Iraq Vet Wounded by Oakland Police

An Iraq war veteran has a fractured skull and brain swelling after allegedly being hit by a police projectile. Scott Olsen, 24,  is in a “critical condition” in Highland hospital in Oakland, a hospital spokesman confirmed.

Jay Finneburgh, a photographer who was covering the protest, published pictures of Olsen lying on the ground. “This poor guy was right behind me when he was hit in the head with a police projectile. He went down hard and did not get up,” Finneburgh wrote.

Olsen, a Marine, served two tours of duty in Iraq. Imagine that!

Here’s an interesting conundrum that now complicates the Occupy Movement: How will the police be ‘used’ during this grassroots movement? There is video of the Oakland incident and not only does it show Olsen being hit by a teargas canister, but it also shows others running to his aid were subsequently hit with a flash grenade while helping to move to safety.

Outrageous? Mystifying? Troublesome? Especially troublesome. Actions that the Oakland Police Department seem militaristic in nature, as if they themselves need to gratify their anger towards ‘the enemy.’ Are unarmed protesters an ‘enemy’ or are they American citizens engaging in First Amendment rights? Have police departments across America become militarized? If so, then our nation is in much more serious trouble than I had thought.

The nation has been through way-too many incidents of police aggression and brutality. We do not need another spate of it that our grandchildren will be watching later in life- like the black and white films we saw of police dogs, batons and firehouses directed against blacks demonstrating for civil rights in the South.

One more question needs to be considered: when these now-peaceful demonstrations escillate due to the police brutality in Oakland, will the police departments in other cities repeat the militaristic actions of Oakland, or will the chief instruct his officers to show the professional side of their servidce rather than their aggressive side?

Hopefully, President Obama will not have to call up the National Guard as did Eisenhower and Johnson to protect American citizens from their fellow citizens. Were that scenario to take place, we can kiss this nation goodbye!



7 thoughts on “Iraq Vet Wounded by Oakland Police

  1. I wish I could remember who said “I can pay half of the rabble to control the other half” (and the exact quote), but the basic gist was that the powers that be can pay people to be their thugs to keep them in order. Nevermind that the people who are the thugs are a layoff from being a part of the mob.

    This movement is frightening to the powers that be since it is not astroturfed and under control the way the “tea party” was. No one party has figured out how to harness this movement.

    It would be nice if neither coopted it to their agenda, as usually happens i US politics. It is time that the US began to practise what it preaches and institute democracy at home.

    1. Exact quote, American financier Jay Gould. After hiring strikebreakers, he said “I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half.”[

  2. I’ve been pretty busy and off the internet today, but I wrote a lot of about this yesterday and trying to liase between Occupy Police and Occupy Marines…I have the links on my blog. Occupy Marines have a big facebook presence now! I have a good friend in Toledo who I have known since he was an infant who turned me onto Occupy Marines….One of his mentors was brutalized by the police in Boston two weeks ago.
    If you have paid attention to the shifting spin by Oakland in the last 24 hours, you will see the power of this movement. 24 hours ago, the police chief of Oakland was trying to excuse and justify his actions with lies, but the lies were exposed by citizens with live coverage with their cell phones…
    as of this morning, the Mayor of Oakland is apologizing and expressing her support of Occupy Oakland.
    Excuses and apologies are no substitute for justice though. Heads will roll….

  3. my friend in Toledo served in Iraq with Scott Olsen…he was a 3 time Iraq veteran who came back in one piece only to get brutally fucked by the corporate stooges that masquerade as the Oakland Police Force.
    If your corporate teabag stooge puppet is reading this, I hope he realizes his irresponsible selfish mindset has enabled the police to screw his armed forces brother.

    1. One of the corporate teabag stooges responded to the question that I asked the real Marine on the Marine’s blog. I’m awaiting the Marine’s response, his opinion on that situation. When I read it, I’ll post it here.

      1. Wanna lose your lunch? Here is an actual quote of a message left on a blog (TGP): “First of all, wearing a uniform (you can buy one at any military supply store) does not give him or anyone licence(sic) to threaten police.”

        First question: Is the writer tying to infer this person was impersonating military personal? I thought only Sepp did that.

        Second question: My understanding that the only threats were coming from the police. If there were more, who was doing it?

        Third question: I’m pretty sure that’s it’s illegal to use more force than a court of law would impose. That’s why you can’t shoot someone just for breaking into your house; you have to prove you felt your life was threatened. Was this Marine threatening to inflict severe bodily harm on the police? And since when do armed police use those arms to attack unarmed

        As you can see, no matter how I feel about the occupiers, this incidence concerns me greatly.

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