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occupy toledo on oct 10, 2001 facebook page here! www.facebook.com/occupytoledo


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  1. go to the facebook page in the active link which I posted. There are going to be occupy wall street demonstrations all over america in the coming week. the facebook page is an information page with news about the organization of the demonstration and how you can get involved. Just click on the active link in the post and you will see…..
    I have a very close friend who is now involved in coordinating the Chicago action…this is happening in every major American city and will be a major event in DC…..

  2. Jack was posting his info as I was posting my reply. That’s how fast this works…I am in La Sechere in the middle of the woods at the end of a country road in France, yet, I plan to be present spiritually, psychically and virtually in America….I have too many open scars from my life in Toledo and this is truly part of the healing process…..

  3. Just so I have this correct, the protests are related to the strikes going on in Greece?

    1. I hadn’t heard that “the protests are related to the strikes going on in
      Greece?” How does that figure in?

      It seems to me many of these “occupiers” are college student, students
      that have dropped out, and graduates who either have no money to
      continue to stay in college or cannot find employment or have student
      loans of $100,000. They are showing us the hype of attaining a college

      It’s a fallacy for our politicians and Presidents tell us that
      the key to success is a college degree. Do you know what percentage of
      U.S. citizens have a college degree? It’s 29% for bachelor to doctorate!
      As Chris Matthews says, the big number is 29%. That dog, Jeff, just
      doesn’t hunt. All the education in the world is not going to bring back
      United States manufacturing. Wall Street doesn’t want it back, pure and

      Isn’t it interesting, Jeff and others, that the only arrests happening on Wall
      Street are the protesters and not the CEOs in the buildings surrounding
      their HQ Park location? Congress permits it! This is why they all must
      go. There is not a dimes worth of difference to save any of them; they
      have all sold us out to the lobbyists of corporate America. When will the police and the military turn violent against the occupiers? We shall see…

      1. And yet school systems all over the United States are closing their technical high schools to save money. I’ll tell ya what, you run in the 9th district and I’ll take the 5th district.

        (LOL – That ought to raise the average I.Q. in Congress at least a couple of points.)

        1. P.S. While doing websearchs on the “Occupy” protests, I came across some sites that linked these protests to the strikes in Greece.

          (Damn, I wish I had this much interest in research while I was in college.)

  4. Here’s a nice (but slow loading) video explaining it (I guess):

    Now, about that 50% of nonvoting Americans……

  5. Interesting, Jeff…M_R and I have written much about the need to bring FDR’s
    Glass-Steagall Act back. While M_R is quick to condemn the GOP and then
    TX Senator Graham for the Act, the Dems did their share of the destruction of
    the Act. We have to remember that it was Bill Clinton, who as President
    signed it into law. Clinton is no progressive. Neither are Kaptur and
    Kucinich. As the Wall Street Occupation say, they all need to be given their
    “walking papers.”

    1. Actually, the vote was almost unanimous in Congress and Clinton was the President who signed the repeal into law. I was an Accounting major in college, but I actually worked in the mortgage banking field (I finally learned why they had so many “conventions”). The only reason I can see for repeal was greed and not what is called “corporate” greed.

      Our biggest clients were the investment funds. The fund managers were constantly demanding larger returns and to hell with the risk. The only thing holding them in check were federal laws regulating the level of risk they were allowed to take.

      Most people don’t realize that they are actually the “investment funds” themselves. All types of insurance companies, retirement systems, college savings, etc. make up the funds. And the members of these funds are the ones constantly demanding greater returns on investments; and they want the greater returns A.S.A.P.! This is what motivates corporations to do things that aren’t necessarily socially responsible. And most people don’t realize, THEY do have control over the motives of corporations where they or their funds invest.

      Seems all a lot of people want to do is nothing but bitch. I meet with my investment banker and direct him what companies I like and which ones I don’t want my money invested in. To be honest, I used to stay out of WalMart and tobacco stocks. But I got tired of people bitching at me saying smoking was their right (I suffer from secondhand smoke lung damage) and prices were cheaper at WalMart. You know how many times I’ve been told there in no proof that firsthand or secondhand smoke is bad? And do ya think they have a clue why things are cheaper at WalMart? I admit it’s not the best attitude to have, but I rationalize by believing the bigger returns allow me to give more to charities or political issues (of my choice).

      It amazes me how people idolize Reagan. We were living high while he was President, but who knew it was all on credit; and now we’re paying for the ride (and they’re blaming Obama). Greece has been doing the same thing, but now they’re striking because they have to pay it back. What do they think will happen if they don’t get the new loans? Now really think about this: How often in the last ten years do you think those protesters on Wall Street have voted? Have they ever voted? Statistics would suggest they rarely if ever vote, and usually learn only the facts advertised by special interest groups on TV. Senate Bill 5 is taking a beating in Ohio, but what the hell if they vote down all the school levies but vote for more unfunded benefits (i.e. Bush’s Medicare prescription drug plan – I’m for it, but it needs to be funded). And everybody looks the other way when they see fraud (i.e. Medicaid cheats). And let’s not even talk about all the lies being told by a**holes who are against Universal Health Care; they have coverage (more than likely paid for by us), but screw everybody else.

      Like I said before, some people don’t want to do anything but bitch.

      1. CLARIFICATION: The tone of the comment above might be misunderstood. I am VERY, VERY proud of the protesters, I’m just bummed it took so long. Also, yes, the wrong people are being arrested. Those “CEO” bums should be rotting behind bars. And while I have mixed feelings about Kaptur, I do wonder if maybe the whole bunch should be replaced. Do you think a multi-party (more than two) system would work better? I do.

  6. a multi party system is a good thing because it allows parties to focus on different concerns, also, as in France, different political/philosophical approaches and most important, a fluid ability to form coalitions.
    The left here has been fractured and unable to really work together for a while, even though there is a majority of leftist leaning voters, but lately, they seem to be coming together…there are three different parties concerned with environmental issues and they are working together for the first time. Together, the Greens and the Socialists were able for the first time in the history of the 5th Republic (Since 1958) to take control of the French Senate. The president of the senate is the person who is in line for the presidency if anything happened to Sarkozy. The new president of the senate is an ex trotskyite socialist named Jean-Pierre Bel and is extremely progressive. Imagine that in America….
    Unfortunately, in America, the corporate financing of politics is so completely out of control that it is not a real democracy anymore. The amount of money that has to be raised to run a campaign is mind boggling…how can an independent party expect to play that game?
    The American constitution and political system has been hacked…..
    and the hackers want to bring back the 18th century because disenfranchment is the new game.

  7. Maybe when Mudrake returns, he might have picked up some insights into the political situation here in France. We are having a historic first “primary” type of election this Sunday for the Socialist Party Presidential candidate.
    Though Francois Hollande is the top polling candidate, the situation is very fluid and interesting and there are some very interesting people running.
    The UMP seems to be very jealous of the Socialists. After first disparaging the idea of a primary, they are so disenchanted with Sarkozy, and stuck with him that the idea of a primary to find another candidate seems very appealing…unfortunately for them…it’s too late. He is now the most unpopular president in the history of the 5th Republic…in fact perhaps the most unpopular president of all time…he is polling way below Bush Jr. at his lowest….

      1. MD, I doubt M_R will support independent parties, that is, multi-parties. Every time this topic has been discussed here, it seems M_R has been
        opposed. He holds Ralph Nader’s Green Party run in 2000 for
        electing Bush over Gore in the Florida vote. He apparently can’t bring himself
        to the point that there “isn’t a dimes worth of difference” between the GOP and the Dems. Here is one example for our “missing” colleague: When
        Clinton “fired” Les Aspin as Sec of Defense, whom did he hire? None
        other than GOP Dick Cheney! And, Clinton is to be revered as a Progressive… Cheney, a Democratic Secretary of Defense!

        1. Wonder if M_R will re-enter the United States at one of the NYC airports?
          Will he then go down to Wall Street and do his part?

  8. Thanks to you all for carrying on The Blog in my absence. I appreciate your posts and comments.

    After 10 days in Europe it seems so parochial to listen to the whining of the American politicians and those we [some] elected to govern our nation. Such pettiness pervades the governance of this nation.

    UptheFlag- ORD/DTW, not JFK.

    I had an interesting train ride two days ago as my wife and I sat next to a 24-year-old who asked us about our health care and tax structure. When we finished, she remarked, “That’s awful!”


    More after my brain begins to function. The Ohio clock says it is 7:30 AM but my body believes it is 13:30.

      1. And did you tell her/him that the economic system of the United States still trumps anything
        that Erope has to offer? That there might not even be an EURO shortly? Did you tell him
        that Bernacke and our Federal Reserve is already standing by to bail out the Eropean banks?

  9. There was a strong third party movement in the US at one time, but they have been taken over by the two major parties. The two major parties have a stranglehold on the system. Unless a movement infiltrates a party and takes over, there is no real change (e.g, the tea party takeover of the republicans) .

  10. Hah…mudrake, my brain totally believes that it was 13hr 30 when you posted that…but I am on CET….now it’s 18hr 24 for me, but you, it’s 12:24….the only clock I obey any more is the one that tells me that it\s time for lunch!

  11. Very true Laci…Since Perot, who scared the two Parties, they have pretty well prevented any third
    from developing. They did away with the League of Women Voters hosting the debates, and they
    took control of the debates themselves. It will require a billionaire to have a chance now,
    therefore, the talk about NYC Mayor Bloomberg

  12. To be sure, Jeff…The entire voting process on bills is to obscure their real vote.
    It’s a situation where they can talk out of both sides of the mouth at the same time.
    It’s the old slight of hand trick, like now you see them and now you don’t…

  13. Please, explain to me how you think a multi party system could ever exist in America without a bloody revolution…I really try to see how it could happen in the compromised, corrupt corporate environment that masquerades as politics in the USA, but as UTF says…the only person who could have a chance is Bloomberg, because he could pay his way and is media credible figure. I would truly like to have your insight as to how you think it could be accomplished.

  14. Why would it have to be bloody? All we have to do is “change the people.” Why is it so hard for a
    liberal/progressive/moderate to get their hands around the concept of “changing the people?”
    The reactionaries in the Republican Party of done that in the last 4 years. All they did was to put up
    their own candidates in Republican primaries and caucauses and defeat them. Sen. Bennett in Utah was
    defeated in caucus as being too liberal…Today Sen. Lugar of Indiana is facing a GOP primary
    opponent, and the recent senate race in Delaware for Biden’s vacant seat. Didn’t see the streets
    flowing in blood, MD.

    Maybe the DEMS need a “pledge”? How about having every candidate sign on to voting for an
    amendment to the Constitution to end payola in C ongress, that is, no more lobbyist and corporate
    money for members of Congress?

  15. Occupy Toledo Starts Today
    October 10th, 2011. at 11am

    Meet at Levis Square, the corner of Madison and N. St. Clair

    IMPORTANT: General Assemblies: 1pm & 7pm

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