It’s Mitt

Mitt 2012. Bumper sticker. The pathetic [endless] gathering of nincompoops on TV last night made it perfectly clear to anyone without a horse in the game that it will be Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama in 2012. The delusional right-wingers are still in deep denial that their Tea Party candidates can’t touch Romney. They are still bashing him on their blogs- as if that will change reality. It is almost pathetic to read the blogs and comments of the Tea Party types: it truly is an alternate universe.

Where was Rick Perry, the darling of the Tea Party, last night? It looked to me that he’s burned toast. And 9-9-9 Cain, the other darling of the cave-right, has all of the qualifications for mayor of a small town. And the rest. Who???

Of course I quite enjoy the dust-up taking place among the hijackers of the once-Grand Old Party. They remind me of those Somali pirates operating in the Indian Ocean- lots of blather, few brains. Like the 11 pirates captured yesterday aboard a ship that they couldn’t operate, the GOP-hijackers captured a major political party but they don’t know crap about governance.

I know how truly reactionary the far-right wing is and because of that characteristic, they will, no doubt, drive themselves and perhaps their entire political party off the cliff with righteous indignation rather than seeing the reality of it all. What irony. They hate the president with every fiber of their being, yet they appear to be so doggedly ideological that they may in fact help the president in his reelection bid. How’s that for burlesque?



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  1. I’m getting ready to watch the 1 and a half hour debate live on French Prime Time television between the Socialist front runners, Francois Hollande and Martine Aubry. France its historic first open primary last Sunday. I came down closer than the polls had predicted and much more interesting. Hollande and Aubry are less than 8 points apart, but the spoiler will be Arnaud Montebourg, who by far is the most radical of the top three, who walked away with almost 18% of the vote. But Montebourg is the only one really addressing the economic issues in an aggressive manner that has really hit a resounding chord in the French electorate.It doesn’t hurt that he is a really effective orator, charismatic and photogenic…of the three Montebourg is the one who could easily be a player in the American political theater. (Aubry is a middle aged woman, only slightly more stylish than Angela Merkel and Hollande? He is brilliant and witty but projects the image of the ultimate, self conscious geek) Montebourg can swing the election by his support for either Hollande or Aubry. Of course, Aubry is the more hard line Socialist of the two. This should be pretty interesting as the debate is nothing like the soft core anti intellectual moderated pillow fighting that passes for debate in America. One on One…1 and a half hours…of real in depth discussion of the issues.
    The UMP (Sarkozy’s Party) has gone from snide denigration of the socialist process to utter hysterical panic. They are so enmeshed in a web of interlocking scandals that they can barely get their heads above the water of their own swamp to coherently address any real problem facing France now….

    1. What is he? I thought France was very heavy Roman Catholic. Does religion make a difference in politics (like the U.S.)?

  2. I didn’t totally explain the process…the first vote was last sunday…since no one had a clear majority, there will be a run off this sunday between Aubry and Hollande.
    Religion? That’s one of the major issues the Revolution in 1789 dealt with and perhaps you should read some French history to understand the real historic relationship between the Catholic Church and France…since the 13th century,France has had a “special” relationship with Rome.
    But, since 1805, this has been a totally laic country. Religion cannot be discussed in a political sense. The church has no power. It cannot own property in France. All of the cathedrals, the little historic churches…none of it can belong to the Catholic Church. It belongs to and is maintained as part of it’s cultural heritage by France.
    Traditionally, the majority of the French are Catholic, but I can guarantee that most French, except for the most zealous…go to church only for baptisms, their communion and funerals. The village church here in Badefols d’Ans is a 12th century romanesque gem, but it’s only open a few sundays a year…there aren’t enough priests and not enough congregation to keep it open on a regular basis.
    If you’d like to virtually visit l’egilse d’ St.Vincent/St. Cloud…check out this link:'Ans%20-%20int%C3%A9rieur%20de%20l'%C3%A9glise%20du%20XIIe%20si%C3%A8cle&ville=bade&menu=ville

    1. Wow, isn’t that beautiful. Do you ever just sit and think about all the past those walls have seen? Here in Northwest Ohio, I get excited just looking at the remains of the interurban street car lines and the canal systems.

      1. Yes, I do, and I can get just as passionate about recent American history as well. My village, Badefols d’Ans seems to have been around since 600 ad and the name refers to the fact that there was hermit who lived in a cave on the hill who would yell at the top of his lungs on Sunday to tell people to stop working and go to church…He was the “Screaming Fool” which somehow became the corrupted patois name, Badefols.

  3. By the way, that 9-9-9 tax that was discussed a lot last night is so wrong on so many levels. Either Herman Cain thinks we’re all idiots or he really is not too bright. I just cringe whenever I hear him say “…and it’s not regressive on the poor.” I really don’t want to sound snobbish, but those “posse” members seem to be in the lower levels of the social-economic class in this Country and that class is the one who would get clobbered by any tax system resembling Cain’s 9-9-9. And if they think the debt is high now……

  4. Either Herman Cain thinks we’re all idiots or he really is not too bright.

    The proof of your postulate is that Cain moved into #1 among GOP voters.

    [get it?]

  5. I’m sure everyone is aware that a popular tattoo among Aryans is 88. Which translates to HH (Heil Hitler), since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

    I’m sure you can all figure out what the ninth letter is. Maybe it should be re-named to the I,I,I, plan…………………….

    The sad thing is, I personally think Cain, and Gingrich are the best choices among the bunch…………………..

  6. Gringrich…skee hee hee….chee o peeza, talk about a flawed man…and I agree that in the real world, Cain would have problems getting elected as mayor of middle sized American city. He is using the campaign as a book selling tour. Again, Cain is facilely fascinating on the surface, he knows how to use sensationalism to grab the head lines, but once you start to examine him or question the ridiculous statements he makes..the veneer comes off quite quickly. I think a race between him and Obama would be a national embarrassment. It will never happen…Mitt is the utter default.

    I watched the Socialist debate last night and it was great. 100% policy and technical, Hollande and Aubry remained cordial through out, but it was one on one with the moderator throwing out questions submitted by viewers.
    Aubry came over as the colder, stiffer of the two but I personally like her more on a ideological level. They came to a consensus on economic issues but they left the impression and I just checked the latest comments and polls on French news sites, that they gave the aura of confidence and the ability to cooperate, who ever the candidate will be. My impression after last night is that it will be Hollande.

    1. Dottie- I meant Cain and Paul. I get so confused. Plus, my opinion is that those 2 have the best chance of defeating Obama.

  7. They came to a consensus on economic issues …

    Consensus? Hmm. I’ve heard that word before- is it French??

    I personally think Cain, and Gingrich are the best choices among the bunch…………………..

    You do? Any reasons?

  8. I’ve got a quick Political Science quiz for the ‘regulars’ here. Over on JOB’s blog, one of the leaders of the wing-posse proudly exclaimed, in response to my question about how they viewed the GOP debate: Oh yeah, the Republicans suck but zero’s jobs bill got shot down in the democratic controlled senate. You’re such a douche bag.

    Of course, my high school English teacher might have used a lot of red ink attempting to teach the student about the term, non sequitur, but I’ll stick to Political Science.

    Without pointing out the gross error of the posse leader, do you know what his error was? YES or NO- simply reply YES or NO.

      1. I was guessing the Republican Filibuster was the reason. Same thing I assume. For those LIV’s reading, even though it actually passed with a majority it needed 60% (60 yes votes) to end the filibuster that was stopping the passage of the bill.

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