The Warren Hammer

Elizabeth Warren, candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, took a hammer to the blathering right-wingers the other day at a political event. I thought her point was the perfect duct tape for those babbling dolts. Of course, the ‘facts’ presented by Warren would never have served as a silencer for that gaggle of goons.

Warren, commenting on the need for corporations to pay their fair share of taxes-the taxes that the right-wing cheerleaders abhor-said, “I hear all this, you know, Well, this is class warfare. No it isn’t. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.” She went on:

“You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did.

“Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea? God bless. Keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”

This is exactly what the narrowly focused right-wingers miss or deliberately ignore. It was the public investment of citizens’ tax dollars that moved the corporation forward and the CEO up to the top tier of the income bracket. Imagine if Mr. CEO had to pay for each of the services detailed by Ms. Warren.  Pay-as-you go roads, ports, fire, police. And the education of the workers, not only the on-the-job education but the entire literacy and  problem-solving skills of the employee.One more thing: what about health insurance?  The reactionary right-wing wants to whack ‘Obamacare’ but who is going to pick up the tab for employee health? Clearly the CEO and his investors would rather not because, after all, the ‘bottom line’ and all.

Were these yokels not so serious, it might be some scene from a B Movie. Well, actually, it is!


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  1. I have seen Mrs. Warren (She may be Dr. Warren, I’m not sure) on quite a few interviews over the last 4, or 5 years. She was even featured in a documentary about banks and credit card debt. I believe it was called Maxed Out. Here’s what I don’t get.

    She seems to really want to improve the true Middle Class. But, people in the middle class want too rip into her. One of the right wing blogs did a piece on her about a week ago, I guess she’s running for office in Massachusetts. The author, and commenters ripped into her for the above caption. It made me wonder how many of them actually have seen, or read interviews. Because I lean a little bit towards the “Right”, and I love this chick. I would vote for her in a minute.

    Plus, I just left a comment on one of the ‘Right’ blogs regarding this topic. In my opinion, we need more Economists running for office. Especially with an economy in the dumps right now.

    I for one like her, and I’m not afraid to admit it…………………….

  2. I just watched WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS. Is that the B-movie you’re referring to? I’d love to discuss that movie with you; it was not at all what I expected. Actually, it kinda turned into a horror movie.

  3. Oh, one more thing. Most of the corporations I have stock in are type that did pay taxes for 2010. I however paid no federal income tax for 2010 (really bad stock market overall) and feel like a freeloader. Most (if not all) of large earners can and/or want to pay their fair share. Most of us are educated enough to know that that is how a successful society works and prospers. Well, that and it’s the right thing to do (christian, nonchristian, athiest, etc.).

  4. Hello Muddy,
    How Blow Hard Radio and Fox Talking Heads have been able to convince so many people that companies in this country should not be asked to contribute to the well being and betterment to the infrastructure facilities that make it possible to do business in this country, is beyond me.

    I take this as being people who just do not think for themselves with any critical logical thinking.

  5. Elizabeth Warren is an outstanding person who will become one of our all-time great Senators once she is elected. She definitely knows the score and is incorruptable as well. ELIZABETH WARREN FOR SENATE IN MASSACHUSETTS – 2012!

  6. I thought what she said was obvious, but people seem to miss the important fact that businesses benefit from public services and should pay their fair share.

  7. Kaptur and Kucinich must be defeated in the Democratic Primary. WHY, you ask, M_R? Because they have presided over the decline of the American Dream and the fall of the middle class for almost three decades…How many more do you want to give them M_R. When is enough, enough?

    1. How can you replace them if there is no one available? I voted for Bush twice because I was more afraid of the damage the Democrat candidates might do. I knew Bush was bad news in 2000, but he was the lesser of two evils. You know, the portion of Toledo in the new District 9 is much smaller than it used to be so maybe you’re not even in her district anymore. Even if I hadn’t moved out of Toledo, I’d still be in District 5 now.

      Senator Brown’s people are calling because I gave to his campaign before. I just couldn’t stomach Mike DeWine. But the Democrats also have a piece of crap: Lee Fisher. I wanna know how these types ever get into an elected office.

  8. Ask, M_R to explain that, Jeff. My answer is that people keep voting the same people in over and over again. Going on 24 years for Kaptur! Ever wonder what her retirement is for her “job”. And her six figure salary at the taxpayers expense for putting us in the financial and educational mess that we are in…

  9. I am “checking in” back in the modern world, so to speak. My bottom line in a compromised constitutionally hemorrhaging, yet feebly functioning democratic system is unrelenting pragmaticism. When you vote, you have to consider the entire picture. Yes, an individual candidate might be flawed in your eyes, but the big numbers are what count in a system where a majority can be bought and we are dealing with the power of a manipulative media controlled by those who know the big numbers are what really count.
    Freedom can be brought down by division and the corporatacracy will destroy us one candidate at a time if we let them.
    The Koch bros know this all too well, when will you learn this lesson?
    That said, Warren has a real fight on her hands in Massachussetts. She will be fighting the full power of corporate, Wall Street money and propaganda.
    All she has is the support of Progressives and our ability to sacrifice a little to donate to her political machine.

    1. MD wrote the following: “Yes, an individual candidate might be flawed in your eyes, but the big numbers are what count in a system …”

      Now, what are you saying, MD? Are you saying that the richest and most powerful country the world has seen has to put up with flawed individuals to
      govern them? I hope not. I also hope that your not saying that we have to keep these “flawed candidates” because they belong to a big group, in this
      case the Democratic Party. Is that the criteria in keeping a member of
      Congress? Did the people of Massachusetts believe that that Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat was irreplacable? Just maybe, a liberal and well educated
      electorate said it was time to change. I have often said, “change the people or change the people.” Just maybe, as Lenin and Trotzky said, “it is some
      times necessary to take one step back to take two steps forward.” Would Elizabeth Warren be worth a chance “to take two steps forward.”

      Your comment reminds us of the warning FDR gave the country in 1932, You know, the one about “the only thing we have to fear is fear.” M_R likes that quote, yet he is apparently afraid to replace Kaptur. To mitigate against the loss of that seat is the reason I am consistently sayiing\
      that Kaptur and/or Kuchinich need to be defeated in the 2012 Democratic Primary and not the general election.

  10. Speaking of the Koch Bros, the importance of the the real numbers and the conservative initiatives to register conservative voters as in Wisconsin, where Republicans are encouraged through a program like frequent flyer miles with rewards in retail coupons to register more Republicans…
    this only underlines the importance of party voter solidarity. The Koch Bros are responsible for funding the multi state initiatives to eliminate potential progressive voters.
    This is the real war. We only play into their hands by our ideological intellectual “liberal” tendencies to use reason and rational argument in our inter party disputes…
    UTF, it is irrelevant to even speak of Kucinich here, because through the Gerrymandering redistricting of Cleveland by Republican Government of Ohio, his district has been eliminated. He can’t be re elected by the people who voted him into power in the first place, because his district does not exist anymore.
    As I would say to my old boss, “Keep your eye in the donut, not the hole.”

    1. MD, the latest news I have seen is that the new district has been carved out of both Kaptur’s and Kuchinich’s Districts. I saw Kaptur on the Rev. Al’s show earlier this week and she described her district as the North Shore.
      And, Kuchinich has said that he may enter that Primary. In all due respect,
      Kucinich can enter any district race he wants to. He has even said that he
      had considered moving to Washington State and running in a District out there. Perhaps, now with the re-districting in Ohio it is even more important
      that a new Democrat enter the 2012 Primary for the “North Shore”. To be sure, it would not be easy as Kaptur has all the power of incumbancy, just as her “free” appearance on the Rev. Al show demonstrates. And, therein, is the problem of retaining her or them. It is their fiefdom!
      Btw, MD and M_R and Jeff and others go check out the opening monologue
      that Lawrence O”Brian gave last night, Wednesday, on his “The Last Word”
      show. Moreover, listen to the complete interview he had with Michael Moore on the streets in the financial district of NYC. In my opinion,you will hear
      the reason(s) why all members of Congress must be changed. Moore comes right out and says it and O”brian was a little more restrained. I just don’t know what you guys don’t get????

  11. You know, UTF, unfortunately, you are correct in interpreting my statement.
    I respect Michael Moore very much and I really would like to know what you find wrong with Kucinich. I can understand your feelings about Kaptur, but I feel that Kucinich has been re elected in his district not because of his extreme views but because he has been a truly representational congressional representative for his district. In other words, I feel he earned his support by his actions on the local level.
    I agree that we need real change, but at this point in time, the stakes are so high. The game being played is so one sided, the dice are loaded, the supreme court has been bought and paid for, that we are fighting a battle with no rules. The computer operating system has been hacked. That’s why we have to fight each election for keeps. We are fighting an amoral monster with legal and financial resources that give it power to try to exhaust the will the people. As we have learned the hard way in the last 40 years, they will try to win an election by cheating, buying, beating you down by any means with in their power.
    In other words, I agree with you and it is a tragic fact that I do and still stand by my conviction that we have fight each electoral battle as if it was the last.
    The bigger question I suppose is, how can we break this tragic cycle?

  12. I agree with everything that you write above, MD. I am not going to re-quote your points. However, my friend, who has been in Congress for the past 20-30 years in this particular case? Kaptur is completing her 24th year. They have been there and enabled Wall Street to destroy the American Dream. They have enabled corporate control of our Government. They have filled their pockets with Corporate and Big Labor lobbying money. It’s time we, the people, reclaimed control of our Government. We are basically in the same
    position governmentally as we were when TR coined the phrase “Muckrakers”.
    The Corporations controlled then, and they do now. And, the rich are richer.

    M_R constantly rings his hands over what we can do and comes to the conclusion that we can do nothing, that we are doomed. What we do is wring the money out of Congress and throw all of them out. We can join the movement to pass an amendment to eliminate lobbying. The Supreme Court cannot stop an Amendment. Lets start hearing our so-called liberal media
    start asking every member of the House and Senate as they interview them, would they support such an Amendment in their House. It can be changed, but not by throwing our hands up and just “venting” on this or that issue…

  13. btw, again, job blows me away with his statement supporting Warren! I love this chick and I would vote for her in minute as well! I gotta hand it to you, your heart is in the right place!

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