Paying the Price for Defending Israel

Here we go again! Quicksand awaits the Obama Administration in a day or two- the same quicksand that mired and entangled so many other administrations. What to do about Israel? Sadly, we will be forced once again into playing the idiot role, the undemocratic role as the United States vetoes the newly proposed Palestinian State. Imagine the same scenario playing out in 1776. Oh, but that was ‘different’ say the nincompoops. Oh, sure it is.

The provincial governor of Texas whipped up the evangelical voters yesterday with a pro-Israel tirade.  Maybe he’s also hoping for the Orthodox Jewish vote in Brooklyn as well. Whatever. I wonder if soon Perry will sing a reprise of the McCain tune, ‘Bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran?’

Poor isolated Israel. The meek and mild state just wants to be able to defend itself against its aggressive Muslim neighbors. Docile Israel.

What price has our nation paid for defending Israel all of these years? Can we actually tally it up? I doubt it, in fact, we even supplied them with a tidy arsenal of nuclear weapons, but no one is supposed to know that.  Keep that info hush-hush, will you? Publicly, the United States has ‘granted’ Israel $53 billion for its military, $101 billion altogether. [link] Each year the U.S. ‘grants’ Israel more than $2 billion for its military.

What does the United States reap for this continual generosity? You tell me.

What’s the root of the Israeli-Palestinian problem? The surface root is land-ownership; the deep-seated root is whether Isaac or Ishmael is more worthy.  Who? Who gives a damn! Oh, sorry, I was temporarily living in the 21st century. Of course people give a damn! After all, what happened 4 millennia ago is of utmost importance today! Can you imagine that? The stupidity of it all causes me nausea.

So here we are, 4000 years later, deciding whether we should support the Isaac-backers or the Ishmael-backers. Were my post today under the category of fictional history, it might be entertaining. Sadly, it is 9/21/2011 reality.

Can you imagine???


17 thoughts on “Paying the Price for Defending Israel

  1. Some facts bear repeating:
    -Israel receives more U.S. foreign aid than any other country on the planet
    -Israel and Egypt receive a full one-third of all U.S. foreign aid (Egypt being the only Middle Eastern country to have signed a treaty with Israel)
    -The remaining U.S. foreign aid given out is usually for countries to leave Israel alone.
    -Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. It’s a “democracy”, just not the same kind of democracy found in the United States
    -For the latest peace talks, Israel demanded we turn over an Israeli spy before they would come to the bargaining table. He was caught spying on the United States for information we would not turn over regarding military defenses of other Middle Eastern countries. And he was selling some of it to the highest bidder on the side. Before he could be caught, the spy’s handler escaped from the U.S. to Israel. Israel will not return the handler to the United States for prosecution. They even gave the handler a high level military job in Israel
    -The same Congressmen fighting against universal health care in the United States vote to send billions to Israel, a country that has universal health care (think of it as us paying for their health care, but not our own)
    -Recent census information show that the population of Israel has grown to almost 7 million people (less than the state of Ohio) Because of U.S. aid, they feel free to fight with over half a billion (that’s BILLION) Arab neighbors. If you’re thinking about how great the Israeli S.W.A.T. team has done, just remember they wouldn’t ever be needed if the other Middle Eastern Countries didn’t hate Israel so much.
    -Israel claims “God” gave them the land. Seems everywhere else on the planet you need some sort of paperwork or history to claim land. (The Bible isn’t such a great source of paperwork as it is kind of localized reading)
    -Israel now bans (deports) any journalists who writes bad things about them. (Just one more way their “democracy” is different from ours)
    -The United States has begged Israel to stop building new settlements on Palestinian land. The just keep on a buildin’

    No, I’m not anti-Semitic. Not even close, actually quite the opposite. I’m just really tired of one Country occupying another Country, then claiming they are the victim. How come there will be only ONE veto against Palestine? Is the United States the only country that has it right and the rest of the world is wrong?

  2. Excellent comment, Jeff. I, too, an not anti-Semitic, and share your values regarding occupancy and bullying.

    By the way, ‘Semitic’ as us commonly used above refers to 20 different groups of people of the Mesopotamian region. Sadly it has come to refer solely to the Jews.

  3. Let’s see are you really anti-Semitic if you believe the Palestinians (who are Arabs=Semites)? Especially since Israel was mostly founded by European Jews! Sure, there are other more Semitic jews (Sephardic, Mizrahi, and so on), but these are pretty much European Jews.

    And most of them have lived away from Israel for the past couple of thousand years anyway.

    The problem is that that area is sacred to three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They should stop fighting and learn to share it like good children.

  4. Yeah, you know my stand, M_R. Seems like we are here every year
    with our support of Israel. And, we know why both U.S. political Parties
    subvert the interests of the United States. The Israeli Lobby! They raise
    a lot of money for GOP and Democratic candidates. Now, here today in
    the U.N. Obama is bellying up to the Jewish lobby. I will leave with this
    question: Why would the U.S. have been the only nation of the Security
    Council to cast a veto of a Palestinian State? Back in 1948 the United
    States was perfectly willing for the UN to create the Israeli State from
    Palestinian lands. Now, Obama says to do that today would be unfair.

    Finally, it was interesting to watch Morning Joe this morning and listen
    to Scarborough castigate Perry and Romney for their attacks on the
    President as “appeasement” and “throwing Israel under the wheels.”
    And, that was mild, considering what I heard on Hannity this afternoon
    radio show.

  5. If we give all that money to Israel, does that allow us immunity from Jewish jokes?:)

    1. Trust me, it doesn’t. I dated a Jewish girl in college and got into trouble sometimes for things she just thought I said.

      1. But Jeff, it was their sence of humor that sustained them as a people for 5000 years (Seinfeld).
        Some of the best Jewish jokes I ever heard were told to me by my attorney. Yes, she’s a Jew.

  6. Just curious, have you heard about a loan the Obama Administration gave to Solyndra ? (there is a good write-up on Penigma – – which provides a little history and as such replaces the hysterics promoted by the talk-radio proponents with facts.)
    Those exploiting the Solyndra story talk about a “give-away” when in reality it was a loan that if the company was successful would have been paid back.

    Now, have you ever heard of a loan given to Israel that was paid back ? Well, there has not been any — ever … yet American taxpayers loan them money regularly and Congress waves collecting on the loans.
    While House Republicans are gutting domestic spending they have increased funding for the Israeli Cooperative Program including its three joint defense programs — Arrow 2, Arrow 3 and David’s Sling appropriated at $235.7 million in funding for the coming year. Not to mention that this funding is separate from the $3 billion in U.S. defense assistance Israel receives each year.

    Recently, over 80 members of the House took lobbyist paid trips to Israel … on mission led by Eric Cantor (R-VA-07), Minnesotan Erik Paulsen (R-MN-05) wrote glowingly about the qualified success of the Iron Dome project … without mentioning who paid for it (read … worse yet, not only are American “loans” being used but the work could have been done by Americans at Raytheon (or some other American company) but is produced by the Israeli state-owned Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd … they got our money and jobs.

    Of course, as American tax dollars are used to offset Israeli taxpayers spending for their monies on defense should mean that the average Israeli citizen is living economically better than most … well, not so …. have you heard about the hunger-strikes that the doctors went on to get wage increases ? Or about the protests over rents, gasoline and even cottage cheese … over 300,000 people participated in one protest. The OECD says Israel’s poverty rate is twice the average of other developed countries, while its welfare and education spending is significantly lower. Thirty-nine per cent of Israelis find it “difficult” or “very difficult” to live on their current incomes. What Israel is experiencing is a growing wealth gap … a 2010 report revealed 10 large business groups controlled 30 per cent of the market value of public companies, while 16 control half the country’s money.
    Sound familiar ? (read )

    OK, let’s address the current situation … how much will it cost American taxpayers this time ?
    No, we are not going to give the Israelis or Palestinians any money to “play nice” but instead monies will go to Portugal, Gabon and Bosnia-Herzegovina to get their votes in the UN.

    Sad to say, but American political fortunes may be at the center of the negotiations … Netanyahu has put President Obama in a corner … Netanyahu can agree to negotiations and give the President another international victory or he can hold out for 2013.

    I listened to President Obama’s address at the UN yesterday … he was strong and correct in his assessment.

      1. Fact-finding tours??? One wonders which ‘facts’ these congressman need to find. Seems to me that even I know the ‘facts’ about Israel without charging the tax payers airfare, meals and drinks.

    1. Minnesota writes: …which provides a little history and as such replaces the hysterics promoted by the talk-radio proponents with facts.

      Wait a minute. Did you include the word ‘facts’ with talk-radio in the same sentence? You’ll need to stay in for recess and write 100 X, “I WILL NOT USE FACTS AND TALK RADIO IN THE AME SENTENCE.

        1. I need an answer. Does The Toledo Blade support Kaptur? If so, does it support her a lot? Or does The Blade support all unions except their own and feel they’re playing nice with Kaptur to stroke the local unions?

          This is really important and if The Blade is bulwarking Kapture, I would really appreciate any references. Thanks.

    1. Thanks. They did something that I thought was strange regarding her. Sometime (not in public) I’ll share with you.

  7. On the way to a trillion if not over it already in devalued dollars.

    I’m nauseous too.

    Thanks for speaking out!


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