Another Proud Moment For The George W. Bush Administration

by Engineer Of Knowledge


Recent intelligence documents found in the abandoned office of Libya’s spy chief were captured and these Libyan documents shows the George W. Bush administrations sent terror suspects to Libya for interrogation, despite that country’s reputation for torture.

The intelligence documents were left behind when Tripoli fell to the rebels. They show a close working relationship between the Central Intelligence Agency under the George W. Bush Administration and Muammar Qaddafi’s intelligence service.

Yes the poster child for the Alfred E. Newman’s, “What Me Worry?” award, George W. Bush worked hand in hand and rewarded Muammar Qaddafi. The same “Mad Man” who order the attack on December 21, 1988, of the Pan Am Flight 103 which exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 people on board. Yes 259 of mostly American students, the children of American Mothers
and Fathers, were blown up by the orders from this same “Mad Man Qaddifi.”

Should any of the “Self Righteous Tea Party” members of my Republican Party presenting pictures of George W. Bush with the caption, “Miss Me Yet?” should take notice of these facts.  It is President Obama who saw fit and the opening to purge the world from this Mad Man Qaddifi working with a coalition of several other World Nations’ aid.  This was done so without committing U.S. troops invading Libya resulting in no losses of U.S. military men.  In comparison, George W. Bush was giving Qaddifi American Tax Dollars to torture people.

My closing comment is that President Obama accomplished what the George W. Bush tried to do in Iraq and Afghanistan with slight success of having Saddam Hussein killed but more to only accomplished creating the quagmire we are trying to clean up today.  George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be taking out their note pads and making notes how it is properly done.

My suggestions to do with Dick Cheney’s latest book at best is to use it in the bathroom and “NO I DO NOT MISS GEORGE W. BUSH’S ADMINISTRSTION YET!!”


26 thoughts on “Another Proud Moment For The George W. Bush Administration

  1. Good post, Engineer.

    George W. Bush worked hand in hand and rewarded Muammar Qaddafi.

    Say what? Do you mean that ruthless dictator who killed his own people and helped bring down Pan Am flight 103? THAT ruthless dictator?

    And to think: Bush concocted a story about WMD’s and got us involved in a preemptive war with that other mad, ruthless dictator [who killed no Americans] Saddam Hussein. That Axis of Evil. The Axis that is now solely controlled by “Iran! And 9,000 of our military men and women are now molting in their graves because of it? And tens of thousands of veterans have permanent injuries, amputations, PTSD and disfigurements because of this idiotic decision by Bush and his administration!

    …and there are people in the GOP longing for his return????????????

    1. Where was Congresswoman Kaptur, M_R? It’s time for a change! Did not
      Congress give its OK? Why do you think Kaptur supports the military-
      industrial complex so completely?

  2. Hello Muddy,
    OH YES!! Many of the Teabaggers here on the 1st District of Maryland proudly display bumper stickers with the picture of Goofy W. Bush and the words, “Miss Me Yet?” I cannot imagine what qualities this man brought forward, “For The Common Good,” of this country other than being the prefect example to learn by of “HOW NOT TO GOVERN A COUNTRY.”

    The PBS program Frontline did a program call, “The Man Who Knew.” John O’Neil was for six years the leading FBI agent who specialized in Al Qaeda and its terrorist network since President Clinton. He warned the Bush Administration of the threats knowing that Osama bin Laden was planning to attack the World Trade Towers but his constant warnings fell on deaf ears with the George W. Bush Administration. A fact that Richard Clarke, the former counterterrorism czar, and Condoleezza Rice confirmed later on.

    John O’Neal quit his position within the FBI and went to work as head of security for the World Trade Center. He was crushed and killed when the Trade Towers came down by the attacks he predicted and warned the W. Bush Administration about.

  3. Some ‘governance,’ eh? But then, those Teabaggers in your neck of the woods [and everywhere] don’t give a damn about governance. All that they care about is that their taxes be eliminated. Of course, that could be accomplished 100% if one would like to live in the Wild West of the 1800’s.


  4. Have you noticed all the criticism of Obama, regarding Libya, on the Wingnuts’ blogs? I don’t get it. They’re all moaning that the U.S. should not have been involved. Then they start bringing foreign control of the U.S. military, as in N.A.T.O. Who wants to bet most of them don’t even know that is an acronym? (Or know what “acronym” means?)

  5. You see Jeff, the war against Gadaffi wasn’t so much as a war against Islamists, Arabs, or raghead dictator with oil we thought we could take, whatever…it was a war allied with ragheads, islamists, arabs, what have you against a dictator with oil that we couldn’t take, because the multinational oil companies had already divied it up, no matter what Donald Trump seems to think, but reality or history isn’t a concern to teabrain illogic…you see, who needs facts when you can make them up!
    It’s so simple, really.

  6. It’s even more complex here in a way. The Pentagon is praising the French these days for their tactical involvement in the Libyan Liberation War. Only 3 years ago, Gadaffi was the special guest of Sarkozy in Paris. It was a huge scandal and polemic as Gadaffi’s tented entourage destroyed the lawn of the l’Elysee and there were reports of government sanctioned “pimping” to provide the old fuck with fresh women.
    Sarkozy touted contracts for EDF/Areva nuclear plants and a supposed deal for a Libyan desert autoroute built by the French company DaVinci.
    So, now, the main player in the scrambling to rewrite the oil deals with the new NTF Libyan Government is the French Energy Giant, Total.
    The war has become a sort of Sarkozyist NeoColonial pipedream, guaranteed to bring him some credence in the short run. Lord knows he needs it because he is now the most unpopular president in post WW2 France. He’s counting on this to get re elected in 2012…..

  7. I see, guys, this Democratic “War” is justified. And, did Congress have any
    say in whether we went to war as the Constitution stipulates? At least,
    President Bush did take it to Congress so that Kerry, Clinton, et al could drip
    their hands in arab blood! Moreover, how many civilians are collateral
    damage? How many women, children, seniors? A new report indicates that
    it is in the thousands. Killing non-belligerents in Iraq is bad, while killing
    non-belligerents in Libya is permissible, because the former dictator didn’t kill any Americans, only his own people like gasing the Kurds and others, while the
    latter dictator threatened to kill a group of his people? What did Obama gain
    for bypassing Congress and putting the nation deeper in debt? I smell a
    war President, and a President that has continued and even enhanced
    President Bush’s accumulation of executive power and the expense of “we,
    the people.” It would be good to have some consistency on this blog….

  8. UptheFlag- it was a NATO-led operation and, as the U.S. is a member of NATO, then the president does not have to ‘ask’ for a special war-declaration-permission to enjoin a NATO operation.

  9. Great job, Engineer of Knowledge. These crooks and schemers will NEVER be missed and will go down in history as the most corrupt and criminal administration in our history.
    mudrake, thanks for pointing out that very important and relevant piece of fact to uptheflag.

  10. And, who the hell is NATO, if it’s not the United States? It was our planes,
    our electronics, our experts who enabled the air war to proceed. France
    has never been able to fight its way out of a wet paper bag, and England
    ran out of bombs/missles within days. While there are no boots on the
    ground, yet, it’s not over.

    The fact is, Jack, this is just another way to encourage militarism in the
    United States. Both M_R and I have written extensively on curbing the
    jingoism of the United States. To be sure, I am no bleeding heart for
    Kdhaffi, but there was no vital interest of the United States at risk. It is
    just more or the same, that is, we need to be the policeman of the world.
    The Empire must end. While constantly arguing against McCain, the Rep.
    Senator from NC, and the Tea Party for their foreign policy agenda
    any interventionist policy plays into the hands of these very people. It seems
    that the only justification is political, this is a Democratic President and we
    have to support our first mixed racial President in foreign policy.

  11. Found the following dated March 11,2011:Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur on Wednesday lambasted President Obama’s handling of the situation in Libya, arguing that his decision to intervene without consulting Congress was “premeditated” and “irresponsible.”

    In remarks on the House floor, Kaptur questioned the justification of the mission at large, and said she was “highly concerned” about the way the mission had been launched.

    “Surely there was time to seek congressional approval,” Kaptur said of the president’s decision to authorize U.S. force in Libya. “I’m highly concerned that this military intervention took the familiar pattern of launching attacks just when Congress left town to go back to our districts for a week, thus silencing our voices in Congress even more as this floor was shut down.”

    “How premeditated, and how irresponsible, I believe the current course of events to be,” she added.

    Kaptur said that while the president apparently consulted with some congressional leaders before joining the mission, who those leaders were was unclear.

    “Who exactly were they?” Kaptur asked. “None of these gestures meet the spirit or letter of the law under our Constitution relating to military engagement abroad.”

    Along with Kaptur, Republican Rep. Austin Scott raised questions about the timing of the mission last Friday, “I believe that timing was intentional by the president,” added Scott, who serves as president of the GOP freshman class.

    Kaptur, in her remarks, also questioned the justification of the intervention itself, emphasizing what she believed to be a shortage of allies on the mission, and wondering, “is America to intervene wherever there is an uprising?”

    “Why is America taking a military role in an internal civil conflict without a vote of Congress?” Kaptur asked. “Is this America’s 21st century Monroe Doctrine, to now intervene militarily under the guise of humanitarian aid, wherever a president chooses?”

    Democratic Rep. Lynn Woolsey (Calif.) expressed similar hesitations regarding the military strikes.

    “The president gave a fine speech Monday night, as he certainly does, but I found him more eloquent than persuasive,” she said. “I’m not satisfied that he’s made a thorough case for military action in Libya.”

    “Does the Pottery Barn rule apply in Libya?” she asked. “If we break it, do we own it?”

    Kaptur said she had written to the Obama administration requesting proof of legal authority to intervene in Libya.

    Added Kaptur as her time on the floor ran out: “Mr. Speaker, on the operations in Libya, there should have been a vote here.”

    Lucy Madison Lucy Madison is a political reporter for
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    12Next ».See all 23 Comments by theaffluentsociety2 April 4, 2011 8:34 PM EDT
    Whats premeditated and irresponsible is how these Democrats are turning on their party leader, and potentially screwing up any chance for them to win in 2012 or 2014. What’s irresponsible is how these Dems probably did not oppose Iraq and W, because if they had, corporations would have cut their finances, and Fox would have called them traitors.
    Reply to this comment …by endurorob_5 March 31, 2011 1:04 PM EDT
    RedWings_ninety_one March 31, 2011 12:02 PM EDT
    THERE IT IS!! Someone now criticizing Obama for even going…does it matter that he didn’t consult congress? NO, what matters is that Qaddafi is no longer bombing his citizens.
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Yes it does matter that he didn’t get legislative approval seeing as how we were not attacked.
    Reply to this comment RedWings_ninety_one March 31, 2011 11:49 PM EDT
    No, to my understanding..Congress is only neede to declare war, which this isn’t.
    ….by RedWings_ninety_one March 31, 2011 12:02 PM EDT
    THERE IT IS!! Someone now criticizing Obama for even going…does it matter that he didn’t consult congress? NO, what matters is that Qaddafi is no longer bombing his citizens.
    Reply to this comment …by Tedsliver March 31, 2011 7:41 AM EDT
    How is Libya different from all the other irresponsible things Obama has done? Come on, this has been going on since this bozo was elected.
    Reply to this comment …by discussthis March 30, 2011 10:53 PM EDT
    The desperation of the left, to support 0bamma, by offering spurious arguments and evasive logic, is amazing.
    When will the left admit they made a mistake in believing in some vague “hope and change”?
    Reply to this comment …by bennyblack1 March 30, 2011 8:51 PM EDT
    I think that President Obama made the right decision in helping the rebellion. I think that this is as far as it should go, though. The Libyan people have made themselves clear that they do not want Ghadaffi ruling over them, killing their friends and families. It is clear that they do not hate the Jews, and that they don’t wish to be at war with them. The Libyan people, it seems to me, are not a status quo population willing to accept a government with cruel devices for leadership. The bombing should have given the rebels time to unify and coordinate a clear plan to not only take over the country for themselves, but to rule responsibly. I think that if the Libyan’s continue on the right track, and avoid deceptive partnerships that would lead to another tyrranical government, that they will succeed in their endeavor.
    I agree with President Obama, in this case, because the Libyan people don’t need another set of troops coming in from outside their borders. They needed air superiority. Which is what the NATO alliance provided. I personally think that it is all we SHOULD provide.
    Also, remember, that this was a joint decision between the members of the United Nations. It wasn’t just President Obama’s decision. He didn’t just go out and do this on his own, and it was purely for the benefit of the Libyan people. I don’t think there was an ulterior motive involved. Benefits, if the Libyan people are successful, will come later – when the Libyans have settled and have begun trade relations and interacting positively with other NATO countries.
    Reply to this comment BBFmail March 31, 2011 11:16 AM EDT

    Ron Paul says no-fly zone over Libya is an ‘act of war,’ needs approval from Congress

    By Pete Kasperowicz

    March 10, 2011 “The Hill” — Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on Thursday argued that establishing a no-fly zone over Libya is an act of war that should require congressional approval, and will introduce a sense-of-Congress resolution saying the administration should seek input from the branch before imposing a no-fly policy.

    “Congress should act,” Paul said. “I’m preparing to introduce a resolution next week, and it’s a sense of Congress, that the executive branch can’t do this without approval from the Congress.

    “We have to remember, a no-fly zone is an act of war,” he added.

    Paul equated a no-fly zone with an act of war based on the U.S. experience in Iraq, which started with a no-fly zone in the 1990s and ultimately ended in war. He also said it is difficult to establish a no-fly zone without some military activity.

    “You can’t just all of a sudden turn a switch and say don’t fly over Libya,” Paul said. “You have to bomb a lot of anti-aircraft sites and a lot of military establishment. So the war is on.”

    Paul also argued that there is no legitimate reason for a no-fly zone over Libya, which is entering a civil war but does not pose any national security threat to the United States.

    “Now, what moral right do we have to participate in war activity against Libya?” he asked. “Libya hasn’t done anything to the United States. It would be foolish, it would have a downside, and we should think very, very carefully before we go expanding the wars that we’re already involved in.”

    Paul is one of 10 House members who sponsored a resolution on Wednesday to direct the president to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

    ….by retm-w March 30, 2011 8:15 PM EDT
    Kaptur and kucinich both trying to suck up to the republican governor, so they won’t lose their seats. Both of their seats are on the line with redistricting.
    Reply to this comment BBFmail March 31, 2011 11:18 AM EDT
    And who is Ron Paul supposedly “sucking up to”?
    ….by gsa400 March 30, 2011 8:03 PM EDT
    It is alright for George to commit an treason But Obama can’t save thousands of lives? Sounds like Rep. Kaptur should get out of the country we don’t allow traitors in America.
    Reply to this comment Tedsliver March 31, 2011 7:43 AM EDT
    As long as she takes Obama with her.
    ….by Tulsa CSI March 30, 2011 7:19 PM EDT
    for crying out loud give the man a freaking break,hes been critized since the beginning of his presidency…
    Reply to this comment right-of-way March 30, 2011 7:39 PM EDT
    yeah, like the break you and the msm gave bush since the beginning of his presidency?
    ….by carolo43 March 30, 2011 7:07 PM EDT
    The only thing John McCain and Lindsay Graham are upset about is that Obama did not act sooner. I think it’s just so much better if you go to Congress for a vote but lie about the details to get those votes like Bush did? A humanitarian effort is not an act of war and this is what this has been labeled.
    Reply to this comment Tedsliver March 31, 2011 7:42 AM EDT
    Another living in the past blame Bush idiot heard from.
    …by BBFmail March 31, 2011 11:28 AM EDT
    Obama’s speech showed a person more capable of DoubleSpeak and DoubleThink than Big Brother and the denizens of George Orwell’s 1984.

    The bombing of Libya will began on or nearly to the day, of the eighth anniversary of the beginning of the destruction of Iraq, 19th March, in Europe. Libya too will be destroyed – its schools, education system, water, infrastructure, hospitals, municipal buildings. There will be numerous “tragic mistakes”, “collateral damage”, mothers, fathers, children, babies, grandparents, blind and deaf schools and on and on. And the wonders of the Roman remains and earlier, largely enduring and revered in all history’s turmoils as Iraq, the nation’s history – and humanity’s, again as Iraq and Afghanistan, will be gone, for ever.

    The infrastructure will be destroyed. The embargo will remain in place, thus rebuilding will be impossible. Britain, France and the US., will decide the country needs “stabilizing”, “help with reconstruction.” They will move in, secure the oil installations and oil fields, the Libyan people will be an incidental inconvenience and quickly become “the enemy”, “insurgents”, be shot, imprisoned, tortured, abused – and a US friendly puppet “government” will be installed.

    The invaders will award their companies rebuilding contracts, the money – likely taken from Libya’s frozen assets without accounting – will vanish and the country will remain largely in ruins.

    And the loudest cheerleaders for this, as Iraq, will be running round tv and radio stations in London, Europe and the US, then returning to their safe apartments and their UK/US/Europe paid tenures, in the knowledge that no bombs will be dropping on them.

      1. Yes, you can erase it if you can…i cut it off i thought where it says Kaptur was on on the House floor. As usual, my internet acumen failed me!

        mea maxima culpa….

  12. OFF TOPIC: Some time back that Sepp person was going on about a S.W.A.T. team belonging to the Federal Department of Education attacking “innocent” civilians to collect overdue student loans. We tried to explain to him that the Department doesn’t have any such team and bulletproof vests do not make a S.W.A.T. team. We also tried to explain that the reason for the raid was for fraud obtaining student loans. Here is link to a story similar regarding shady “schools” getting money from student loans that only the student has to pay back.
    Unfortunately, some people will refuse to accept the truth. Actually, I think they do, but they have more fun pulling our chain. (Oh boy, it just occurred to me that if I was raiding a house inhabited by some of his commenters, I’d want a S.W.A.T. team. Those people even brag about their kids taking weapons to school.)

    1. I think they do, but they have more fun pulling our chain.

      Jeff- you give these lunatics way-too much credit for knowing what they are talking about. For the most part they regurgitate what others have said, much like that childhood game called ‘telephone.’ The upshot of both is the same: ignorance out.

  13. I am not presuming to “lecture” here…but I would like to point out what I perceive as the moral dilemma that would allow us to criticize the neo con adventurism of the Bush/Cheney Iraqi War while accepting NATO’s intervention in Libya. I have pointed out the fine line of hypocrisy and righteousness that define the French/British position. After all it was the British and the French who impelled the NATO Intervention, which compelled America as a member of NATO to participate.
    I will dispute UTF’s dismissal of the French and British in the action. The French were the most active members and still are. The American involvement is minor compared to the actual investment of hardware and technology and aid to the Libyan NTF.
    Can we agree that the Iraqi Invasion and the deposing of Hussein was a totally needless war, which has fundamentally destabilized the economy of America and created a huge security threat to the entire world which did not exist before we created the raison d’etre for the expansion of Al Qaeda?
    Can we agree that the fundamental stated reason for the NeoCon Adventurism was to establish The New American Century, to militarily dominate and control the petroleum resources of the region?
    The Iraqi War was an epic boondoggle, the goals, to establish American hegemony in the region are the core of Cheney’s imperialistic vision of America.
    The goal was beyond any simple 19th century definition of colonialism.
    That said…at the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama attempted to reach out to the Middle East, the Islamic world. It was a blog gesture and something that has resounded in the so called Arab Spring…In Tunisia and Egypt and the ongoing struggle in Yemen and Syria.
    Part of this has been the struggle of the tribal groups in Libya to throw off the repressive Gadaffi 42 year dictatorship. We all welcomed it when it started earlier this year.
    Of course the American Conservative disagreement with the uprising is two fold…one, we finally rolled over and accepted that Gadaffi wasn’t going to go away and he was making deals. Libya has a lot of oil and Gadaffi has stated that he renounced terrorism, opposed Al Qaeda and was working with the Bush regime in torture…which they specialized in.
    Meanwhile, Hannibal Gadaffi was a playboy who tortured his servants on the Cote d’Azur and Switzerland and used the diplomatic connections of his father to escape any prosecution.
    France, more exactly, Sarkozy, got burned for playing with Gadaffi. I explained earlier how Gadaffi’s visit to France is still haunting Sarkozy’s presidency. All of the fat deals he touted after the debacle crumbled into dust. He was made to look as a manipulative idiot after his “intervention” in the Bulgarian Nurse affair was exposed as a total pr sham.
    With Sarko, it’s personal.
    No matter how you try to color this, the Libyan Revolution is still that. It is a revolution, not a war of colonial conquest. All of the key players are busy trying to negotiate with the NTF for new rewritten oil deals. But the ones to negotiate with are still the NTF.
    This will be over soon, Gadaffi will be either dead or in prison in a few weeks. Obama will have another notch on his belt as far as real results in dealing with a real enemy of America. The Republicans will still be scrambling to discredit the involvement and cast it in the worse light.

    I think it’s interesting that only today in Al Jazeera, there was a big piece that exposed the Chinese trying to break the sanctions against Gadaffi only days before the NATO intervention making arms deals.
    I also find it interesting that both Lieberman and McCain were trying to do the very same thing. They would support Gadaffi as a way to keep Israel stable. They would support Gadaffi because they do not want to see any change there. They saw Gadaffi now as a stabilizing influence, when in fact, supporting Gadaffi ultimately is the most destabilizing influence in the region. It only delayed off a more drastic chain of events which would ensue with the vacuum after the inevitable departure of Gadaffi. The support of the NTF is the most positive pragmatic course we can take at this present time.

    Yes, there is a neo colonial aspect to this, but to try to compare this action to the Iraqi debacle is not logic. You are quibbling with moral nuances that only play into empowering those who stand to gain the most from your vacillation.

  14. yes, I made a few typos there, but I’d like to add as far as the moral dilemma goes…as usual with Obama, he;s damned when he does and damned when he doesn’t, though in this case, if America hadn’t leant aid to the Libyn NTF, he would have been doubly damned.

    1. The Reactionary Right doesn’t, as the name suggests, think, but grabs any piece of red meat tossed their way and devours it, then burps it out nauseously onto others.

  15. I hear rumor that the boys over in the wingnut section are messing with the email accounts of commenters who they don’t like.

    OK now, wait for it……they’re doing it in a way that reminds me of certain plumbers. People should really hire professionals for the hard stuff.

    1. Jeff- do you mean they are acting like adolescents? Odd that you would mention that behavior. BTW, just how are they messing w/ email accounts?

      1. It appears that some complaints have been addressed to the ISP of those email accounts causing the email accounts to be frozen. Just what the complaints are I haven’t been able to figure out (yet). After reading the TOS of those ISP”s, it’s rather curious that some of those blogs that border on “racist” or “threatening” are still operating (for now). Just for the record, nothing offensive or close to offensive were any of the comments, unless pointing out the actual facts could be taken as offensive by someone. I suppose it could be anybody lodging the complaints, but once again curiously, the email accounts in question appear to have only commented on a very few select blogs. Interesting.

        (If I had to guess, I’d have to go with Commonsense as he has made mention of this type of thing before. And quite frankly, the others would require instruction.)

          1. I do know that some of them read this blog and talking bad about them is like rattling a snake’s cage. As I’ve stated before, I have been purposely vague on certain points about my personal life. I’m glad I was. Seems these boys try to find out everything about an opposing view commenter’s life. From what I’ve read in their blogs, they lack any kind of morals or ethics even though they constantly complain about the lack of those qualities in others. Just having my first name and comparing it to information found on the web could lead these clowns right to my full name/address and I don’t what any part of them in my life.

            For instance, they lifted a comment I made from this blog and posted it on their own (without any permission of course – laws are for sissies don’t ya know). Then they took little bits from various other comments I made and either distorted them or changed them altogether, but still attributed them to me. On a rather humorous side note, they actually accused me of the very things this Sepp person (more than likely Josepp) did on this site. People will believe anything as long as it’s written (usually in poor grammar) on the computer screen.

            I have nothing to be ashamed of about my life. In fact, I have to watch myself and stop from verbally clobbering these little brains because it could be perceived as picking on the less educated. Ironically, I try my damnest to politely show them they can easily learn the true facts themselves if they don’t believe what they read here or elsewhere. I’m still very frustrated that they choose to remain ignorant when the truth is available all around them. We all should be concerned that they have reproduced and are bringing up another generation of dolts. And this round they got themselves some Texas Board of Education approved text books!

  16. MD wrote above in defense of the Libyan war: “I will dispute UTF’s dismissal of the French and British in the action.”

    Just will point out that Libya is not a major oil producer. The United States, I believe, is a larger producer. Libya’s oil production is roughly 2% of the
    world’s total. I may be just a simple southern ole boy in the bible belt listening
    to my country music on my plantation, but I understand militarism. One
    aspect that I think we don’t appreciate is that while the military has its controlled
    testing fields, they want to try their weaponry out in real war. That is where
    they learn if it works. E.G., take the Iraq war early on. Many of the
    casualties were coming from IEDs that destroyed our supposedly indestructable vehicles. We heard the stories of how the troops were searching the Iraqi waste dumps to find something that would protect them.
    A prize find was refridgerator doors. The result was that the corporate
    war industry designed better vehicle armor. The military-industrial
    \complex needs a little war now and then to learn the problems of what
    they have produced.

    There would have been no war without the Arab League and the United
    \States. The Arab League provided the cover for the Obama war machine
    to become involved. Libya was not attacking any NATO country. NATO
    is a defensive treaty created for the Cold War that basically states “an attack against any member state is an attack against all.” It was the United States
    that got China and Russia to back off. Have to wonder if they didn’t think
    that this was another way to weaken the United States and Europe?
    Obama knew that if he went to Congress for permission, a stormy debate
    would erupt. The United States had no cause for war, so it developed the
    phoney excuse that Libyans were about to be massacred. It is interesting
    to note that a systematic massacre is occurring in Syria, and Obama does
    nothing, except for empty words. France and England could not have done
    this prep, and especally they could not have done the vital initial stage of
    the war. It was the United States that prepared the war, politically and
    militarily…..Not much of a proud moment, M_R

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