Ohio’s GOP Gerrymanders Districts with Surgical Precision

The newly drawn map of Ohio’s congressional districts has been drawn by the Ohio House. The surgically drawn lines would put Massachusetts Governor Gerry to shame. The 9th district [Marcy Kaptur D.] snakes along the swamps of Lake Erie from Toledo to Cleveland, butting up on the district of Dennis Kucinich way over in Cuyahoga County. They sliced off from her district a valuable section of Toledo voters, trending Democrat, of course.

In fact, the city of Toledo will now be represented in Congress by three different Representatives.  Yes, three. Rep. Jim Jordan [R] will represent a district that begins at Lake Erie and snakes southward down to Urbana, near Dayton [purple color]. Rep. Bob Latta [R] gets a hunk of Toledo [orange color]and southward, half-way down the state. Ms. Kaptur’s new district is in dark green.

How can  rural Representatives like Latta and Jordan serve the people of a large urban setting like Toledo? Well, the obvious answer is that they won’t, which is precisely why the lines were drawn that way. They will vote according to the wishes of their rural constituents to the south. In other words, citizens living around the University of Toledo, professors and students, will now be in the same boat as the farmers along the Indiana border. Representation?

The intention of this new redistricting is obvious: to protect and strengthen the GOP hold on the state of Ohio. The historically Democratic voting sections of Lucas county have been sliced off and will now be encompassed [and overwhelmed] by the large mass of Republican voters to the south. Clever, very clever. Yet, are the citizens being truly represented? Or is it ‘taxation without representation?’ I wonder what Rep. Jordan, an emerging leader of the Tea Party faction in the U.S. House, would have to say to his new constituents about this very Tea Party principle of taxation without representation? Not a word, I suspect. Nada.

There you go. The politics of a democracy. Would our Founding Fathers be proud of all of this?


5 thoughts on “Ohio’s GOP Gerrymanders Districts with Surgical Precision

  1. Well, considering that Elbridge Gerry, for whom the Gerrymander was named, was a founding father, probably not.

    You have to be aware that there were two trends in the Independence movement–one populist and exceedingly liberal by modern standards and the other exceedingly conservative and disliking democracy as being akin to anarchy (e.g. the Adamses).

    Of course, there were far more populists than the elitist conservative independence faction.

    The problem is that special interests have this way of controlling the debate–especially when those interests are very rich and pwerful.

    The more populist side would be appalled that the average citizen is without a voice and that the ideal which were espoused in the Declaration of Independence mean nothing.

  2. Oh, it could be worse. Latta almost lost in the last primary to a candidate who is even MORE conservative (if that’s even possible). And The Blade referred to all the Democrats in Old Orchard (not the Old West End). What the H***? I used to live in Old Orchard and about the only thing Democrat about it is that Pete Silverman and Tina Skeldon Wozniak live there. Lotta Republicans call Old Orchard home.

    Regarding all the Toledo Democrats now living in District 5 (R-Latta), I feel kind of guilty. There had been talk that instead of splitting up Lucas County, they’d just add Wood and Fulton Counties to District 9 (D-Kaptur). I have nothing against Kaptur or Democrats in general. I just didn’t want to be stuck with Toledo and all of it’s problems. The majority of city councilpeople are union hacks and most intercity people vote straight along race lines (black, white or brown).

    All my life I’ve heard that Toledo is just 10 years behind Detroit and now Detroit is referred to the bomb crater surrounded by suburbs.

  3. “There you go. The politics of a democracy.” Yep, my friend, that is what
    it is. In 2010, a census year, it is no secret that Congress is re-apportioned
    for the next 10 years. It was a democratic vote, and you know, there is
    a winner and a loser.

    As to Kaptur, I am recommending ending her fiefdom without out right
    not threatening the loss of the seat to the GOP…She is defeated in the
    primary, not the general.

  4. It’s the politics of democracy. Let’s not forget, M_R, Dems do the same when they have control of a State Government. Its the spoils of political victory. I thought I said that.

    Btw, is Kuchinch entering the Democratic Primary against Kaptur? Wouldn’t
    that be sweet? A way to get rid of two enablers of the destruction of the
    American Dream in one primary!

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