They’re Still in Deep Denial

The rabid right-wing will be glued to their TV screens tonight hoping like hell that anyone but Romney breaks out of the pack as a clear Tea Party favorite. Hopes that Perry will be the man fade with each debate. They are a desperate lot. I can draw my conclusions from a posse of about 6 right-wing bloggers whom I ‘visit’ from time to time. Sadly, these guys really have no agenda for America other than ousting Obama in 2012. Really, that’s it.  They would be happy with Elmer Fudd. Their deep hate for the president is displayed in every post or comment that they make. It is more than pathetic; it is stupidity.

I hadn’t visited the posse in perhaps 3 weeks, but I went to J.O.B.’s blog yesterday and found them voraciously devouring the red meat that J.O.B. posted for them.

They all thought that the drawing was just this side of Rembrandt. It must have raised their testosterone level by 100 points. Red meat for the vultures.

I wonder if JOB, who frequently comments here, posts these pieces of idiocy purposely just to see how the posse will react. Is he the zoo keeper feeding the carnivores? Well, whatever, it evokes the same tired old responses time after time, even though the birth certificate conundrum was settled long ago.

That is the point of the post- there is no agenda for America in the minds of this sample of right-wing reactionaries. No agenda of how to move this nation along.  It is quite similar to what we will hear tonight at the GOP ‘debate.’ Everything will be anti-Obama as if that is a plan for our nation’s future. It, of course, plays well inside that dark cave over there on the far right end of society, but those who dwell to the left of them aren’t interested in the singular issue of making Obama a one-term president. They seek wisdom.

Yet, that’s where the denial comes in. It has been nearly three years since President Obama was sworn in, yet there is a hunk of people who are still in denial that he rose to that position. By the way, did I mention how patriotic this cluster purports to be? Flag wavers extraordinaire. They alone know what it means to be a patriot; they alone have the touchstone.

Here’s perhaps the essence of their plan to move this nation forward for the next 4 years: “The best rejection will come at the ballot box in November 2012 when we send him packing back to Chicago. He will kick Jimmy Carter into second place as the worst president in our Nation’s history. ”

Wow. Prophetic.

So tune your TV tonight to the GOP debate because sure enough the Wunderkind will be on stage ready to right the Ship of State and ply the troubled waters after the one-term persident is sent packing to Chicago.  Let me know who that will be, will you?


26 thoughts on “They’re Still in Deep Denial

  1. Warren G. Harding! Projected winner of the January Florida Republican Presidential Primary. This dark horse is moving up fast! Herman Cain, look out!

  2. The GOP is slowly curing itself of various maladies … Bachmania, Donalditis, Restless Palin Syndrome … but in the end is what the original Saturday Night Live cast self-deprecatingly called itself : The Not Ready For Prime-time Players.
    Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Curtin, et al proved they were ready but this group is proving that they are only good at two things … blaming every problem on Obama and pandering.
    Did you see Romney’s “major” foreign policy speech in which he promised to add 100,000 more active duty troops, increase the number of naval fleets to fifteen (no other country has more than one fleet), patrol the waters around Iran, and increase aid to Israel. That’s blatant pandering for Jewish financial support as well as the support of the military-industrial complex that now realizes that in the wake of the budget battles, it too, will see reductions … but not under a Romney (or Perry) Administration.
    Romney sounded like the Bain venture capitalist that would come into a company and tell the employees all the great things that would happen as a Romney-managed company … only to be grossly disappointed later when none of those things happened.

    Wake up America … the GOP Agenda is to Shortchange Our Future.

  3. Hello Minnesota Central,
    I liked your comment on Romney’s “foreign policy speech in which he promised to add 100,000 more active duty troops, increase the number of naval fleets to fifteen (no other country has more than one fleet), patrol the waters around Iran, and increase aid to Israel.”

    Has any of the Ultra Conservative Religious Right Wing of my Republican Party given any suggestions as to where the money is going to come from to do all that Romney has said he was going to do? Are we to go that much more in debt for the nation!?!?! Have they not seen nor understand what the “OCCUPY” movement marching across the country? The middle class from newly educated college students, the long term unemployed, to retirees who have worked all their lives saving and planning for retirement only to see that nest egg be stolen and squandered by the 1% who have purchased the Conservative Republicans in Congress and Senate.

    Being a Republican (but a Moderate and Critical Thinking one) myself, I personally am hoping that that those Congressmen and Senate Republicans that sold and allowed themselves to be purchased by the top 1%, will deservedly hemorrhage seats in next year’s election.

    Hello Muddy and my Friends on this site,
    I am proud to say that I have a new job and will start tomorrow. I will be working from home designing and documenting the fiber optic “4G” infrastructure being installed in the suburbs of D.C. and Baltimore. The company I am working for is located just outside of Annapolis so I could go to the main office in about an hour if I needed to. When I do, I can stop in and see my daughter and son-in-law for dinner before coming back home to the farm in the country.

  4. Microdot- the current clutch of Tea Party players obviously has no knowledge of the history of past presidents nor, for that matter, of any history that does not contribute to their delusional world.

    Minnesota- it is becoming quite clear that the GOP is desperate due to the cadre of pathetic offerings that will be on display this evening. The thought of 4 more years of Obama must be driving them more nuts than they already are.

    Engineer- congratulations on your new job. Working from home might be one of the best places to accomplish your tasks- at least the drive to work will be short. Will you pack your lunch??

  5. After reading some of their comments, I am lead to believe it is more than just a lack of an agenda. Reading their comments closely, I seem to notice two types of posters.

    The first and most obvious are the “low information voters” (LIV’s) who don’t seem to have a clue how the world actually operates. The believe only things that they “understand”; it reminds me of people who thought the Sun revolved around the Earth because that is what they thought they were seeing. By the way, I’m still not sure how Sherry Shepard (The View) stands on this subject.

    Then there are a few (Common Sense comes to mind) who just make stuff up for the others to believe when in reality the stuff they make up would only benefit the storyteller. For instance, they don’t want anyone to have health coverage while they themselves are on a government health plan for life. Or Herman Cain with his 9-9-9 tax plan. Who with a 4th education would ever believe that would work? But there are those who do.

  6. NWOhio- good analysis. The upshot, however, is that, like the Neocons who ‘planned’ the invasion of Iraq, the Tea Party has a similar ‘plan’ how to govern.

    Too bad that both plans were written in white font on white paper, eh?

    Hey JOB, it’s time for you to weigh in!

    1. Holy S##t.
      I am both flattered and worried. I am very flattered that you would re-post something from my blog onto yours. That’s pretty cool.
      However, I am beginning too worry about you. The little picture was posted as a JOKE. Do you not have a sense of humor? I thought it was funny, so I posted it on my blog.
      See, I like too laugh. I don’t mind serious debates and discussions. But I started a blog too have fun, especially since I’m anti-Facebook. I’m sorry, but I think that picture is funny, and I will not apologize for it.
      Most people that visit my blog (Except for my friends) are Conservatives. But all of you are welcome as well. In fact, now that Dot is back from graping, I hope too restart our dialogue comparing the Health system in France to ours. He asked me a few questions, but I never got to reply.

      Now, as for my vote, maybe I am a “Low information voter” as N.O.N. says. I don’t like Obama, some of that feeling stems from what he did here (Chicago). Alot of it stems from what he’s done while in office.

      1st- When he was elected, the economy was falling apart. Instead of jumping all over that, he HAD to get that healthcare thing going. After all, it was a campaign promise. Maybe, he had too, because he knew he’d break a campaign promise about bringing troops home. But regardless, no matter how messed up our healthcare system is, our economic collapse should’ve been priority #1. It wasn’t, and now I’ve listened to him blame the “Previous Administration” for the last three years. This man can not lead a country. Trust me, he did a piss-poor job organizing communities. In my opinion, he is nothing more than, a politician always worrying about his next “GIG”.
      FYI- I don’t care where he was born. I think Article 2 Sec. 1 of the constitution is a little outdated anyway. But look at the bright side, If McCain was elected, you guys could have hung on too the same arguements, if you wanted to. He was born in Panama.

      In closing, lighten up a little bit my friend. And try to laugh more.

  7. In closing, lighten up a little bit my friend. And try to laugh more.

    The trouble with your post, JOB, is that the right-wing posse feeds on that idiocy as the comments show. They don’t think it was a joke but rather one more person ‘on their side.’

    That’s the problem with posting that crap; it feeds their delusion.

    1. JOB, I think they took it seriously also. And be honest, how many of that gang actually think Kenya is in Indonesia? Just think for a second; if Common Sense printed a map showing Kenya in the Far East, how many of them do you think would ONLY believe the map he presented. While we’re having fun, imagine if he showed them a map with Hawaii included in Indonesia. I can just hear them now demanding Hawaii’s statehood be taken away.

      These people don’t even know simple geography; what made you think they would see it was actually making fun of them?

      I didn’t used to think racism was involved, but now I do and might be a little (or a lot) more sensitive to jokes regarding our President. I guess I might think I’m a bad person because I saw the humor in the picture; and I’m sure President Obama would be laughing if he saw it too.

  8. Mud & NON- What made me think people would take it as a joke? Maybe, because it was posted under the heading “Johnny O’Bloggin’s Funny Ass Friday”. Where people go from there with what they think is their choice.

    1. Sorry, I didn’t notice the heading (now I know where they got “johnny” from). I guess the bottom l ine is there are two ways to take it: a joke about the birther crowd or a mean joke about the President of the United States. It’s like feeding bedbugs, you’ll never get rid of them if you keep feeding them.

      (I was going to use “cockroaches” in my analogy, but that group reminds me more of bedbugs.)

  9. I find J.O.B.s blog pretty entertaining. I wish I had time to comment on everything, but I think in his own way, in his own place and space…Politically incorrect humor is non partisan…

  10. there are two ways to take it: a joke about the birther crowd…

    If that was the intent, then it was terribly lost on the posse.

      1. Dottie- Thank you. I consider that a wonderful compliment.

        Mud- I do appreciate you checking out my blog. I just want you to know, that I do like too have fun. All work and no play makes Jon a dull boy :)

        NON- Feel free to check out the post every Friday, and please feel free to add your own brand of humor in the comment section. Everyone is welcomed in my little world.

        1. Tried to post. Little message came up saying I wasn’t authorized. Nice. Moving on.

          1. Are you talking about my blog? If yes I apologize, but I have never banned anyone. I never even heard of needing authorization, that’s just kooky talk.

  11. NON- Just out of curiosity, how did you get your idea about Kenya being in Indonesia, just from my post? Did I miss something on another blog? I’m just wondering…………………….

    1. President Obama’s stepfather took the family to Indonesia and he attended a private school there. There are some “posse” members who are geographically challenged. They know the President lived in Indonesia and think he was born in Kenya. So they put 2 + 2 and come up with 5: Kenya must be in the “continent” of Indonesia.

      (Unless of course they think Indonesia is a part of Africa. Seriously, they have stated things along that line of reasoning.)

      1. I didn’t know that. I knew he grew up in Indonesia, I think he was 9 or 10 when he moved back here. But seriously, did that discussion take place? Did someone really say the continent of Indonesia? LOLOLOL

  12. Did Obama start with healthcare, really? It seems to me, JOB, health
    care took place in 2010. Moreover, health care is essentially an economic
    problem. More people lose their homes to the expenses of being sick than
    for virtually any other reason. Foreclosures are caused by the expense of
    health care for individuals and families. Businesses in the United States
    have called for health care reform because of its expenses to their profits.
    They can’t compete with the rest of the world, so their argument goes, because
    other industrialized nations have national health insurance, and in the United
    States businesses have to assume that cost for their employees.

    Moreover, Obama had to tackle the financial collapse initially. He had to
    “save” Wall Street to prevent depression. In addition, he had to slow the
    rate of unemployment of 750,000 jobs per month with the Stimulus Plan and
    the bailout of Detroit. Where he failed was that he didn’t follow the
    example of FDR and put it all together before November, 2010. The
    Democrats had the majorities in both Houses, and Obama fiddled it away as
    the country suffered.He could have had the “public option” in healthcare,
    and he refused to go for it. It’s a pathetic story of lost opportunites…

    1. Just for your record: I really don’t have any financial worries EXCEPT for health care. And the cost of unforeseen health care expenses is what I am constantly warning people about. I have insurance up the ying-yang and health insurance is by far the most expensive while seeming to cover the least. People are actually dying because they don’t seek medical help for lack of money and/or health insurance.

      Bottom line, you are so right about it being so important. AND, the majority of people I know “going bare” or paying their own health insurance is because of a lack of employment.

    2. Wasn’t the Healthcare bill being passed in early 2010. I believe I started hearing about the writing of it in March 2009. 2 months after his inaugeration.

      And thank you, for pointing out his EPIC FAILURE, for me.

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