Air Force One as Symbol

What’s on TV tonight? Hmm.  Wednesday evening… Oh, the Great GOP Debate!  Surely no one would want to miss this overt and intense display of knowledge and wisdom. At the Reagan Library too boot! Airplane suspended above them- Air Force One [ret.] Perhaps that former presidential airplane will set the tone for tonight’s debate: Headed backwards in time.

Interestingly, Ronald Reagan, rest his soul, wouldn’t be on stage tonight were he alive today.  He’d be way-too moderate, like Tim Paulenty. Sorry, Ron, the party moved way too the right and there is no room for you on stage tonight. Oh, they will mention Mr. Reagan many times just to assure the old-time Republicans that they love the man, but after that, they will speak a language unfamiliar to the Old Gipper.

One would have to travel back in time two decades earlier than President Reagan to match the philosophical rhetoric voiced beneath that airplane tonight. Back to Barry Goldwater. Rather than quoting Mr. Reagan, this tome from Goldwater might set the theme of those assembles on the dais: I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them.

How about that to set the philosophy of this new set of GOP hopefuls?  Does that fairly well nail it?

Perhaps the most well known quote from his book, The Conscience of A Conservative, is I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!

Now there’s a sharp double-edged sword which cuts both ways, indeed. The pursuit of justice, he said. How highly will justice rank in tonight’s discussion?  Any bets?  By the way, will any of the participants, do you suppose, quote Goldwater? Or Nixon? Or Ford or Bush 41? Any takers for Bush 43? More than likely, neither Hoover nor Coolidge. No, not a whole lot of possibilities there in that once-Grand Old Party.

What about religious talk? Will anyone show up with a Bible on their podium? After all, isn’t it God’s Own Party? Surely there needs to be a nod to that bevy of Christian Fundamentalists in the holier-than-thou wing of the GOP. Were I Mitt Romney, I’d ask Rick Perry how his prayer for rain in Texas worked out. Not only a severe drought but wildfires too. Isn’t that a sign of something?  Flooding on the east coast. The much ballyhooed End Times? Surely one amongst them will speak the Truth tonight.

Then there will be the topic of jobs.  Or as Speaker Boehner said, “Jobs, jobs, jobs!” Three times as in the three denials of Jesus. Let’s see if i can guess what the job-plan might be…it’s only a wild guess but I’m thinking: tax cuts and deregulation. What else? Er… that’s all folks! After all, if the business and corporate worlds would have fewer regulations [or none at all!] and lower taxes, then, by golly, millions of jobs will open up all across the land.  Can’t wait for that to happen! People going back to work from Maine to California because of deregulation and low tax rates!  Why, it would be a miracle- not unlike the Texas miracle of Rick Perry. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

I can hardly wait, can you? Gosh darn, it’s 11 hours away.  I wish the clock would move forward faster so that we can all see the GOP plan to move the clock backwards!!


23 thoughts on “Air Force One as Symbol

  1. I remember the Reagan Years. They weren’t bad, so I guess that’s why some people (my brother) think his head (Reagan’s, not by brother’s – but that’s a whole other story) should be added to Mount Rushmore.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I like reading blogs of all opinions. The throng citing the massive debt Obama racked up in just a short time got me to doing some research. WOW! Seems old (dead) Ronnie was the master of “just say charge it”. All this time, I thought the eighties were the good times; turns out we were just living on credit. Credit we’re still paying on today. Credit that President Obama is being blamed for today.

    I’m not ordinarily a violent person, but don’t ya just feel like knocking one of those “revisionists” up-side-the-head ?

    1. Yes, but I’m generally non-violent. The Regan tax and spend scenario was brought up this evening by Ron Paul to the chagrin of the audience. They don’t want to ‘believe’ that Republicans bloated the budget much the same as Democrats.

  2. Here’s an interesting quote; ” There can be no effective control of
    corporations, while their political activity remains.”

    Who said this?

  3. Who? The same man who brought the man with the muckrake into prominence. TR would have been laughed off of the stage tonight if he had said that and many other anti-corporation things.

    How’d you like Perry’s “Ponzi scheme” reference to Social Security? That ought to doom his presidential hopes all to hell. And he repeated it 2 more times. Just think- right now an anti-Perry commercial is being put together by Romney as well as the White House.

  4. I am picking up the pieces on the thread posted by think progress…unfortunately, my reality has surrendered to the call of the vines…I got an email yesterday telling me that the Vendange was starting on Saturday morning, so I’m packing to leave tomorrow night for a 2 week hiatus in the middle ages. Meanwhile, my neighbors donkeys have taken to escaping and are lured by my vegetable garden…I have to deal with this today! He has electric lines up around his house, but the wiring is faulty and the interference signal destroys my television reception…life in the country…..

    1. LOL – A few years ago you’re comments about country living would not have made much sense to me. Now, I totally understand how different things are out here. Although, there are things about city living (i.e. noise control, fast response for emergencies, security, utilities, etc.) that would make country living easier.

  5. Right on, M_R. One of our traditional Republican statesman. Have to wonder
    what TR would have said about the Citizens United Case?

    What TR is demonstrating with this quote is his recognition that there were
    powerful interests influencing Congress. We call this lobbying. TR
    brought us muckraking reforms like food and drug regulation and his
    famous “trust-busting.” TR saw and warned later generations of this
    Since 1983 what has Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur done to end the
    influence of lobbyist? Our democracy has been severely compromised
    by the inaction of Congress against lobbying. Kaptur enables this to
    continue. There are no lobbyists for the American Dream. We know
    that our politicians are in the pocket of special interests by their
    powerful lobbyists. Congresswoman Kaptur permits Wall Street and
    Corporate lobbyists win. She is offering no leadership. Indeed, she
    is part of the scheme that has seen the withering of the American Dream.

  6. “Just think- right now an anti-Perry commercial is being put together by Romney”

    Well, Romney loves this gift. I look at this way that given the ineptness of
    Obama as President, Obama is not going to win on his domestic
    accomplishments. His Financial Reform Act and his Health Care Reform
    act are half ass measures at best, and his 2009 was a Democratic special
    interests boondoggle. At this stage of his Presidency, my friend, Obama
    can’t even hold FDR’s jock strap. I am sure that you have seen the films
    of FDRs remarks about Republicans and Wall Street. Where is Obama’s,
    “I welcome their hatred.” OMG, did FDR say “hatred”? Yep! With that FDR
    won a landslide re-election victory. And, not to be forgotten is “Give Them
    Hell, Harry”. Two Democratic Presidents who stood with the American
    people and the American Dream against the banks, unconsionable greed,
    and wall street. And, we have this sorry excuse kissing up to those very
    interests. By doing so, Obama has aided the GOP in paralazing the
    country. Yet, we have no choice. The only chance to defeat the forces
    of greed, wealthy, and religion is that the GOP actually nominates a person
    as Perry, and not a Romney. Romney could win.

    1. I think you’re last two posts are actually talking about the same thing: Special Interests Groups

      In 2011 (and before), it would be impossible to win an election without some serious campaign money. I’m somewhat older than most, and I can remember the “old” Saint Marcy and Delbert Latta. That was a long time ago in a different age of politics. Unfortunately, Special Interests are a major source of funding today. But, nothing is free. I know this is not an option for everybody, but I try to fight those groups by giving money myself to lesson the importance of their donations.

  7. Here’s an interesting article for you:
    Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

    But both parties are not rotten in quite the same way. The Democrats have their share of machine politicians, careerists, corporate bagmen, egomaniacs and kooks. Nothing, however, quite matches the modern GOP.

    To those millions of Americans who have finally begun paying attention to politics and watched with exasperation the tragicomedy of the debt ceiling extension, it may have come as a shock that the Republican Party is so full of lunatics. To be sure, the party, like any political party on earth, has always had its share of crackpots, like Robert K. Dornan or William E. Dannemeyer. But the crackpot outliers of two decades ago have become the vital center today: Steve King, Michele Bachman (now a leading presidential candidate as well), Paul Broun, Patrick McHenry, Virginia Foxx, Louie Gohmert, Allen West. The Congressional directory now reads like a casebook of lunacy.

    1. Good to see you back, Laci.

      Nothing, however, quite matches the modern GOP.

      Of course. Recall the photos and the stories told by victims of kidnapping and hijacking???

      1. It really doesn’t matter which Party it is. They are elitist and only intent
        on saving their “job”. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur must be defeated in
        the 2012 Democratic Primary. With the approval rating of the House at 17%
        and falling, Kaptur is defeatable. She must be taken on in the Primary.
        Hell, it might be easier than you think. She may decide not to run and
        not face Party Primary campaign fight. How can she ever defend 23
        years of enabling the rape of the middle-class and permitting the
        collapse of the American Dream? She has a nice government retirement
        income, a great government health care progarm, and will be easibly
        employed as a corporation lobbyist, probably one of her military-
        industrial cronyies, at a higher pay than she makes as a Congresswoman.
        Talk about your golden parachute. Kaptur out in 2012…..

        1. Just wondering……do you have anyone in mind who would dare run against Miss Kaptur? I can’t think of a single Democrat that could beat her.

          By the way, speaking of politicians in the back pocket of special interests, what do you think of Toledo City Council voting to voice disapproval of Senate Bill 5. You do know that the majority are current or former union officials.

  8. Yesterday, M_R, you gave us a countdown to the GOP Primary Debate.
    Let me give a countdown to Obama’s not new speech on jobs, at least,
    so the newscasts are telling us. Guess there will be no going back with
    this Democratic President, huh, M_R? You know what I mean, something
    innovative like FDR and Truman. Nah, Obama has a new way, lol, yeah,
    working with obstructionist GOP. Now, that’s winner! Lets hear it for this
    forward looking President. How come nothing being writtenabout this
    speech to Congress in less than 3 hours?

    1. No thought here…..I’m still trying to understand why the sitting President of the United States changed the date of a very important speech to accommodate a political campaign event. Have political activities finally trumped the good of our Country?

  9. Jeff asks, “do you have anyone in mind who would dare run against Miss Kaptur?”


    What’s the “dare”? I said above the Congressional favorable rating was
    17%. That was a mistake; it is 13%….13%….. I mean, Jeff, who are the
    13% in her District that support her? I would take my chances with the
    87%. We just need some one to overcome that fear that you expressed and
    act to change the system. A person who has scruples and supports the
    American Dream. Some one who comes in with clean hands. Some one
    that believes in change and can support the rights of all workers.

    Finally, you ask, ” Have political activities finally trumped the good of our Country?” Difficult question to answer, but gnerally it seems that it has.
    However, this is not anything recent. We seem to undulate between
    reform and retrenchment. However, since 1968, and the defeat of Hubert
    Humphrey, we have been a long period of retrenchment, it seems to me.

  10. LATEST NEWS * U.S. summer hottest in 75 years

    Say, Mr. Perry, what was that about your ‘belief’ concerning climate change?

  11. Jeff and M_R, the following information is from Arianna Huffington in
    “Third World America.”

    Jeff, special interests dominate the public interest. Congress as a body
    believes the corporate bottom line is more important than that of the
    workers. The regulatory agencies are bastions of cronyism, that is,
    corporations regulate their own self interest. Congresswomen Kaptur
    permits this to happen.
    Corporations have direct access to our Congressional politicians because
    of the sums of money they donate to the Rep and Sen campaign fund.
    To put it simply, corporatons and their lobbyists buy votes from Congress.
    Many of the lobbyists are former members of Congress or their staffs.
    Here are three examples: During the health care care debate six
    former staffers of Sen. Baucus and two of those were his former chief
    of staffs were the chief industry lobbyists. His chief advisor on health is the
    former V-P of WellPoint, a large health insurance company.
    Another example is Ken Lay of Enron. Lay and Enron was a chief
    financial fund raiser for Bush. Enron donated millions of dollars in the
    election of 2000. What did Lay want? Deregulation in the Energy field.
    Did he get it? Yep! Bush and Cheney had the head of the Federal
    Energy Regulatory Commission replaced.
    A third example is Linda DASCHLE…Daschle…Ring a bell? She is
    the wife of Tom Daschle, the former Senate Leader. After the collapse
    of the airline industry following 9/11, she, a lobbyist for the airline
    industry, achieved a billion dollars of government bail-out money. And,
    lest we forget, Obama had wanted Sen. Daschle to be his health Czar.
    Daschle also served on the BP advisory board during the Gulf Spill.
    My point is, Jeff, that special interests achieve the results that the
    Elites want, expecially large corporations and wealthy individuals. They
    buy Congressional votes. Last night, the President gave his priorities for
    creating jobs in the United States. The lobbyists will be out in full force
    to influence the legislation today. Money will be flowing the next few
    weeks and months.It will flow right into pockets of the three House and
    the three Senate Committees that will write the legislation., For 23 years
    Congresswoman Kaptur has participated in this “treasonous” corrupt
    system that has enpowered the elites at the expense of the other 95%,
    the middle class and the lower class. Kaptur must be challenged in the
    2012 Democratic Primary….

    1. It’s not lost on me that the Congresswoman holds her victory parites at the U.A.W. hall on Ashland. But who you gonna get to run against her?

  12. You can’t be serious, M_R. I mean do you really support a forever
    fiefdom? Here you have written post after post and comment after comment
    about what is wrong with our governmental dysfunction, and one of those is members of Congress self perpetuation…Are you telling us that 23 years is
    not enough of the middle class losing its position? Do you really think that
    it is only the GOP that has compromised the American Dream?..What have
    you been reading and watching lately that tells you different?

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