Patriotic Anarchist

I heard this phrase by Jacob Weisberg of Slate on TV [Morning Joe] this AM. Several around the table laughed at it and, in fact, used it afterward in some of their statements. It’s an obvious oxymoron, or is it? By the way, Weisberg used in connection with the current Tea Party-dominated GOP. One reference of the phrase was to Rick Perry who said that he wishes to squeeze government down so that you don’t know it exists. Anarchy, pure and simple. Patriotic? Well, the Tea Party dresses in historic and ‘patriotic’ costumes so it’s your call.

Is it patriotic here, in the United States, to wish for and work for the dissolution of government?

That theme rings loudly and clearly in every Tea Party rally and each GOP candidate’s speech.

The government is evil.

The government is bad.

The government is our enemy.

Anarchist talk.

Did our Founding Fathers, so dear to the hearts of the Tea Party and right-wing of the GOP, not wish to form a government? Were they, themselves anarchists? What did they mean by the phrase, ‘promote the general Welfare,’ in the Preamble? This doesn’t sound like it was written by anarchists.

Odd group, the right-wing /Tea Party.  They dress up in patriotic paraphernalia, wave flags and call for the shrinkage of the government down to a size that it is no longer relevant for The People.

Odd is a kind word.


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  1. Anarchy means different things to different people and since we are all different, then it would stand to reason that we would all have our own vision of what anarchy would be.
    When I was an adolescent, anarchy seemed quite interesting to me. It was an immature fascinating concept on one side of the spectrum of extreme fascinating concepts, depending upon the particular bent of your immature little brain. I believe fascism is the other side of the coin, but it’s all in the way you interpret it…fortunately, most of us grow up and develop a much more sophisticate and intellectually evolved idea of what it takes to create a healthy society and a world with a future…unfortunately, many people never grow up.

  2. I heard the same comment too, M_R, and thought omg hope that he is
    watching this morning…Figured it was right up your alley, lol….

  3. I’ve often thought that the constitution was our countries most important document. Even though I still agree with that phrase, I have “evolved” enough to realize that our country too has evolved. I don’t think people could shop for their food at a grocery store chains back in the late 1700’s. Not to mention the life expetancy………I love our constitution, but I do realize that In all reality, it was just great ideas…..It’s up to us to fill in the blanks.

  4. JOB writes, …..It’s up to us to fill in the blanks.

    Good statement. It is also up to us to realize, as you pointed out, that a document written for the late 18th century cannot fully address the needs of a 21st century people. It needs to evolve with the times.

    One of the first things that needs to be excised is the 2-senators from each state. That’s way too meaningless.

    1. That will never happen, M_R. Only way for that to be accomplished is by
      the amendment process, and no small state will vote for it.

      Therefore, need to have Senate renounce its super magority stance to pass legislation and go back to majority rules…

  5. After his presidency was over, Jefferson wrote in 1816 “Each generation is as independent as the one preceding, as that was of all which had gone before. It has then, like them, a right to choose for itself the form of government it believes most promotive of its own happiness; consequently, to accommodate to the circumstances in which it finds itself that received from its predecessors; and it is for the peace and good of mankind that a solemn opportunity of doing this every nineteen or twenty years should be provided by the constitution; so that it may be handed on, with periodical repairs, from generation to generation, to the end of time, if anything human can so long endure.”
    So Jefferson was in essence suggestion that the Constitution was not a fixed document, but that new generations may look at issues differently… and every couple decades, a new Constitution should be considered.

    QUERY : Is it possible to have a Constitutional Convention today … would there be a “United States” or fifty (plus or minus) entities ??? Would their be a “Christian State” … would some state allow gays to actively serve in their militia … would there be a state that required everyone to own guns (and a state that prohibits gun ownership) …. would there be a state that advertises itself as “Abortion-friendly” ….

    1. Minnesota- thanks for the most apropos quote from Jefferson. It is most obvious to all but the far-right wing that a constitution must be alive in order to best serve The People. Your queries regarding a new CC are challenging. In this era of bitter political posturing, it would be quite impossible for all 50 states to agree on a single new document which would ‘cover’ all of the personal agendas of their state legislatures. How, for example, could a New York legislature work with one from Oklahoma? The original bond that held together the Original Thirteen is meaningless today.We may not, in fact, all agree on the defense of our nation. Clearly, we would be split right down the middle on the role of the Federal government. Then there are the perennial divisive issues of religion, guns, abortion, marriage…

      Good fodder for thought.

    1. Yes everyone, Mic wrote a great piece…..Thanks again Dot. And to think, he took time out of his day to write that for someone (ME) who he barely knows. I’m very appretiative…………….Mon Ami

      I love this google translate stuff

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