September Morning

I’ve just returned from a refreshing walk in the woods. The month of September, as a theme, is found in many songs, but two come to mind this September morning. Neil Diamond ends his hit of the same name, “September morning still can make me feel this way.” Then, with an altogether different theme, Frank Sinatra’s September Song says, “But the days grow short when you reach September, when the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame.”

What is it about this month- a month that begins the ‘How many days in a month?’ ditty? Is it the sight of the yellow school buses plying the streets? Is it the cooler temperatures and the first floating leaves parachuting down from the trees? The noticeably earlier sunsets?

The madness of summer has come to an end when the calendar is turned one page beyond August. There is an uncommon stillness in the chilled morning air that was muted by the brash sounds of summer. A slight bit of fog as well to enhance the stillness.

Yet ofttimes we are unaware of the message that Nature sends our way; to many, mid-September may as well be mid-May. We’ve grown distant from our primitive ancestors who were quite in touch with the rhythms of the natural world.  The change in season was a change in lifestyle. Not so today in our highly sophisticated culture. We have invented systems that maintain the optimal ‘season’ for us throughout the year so that we hardly feel the natural air on our skin any longer. Does this contribute to our careless shepherding of Mother Earth and the denial that we may have greatly impacted the natural rhythms of our planet?

In one particular spot in our nation the heated babble, the rancor, the narcissistic rhetoric continues 24/7 as if there were no change of scene, no early morning frost, no falling leaves. Our insular national Capitol seems to be in an alternate universe, disconnected with this world in which we live. One wonders whether a mandatory daily walk in the park would be beneficial to the legislators’ work of the day. Would a scarlet and orange leaf lying upon the pathway mollify a hardened heart? Or the smell of woodsy air, the sound of the crows echoing through the preserve?

It must be an awful life to live so disconnected with the natural world and its circular rhythms. How can we insulate ourselves from our environment so thoroughly that we have, in fact, become unmindful of the lessons taught in the natural world? Finally, we might be wise to ask:  what becomes of a people who disregard these natural cycles so purposefully?


8 thoughts on “September Morning

  1. I am of the opinion that the Industrial Revolution killed off man’s connection to nature. The constant weather and light created by man have destroyed the bond to the planet’s natural cycles. The lack of feeling for nature has followed the destruction of that bond so that people are unaware of climate change and other environmental destruction. Or, if aware, believe that science can mitigate the destruction.

    Reason should be used in conjunction with nature, not to overcome it.

  2. Call them retired, most move to Arizona:) I never could understand how people live without the seasonal changes. I’m looking forward too Winter myself. I love the snow.

  3. I drove around the Country for two years looking for the best place to live. I picked Northwest Ohio. Four distinct seasons, rural but close to big city services and I can understand the language. Well all that and we’re smack dab in the middle of four big cities and surrounded by mostly good sport teams (sorry Lions, but I do remember when you were good).

  4. Laci- I believe you are correct. What, besides the environmental devastation, did the IR foist onto humankind? Have we room to list it all?

    JOB- I’m fine with 4 seasons, yet the winter one, with heavy gray clouds, seems to last way-too long in my neck of the woods.

    Jeff- yes, Toledo has lots of advantages but it remains a bit player for many reasons. Where, may I ask, were you born?

    1. LOL – Same place as my dad, grandma, great grandparents, great great grandparents, etc……Bowling Green, Ohio. Like my dad and his mother, we’re proud graduates of the public Bowling Green High School (just different buildings).

      After being towed three (yes, 3 damn times) in the winter of 1978, I moved to California for a few years. I must have the Midwest in my blood because I really missed ALL four seasons and the times in between. In Bowling Green, we lived in the “Woods” part of the city and I loved playing among the trees. So now I live in my own woods very near Oak Openings.

      Please don’t tell that Sepp person or any of his friends as they like to screw with me and it drives them crazy they can’t narrow down who I am.

  5. So, Jeff, regarding the Sepp Macho Club, what exactly are they trying to ‘accomplish’ with their witch hunt? I know that they don’t like to have anyone challenge their political nonsense. Have they ‘threatened’ you with physical violence? Two of his Club members challenged me- one to a gun duel and the other to fisticuffs. Apparently they regard their political posturings as Sacred and Hallowed. But then, they’ve proved many times that their testosterone level exceeds their cerebral capacity many times over.

    1. There have been so many senseless shootings lately that I don’t trust anyone nuts on the web. That particular group seem to be nuttier than most.

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