The Jig is Up- But the GOP Doesn’t Know it

What’s that familiar proverb that GW Bush badly mangled- the one about deceit? “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” Something like that, but the meaning is clear- sooner or later The People will find out.

It was almost pitiful last evening watching John McCain delivering the GOP alternative to the Obama job’s plan. Just how stupid do they think we are? What was that ‘new’ plan?  Oh, pretty much what’s already not working. Let’s see if you can guess what the ‘proposals’ are.  After all, you’ve heard them time after sorry time.

Regulations was #1.  Cut those “job-killing regulations” the health and safety regulations for workers.  With those damned regulations out of the way,  the plant managers will be able to hire more workers. Got it? Neither do I.

Then there was the Balance the Budget Amendment to the Constitution. If you can figure out how that will create jobs, let me know.

Third, they call for a Line Item Veto for the President. [ fill in this space ]

Forth, the old canard- reduce corporate taxes.  That’s sure to lure the CEO’s to spend more money to hire new workers, don’t ya think?

Next, they call for a reduced top tax rate to 25% for the billionaires and millionaires. Surely, with that ‘savings’ those people will go to the hardware store to buy lots of Help Wanted signs to put in the windows of their mansions and yachts.

Finally -saving the best job-creator of all for last- they want to kill Obamacare.  Yes, that again. Surely the GOP must have hired a bevy of accountants to crunch the numbers that will demonstrate the “job-killing” that the new law has effected since its inception.


How could a man like John McCain stand there and spout this pile of shit without laughing? How thoroughly deceptive and cunning.  Each of these proposals shout, “Protect the assets of the wealthy!” Each one. And yet there he is, the war hero, the patriot, pretending to help The People of the nation that he nearly gave his life for. Very pathetic. Very sad.


17 thoughts on “The Jig is Up- But the GOP Doesn’t Know it

  1. I left this challenge on JOB’s blog a few minutes ago:

    For the folks who hover at the far-right end of the political spectrum, I have a question for you.

    Oh, I know your usual MO when it comes to ‘defending’ your political views- the insults, the denigration and all of that juvenile stuff.

    But maybe, just maybe for once you could answer honestly without all of the make-up and costuming.

    Here’s the deal: Yesterday the GOP rolled out the “Jobs Through Growth Act.” They said of their plan, “We were tired of Obama campaigning around saying we don’t have we don’t have a jobs plan when we’ve had one for nine months,” Sen. Paul said. “So we codified it into a bill.”

    Here’s my question to you, gentlemen: Can you tell me how the 6 main proposals of this act will actually put Americans to work?

    Let me summarize the 6 proposals for you:

    1. Cut “job-killing regulations”
    2. Add a balance the Budget Amendment to the Constitution;
    3. Line Item Veto for the President.
    4. Reduce corporate taxes;
    5. Reduce the top tax rate to 25%;
    6. Repeal Obamacare.

    There they are. According to your GOP, these 6 proposals will open the doors to many more American jobs. Further, could you estimate about how many more American jobs each would create- rough guess?

    I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how each one of these proposals help reduce our jobless rate.

    When you comment, could you use this template and, for each of the 6 proposals, tell me how each will lure more American workers into the workplace?


  2. If you’re going to call yourselves “job creators” doesn’t that mean you have to take responsibility for the lack of jobs? I recently published a blog post about how I think we can motivate these “job creators” to do their duty. In a nutshell, it involves tying a new top marginal tax rate to the unemployment rate (and has a carrot and a stick).

  3. Hello Muddy,
    To answer the statement, “4. Reduce corporate taxes:”

    I have a good friend who before he retired owned a machine shop. He incorporated in the early years of opening his shop. Last weekend I was talking with him about this same current issue and his answer was, “Anybody can incorporate making themselves a “Corporation.” It is nothing more than a tax bracket…..At the time he incorporated; it cost $15.00 to register.”

    So if the Mindless Lemming Blow Hards get this one through, just invest $15.00 to make yourself a corporation and so you too can rape the benefits of this law making the tax burden fall onto that many less middle class citizens.

    Bottom line, this is how uneducated and ignorant of facts this fanatical (non-thinking) group of right wingers are. A “Corporation” is a tax bracket!!

  4. Just a little tax code information for ya all:

    Originally Corporations were formed for liability protection when large groups of investors got together for a new business endeavors. During the Industrial Revolution, heavy industry required some serious financing and even wealthy individuals couldn’t raise the money by themselves. Because they weren’t going to be the bosses running the daily operations of the new company, they obviously were afraid of possible liability (they wouldn’t be the ones who could make some bonehead mistake exposing the company to some extreme litigation). They wanted to protect their other personal assets. Today, these are companies to as “C” corporations. Any profits they make are taxed and what’s left MAY be passed along to the stockholders and taxed again based on the individual income tax bracket IN THE YEAR the stockholder receives the dividend. The trade-off is the government will treat the corporation as in individual, including tax, but won’t pass off any liability incurred by the corporation.

    Small companies were organized under sole proprietorships or partnerships. The owners of these companies had all their personal properties bare to any liability caused by the company they owned. These companies are limited in the number of partners they may have, but pay zero (that’s 0%) income tax. Any profit earned by these companies is passed directly to the shareholders and they include it in their personal income tax for that year.

    Now along comes a Hollywood Star supported by some brain trust rejects. They want to encourage some new small business so they come up with a “sub chapter S” corporation. These corporation are limited in the number of partners they may have, but pay zero (that’s 0%) income tax. Any profit earned by these companies is passed directly to the shareholders and they include it in their personal income tax. There is no liability vs. income tax here. They operate at ease knowing their personal assets are completely protected. Lately they’ve added some new letters be sided the usual “Inc.” after their name. In may be “L.T.D., L.L.C. etc.

    After stockowners of “C” corporation stock got tired of sometimes making less than “sub chapter S” stock owners, they found a back door to avoid paying taxes. “S” corporations have to pay their profits every year and get taxed on those profits earned during THAT tax year.
    So the ole boys in the big offices in the “C” corporations just stopped paying stock dividends every year. Say you buy a stock at $10. No dividend is paid, but a year later the stock is worth $20. And a year after that it is worth $30. So far this is just what they call “wealth on paper”. Now if you’ve owned the stock for at least a year, you can sell the stock now worth $30. You’ve just made $20, but because it’s a “capital gains” profit”, it will to be taxed at a lower rate than the corporate or personal tax rate. Then along comes George Bush who says you pay NO tax on it. That’s right; you pay zero dollars on the $20 dollars you just legally earned.

    Right this minute I bet you’re using something made by a company that hasn’t ever paid a dime of tax but the stockholders have made billions on capital gains. HINT: Microsoft…and there’s a lot more out there.

    SIDENOTE: Because of the ever increasing complexity of government regulations, many companies chose to operate “under the radar”. If one of their employee is hurt while working on your house, they can sue you and get your house in the settlement. Really! (I believe there is more than one “posse” member working this way while bitching about all the government regulations and taxes.

  5. A lead in to another point: Lest we forget, while McCain himself is in the top
    1%, his wife is in the 0.01%! She owns the beer distributorship for AZ.

    You know, that State you recently visited. A State sitting in the Great American
    Desert, and running out of water.

    A week ago, I believe, the U.S. Supreme Court found that a dam and reservoir
    in Colorado erected two decades ago has denied Nebraska and Kansas water
    from the daming of the river above the dam. The Court ordered the immediate
    desctruction of that dam and reservoir. I think we know that the next serious
    intra-country and international country areas of strife will be fresh water. We
    are not immune from it, nor is China, nor is Africa.

    And now this leads into my next comment. Have you not posted today because
    you are out on the corner of Secor and West Central with your group of
    protestors over Obama’s fourth war now? So, this is the “HOPE” we voted
    for, eh? Why would four (4) previous Presidents avoid these decades old
    war, and now Obama puts U.S.troops on the ground? Maybe your over
    at the local recruiting station protesting? “When will they learn”, my friend?
    Is this just another foreign excursion by a President in trouble domestically?

  6. Now, just yesterday, garbage day Friday as the politicians refer to it. This is where the Government announces un-popular decisions. Not only was the war in Africa announced, but also Obama announced he was scrapping a large
    part of the Health Care Reform Act. Apparently, the cost of funding was
    going to be much larger than Obama projected. He couldn’t pay for long term
    care part of the Act. There was “no path forward,” said Sebelius.
    Premiums were expected to soar.

    Well, here we go again! Another failure in “HOPE and CHANGE” and playing
    right into the GOP hands, who can now say “We told you so!” Moreover, it was a year of focusing on this Act and neglecting what most people wanted,
    JOBS<JOBS<JOBS. Yep, Kaptur and Congress must be thrown out….Their
    "Jig is up," my friend…

    1. Recently I learned that the lady next door has a concealed weapon permit and she’s packin’ heat. She explained that she was afraid of civil unrest. Over in the “posse” group they keep talking about a revolution. I know, they are the only ones talking about it but they say it is because the “liberals” brought it up. They are the ones who scare me; honestly, I hate to talk ill of anyone, but G-D they are sooooo dumb.

      So, here’s my question: Is now the time to make drastic changes in our government? I’m more inclined to keep working with the experience we have. And I know it’s wrong, but I do fantasize about a minimum I.Q. requirement for voting. Just for the record, I do have first hand knowledge of Obama supporters using group homes (for adults) to bring in votes.

  7. My question back to you NON is what do you mean by “drastic changes”?

    But, if your asking about voting requirements that many Republican States have passed or are in the process of passing, I do not consider these
    statutues to be in violation of the Voting Rights Act or a method to re-invent
    the infamous poll tax.

    1. Recently I was sitting in a local drinking establishment thinking about my cell phone contract. I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if I could call a number and all the “Obama Phones” would ring. It seems so many people have them and use up all 250 minutes in just a few days (many of them have another cell phone they use after their Obama Phone runs out). Then it dawned on me that most of the phone owners also have the “food stamp” card (used to be called New Directions Card). And most of them sell those cards. I hear that making people show I.D. when voting would be an intrusion on their personal freedom. So I ask, how come they can’t travel to get an I.D. card, but they manage to get phones and food stamps? By the way, in Toledo, Ohio you also get bus tokens when you get your food stamps.

      We have the technology to tie the food stamp card to an I.D. card. Think about it; they couldn’t sell their food stamps because their I.D. is the food stamp card and it would be checked when anyone used the card. Then when they voted, they would already have an I.D. card.

      I don’t want to be correct when I say this, but there is widespread (I mean really, really wide) misuse of our current welfare system. I’ve actually come across people starving to death in Toledo because they fell through the cracks. But it seems every time we get something going, the freeloaders jump in and ruin it for the people who actually need assistance. And some of the worst players in the game are the local churches.

      I guess when I’m in a bar, I should think about stupid stuff. This other crap just depresses me.

  8. Did you catch the latest with Phill Kline? That it took so long and so many were hurt is bad enough, but he is being welcomed and celebrated at Liberty University (think Jerry Falwell). And that’s the same university were George Bush got most of the lawyers he hired into the U.S. Justice Department. The same department, the same lawyers that our “buddy” Sepp is always blaming President Obama for hiring. Who the hell accredits these places. Did I mention they now offer online degrees?

    1. Sorry. Phill Kline was featured in the movie What’s The Matter With Kansas. He formerly was the Attorney General of Kansas and used that position to break the law to serve his own purposes.

      UPDATE ON WILD WEST WORLD: What could be sold at auction, was. The rest was bulldozed. It will not be reopening as previously advertised.

  9. On 10/13/11 you posed a question and only wanted a YES or NO response. I wanted to answer “Maybe” but said yes because I felt kind of sure.

    Are you going to tell us? Or possibly make us make a fool of ourselves with a wrong answer? Just wondering…….

  10. I’ve been away from the blog for the past 4 days, involved with other stuff. On Tuesday I hope to be able to devote some time to the blog.

    Thanks for keeping it moving along!

    1. Thanks. I was afraid I was being a blog hog. I’d write my own blog but I’m a big chicken with all the crazies out there. Sepp has been particularly obnoxious. It’s just so damn frustrating when they won’t even attempt to listen to reason or even give valid reasons for their beliefs. I blame a failing education system and the all volunteer military.

      (P.S. What’s The Matter With Kansas was a real eye opener. You might consider putting together a list of must see movies and documentaries.)

      1. Good suggestion, NWO. I’m sending you an invitation to become an author on this blog. If you have a burning issue that you’d like to rant about, then post it.

  11. NWO, if your invitation works, tell me what u did to activate it. I have tried many times, even have asked friends and family to activate it, and so far nothing works. Would appreciate your help. Thanks…..

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