The Word Pathetic Doesn’t Even Come Close

I forced myself to watch the Nth GOP debate this evening, but had to shut it off before I puked. Wow! What a herd of swine! How anybody could think of voting for any one of them beats the hell out of me. From what I saw and heard there in Florida tonight,  Obama glides to a landslide victory in November 2012. I would be terribly embarrassed to let anybody know that I am a registered Republican. Thankfully I’m not!


9 thoughts on “The Word Pathetic Doesn’t Even Come Close

    1. I put on my haz-mat suit and took a peek at one of those righteous right-wing blogs this AM to see what the ‘brethren’ thought of the debate. They wrote of a disheartening feeling that there were no good candidates on stage. Duh! Comes the dawn!

      The final line of the post was, “I am afraid the RINO’s are going to put Romney in the nomination. If they do, win or lose, America is fucked. ”

      I love the term, RINO. These johnny-come-latelys have absolutely no clue as to the history nor philosophy of the Grand Old Party. Rather, they have hijacked the party, tied up and gagged the historic party members, and are now labeling their captives as RINOs. It would be humorous if it weren’t so deadly. I’m reminded of a hostage scenario without a ransom note.

  1. And here’s a link about the debate that might make you cry, unless you’re into booing military personnel serving in the Middle East:

    1. Well, Jeff, you have to realize that sanctimonious Santorum is holier-than-though because he has read Deuteronomy and Leviticus and believes every idiotic line in the passages. He and the Taliban are not too far apart in their core philosophies.

  2. A MUST READ: Today’s Blade, Section A, Page 7

    Article by Maureen Dowd of The New York Times

    (Now you know why some “RINO’s” are calling real Republican’s RINO’s.)

  3. I have had the blinding realization that the Republicans only strategy to win is to destroy America and then try to blame Obama.

    1. well, MD, they appear to be doing a good job of that. I think that I heard on one of the news shows that the House has not passed one JOBS bill, but that it has passed 9 (nine) anti-abortion bills. Go figure…

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