Nine Spoke: One Made Sense

Nine Americans blathered in the past 48 hours about the executive leadership of this nation.  Sadly only one made sense.

President Obama spoke to Congress and to The People about his plan to get the economy 24 hours after the 8 GOP Presidential candidates gave their plan. The message from the GOP-8 was simplistic, naturally.  It was to free corporations from regulations and taxes, then watch them work wonders with the employment problems here in the U.S.

Not too complex: low taxes, few regulations. Makes sense for those who never studied economics or for that other, highly-propagandized set of citizens who give their brains over to the 24/7 AM radio talking heads [aka corporate shills].

Let the corporate world run free, they say, and our land will explode with new jobs and the economy will zoom upward, rocketing to new heights. It reminds me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Click your heels three times: jobs, jobs jobs!


19 thoughts on “Nine Spoke: One Made Sense

  1. Put very beautifully. Congress has lowered taxes numerous times over the past 10 years, BUT FEW NEW JOBS HERE HAVE RESULTED. Congress has eased regulations many times over the past 13 years, BUT ALL WE GOT WAS THE GREATEST RECESSION IN HISTORY AND FEW NEW JOBS HAVE RESULTED.

    All of the Republicans, as well as their recipes for creating jobs and improving the economy, are full of shit and will be strongly and deservedly rejected by voters on 11/5612!

  2. True, Jack, exactly true. Yet there are tens of millions of ‘believers’ who absorb this bull shit as gospel truth. Hey! Wait a minute!! That’s it!!!


    These are the same people who ‘believe’ that GOP stands for God’s Own Party. I’ve got it! Their brains have been ‘tenderized’ so thoroughly through Bible preaching over the years, that all religious or political stuff has the same result: mindless adherence to an ‘authority’ figure.

    BINGO! Amen.

  3. At this time in the presidential election cycle, I would say that Obama is
    in trouble. He better hope that he does get a Rick Perry to run against. Romney won the last debate hands down. He destroyed Perry with his
    answer to the question about Social Security. Romney defended
    Social Security and knew that 87% of Republicans support Social
    Security. Romney has Perry out on the edge of the limb, something,
    I recall, that my Jesuit educators said was to be avoided.

    Jack wrote above: “Congress has lowered taxes numerous times over the past 10 years, BUT FEW NEW JOBS HERE HAVE RESULTED. Congress has eased regulations many times over the past 13 years…”

    Yep, and Congresswomen Kaptur must be defeated in the Democratic
    Primary of 2012. 23 years is enough!

  4. Mr. Mud, now you’ve gone and done it! Have you seen this morning’s news?

    You didn’t go Rick’s prayin’ meeting and now they got themselves a whole-lotta fires burning. They were “expectin'” over a hundred thou but over 80 thousand, just like you, didn’t bother to show up. They promised you that you could fast on hotdogs and other stadium food, but noooooo, you just blew poor ole Mr. Perry off and now he’s got himself some splainin’ to do. I hope you’re proud of yourself! I sure hope that Sepp person doesn’t find out (you know how he gets).

  5. Hello Laci,
    I have to agree that Obama has been far too conciliatory and not aggressive enough. Which leads me to say and agree with Uptheflag that at this point in time Obama is in trouble.

    Much like Jimmy Carter who got peace agreements between Egypt and Israel but with the economy in the bad way it was gave Ronald Reagan an easy win. I also give you Daddy Bush who had an 80% approval rating after the first Gulf War but with the down turn in the economy in his last two years gave Clinton that election.

    I am concerned that the dissatisfaction with the voting citizens across the board will vote for someone as radical as Rick Perry. Not so much that they agree with any of his policies or beliefs but more as casting a vote against their personal financial situations. This plus the usual Bible Banging Wing Nuts, Ultra Conservative, and the regular run of the mill LIV will all come out in force on election day. Now if you add in the compliancy of those who came out in the last election to vote for the President the first time around not showing up to vote this time…..well I see 8 more years of W. “Bushavellian Politics.”

  6. One big difference regarding the nine who spoke … only one can do anything to address these problems TODAY.

    IMO, President Obama made a major mistake by not chastising Congress for the next self-imposed crisis … October 1st.
    The fiscal year ends this month and Congress is way behind on approving spending for next year … remember what happened with the failure to reauthorize FAA funding last month (see LaciTheDog’s link to the GOP reflections post) … failure to authorize spending for next month (and the rest of the year) just keeps government contractors on edge and stalls programs. Oh sure, they will approve some stop-gap spending authorization at last year’s level which means that programs that they do not want to terminate will continue … look at the Department of Education where Sec. Duncan agrees that there are programs that should be terminated, and the House has had a bill to do so approved at the Committee level, but is still awaiting House action and then concurrence in the Senate … thus a simple re-authorization will mean these programs could continue.
    Second, President Obama did not provide a piece of legislation that they could debate and approve/deny … that will come next week. In the meantime, Republicans will nit-pick and exploit what is being proposed … poisoning the well.
    What President Obama should have done was to deliver the bill to Congress on Thursday evening …. Gave them two weeks to analyze and request that debate start no later than September 22 (two weeks) … that would give them roughly one week to approve or deny before the next fiscal year starts. By having a definitive Due Date, Congress would be forced to act … the longer this lingers, the longer the uncertainty. For example, if Congress agrees with the reductions in payroll taxes (which really means re-allocating the Social Security funding from current contributors to allocating from general revenues which are being borrowed – not a good idea), the quicker that businesses/workers know they will be paying less next year, the optimism will improve.

    As it stands now, President Obama’s speech was just empty air.
    Let’s look at one area that there is definite need and the potential for jobs … roads and bridges. The GOP will say that this is “more failed stimulus to reward unions” … that’s a dodge … the reality is that federal excise tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon and has not been raised since 1993 … that’s what funds roads. President Obama should have changed the debate by saying something like “the Chamber of Commerce has complained about our crumbling highways and they are right. The funding formula has not changed since 1993 and is based on gallons consumed, and as our investment in increasing fuel standards will continue to mean less gallons consumed. In these difficult times, I am not endorsing an increase in the gas tax, but Congress needs to allocate monies directly for road construction. This expenditure will be offset by revamping the Corporate Income Tax Code.”
    Another area that I was disappointed in was President Obama’s support for Georgia Works … it may have some potential in a non-union state like Georgia, but would be a real challenge in Ohio … but heck, it’s a lot better than Mitt Romney’s Believe in America’s Personal Reemployment Accounts … but then again, President-in-waiting Romney’s plan anticipates yielding a 4 percent annual growth and creating 11.5 million jobs.

    For the record, I am a BIG President Obama supporter … but like a caring parent, sometimes you have to encourage your child that they can do better.

  7. Mud- I never studied economics, I chose not to go too college. Even I see the problem with corporations running the country. If you would like to educate me on the finer points of the economy, I would be happy to listen. Because I don’t see how Obama’s Jobs Plan plan will help much either.

  8. Right on Minnesota Central. I wrote this back at the time of the debt
    ceiling “compromise. I said we won’t have to wait to December for
    another shock, that it was the end of September. The GOP can again have
    an opportunity to shut everything down. Again, our wonderful Congress
    did this. Another reason that the present Congresswoman of Toledo, Kaptur,
    must be replaced in the Democratic Primary of 2012.

  9. JOB- did you study history? For a heads-up on what happens to a nation when corporations run amok, here is [Republican] President T. Roosevelt’s line in the Man with the Muck Rake speech:

    Again, the National Government must in some form exercise supervision over corporations engaged in interstate business-and all large corporations are engaged in interstate business-whether by license or otherwise, so as to permit us to deal with the far-reaching evils of overcapitalization….Such legislation, if so framed, as I am sure it will be, as to secure definite and tangible results, will amount to something of itself; and it will amount to a great deal more in so far as it is taken as a first step in the direction of a policy of superintendence and control over corporate wealth engaged in interstate commerce, this superintendence and control not to be exercised in a spirit of malevolence toward the men who have created the wealth, but with the firm purpose both to do justice to them and to see that they in their turn do justice to the public at large.

  10. JOB challenges: If you would like to educate me on the finer points of the economy, I would be happy to listen. Because I don’t see how Obama’s Jobs Plan plan will help much either.

    Finer points? Not quite ‘finer’ but rather obvious. It is clear that private investment in America is not creating enough jobs to fill the needs of the citizens. Corporate CEO’s don’t like risk and are therefore sitting on trillions of capital in a wait-and-see game. That have been ‘waiting’ for a long, long time and see no great opportunities to invest their money. The “jobs! jobs! Jobs! that Boehner and his crew promised during the 2010 campaign was jut hot air.

    Given that private capital does not wish to move towards investment in employment, then there is only one other source- the Federal Government.

    While you are investigating history, check out the first great infusion of capital by the Federal Government, the WPA.

  11. We have a demand problem.

    Giving the pseudo-job creators more money won’t do anything to create more jobs, it will just make them more rich and more able to buy politicians – particularly right wing politicians.

    If you don’t understand the problem correctly, you won’t find the solution.

  12. If you don’t understand the problem correctly, you won’t find the solution.

    This could be tweaked a bit to make it more accurate:

    If you don’t take the time to understand the problem correctly, you won’t find the solution.

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