Terrible Hate for the President

I have been wading through lots of idiocy lately as I check out a clutch of right-wing blogs that ‘hang together’ in mutual hate for the President. The hate is not at all subtle; it is patently overt. The lynching suggestion from my previous post is but one of many threatening statements made by this club of bloggers. With each new anti-Obama posting, the ‘club’ gives out high-fives.  As with any club or gang, the boundaries seem to expand, much like our teenage days when we tried to impress our peers by expanding the edges of our daring.

Here’s what worries me, though- the line will be crossed. The line that separates freedom of speech from a threat on the life of the President is one that ought not be overstepped. Yet I see this set of bloggers inching toward the line. For example, today there was a comment from Tenth Generation Patriot  who wrote, God help us if he’s re-elected. I will take that as a personal assault on my family.

Personal assault?  On his family?

How does a person ‘defend’ his family from a ‘personal assault’ on them? I have an idea which I do not care to mention.

The rhetoric has been rising over the past few days to a fever pitch among this clutch of right-wing bloggers. One of them is going to cross the line.  I wonder when that takes place if the fellow club members will give their high-fives all around.  At that point, the Secret Service might get involved.

Clearly, that kind of talk goes on all across this nation in private gatherings and even on the phone. Yet, when it spills onto the Internet with blatant suggestions of assassinating the President of the United States, it rises to a most serious and alarming level of discourse.

Where are we going a a nation when ideology becomes more important than common sense? Further, how will any resolution of this anger and hate ever get resolved?  Sadly, I have no answer and that scares the hell out of me.


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  1. I don’t think the right wing ideologues WILL ever resolve their hatred or the fear they like to whip up in equal measures.

    It doesn’t take much to see another home grown terrorist from the right repeating the actions of Breivik in Norway.

  2. Here’s something for ya to chew on…..I’ve been around a long time and thought racism was only found in small pockets of the less educated. There is another blog I read that is also uncensored. After a recent article about our President, I was absolutely appalled at all the racist comments aimed at the President. It was a learning experience for me. If the blog had censored out all opposing ideas, I would have gone on thinking racism was a thing of the past. Thank goodness (nice word used in case C.S.’s mother or her christian friends are reading) for uncensored blogs.

    Now about all those threats. I’v researched the avenues for reporting threats against the President, but my spouse says the people making the threats are all blowhards. I’m still pondering whether they should be reported. I sure would feel guilty if something should happen and I didn’t report the threat, but I’d hate to clog the reporting sites with a bunch of useless threats. Any suggestions?

    1. frankly, in a world view context, I quite agree with Doggone. It is not as if it hasn’t happened before in recent history in the United States. After all, Breivick was merely taking a page from the Oklahoma City instructional manual. His manifesto was shown to have been copied almost word for word from the writings of Ted Kascynski, the Unabomber.

      1. …i meant to continue…Breiveik copied the Unabomber manifesto, but changed the target to Islam…but it is almost word for word….

  3. DogGone- I understand your very reasonable point. Who knows what will ‘tip’ a person to engage in a terrorist act? Someone filled with anger and possibly hopelessness could read one of these blogs and get the false notion that ‘lots of people’ feel that the assassination of the President would be justifiable and even righteous. Or patriotic, even. Who knows what lingers in the mind of a person ‘on the edge’?

    Jeff- those right-wing Obama-hater will vigorously deny that they have racial hatred, but, seriously, no non-biased person would have THAT much hate for a man just because of their own personal ideology. There clearly is a much deeper motivation for all of this stuff.

    Regarding the ‘who to tell’ conundrum, I suspect that the Secret Service is probably already monitoring blogs for certain ‘key phrases.’ I have full confidence that my previous post’s title, ‘The Lynching of the President,’ was snagged. I warned Tenth Generation earlier today that he is playing dangerous games with his rhetoric, but I imagine that he blew me off.

  4. Hello Muddy,
    I thought that I would pass this on as it may be of some interest to you. My latest posting is titled:
    “An Important Dialogue On Counter Terrorism And National Security”

    It is being put on by Washington College and they always bring the best and knowledgeable speakers. There is an invitation to summit a question to be considered. You will find a lot of truthful facts and not “Bull Crap” from Blow Hard Radio or Fox.

  5. here’s a link,
    This story was breaking on monday, about a white teen who cold bloodedly murdered a 49 year old african american screaming white power obscenities with his pick up truck after brutally beating him with his drunken buddies. The pack of scum bags set out after a party with the admitted intent of getting some niggers.
    The reason why this link is so scary is the comments. Half the comments are from people supporting and justifying the insane racist actions of these drunken idiots.
    Perhaps this might put the comments of Texas Republican Congressman, Dr. Michael Burgess in a more accurate context. Burgess was at a Tea Brain gathering and was being aggressively grilled about his vote to extend the debt ceiling. He was able to change the subject and turn it into an “Impeach Obama” Lynch mob, deflecting negative arguments. Burgess was asked under what grounds Obama might be impeached, but, he couldn’t really say……………………

    1. OMG!!! If you all haven’t read the link, do it now (if you can stomach it). I’m actually sick after reading the comments. I’m lost. How can people have so much hate? …….Getting pissed off now…….How many of the attackers and commenters would label themselves as church going God lovers? I bet it would be almost all of them. Oh, wait a minute. Didn’t a former commenter here say someone can’t be a “Christian” if they do something bad? Seems that would apply to a whole bunch of “Christians”.

      OFF TOPIC (I hope): I’ve been getting a lot of flack from the “LIV” crowd about my lack of a profile. I’ve noticed they like to find out who you are then threaten you. So it looks like I’ll be changing my moniker to something besides my actual name.

  6. Microdot- thanks for that story and link [ugh!] Racism is alive a festering here in the Land of the Free. That clutch of right-wingers to whom I referred skirt around the racial bigotry issue. But then, like the KKK, those good Christians love to sing in the choir on Sunday morning after lynching on Saturday evening.

    Jeff- think adolescence. From their comments it seems clear to me that most of them have not yet left their adolescent stage of development. Think teenager in a man’s body. That’s why they do the things they do. Have they made fun of your name yet? Actually, that’s pre-adolescent behavior which, not surprisingly, is often exhibited along with teenage rage and idiocy.

  7. regarding comments…I use a moniker, but I used to have my name in my blog info. At one time, I started receiving a lot of stupid attempts at intimidation based on the fact that I am an ex pat American…I am an American citizen, but I live in France. I was told that I was being reported to the Dept of Homeland Security as a terrorist…there was one Toledo Blogger who was particularly aggressive, not the big fat chick, but a buddy of hers.
    These people are paper tigers, all bluster and if you can tip their hands and make them expose the little monsters inside their brain, you’ve scored.
    Yes, racism and hate is alive in America, but think of the progress in your life time. When I was born, black people couldn’t vote in many southern states, legal segregation was a reality, black music was referred to as race music in the mainstream press….
    You have to keep a sense of perspective, most people now are pretty cool with racial identities. Half my relatives are Mexican. How many openly gay relatives and friends do you have?
    The world has quantitively changed and there is no going back. As mavis Staples sings, “99 and 1/2 Ain’t Enough!” We aren’t ever going back, The ugly noise you hear is the scream of the dinosaurs of the past before the big one hits.. and my friends, we the people are the big one!
    I truly believe this!

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