Now End the 2nd Bush war, Too!

A decade of foreign intervention rages on as the president of the nation for which our troops are dying tells us that he’d side with his neighbor against us.  But then, whoever assumed that war-making had any sense in the first place? “If fighting starts between Pakistan and the US, we are beside Pakistan,” Mr Karzai said is an interview with private Pakistani television station GEO that aired Saturday. “If Pakistan is attacked and the people of Pakistan need Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan will be there with you.”

How does a 20-something U.S. soldier stationed in some god-forsaken outpost in the mountains of Afghanistan react to this? How do his parents, siblings, girlfriend, wife? Surely we have passed the Vietnam moment of truth, haven’t we? Where are the protesters at the Pentagon and White House chanting, Vietnam War style, “One, two, three, four! We don’t want your f**king war!”

Where?  Nowhere, because of that clever maneuver that dropped the draft and made the Armed Forces a voluntary affair. An all-volunteer army means that only a small set of citizens are affected by military decisions and therefore, the Pentagon can run amok with foreign adventures and few citizens will complain.  The plan worked well for both Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember the yellow ribbons, flags and magnetic ‘support the troops’ signs on cars? Hard to remember, isn’t it?

So President Obama designated the end of the Bush War on Iraq at the end of the year. Did you catch some GOP grumbling about that decision?  As if it was a good idea from the beginning! Sickos! Will these same warmongers gripe when we remove our troops from Afghanistan? Of course, if they had some skin in the game- a son, a nephew- maybe they wouldn’t want endless wars.

Maybe we ought to make books like the one above mandatory reading in high school American History classes. Interestingly, among the questions raised by Mr. Peters in this book is this: “What’s the true price of striking serious history courses from our schools?”  Indeed so. Price asks this question as well: “Who does deeper damage to the United States, our violent enemies or an arrogant ruling elite?”

Does the average American citizen even think about questions like these? Peters wonders, “Have we lost our sense of warfare’s reality?”


7 thoughts on “Now End the 2nd Bush war, Too!

  1. Weird and scary. I was just thinking of all-volunteer v.s. drafted military last night after reading the “Patriot’s”(TGP) blog. I think he was a real Marine as opposed to that blowhard Sgt. Price person (not to mention the fake one that goes by “Sepp”). TGP’s thoughts are formed by actual ideas and events that you would get for sure while serving. I know people who have served and people who haven’t; there is a real difference in thoughts about war. Isn’t it funny in the difference between the care (and feeding) of officers and enlisted personal? I guess I don’t mean funny, but strange and unfair. If you served in Viet Nam, then you would definitely remember the “point” man; just thinking about it now makes me sick. I personally couldn’t stay in the military long because even officers have to report to higher up officers and there are some real boneheads with a lot of stripes. I was a Navy Officer (because of the draft) and my spouse was Navy enlisted (just to have a job).

    Even though our personal experiences were different, we still are much more similar in thoughts about war versus people who have never served. I don’t want to give any freaks out there any clues to my identity, but I lost a very close relative in the Marines and my spouse had a close relative badly injured in the army (parts missing). Both the death and injury (both accompanied by many deaths at the same time) happened in heavy combat. If people could personalize the military deaths, they really think a lot harder about supporting our forces (and not waving flags).

    And you gotta ask yourself, how many of those in Washington sending dangerous weapons to Israel have ever been in a real war? Of course you gotta ask yourself, if Israel ever declared peace, would their sugar daddy cut back on the foreign aid? And then as my spouse pointed out, the middle eastern Jews have lived with the Muslims in peace for centuries. It’s those European Jews living in Israel who seem to have all the problems (don’t say that too loud; you saw what happened to Helen Thomas.)

  2. I for one, am glad that Pres. Obama is finally fulfilling this campaign promise. Good job.

  3. Not when you have one of biggest supporters of the congressional-military-
    complex as your Democratic Representative for the past 23 years.

    Marcy Kaptur = WAR Profiteer

    Lets get on with the muckraking!

    1. Regarding Miss Kaptur: Has she been proven correct regarding her concerns about NAFTA?

      Did you catch the news last night about Cooper in Bowling Green? The manufacture of 2 parts for the Ford Explorer now being made right here in the automobile manufacturing heartland is being moved to Mexico. Kinda hard to make a lot of war profit when most of the war stuff will probably be made in Mexico.

      I am well aware of the dangers of isolationism, but shouldn’t we get at least something for all our hard work during the last 250 years? I don’t see anybody waltzing in here and handing us manufacturing jobs including the factory.

      Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how much better our Country worked when the states treated each other like another state in the federation instead of a foreign country out to conquer them? And I don’t mean just in commerce; I’m including individual freedoms, too. Wasn’t one of the very first things our new government did was try to regulate interstate commerce? It sure isn’t happening now. Did Reagan do that too?

  4. Then, NON, did Kaptur vote against the recent three trade deals that just
    passed Congress, under Obama’s pleading?

    But, NON, NAFTA is not the systemic problem…

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