Predident Obama’s Foreign Policy Wins

He’s was criticized for his lack of expertise in foreign policy experience during his election bid, but now it becomes obvious that he was a fast-learn. Three madmen from around the world now lie in their graves because of the direct intervention of the Obama Administration. Who would have imagined that his foreign policy would outshine his domestic agenda?

It is now nearly certain that Obama will spend two terms in the White House.  Here’s why. None of the GOP candidates can touch the President on his accomplishments, so that nails down issue one. Then, on the domestic front, Obama will argue that the do-nothing and obstructive Congress stopped each of his economic proposals dead in its tracks. That fact is obvious to even the moderately-low information voters.

Thus, despite Senator McConnell’s determination to ‘make him a one-term president, he and the other obstructionist members of Congress handed him his 2nd term on a silver platter.


13 thoughts on “Predident Obama’s Foreign Policy Wins

  1. “That fact is obvious to even the moderately-low information voters.”

    I disagree. I see that you and I have been visiting some of these LIV’s blogs lately. Let’s watch and see what they will come up with now. OK, let’s make it interesting. Which one will come up with the most ridiculous reasoning: Sepp or Sgt. Price (formerly known as Common Sense)?

    1. Oh, wait a minute. I didn’t see you had used the adjective “moderately”. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a “moderately” LIV before.

  2. ‘It is now nearly certain that Obama will spend two terms in the White House.”

    Really? How short the memory! George H.W. Bush was a winner in foreign
    policy following the defeat of Iraq in the Kuwati War. What happened?..He lost to Clinton over domestic issues, with a valuable assist from Perot.

  3. “he and the other obstructionist members of Congress handed him his 2nd term on a silver platter.”

    And, what do the 99% gain if we return the same approximately 468? Ur dealing in “fluff”.


    I read your comment on TGP and I read his response. How do explain to these people that unlike love, but more like herpes, pollution is forever? How can these people live with themselves knowing they could be leaving their children, grand children and so on, a planet that is ruined? We don’t have a spare Earth to use after this one goes bad.

    The part that rankles me the most is that they refuse to even discuss issues. Then they have someone like “Sgt. Price” spew a bunch of outright lies. That SOB should be the one they want to shoot. Have they not noticed that not everyone posting on this blog agrees, but we’re civilized enough to discuss our differences? And maybe learn something along the way.

    I will say this about TGP, he’s the brightest of the group and I think that’s why I get so frustrated because he should know better. (You gotta admit his insults show the most forethought and originality.) You’d think with four kids of his own, he’d show a little more interest in their future.

    SIDE NOTE TO uptheflag: All too often when a government is totally replaced, what you get is much worse than what you had.

    1. But, in this country we can begin to replace it in two years…That’s the beauty of “we, the people.” I don’t understand your and M_R’s reluctance to
      play the game that the Founding Fathers gave us????

      1. Just like State Issue 2 in 1997, special interests will rule. Voinovich was the Governor then and he was trying to fix Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation System, rated the worst in the Country. Outright lying TV commercials (paid for by who?) insured it’s failure.

        Now we have another State Issue 2 in 2011. SB-5 is not the best, but nobody has come up with anything better. Special interests will see it fail and we’ll have massive layoffs because you can’t pay people when you don’t have any money. Same goes for Federal Representation, special interests decide who goes to Washington, not the voters.

        EXAMPLE: They have that older person on TV commercials (paid for by who?) telling how the firemen saved her great granddaughter. She goes on to say how if SB-5 is not repealed, other people’s kids will burn. HEY LADY! Union manning level agreements mean nothing if there is no money to pay the firemen (hint: They won’t work for free). What’s that you say? Oh, tax increases…’s that working out for ya?

        Now repeat after me….LOW INFORMATION VOTERS!!! Take a cruise over to some of the sites Mr. Mud talks about. And those people vote. Between the commercials they see on TV and idiots like “Sgt. Price ” (formerly known as Common Sense), they’ll believe anything. You could come up with the best candidate in U.S. history and they’d lose to the special interests’ candidate. Just look at the number they did to Louie Escobar. He told the truth and nobody did anything. Pete Gerken got caught “red handed” and nobody did anything. And then we have the circus called the Lucas County Elections Board.


          They are, sadly, everywhere you turn, NWO. Often this group neither seeks nor stumbles upon information that might give them correct information about the issues and candidates that are on the ballot. Many vote a singular agenda as, for example the Christian evangelicals; therefore, they don’t “need” to know anything more than the religious tenets of the candidate.

          That’s why often that curious bloc of voters referred to as ‘independents’ are the key to electoral victories. There will always be a certain and predictable cluster of voters at both ends of the political spectrum who counterbalance each other. The center and close-center tip the scale towards victory.

          Of course, if my assumption about the two ‘end-clusters’ is correct, there is another way to tip the scale– disenfranchisement of one of the predictable clusters. Several states, as you know, controlled by GOP state legislatures, have set voting restrictions to snag the usual Democratic voting bloc. The most overt is the ‘voter ID’ law. I voted for 50 years without having to prove who I was, but, to suppress blacks, Latinos, the young and old, the GOP has found a way to disenfranchise this set of voters. It is a throw-back to the Old South with its poll tax and voter-tests that ensnared blacks who wished to vote.

          Do the independents know about all of this stuff? There’s the real question. This is where the LIV is tested. Voter-suppression is the key phrase and, if one is looking for a set of scoundrels, a set not unlike the Southern Segregationists, then the GOP is in the cross-hairs.

          On a tangential note- my Word Press ‘visitor’ counter recorded that a total of 111 visitors yesterday read this post and the previous one on China. I don’t have high expectations that these +100 souls will be able to change the election. One only hopes that a seed may have been planted.

    2. NWO- nothing, it seems, not facts even, will be enough to counter the set of “beliefs” that this clutch of people stick to. They do not wish to grow, to learn, to understand another point of view. They ‘know ‘ the Truth and will not budge off of their self-righteousness. Don’t bother trying. I gave up on them several months ago.

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