Joe the Plumber Plunges into Politics

Of course, he’s not really a plumber, but what the hell does that matter? Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, threw his wrench into the race for Ohio’s 9th District, facing long-serving incumbent Democrat Marcy Kaptur. He made his announcement with 40 family members, friends and supporters at a local eatery in Toledo last evening. He lives in Springfield Township adjacent to Toledo.


Wurzelbacher said he’s seeking office ‘because he’s seen too many people forced out of their homes and leave Ohio because of the poor economy.’ Apparently he knows something about that because he told the Toledo Blade that his house is under water. He also said, in Tea Party style, his goal is to create jobs by reforming the tax system and by simplifying regulation.  There’s that tired old GOP canard for chrissake!

Taxes and regulations, again. If only….

Interestingly, it was regulations that dampened Mr. Fix-it’s aspirations to become a full-time plumber. Perhaps that’s why Joe-the-non-plumber is angry at rules and regulations.  Seems that he never acquired a plumber’s license nor did he go through plumber’s training. Those damned regulations, eh, Joe?

He said he’s angry about the effects that big government and big business — specifically the banks — have had on the economy, the Toledo Blade report stated. “Their actions are having a direct impact on the American people in a bad way,” he said.

Big government, taxes and regulations.  Now there’s the complete Tea Party manifesto.

But wait! Didn’t he just point out his anger with ‘the banks?’ The banks! Apparently he does not remember that his fellow Republicans gutted the Glass–Steagall Act in November 1999. Perhaps a better question for Mr. Wurtzelbacher might be whether he even knows what the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act actually did? Do you know that fact, Mr. Wurzelbacher? Do you further know that the main sponsors of this act are all Republicans? Could it be that the houses in your neighborhood to which you refer that are bank-owned were a victim of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act?

It was the regulation of banks, Mr. Wurtzelbacker, specifically The Banking Act of 1933, that kept home ownership afloat from 1933 through November 1999. It was the de-regulation of banks by your fellow Republicans that initiated the mortgage fiasco and ignited the economic collapse of 2008. But you don’t know that, do you Mr. Wurtzelbacher?

That’s why you are just a blowhard, mindless Tea Party aficionado pandering the usual mindless pap about taxes, Big Government and regulations.

What a putz!


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Glass-Steagall Act

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999


8 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Plunges into Politics

  1. Do you really blame him? After watching the Republican Candidates in the 2008 elections and now in the 2012 elections, is anything really surprising?

    OFF TOPIC: Sgt. Price has actually written a comment over on TGP’s blog praising Senator Joesph McCarthy. I guess that shows what kind of history education you get in the state of Washington.

  2. I guess that shows what kind of history education you get in the state of Washington.

    or, he actually ‘believes’ that McCarthy was a great and patriotic American.

    Which is worse??

  3. This is exactly, why Kaptur and other incumbants have to be defeated in their Primary.

    Look, Kaptur has milked the congressional-military-industrial complex for thusands of dollars. Wall Street owns her, most of the other members of
    the House and Senate, and yes, the Presidents, including Obama…They own them, M_R. What don’t you see?

    Moreover, during Kaptur’s terms in the House we have had the collapse of
    the middle-class, the lower classes becoming poorer, poverty increasing to
    15%. Furthermore, under her time in the House we have had the collapse
    of our manufacturing base. Two major collapses, why should we keep
    doing the same thing?

    The seat should be a safe seat in 2012 for the Dems. Joe is a joke, but you know what, people are tired of incumbants who all have put us into this
    financial collapse. The goal is to replace here in the Dem Primary with a
    person who is clean and knowledgeable of the structural issues. They must
    agree to support a Constitutional Amendment removing lobbying money
    from Congress. This is our chance, M_R to make change. What is the
    favorable rating of Congress, something like 17% and falling. If Kaptur runs
    as the Dem candidate, she does chance defeat. Incumbants are in trouble.
    The best idea is to defeat her in the Dem Primary with a fresh candidate, the
    incumbant has been defeated, and the new Dem Candidate has none of the
    incumbancy issues, and will defeat some one like your “friend Joe” with
    ease…..Man, resurrect that Lady Liberty Picture again and get about the
    BTW, I had a visit from an old friend recently, General of the South, you remember him. Well, he was asking where is the General of the North?

      1. Well, you one time asked my reasons for replacing Kaptur, and I have done that above and elsewhere. Now, my question is, what are your reasons
        for sending her back to Washington?

        And, I do take exception to your “Johnny-one-note tune” comment. My
        comment above has many issues in it, not just Marcy Kaptur. However,
        Kaptur is part of the problem in the issues I referred to. Look forward
        to your listing of facts to the contrary.

        And, one figure does have to be amended. I said that the approval rating
        of Congress was 17%. Last evening the talking heads on MSNBC were
        showing new results. Now, the approval rating of Congress is 9%.

        1. Yes, Congress gets a 9% approval rating, but why do you insist in throwing ALL of the members of Congress? Marcy has served the people of District 9 very well during her years. She supports The People, not corporations or special interests. That’s why she continues to get reelected. That’s why I will vote for her next November.

  4. I was curious about how Wurtzelbacker’s book was doing, so I searched Amazon. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #703,272.

    While there, I noticed 82 reviews of the book. I had to laugh out loud at this one:

    This review is from: Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream (Hardcover)

    I could not put the book down. Seriously, something really sticky was on the cover. I think it was some Super Glue. Anyway, with a book permanently glued to my hand I decided the best thing to do was to read it. About half way through the book I decide to cut my hand off. Yeah, it was that bad. I’d give it two thumbs down if I could.

    Of the reviews, 29 gave it 5 stars, 48 gave it one star. The other 5 reviewers gave it a scattering of 4, 4 and 2 stars.

    Apparently it appeals more to a ‘certain’ type of reader, eh??

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