should have ALREADY been impeached yet this has not been done. WHY? Is the Congress afraid of black flash mobs rioting because of it all? The author refers to the Obama term as the despotic rule of King Alinsky.

Sick or what? I can’t imagine that visitors would want to read posts from a person filled with so much hate and anger. Yet they come like “flies on a bull’s ass” to use his reference. Do you suppose it’s the daily dose, like a daily multi-vitamin, that those on the far-right need to get through another day?


#2. Blog 2 is Hardnox whose blog touts this Reagan quote, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” Humorous or delusional? Your pick. Hardnox is apparently in love with GOP candidate ‘Newt’ because he has a video of Gingrich from 2009 as his latest post. The title is, Victory or Death. There is, by the way, lots of machismo on the right-end of life.

I didn’t watch the video for lots of reasons [one being the breakfast I just finished] but one didn’t need to; the comments tell the story.  Apparently Gingrich threw out lots of red meat and the devotees, like carnivores, gulped it down.  Here is a sampling of some of the reaction to the red-meat treats:

* I spent the afternoon dialing-in a new high powered scope, then proceeded to sharpen my skills. I love the smell of gunpowder. Oooh rah!

*The Hawk and I have been preparing for over a year now for a civil war if it comes to that. We will not lie down. We will go out fighting if necessary. Why live if there is no liberty. We do not want to live under Communism.

*It is insane that we fought communism for nearly a hundred years only to let it take over here.

*Why did he think he needed to sit down with NinnyNannyNan Pilousy and tell America we needed to work “with” dems on anything, especially Gorebull Warming ? The dims have proven they have no answers for what ails this nation; I want them out of power and out of the way, I don`t want to work with them !

*We have had enough. None of us are going to go down easily after all the bloodshed and agony we suffered, both our loved ones being there and the families who suffered while their loved ones were there. I spent one of the worst 13 months of my life while my brother served in Nam. I shall never forget. Therefore we will fight. We gave enough. We are not willing to hand this country over to a bunch of bastard commies.

*America is ashamed of the commie bastards in Zucotti Park. If you all need reinforcements, call on me.

Well, then.  What do we make of all of that??


#3. A blog for your review is called PALADIN’S SQUARE. This morning the blog owner blames the ‘looney liberal left-wing” for the Herman Cain dustup. Paladin repeats Rush Limbaugh of course, assuring us that he is a Ditto Head in good standing. The post before the Cain apology is titled, Is Freedom and Illusion? Freedom. Land of the Free and home of the Brave. Freedom, he queries. Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness?

Well, not any of that, apparently, because the first sentence of the post begins, “It’s taken me a long long time to realize that freedom really doesn’t exist in this country to the extent I had initially believed…” Makes you wonder what ‘freedoms’ he is missing, doesn’t it? Which constitutional freedom or freedoms are missing from his life?

He states, ” I was one who, like so many others, drank the Kool-aid and spent the majority of my youth actually believing the propaganda I was taught in elementary and secondary school.  The propaganda about how we had rights and freedoms and could do whatever we wanted to (as long as it wasn’t against the law) because “it was a free country.”  Or at least that’s how we interpreted it.”

He then says, As kids we used to think that it meant we could do almost anything we wanted to since, “it was a free country.”

So did I, but then I grew up and discarded my toys and the Tooth Fairy.

So, where do you think Paladin is going with his treatise on freedom? Which freedom is he denied? Any guesses?

Well, like in those grade school book reports, you’ll have to read the blog to find out more.


#4. Our old pal, Sepp, who gave up posting comments here a while back, runs Uncommon Squalor.His side bar touts his philosophy:

is a doctrine fostered by a dillusional, illogical, liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous main stream media which holds forth the proposition that it IS entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

Sure, Sepp.  He’s been on vacation to the SOCIALIST EU but here’s one he posted before he left: Democrats Marching with Communists. Yes, that’s what it says. But, before you laugh, he has ‘proof’ of that fact.  He has a photo of a congressman walking next to- NEXT TO- a member of the C O M M U N I S T   P A R T Y!!!  Guilty!  Sepp points out, “Here we have  Jan Schakowsky (Dirtbag-IL) marching alongside the “ordinary Americans” of the communist party usa.”  Nailed.  What more can we say, eh?

Sepp continues with his domino theory, ” marching…along with a plethora of other moonbats and, moronic twenty-somethings who see communism as the path to their utopian dreams of video game marathons, free everything and, the rich will pick up the entire tab forever!
One of the moonbats called the protests “stage one”.
“Stage two” will be the violent overthrow of our country, traditions and, culture.
“Stage three” is the emplacement of a communist regime.
I’m sure that “stage four” will be the system imploding because just like every other communist system…”

Communism!  The RED threat.  Be afraid, very afraid.  Well, at least Sepp is.  For the rest of us, Sepp’s story reminds me of the fear I felt by the kids walking down the sidewalks last night in their Halloween costumes.


#5. The last blog I will reference this morning is Tenth Generation Patriot. Here is the title of one of his most recent post, Hey Obama, Your foreign policy sucks. Yes, I know.  Now, stop your snickering and listen. Stop it! Well, it is funny, I have to admit. OK, let’s not discuss this one.

That’s my update for you.  Now, you all need to go back to the real world.  Enough fantasy!



10 thoughts on “A Glimpse into the World on the Right Side of the Universe

  1. Oh, all right then, I’ll have to add some recent updates from this morning’s news programs and blog reads.

    Herman Cain was asked in an interview if he was ever accused of inappropriate behavior toward any women and were there any payoffs. His reply: “Not including when I was head of the restaurant association, never!”
    (Weren’t the charges and payoffs supposed to have happened WHEN he was with that association?)

    A few weeks ago, a regular commenter on Sepp’s blog posted that global warming had now been totally disproved scientifically (actually the “scientific” proof was of questionable value and decades old). I wonder if he caught the latest report (partially funded by the Koch brothers) proving global warming was not only a fact, but worse than initially thought.

    And finally, the “posse” is calling the occupiers communists. This would suggest the “posse” does not even know the definition of communism. How come that blowhard I refer to as “Sgt. Price” doesn’t use some of that “public university” history major education and correct them?

    I will say this: The blog called Tenth Generation Patriot is the best of the right leaning blogs to read. He usually doesn’t name call, doesn’t make up “outrageous” claims and will discuss issues with you and cite his reasoning. I don’t agree with everything he thinks, but we do have common ground and the ability to discuss our differences. I just wish he’d stop calling everything a t**d.

    1. Tenth, I believe, would like to give more reasonable opinions on topics, but he is being ‘guarded’ by CS who makes it his job to butt in before Tenth can give his opinion.

      Tell me more about ‘Sgt. Price’

      1. He was the German spy planted in the American POW barracks in the movie Stalag 17. He was the one (played by Peter Graves) who hit the suspected spy (played William Holden) the hardest. CS reminds me of him because he lies and is hitting(hurting) the members of the posse the most. If foreign agents wanted to over throw the United States Government, CS would be a perfect propaganda source.

        I have to give credit to TGP because he does sometimes disagree with the rest of the posse (possibly because of his own true life experiences and love for his children). I used to pick on TGP, but now I regret doing that. He is kind of like me in that he will at least listen and consider opposing opinions. If more American voters were like him, maybe our Country would be a better place. At least with him, you can start talking about the common ground then move on to more volatile issues.

        1. OK. I thought that you meant that CS used to be ‘Sgt. Price’ on another blog. I believe that your analogy is spot-on with this character.

  2. Part of the right’s dislike of the Elite (wow,if that isn’t a contradiction!) is their distrust of “experts”. Those people who know all that stuff, they must be wrong!

    We know about sepp’s relationship with reality from his military service. That probably explains why he missed the memo on the rest of reality. He’s off in his bizarre parallel universe which somehow intersects ours via the internet.

    It makes my brain hurt to think that these people are out there.

    Even worse that they manage to influence our universe from theirs.

    There must be some bizarre explanation which could be provided if we had a better understanding of quantum physics as to how this influencing of our universe from a bizarre parallel universe works. I hope that someone will soon claim a Nobel Prize for working out how to block the right wing parallel universe from interfering with reality.

    1. I hope that someone will soon claim a Nobel Prize for working out how to block the right wing parallel universe from interfering with reality.

      Good one, Laci! The examples that I gave above do seem to be from some alien place that resembles nothing of the universe in which I have lived for 7 decades.

      Very scary stuff!

    2. I think about all those Marines killed in action (including the one in my own family) and it just makes me sick when someone like Sepp tries to align himself with their reputation.

    1. Thanks Jack.

      How can so many people be so crazy at the same time? They link to each other and high-five their mutual idiocy.

  3. I used to enjoy Sepp occasionally, but he seems to have only one lame and obnoxious note on his intellectual saxophone lately and it is boring. I think his patch of squalor is best left intellectually isolated. I have no desire to hear the one note, sold out, intellectually vapid fascistic military disco musak he is pumping out.. and I don’t think that there are many other people who even if they sympathize with him, are interested in dancing to his boring nasty beats….
    Cain…haven’t you heard? It’s an inside hit job….The race is going to be Obama/Romney…Romney is the Republican version of Dukakis…yes an alternative universe bizarro world version of Dukakis, who will play any dirty game and of course cheat to win…That’s what is going down now, with all the voter suppression stuff happining all once in so many states. Thagt is the clear and present danger to your Republic, my friends.

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