Perry Rides in his Steed to Save the Tea Party

Like the Lone Ranger of early TV fame, Rick Perry rode into town to save the Tea Party from itself.  Armed with two silver-bullet firing guns, the hero of Texas left his home state to do battle for truth, justice and the American way!  Or am I mixing up my heroes? Tonto did not accompany Perry because, after all, his skin color is, well, you know.

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and…  The cloud of dust is apropos, for sure. Dust as in foggy, fuzzy, blurred and indistinct. Perry ‘believes’ in lots of stuff and isn’t a bit afraid to share them with the rest of us. Trouble is, my 7-year-old grandson ‘believes’ in lots of things too.  You get the point. Apparently the Bible is Perry’s science book.  By the way, wasn’t there a big dust-up in Texas over the science curriculum and creationism? Odd state, Texas. Didn’t Perry once suggest that Texas secede from the Union? Now he wants to be the president of the Union? Are you confused?

Perry also wants to effectively get rid of the Federal Government. So then, why is he running to be the CEO of an institution that he wishes to dissolve.  Are you even more confused?

Perry boasts that Texas is one of the best ‘jobs’ states in, well, the Union.  He’s a job creator, he barks. The fact is that Betty White could have been governor and the same number of jobs would have been created.  After all, most are in the burgeoning oil industry. Also in the trade-with-Mexico category. Wow.  Not only that, but they are bottom of the barrel jobs- at minimum wage [that’s Federal minimum wage FYO]. Texas ranks #26 in unemployment; some miracle.

Perry also thinks that the U.S. Military would salute him more enthusiastically than they salute President Obama. They’d have more ‘respect’ for a President Perry than President Obama.  Why that would be so, of course, is an assumption, but it fits into his ‘belief’ system. Is it because he is white?  Or is it because he, like GW Bush served in the Air Force?  Was GW Bush respected for his preemptive invasion of Iraq? Beats me. Do former military make better Commanders -in-Chief?

I’m guessing that Perry is the hero of the Tea Party because of all of the nonsense above- especially the hate for Obama. Perry is emerging as the quintessential crusader-on-the-white-horse armed and ready to do battle with the ‘dark invader,’ to mix hero metaphors. That’s what the Tea Party wants- someone to put that black man in his place.

That ‘place’ was already dog-whistled, and not so subtly the other day by Perry as he said of the Fed Chair, I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Ugly in Texas. Lynching?  Dragging him chained to the back of a pickup?

That’s what the Tea Party wants Perry to do to President Obama. Treat him ‘ugly.’  Rick Perry- The hero of the Tea Party.


19 thoughts on “Perry Rides in his Steed to Save the Tea Party

  1. “That’s what the Tea Party wants- someone to put that black man in his place.”

    Are you sure, M_R? I am beginning to have a different take. Why do you say it is that?

  2. Did you read the analysis of the average Tea Party adherent on the previous post. They don’t like blacks or immigrants. Tea Party folks still think he was ‘raised’ in Kenya. Obama is double trouble for this clutch.

    What’s your take? Religion nut?

  3. Flag- Do not get baited.
    Mud- I did read the article. Thank you for the link. The writer interviewed 3000 tea partiers. But how many are their. Seriously, does anyone know. I still don’t know what their affiliation is. Will they run under the Republican ticket? Or will they be independents, if not nominated?

    To everyone on this blog- I think you’re all getting away from a great common sence issue with the Tea party. You all, or at least most of you, especially Mud, get to hung up on tea party members being racist. Now please hear me out.(read me out—-whatever). I maybe wrong, but I think the Tea party politicians and members’ biggest bit#h is taxes. We are overtaxed and the programs that our taxes fund, especially welfare (is that why you think they are all racist?) are ridiculous. I also believe they look at our founding fathers as role models, which is a great concept.

    So here’s my challenge to all tea party politicians. I will give you my undying support. I will even disown my homosexual nephew and start going to a church. I only ask one thing from you. Give up your salary, give it back to the American tax payer, after all the founding fathers performed their Patriotic duty for free. Since I can’t speak from personal experience on this one, I actually looked up the info.

    I got this from (U.S. government info).
    During the constitutional convention, Benjamin Franklin (one of the greatest founding fathers of them all) considered proposing that elected government officials not be paid for their service. Other founding fathers, however , decided otherwise.
    From 1789-1855 members received only a per diem of $6, and only while in session. So tea party politicians, give us our money back. If you feel that you should at least get that per diem, fine. We can figure out what $6 a day in 1855 equals out to today, and that’s what you get. However, if you want some compensation for your patriotic duty, I will only go to church. If you want me to disown a family member, it will cost you everything.

    P.S.- I will be posting my political thoughts and beliefs on my blog tonight. Please feel free to visit tomorrow and check it out. I’m hoping it will clear up any questions anyone may have. Good night all.

    1. JOB writes:

      Flag- Do not get baited. Not to worry about UptheFlag. He’s been around longer than I have and has more knowledge and insight than a dozen Tea Party types put together. He knows what he is talking about, you can be assured of that.

      I maybe wrong, but I think the Tea party politicians and members’ biggest bit#h is taxes. That is their cover, their cloak, their costume, in fact. Why would you doubt the scientifically formulated data from Notre Dame University? Is it because you don’t like their conclusion? The conclusion that points out the racism? Over there in the right-wing blogosphere they ‘doubt’ lots of things that the rest of the intelligent world accepts. Perry ‘doubts’ man-made climate change as well as evolution. Does that void the scientific data?

      We are overtaxed and the programs that our taxes fund, especially welfare (is that why you think they are all racist?) are ridiculous. Welfare? Is that the classic ‘welfare queens?’ Is THAT where your precious tax dollars are wasted? If you think that welfare programs eat up a lot of your tax dollars, then you are greatly misinformed. Check out, for example, the budget of the Pentagon and get back to me about welfare queens.

      I also believe they look at our founding fathers as role models, which is a great concept. Quickie Quiz! How many of the Founding Fathers were slave owners?

      I will be posting my political thoughts and beliefs on my blog tonight. Please feel free to visit It would be helpful for ‘visitors’ if you would provide your blog’s URL.

      1. 1- I may have misunderstood your religion nut comment, no biggie.

        2- I know that’s their cloake and cover. I do not believe that the info in the article was scientifically gathered. Plus, if there is 3 million tea party memebers in the U.S., then 3000 is not alot.

        3- That statement about welfare is what I think tea party members believe. Wasn’t a personal belief.

        4- Quick answer, I have no idea. If I had to guess, 85%. One awful idea does not mean they didn’t have other great ideas on how to take a country into certain directions.

        And they did it with minimal to no compensation. My challege stands to any tea party politician.

  4. Hello J.O.B.
    I can support your statement, “the founding fathers performed their Patriotic duty for free.”

    Thomas Jefferson even with all of his wealth was bankrupt after he had finished his term as President. All the years from being Governor of Virginia, U.S. minister to France, Secretary of State under George Washington, Vice President, and President, and even the founder of the University of Virginia, when he passed away they had to sell Monticello to pay his debts occurred while serving political his country.

    Even while he was still alive he had to sell many personal items such as his library of many books. The University of Virginia purchased many of those at the time.

    If the Tea Party practiced what they preached, I think that those serving in office should forego any salary…..but don’t hold your breath on this one.

    1. Knowledge- Thank you, I won’t hold my breath. I don’t think they should hold their breathe waiting for me to go to church, or to disassociate my own family. But maybe I could send my nephew to one of Mr. Bachmann’s reeducation camps. Do I have to bye a ticket, or will government subsidies help pay for it……………………………….LOL……………………………

  5. Hello J.O.B. and Muddy,
    I have to support Muddy on his statement that those who claim Tea Party values are those that points out the racism. Here in the 1st district of Maryland Tea Party members do hold tendencies, or at least sympathies, to Klan like or John Birch.

    Even in my lifetime, I have seen first hand in the summer of 1967 young, black, Cambridge high school students sat down to pray in the restricted “Whites Only” lobby of the town’s segregated movie theater; they were arrested and sentenced by a local judge to up to six years in a juvenile reformatory. This sentence was overturned by a higher court after a few months.

    The Eastern Shore was a slave region and sympathized with the South. Harriet Tubman was born and was a slave on a farm outside of the city limits of Cambridge before escaping and starting the Underground Railroad. The attitude in this area as late as 1973 still had the “Blacks Only” and “Whites Only” signs on the bathrooms and water fountains and people still obeyed them! The local volunteer fire department admitted blacks in 1986 only after the Justice Department intervened. Even then, the tight white leadership of Cambridge complained about outsiders pushing them to change.

    Those Tea Party Members within my Republican Party are those who resisted the acceptance of blacks in the volunteer fire department, were incensed that the “Blacks Only” and “Whites Only” signs had to be taken down, and were shouting there disapproval when the judge’s sentence was overturned for the black high school students.

    I can also pass on that they listen and quote Rush Limbaugh and claim the “Patriot” mantel today. They are still claiming that all these changes is what is ruining this country today….and they like to dress up in 1700 period cloths to protest in Washington D.C. When you see news broadcasts of Tea Party demonstrations in D.C., chances are I know them.

    Bottom line, when I attend many Republican gatherings, it is still a good place to hear the latest “N” word jokes going around….especially one’s about the President.

    I also want to complement you on the way you present yourself on this blog and I enjoy reading your comments. As we said in the Navy, “Bravo Zulu” which means “Well Done.”

    1. EOK writes: “Those Tea Party Members within my Republican Party ”
      “I attend many Republican gatherings, it is still a good place to hear the latest “N” word jokes going around….especially one’s about the President.”

      EOK, it seems to me that the “Republican Party” has left you behind. The
      members of this so-called Republican Party have usurped the name for
      their reactionary politically religious ideology. For my purposes it is the GOP. It is no longer the Party of Lincoln. It would seem to me that you
      would be moving to the independent affiliation like many true Republicans
      have. Why do you stay with these reactionaries? What is there about
      any of their philosophy that attracts you to stay with them?

  6. What is there about
    any of their philosophy that attracts you to stay with them?

    I’ll take a grab at this question and say that it is perhaps that he and others from the once-Grand Old Party do not wish to surrender their party to the clutch of pirates who hijacked it from them.

    1. Well, you hit the nail right on the head, M_R, but the Grand Old Party has
      ceased to exist, my friends. I seriously doubt that not one of all the Republican Party Presidents from Lincoln through Bush I could be nominated
      on the GOP ticket today. Show me that candidate today. John Huntsman
      this week said he agrees with evolution and climate change, the lone exception, and his chances of winning the nomination are apparently nil. The power in the GOP is reactionary and if there are any others, they are followers. Did any member of the GOP vote against the Ryan budget in the House? the Senate? How about Cut, Cap, and Balance?

      Lets briefly look at the evolution of the Republican Party since 1900. In
      1900 The Republicans were faced with the growing Progressive Movement. A leader of that movement was the Republican Governor of New York,
      Theodore Roosevelt. The powers to be in the Party had to get rid of him,
      so theyy told President McKinley Roosevelt would be his Vice-President.
      However, shortly after the election McKinley was shot and later died of his wound. Now, “that damn cowboy” was President. TR became known for
      his trust busting, his health and safety regulations, land use regulations and
      to issue a call for national health insurance. Under TR and even Taft
      progressivism was in the dominant position in the Republican Party. However,Taft angered TR over the firing of TR”s friend, Pinchot, who was
      protecting the national forests. In the election of 1912 this split the
      Republicans, and Wilson and the Democrats won. After that election the
      more conservative wing of the Republican Party began to re-build its
      strength and by 1919 it had regained political power over the TR group.
      TR was to die shortly and that would leave the progressive conservatives
      without a leader. All through the 1920s, 1930s, and into the 1940s it was
      the more strict conservatives that held power in the Republican Party.
      However, it was again New York and California that saw the rise once more
      of the more progressive wing under governors Dewey in NY and Gov.
      Earl Warren in CA, and Dewey wins the Republican nomination in 1948
      and is narrowly defeated by President Truman as the FDR coalition
      held together. From 1948 to the Republican Convention in 1952 there
      was serious Republican in-fighting over which wing would be dominant.
      It’s at this point that Eisenhower injects himself into the conflict as he abhors where Sen. Taft wants to head the Republican Party, that is, into
      isolationism once again. Given the power struggle in the world immediately
      after World War II, Eisenhower believed that would be disastrous. His
      stature carried the day, and the more progressive wing of the Party became
      dominant again, and Eisenhower provided an increase internation
      presence, work projects in the United States like the interstate highway
      system, housing legislation, education legislation, and appointments of
      “progressives” to important comittees and positions. Perhaps, his most
      famous appointment was that of Earl Warren to be Chief Justice of the
      United States, and Warren became a champion of civil liberties against
      government encroachment and a supporter of federal anti-trust laws,
      so the TR legacy is back in control of the Republican Party for the 1950s,
      1960s, and 1970s. Despite all the issues with Nixon, he is a moderate
      Republican, even to the point of expanding the federal bureaucracy with
      the Environmental Protection Agency. Also, under Nixon there is the support
      for women’s reproductive rights. When Ford assumed the Presidency after
      Nixon’s resignation he continued the same moderate policies. However, he
      is challenged for re-nomination by the right wing who had been licking
      their wounds since the defeat of Goldwater in 1964 by LBJ. The conservatives put up Reagan, and after a bitter fight Ford wins the nomination but the conservatives take their revenge by helping Ford to
      lose the Presidency to Carter. However, now the right wingers have gained control of the Party apparatus. 1980 is one of those watershed elections,
      and the Republicans win with Reagan who says “government is the problem.”
      From that point on, the right wing of the Republican Party has been
      dominant. Bush I went against them with his tax increase, lost their
      support, and was defeated. Then the “social” and “religious” far right began to hold the balance of power within the party apparatus, people like
      Falwell, Pat Robinson, Hagee, and Nordquist, throw in the neo-cons.
      They began eliminating the true Republicans with direct primary
      challenges against incumbants. The take over by the rightists is complete. Either you follow their dictate, or you will have a challenger in the next
      election. Good examples of this were in Deleware and Utah in 2010.
      Supreme Court. This is the one action that Eisenhower did which
      galvanized the right wing of the Republican Party to once again begin
      to organize to take the Party “back”.
      Taft angered TROf course, the tendancy is to stay and fight, but is there any one left to join
      forces with. Many have already left for the independent group

      1. Sorry, EOK, for the ending of my comment. WordPress Reply Box for some reason does not like me, lol. It took my sentences that followed some what
        logically, like pulling the Eisenhower apointment of Earl Warren out of context and pulling it down to the end. Then it did the same with TR and
        My concluding sentence was that I knew why you are staying with the Party.
        We are all fighters, and don’t give up easily, lol!

        In any event, my last two sentences originally are: Of course, the
        tendency is to stay and fight, but is there any one left to join forces with?
        Many have already left for the independent group.

  7. Hello Muddy and Uptheflag,
    Muddy has it quite right. I was a Republican long before these “Johnny Come Latelys” and I do not wish it to be controlled by the likes of these LIV. I stay and say my piece because it amuses me to throw them into a tail spin when they cannot stand up to logic.

  8. Please don’t confuse me with that idiot “Common-whatever”, but I love history (although a Mortgage Banker by trade). Shortly after the turn of the last century, 1915, there was a movie produced called BIRTH OF A NATION. It is credited with the resurrection of the KKK. Many of the problems found in the United States today are similar/exactly the same as problems existing then. Ironically, those same conditions existing in the 1930’s Germany lead to Hitler coming to power. I think racism is just the easiest thing to point out now. My experience with the Republican Party is telling racist jokes is a big no-no.

    Speaking of bad conditions in the nation, is it just me or do a lot of the tea baggers seems to be struggling financially? After reading some of the right wing blogs noted here, it seems they think an actual revolution would solve all of their problems which all seem to have financial origins.

    1. Please don’t confuse me with that idiot “Common-whatever”

      Not to worry, Jeff. You and he could never be confused. By the way, most all of us ‘regulars’ here love history. Not only do we love it, but we use it as guide to let us see patterns of past societal movements so that we can identify current patterns and possibly predict future ones.

  9. it seems they think an actual revolution would solve all of their problems which all seem to have financial origins.

    Well, as UptheFlag noted, they are reactionaries and reactionaries do what they do mostly without any plan or outcome. Note the preemptive War on Iraq formulated by the neocons. They had no plan after Shock ‘n Awe. Gosh, who could have predicted….?

    This right-wing junta has no plan, no ideas, no strategies. Rather, in their delusional world, if they get rid of the ‘bad guys’ then, like a 50’s Western, they will live happily forevermore. Or is that a word from Poe?

  10. “This right-wing junta has no plan, no ideas, no strategies.”

    How do you figure, M_R? I just traced above the ebb and flow of a very significant part of the Republican Party. They held Congressional and
    Presidential power from 1918 to 1932. From 1932 to 1944, they put forth
    reactionary candidates for President. Today they are much more than a
    “junta” .

    Is Patrick Henry a Founding Father? This is a significant thread that runs
    all through United States history. It’s in the Constitution, namely, in the
    Tenth Amendment. There would be no 1787 Constitution without this
    inclusion in the Bill of Rights. So, there is a long history. If we champion
    John Locke, they champion Edmund Burke. They champion de Tocqueville.
    There economics comes from Adam Smith and his “Wealth of Nations”.

    Finally, their view of religion and politics comes from a long tradition.
    Evangelical christianity was in the colonies long before the American
    Revolution. Religion is nothing new in American politics. Catholics
    elected Kennedy President. Religion has always been part of the debate.
    So, they do have a long standing government philosophy behind them.
    They have developed their messages and they have some pretty effective
    strategies. Reagan and Bush II owe their Presidencies to them. Indeed,
    did Reagan win every state but one in 1984? Today, just look at the State
    government in Ohio. To be sure, I have the same in Mississippi. But, you
    know what? You can do something and not just by zinging somebody. Ohio
    has a viable two party advantage over what I face here in Mississippi. You can get out and cause change because you have a base. Here in
    Mississippi I have no base to work with…I mean we just had primaries here
    and the Democrats didnt even offer their own primary challengers. There
    is no one to even campagin for, and even if there was, they would be
    those conservative democrat metoo candidates. Mississippi won’t decide
    the next Presidential election, but Ohio will. What will you do?

  11. “This right-wing junta has no plan, no ideas, no strategies.”

    I referred to the Tea Party, i.e. the hard right-wing. They do, in fact, have a ‘strategy’ if obstructionism is in that category. I suppose that in the broad sense of the term, it is a ‘strategy’ much like that marathon Civil Rights filibuster staged by Strom Thurmond. Or the continual ‘filibuster’ in the Senate by the 60-vote threshold. Thus, in a perverse way, obstructionism must be regarded as a plan, an idea, a strategy.

    Mississippi won’t decide
    the next Presidential election, but Ohio will. What will you do?

    Well, Mississippi WILL help decide the outcome because the GOP candidate- even if it is Elmer Fudd- will win MS as it has for years and years. And Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky… Have I listed all of the Confederate States?

    It is interesting that my state, a slave-free state, a Union state, the historic terminus of the Underground RR, must ‘swing’ towards a certain candidate to elect the next president. I used the term, ‘interesting,’ but it ought to have been more appropriately, ‘ponderous.’ Imagine that one state effectively ‘elects’ the president. Did our Founding Fathers ever dream about that?

    You challenge, “What will you do?” What will I do? What will a left-leaning citizen of Mississippi do for Ohio? Or a left-leaning citizen of Alabama, Texas, South Carolina…? Care to come to Ohio and do some literature-drops, phone-banking, neighborhood canvassing? In 2008, Toledo hosted hundreds of out-of-state workers for Obama- people who came here because their state was ‘already decided.’

    Care to come to Ohio next Fall?

  12. ” Or the continual ‘filibuster’ in the Senate by the 60-vote threshold.”

    Pray tell, how does the GOP set this procedure. This particular procedure
    is set by the majority Party. In this case, Harry Reid and the Democrats.

    Have I listed all of the Confederate States?
    Well, not exactly. Louisiana, Virginia, and North Carolina and Arkansas come to mind, and Kentucky did not join the Confederacy…..

    “Care to come to Ohio and do some literature-drops, phone-banking, neighborhood canvassing?”
    Nah, getting a little too old for that, lol…Besides, I don’t have any desire
    to be met at the door with a knife wielding woman ready to cut me.
    However, if you would do some thing meaningful like filing in the Democratic
    Primary for the House of Representatives seat against Marcy Kaptur, I
    would be there tomorrow……You can do it! People want change, my
    friend, and they deserve the chance for it. I already have your campaign slogan…..

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