Religion Ensnaring the GOP

One has to snicker at the ‘very righteous’ GOP presidential candidates who find themselves entangled in the web- the snare of religion. As God’s Own Party, they find themselves cooking in the same religious stew that has led to the deaths of millions of people throughout the world over the centuries. The righteous ‘believe’ that their religious doctrines trump those of the ‘others.’

It’s great to be a spectator at this idiotic spectacle- perhaps like a Roman citizen watching the ‘sport’ within the Colosseum. I have no favorites in this game. One’s religious beliefs- if any at all- ought to be private and clearly not of any interest in deciding the qualification for governance of this nation. The Founding Fathers made this perfectly clear when they set up the laws of our new nation.  They knew of and perhaps experienced the divisiveness of egregious religious interference in the lives of their European relatives ‘over there.’

Yet here we are, 235 years later, laying down religious tests for our presidential candidates. This absurdity screams ignorance! Yet, we are told, there are tens of millions of our citizens who demand a religious test before heading to the polling booth. What does this say about our American character? Better yet, what is the character of today’s American? How do we define ourselves as citizens of this nation?

What role, if any, does religion or religious tenets play in characterizing the citizens of this nation? Do we tolerate non-belief? Atheism? Agnosticism? Or are those people summarily dismissed as ‘outlanders?’ One might inquire as to how thoroughly the citizenry of our nation is pickled in the brine of catechetical doctrine. Is this nation tragically headed for the same fate suffered by our European ancestors in their spate of bloody wars based on religious beliefs? Surely, we have to be much wiser than they. Isn’t that so?

Perhaps we will learn more about our nation’s dangerous meddling in puritanism tomorrow night as the GOP candidates fiddle around with the questions of cultism and true Christianity raised by the debate monitors. It may be as close to an experience of the Inquisition as we will get here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.


14 thoughts on “Religion Ensnaring the GOP

  1. Sorry, but I’m really trying not to laugh as I write this……

    So, are you trying to say there could be problems with the combining of church and state? And it’s the “Christian” Republican presidential candidates having this problem?

    (Stop, you’re killing me……you know how hard it is to watch TV when you can’t stop laughing?)

    1. all along, as the next bright and shiny object captures the limited attention span of the conservative electorate…I believed when the chips finally fell, the only one standing would be Mitt Romney…but wait, there’s a dark horse, comin’ up fast….have you ever heard of a guy named Warren G. Harding? Third place right behind Herman Cain!

  2. Not hijacking the blog at all. I enjoy your thoughts, comments and links.

    The religion thing is, actually, quite hilarious if it wouldn’t be so damned corrupting.

  3. I have been writing a bit lately about religion…I published a piece on Saturday called The God Closet….it refers to the fact that there are 28 atheists in the US Congress now, but only one will publicly acknowledge his lack of faith…or more aptly his beliefs.
    Another little unfortunate evolutionary bottleneck that we humans have to get through. Religion served its purpose, but it was only the manifestation of our own genetic defense mechanism that helped us cope with our evolving consciousness.
    This is an ongoing series, I hope…

  4. Microdot has some hilarious videos on the subject of religion on his blog.

    I have to agree that it is entertaining to watch the mean people who get their kicks out of self-righteous posturing savaging each other.
    The dilemma of the right choosing between the likely race of Christian Obama versus not-Christian enough Romney…………serves them right to have their bigoted single-issue heads explode (metaphorically speaking).

  5. I feel, that unfortunately, a politician is judged by his religious beliefs. Only because so many people in this country equate morals, with religious beliefs.

    1. Exactly…and that is my point about the fear politicians who are atheists have about being “outed”. The real numbers show that atheism is a fast growing demographic in America, but to express your belief publicly is to invite a “witch trial”. Then there is the knee jerk response of militant christians who claim that the very existence of atheism is an assault on their right to impose their beliefs on every one.
      The very idea of one christian cult leader calling another religion a cult is truly tragically hilarious to me. I posted videos by the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons which were propaganda cartoons to explain the religion to children, in their own words. I think the mormon video would have had commercial potential if they had invested more in special effects and production values…supernatural alien beings, death rays, possession by alien life forms…they got it all going!
      To think it was all started by a sex crazed preacher in upstate New York with a scratched up pewter pot and a dream! Now that’s America!

      1. As an older Roman Catholic, I remember those “whispers” in 1960 about our church basements being filled with guns. When Kennedy got elected, he would take his orders from the Pope and The Roman Catholic Church would take over the world ruling from Rome. As good Roman Catholic Republicans, we had to keep our faith secret lest we be accused of spying on the protestants.

        Isn’t President Obama trying that using sharia law?

  6. ” One’s religious beliefs- if any at all- ought to be private and clearly not of any interest in deciding the qualification for governance of this nation. ”

    It seems to me, M_R, it is fair game. If a person is wearing her/his religious beliefs on their shirt or
    blouse sleeves, questions are in order. To me, it sends up red flags when a person runs on so-called
    “social-conservative” issues and is endorsed by ministers in the pulpit. An anti-stem cell candidate
    is running on religion. Is there any doubt to that? How about a pro-Israel position within the
    context of religion? We need, in my opinion, centrists running for office who are not beholding to
    any preconceived idea. Objectivity should be the issue. Yet, now we are so tied up with right and
    left ideology, we have lost the ability to govern. I sort of follow the historical and legal way of letting the “facts speak for themselves” to reach decisions.

  7. As you know, M_R, my support of Mormonism is nil. The reason for that is their reactionary
    political thinking is governed by their religious doctrine. It seems to me that mormonism will not
    be content until all the United States is mormon. BYU is about indoctrinating Mormon
    missionaries to convert the United States. In the meantime, they use us for what we have to
    offer and to build up sympathy(the persecution complex). If they are not a cult, than I don’t know
    what would be. Pastor Jeffords has it correct!

    Moreover, M_R, you know my theory of the political pincher movement in the United States. I
    suggest that politically the United States is caught between the Mormons in the intermountain
    West and the Baptists in the Bible Belt. Religiously, it is an unholy alliance, but politically they
    are bedfellows. Is there any separation among Hatch, Lee, McConnell, McCain, Sessions, and
    the other Bible Belt Congressional members? The rest of the county is caught in this “pincher
    movement.” Basically, they hold the rest of us “hostage.” You have often spoken to this, M_R,
    when you write about these small states thwarting the larger states. I believe this unholy alliance
    to be real. The Mormons and the Southern Baptists and Evangelicals hold the strings of power.
    And, if I let my catholicsm background come to the fore, its two cults, the Mormons and the Baptists.

  8. Hello Muddy and All,
    This latest argument breaking out in the Republican Party on religion comes as no surprise and I thought could easily have been foreseen.

    History has shown many examples that when you inject religion into anything, the contentions always come up on whose religious beliefs are going to be dominate one. Even in the Christian religions such as Catholic verses Protestant denominations; there have been wars and many have killed (breaking a commandant) and died over whose religion was right. I can also give you the examples of Baptist verses Southern Baptist and Methodist and the split off of Southern Methodist. One group of those claiming the Baptist religion says you have not really accepted Christ in your heart unless you speak in tongues. The other Baptists just view this as a circus act and frown upon the antics. I could go on as there are many examples like the one stated above. Bottom line is what they are really saying within this Baptist denomination is, “You really aren’t as good of a Christian as I am because my beliefs are the way GOD wants to be worshiped like. Your really are doing it wrong which makes me a better Christian than you.” Then they stand back with the self hubris “SIN of Pride” and for some reason does not apply to them or their congregation.

    So ever since the Republicans wrapped their political platforms around, placating, and playing to the “Extremely Religious” segment of the population, the G.O.P. (God’s On Party) mentality was just a matter of time before the old argument and finger pointing of “I’m more Christian than you because you are not doing it right!” argument was going to surface.

    Extremism in any form, especially religious extremism, always implodes onto itself. This is what we are seeing with this current events of my Republican Party.

  9. Egads, Engineer, you and Joe Scarborough have the same agreement, that is, the Republican Party
    is still your Party. I am still of the belief that the traditional Party as we knew it up through President
    Ford and possibly as recent as President George Herbert Walker Bush no longer exists. The
    moderates are in a minority, however, since Reagan, and many believe that even a Ronald Reagan
    could no longer be the GOP Presidential nominee as President Reagan could be realistic and
    understand that compromise is necessary as he had to increase taxes something like eight different
    times. Scarborough was saying the Party is still moderate and that he is still a moderate Republican
    as he supports “small government.” Scarborough says the reactionary right is just a minority and
    ideology oriented. However, is it a minority when it controls Congress? They control most of
    the bases of power in the Party. Isnt the former head of the GOP from Maryland, Michael Steele? He seems to be
    a moderate. His replacement is much more ideological it seems to me.

    Maybe Engineer or others you can share what “small government republicanism” is?

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