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  1. “Liberals typically forget that police don’t run around beating up innocent people…”

    This is just one piece posted on another blog. I usually try to watch what I say here because the wackos seem to take what you say and twist it to suit them, then misquote you. On more than one occasion, I have personally seen the police beat up innocent people – RIGHT HERE IS THE GOOD OLE U.S.A.! In one protest, when the crown had dwindled down, the police charged with batons a-swingin. I managed to out run them, but it’s a race I’ll never forget. Then, while still in uniform, but after removing name tags and badges, they got into unmarked cars driving around indiscriminately attacking any pedestrian unlucky enough to be on the street.

    I can just hear old blowhard Sgt. Price saying “why are there not pictures?” Obviously the old fart has never been the victim in an illegal police action. The police confiscate anything that looks like a camera, won’t let the press anywhere near where the action is and cell phones weren’t around at that time. (But some footage did make it and you can see me for just a second in a documentary movie.) I can just hear the him now calling me a hooligan. If the ole piece of crap only knew; someday I’ll say the hell with it and “dress-him-down”!

    So here’s a question for this blog: Why are the ones screaming the loudest about freedom the first ones demanding others have less freedom?

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