It’s the Damned Government, Unless…

Those Tea Party/right-wingers have been bashing government for the longest time, haven’t they?  Mindless, robotic statements about how bad government is and how it ought to be shrunk down so that it becomes invisible. The right-wing is quick to make mindless statements that are as useful as the charred wire left over from the momentary glitter of a sparkler. Sparkler-heads.  All glow, no substance.

Hurricane Irene is headed up the east coast this weekend and many residents from North Carolina to New York may be in her path. Some are calling it the ‘hurricane of the century.’ Damage will be done; lives will be lost and property will be washed out to sea.

One of the right-wing bloggers whom I visit is worried that his area is in the path of this hurricane. His blogging gang posted comments about his safety and wished him well if the storm passed his way.  One said that he’d pray for him. I posted a comment that neither prayers or good luck would have any effect on the outcome and that using his brain to either get out or batten down the hatches would be better that prayers or good luck.  He deleted my comment.  Oh well.

Now, here’s where The Government comes into play- the same government that this gang denigrates in comment after comment. Yet, the Government is the only lifeline that this fellow has that may save his bacon.  Yes, that government.

First, it is the government weather service that is monitoring the storm from the government satellites.  And it is the government that sends aircraft into the eye of the storm to check its intensity. Further the government is alerting the citizens all throughout the area of the dangers posed by this storm. The government will be first on the scene after the storm hits, helping to rescue the victims. And it will be the government that takes the stranded and homeless to shelters. The government will secure the area from looters and the government will organize the cleanup efforts. The government may send in FEMA trailers as well as doctors and nurses. Finally, you can bet that the governors of the affected states will ask the government to declare parts of their states as disaster areas so that the government money can be used for the rebuilding process.

The fellow referenced, the anti-government, anti-tax zealot will discover just how important a fully-functioning government can be. I doubt, however, that he will recognize any of this and will soon be blogging the usual tripe against the government.


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  1. Mud,

    I guess your vast experience with FEMA comes into play here. I have been through several hurricanes now. How many have you been through?

    I know you remember Katrina. Remember how well FEMA did in that one? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

    You admit on this blog, and mine, that you refuse to even wish us luck. You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

  2. You’re an idiot. The government doesn’t give us any help. I am glad that you apparently have never had to rely on the “government.”

    1. Yes, Tenth, I’m the idiot and I’m the one who doesn’t know anything. I think that it is quite obvious which of the two of us has a higher IQ and the larger reservoir of knowledge.

    1. what a card! 10th Generation, sir…your subtle, ironic sense of humor has left me rolling in the aisle again! I take it you have a generator to operate your sump pump when the electricity goes out? I do.

  3. There are differing views of the role of government … that even includes the weather and the consequences of the weather.

    Is it the Government’s responsibility to provide weather forecasts ? My school years are too long ago … I remember something about “We the people” and gun rights, but where in the US Constitution does it say that the Government needs to provide weather forecasts ? ? ? ?
    Sadly, the US Senate lost one of its visionaries to electoral defeat, but he is back, aiming for the presidency. Although many may laugh at Michele Bachmann’s Freedom of Light Bulb Choice Act, there has not been enough attention to Rick Santorum’s The National Weather Services Duties Act of 2005. Santorum‘s legislation would “bar the National Weather Service from providing any service that competes with the private sector.”
    No doubt Tim Pawlenty remembered this as a central plank of his “Google it and if a private company does it, the government does not need to” campaign.
    Future President Santorum is doing the citizens a great service … after all there are private weather forecasting companies such as AccuWeather, and the Weather Channel.
    Oh, and by the way, during that 2005 period, Joel and Barry Myers, founders and executives of AccuWeather, which has its headquarters at State College, PA, donated to Mr. Santorum election campaign.

    And is it really the Government’s responsibility to help people ? IF there is a hurricane, won’t it be just like how House Republicans handled the Joplin MO tornado … you remember, Eric Cantor (R-VA-07) – “All of us know that the federal government is busy spending money it doesn’t have” – Mr. Cantor thinks there might be some money next year but in the meantime, it’s the people’s problem … won’t they just turn to another Pennsylvanian efforts to help.

    Maybe you saw the story on CBS Evening News :
    Susan Stewart, a Pittsburg quilt-maker and seamstress well known to online sewing aficionados, wanted desperately to help when she saw images of the wreckage and desolation in Joplin, Missouri, following last May’s fearsome tornado; and she expressed the feeling of futility that many of us experience when faced with a disaster of significant magnitude–and seeing others who appear much better equipped, rushing past you to help: “I don’t have a chain saw, and I don’t know how to drive a bulldozer, and I can’t put a new roof on.” But Susan was realistic enough to realize that for Joplin, help was going to be an ongoing thing for some time, and she channeled the abilities she does possess toward one demographic that she COULD help.
    She thought of the grade-school children, and when they would be able to return to school; she remembered that every year, she had always had one special new dress to wear for the first day of school. “. . . and so I asked ladies to make garments . . . it was just the right thing to do.” And Susan was uniquely positioned to do it. She made her request to her online network of sewing enthusiasts via her well-circulated newsletter, all over the country. “It went viral,” she says modestly.
    The response to Susan’s networking, dubbed Project First Day, was a total of over 1400 brand-new, made-to-order outfits in a huge variety of styles, sizes and fabrics arriving from everywhere.

    That’s the American way … privatize the weather service and hope good citizens will donate.

    That’s not the way that other governments may do things … thank goodness, we do not have a horrible country like the United Arab Emirates … they heard about a natural disaster and how it impacted the citizens … so they donated $500,000 for Joplin schools to purchase new computers for every high school junior and senior … they have earmarked another $500,000 to match other contributions which may be made to Joplin Schools Foundation Matching Grant, Attention Kim Vann, at 3901 East 32nd Street, Joplin, Missouri 64804. Be sure to write “matching grant” in the memo section your check.

    1. You really think some things are better “privatized”? How much you wanna bet those private weather forecasters use some of that there government weather system? Ya think they might not get enough information on their own, not having satellites and all? I bet you’re one of them folks who think a voucher system for schools and retirement benefits is the way to go. I guess you never read about how swell things were before the government stepped in. Maybe you can ask CommonSense if he actually remembers any real history from his schoolin’?

      Do ya think for a second this “Tenth” person isn’t goin’ grab all the government help he can if “prayin'” don’t protect his folk from the weather? And rebuildin’ for the neighbor folk counts if the repairs are paid for by the government and/or insurance.

      I did run over to your blog to read about all the neat stuff Israel is doin’ and how the U.S. should learn from them. Are you aware Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid? Are you aware that Israel and Egypt make up a full third of U.S. foreign aid? Are you aware that most the the remaining foreign aid is spent so other countries leave Israel alone? On second thought, maybe the U.S. can learn a thing or two from Israel. Thanks for the insight. You take care now.

      1. A little clarification for them folks lacking in the book learnin’ department; when an area is declared a federal disaster area, a lot of federal tax dollars are spread around regardless of who writes the final check. It could be weather disaster insurance underwritten by the Feds, low interest loans supplemented by the Feds or even post disaster assistance paid for by them damn (sorry C.S.’s christian mother) Feds again. Some folks think the U.S. government just prints money when they need some (maybe because some folks don’t pay no taxes).

  4. I just looked at a map of Manhattan and the projected hurricane evacuation zone and saw that the area where I just sold my apartment would be in it.
    The logistics of trying to preplan for a potential disaster which can be predicted are mind boggling.
    I cannot comprehend the simplistic, self inflicted ignorant blindness which our tea brained friends blunder about in.
    It’s as if they live in an alternate universe, a planetary system with orbiting factoids which eclipse any idea they don’t want to have to deal with.

  5. p.s. after my recent experiences in communications with the Tea Zone, I am beginning to think that the now standard diagnosis of any “unusual” individualistic and non conformist behavior as a personality disorder which should be treated with psychoactive mood stabilizing drugs has a lot to do with the inducing tea brain behavior at an early age.

  6. Excuse me if you think I am being flippant here, but in fact, I am trying to seriously address the reasons for the inability to experience empathy, the loss of reason and the use of simple logic, the mindless conformity and fear based manipulative suppression of dissent against authority which has evolved in America over the last 30 years…the use of media, religion, the legal system and and psychoactive drugs…as in the ability of authorities to conveniently diagnosis any inconvenient non conformist disturbing behavior as an ODD…which must be treated with medication…how our school system has been co opted into a system which doesn’t educate, but suppresses creativity and individuality.
    How coporatocracy has rather quickly learned how to make perfect Republican replicants.

    1. Wow! Interesting read. I’ve never considered all those things happening at the same time.

  7. Hello All,
    This is the exact ignorance and Pavlovian preprogrammed conditioning non-critical thinking responses of the Teabaggers that I see all too often within my Republican Party.

    Right now in Manchester, New Hampshire the Teabagger who is the state Republican Party Chairman Jack Kimball is trying to delay a meeting that could affect his term in office.

    Kimball’s tenure at the head of the state party has been mired by reports of infighting and disappointing fundraising numbers. On Thursday morning, a member of the GOP executive committee sent members an e-mail calling for a special meeting to discuss purging the Tea Party from the ranks of the Republican Party in New Hampshire.

    The word passed down from the National Republican Party leadership that the recent and embarrassing events have created a situation of disruption and is currently causing a split in the Republican Party in New Hampshire that could fraction off the more sane moderates from the extreme lunatic fringe.

    The National Republican Party has also stated that if the Teabagger’s influence is not purged, there will be no financial support for any Republican candidates running for office in New Hampshire in this next election. This is in response to the lessons learned from the “Christine O’Donnell Tea Party” EMBARRASSMENT candidate for the Senate seat in Delaware this past election.

    The state Party’s spokeswoman, Christine Baratta, has confirmed that Jack Kimball, the Tea Party favorite, has cited a rule in the committee bylaws that calls for 10 days’ notice before calling a special meeting. His current proposed date to vote him out is Sept. 1.

    With the highly publicized National Primary Vote coming soon that will put the spotlight on the embarrassment aspects of the Teabaggers in New Hampshire, the Republican Party wants this settled in their favor before the hotly contested Republican presidential primary. In New Hampshire, “The Tea Party influnence must be GONE!!!”

    So those calling themselves Tea Party Patriots, the National Republican Party’s views are, “We want their votes on election day, we just don’t want any of them holding any offices that requires responsibility.”

    I am always amazed at the ignorance and lack of knowledge these (Ha Ha) “Patriot” Teabaggers expose themselves every time they write or open their mouths but I am even more amazed at their propensity to display this ignorance. This alone speaks Freudian volumes.

    1. Engineer, I also wish you good luck, knowing your location this evening.
      I’ve been tracking the storm and I see that the intensity seems to be calming down.
      This afternoon, we had friends for a lunch visit who have a house here in the Dordogne and are New York City residents and were due to fly back to the USA on Monday. Their house in Manhattan is in what is considered Zone B….over by the Hudson River in Greenwich Village. Their neighborhood wouldn’t have been evacuated, but my niece, who lives a few blocks closer to the river is in “The Zone”…..
      Katrina was like this, it wasn’t the intensity of the storm so much as the concurrence of the storm and high tide that flooded New Orleans.
      Good Luck!

  8. Thanks Microdot,
    All we are getting right now is some rain. They have sent everyone inland to higher ground. I will not see any of the storm surge water but between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM is when the winds will hit.

    When I designed this house, I built it with double walls one set back 12″ from the other. It is very strong and the last hurricane, we barely knew it.

    That being said, thank you again for the kind thoughts as I do have good friends and family with water front property.

  9. Remember, Engineer, The government is on high-alert to protect, warn, rescue and shelter your fellow citizens. So much for the idiotic ‘too much government’ Tea Party line. Best wishes to you and yours!

  10. It is very well noted. The government buildings, schools, national guard buildings, etc, are taking those in who would be most harmed. The government is doing a great job of keeping everyone calm, pre-planning, and making sure everyone on the coastal and bay areas are taken care of.

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