Lynching the President

The photo below appears in the latest posting on the right-wing blog, AntiLiberalZone. It calls President Obama a ‘traitor.’

The author suggests that traitors ought to be hung.

What is President Obama’s crime?


It is quite curious how the Tea Party and others on the right-side of the political spectrum gave President GW Bush a pass for 8 years as spending skyrocketed on two wars and on an unfunded prescription drug benefit.  Where were the Tea Party signs and demonstrations?


Until a black man became president. Now the lynching noose appears.

Apparently, neither the Tea Party nor others on the right were offended too very much by President Bush’s preemptive invasion of Iraq in March, 2003. Evidently the billions of dollars poured into that quagmire was deemed ‘okay’ by these folks.  Additionally, the thousands of dead soldiers and tens of thousands of seriously wounded soldiers from that invasion did not concern these people. Nor the other billions of dollars and military casualties in the Afghanistan idiocy.

All of that lost Treasure was apparently just fine with the Tea Party and those on the right.

But a noose for President Obama.

What has happened to this nation? Are racial, ethnic and class divisions so intense here in America that a virtual ‘civil war’ is being waged and battle lines drawn? I see it developing.  We saw the intransigence last week in Congress that resulted in a drop in our financial rating. Yet, is this merely the tip of an ugly and deadly iceberg lurking beneath? Has our political posturing, our fiery rhetoric and our recalcitrant ideology moved our citizens to separate camps, to barricades awaiting the next onslaught from the ‘enemy?’

Read, if you care to, the ‘about me’ statement further down on the home page of that blog.  This ‘former Marine’ is dedicated to wiping out liberalism.  He then posts his ‘enemy list.’

Pathetic or paranoid?

Patriot or psychotic?

I’ve visited several of these blogs and note the hatred and poisonous rhetoric that is written.  Talk of guns and ‘blowing away the enemy’ are often suggested. Many brag about their personal arsenals. Most say that they are ex-military.

Is this thinking normal for those who have been in the Service?  I had an uncle in WWII and a cousin in Korea.  When they returned to civilian life, they went about their lives in quite a normal way.  No anger, no enemies, no hostility towards others.

Has something happened to our recent returning Veterans?  I know of the devastation of PTSD.  I can imagine the agony of a lost limb or disfigurement or of a brain injury. War is Hell.  Many men returning from WWI and WWII never spoke about what they endured ‘over there’ with their families. Even when asked by their children, they would not discuss it. Perhaps it was unhealthy, but it was the way that these men chose to deal with it.

I wonder if this set of bloggers- the ones who boldly state their former service on their blog page- need post-service therapy? Do they suffer some PTSD? Clearly, one cannot be sent into war and expect to just return to regular life at home. Is this why their postings and comments are so filled with hate an danger?

Is that why the blogger known as AntiLiberalZone is so angry?  Is that why he suggests the lynching of President Obama?


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  1. Hello Muddy,
    Yes, “President GW Bush for 8 years cut tax revenues, handed out tax refund checks vaporizing the budget surplus that was on hand, meanwhile as spending skyrocketed on two wars and on an unfunded prescription drug benefit. Where were the Tea Party signs and demonstrations?”

    As I have said, I had this same conversation with Jack Kemp in 2002 but it was not a problem with the established Republican Party and with the justification excuse that “It was only 10% of the GNP.” I was a lone voice of warning to the Republican Party’s leadership of the Bush Tax Plan Bill and the damage it would do to the country in the long run.

    But then again I am a critical thinking Moderate Republican person and not a Tea Party Member. I have asked these same questions many times to those Teabaggers voicing their outrage of the national debt. “Where was your outrage when this was all starting?”

    Truth is the demographic segments of LIV Teabaggers are more about hate than any logic. We have seen this hate directed to the Moderate and even Mainstream Republicans. In the last couple of weeks they acted more like a Pit Bull suffering from rabies. A very sad display of responsibilities on the part of the Teabaggers.

    That being said, the President (no matter who would be in office) will be the lighting rod when the economy is bad. I would also add that this current self-inflected downgrading of the U.S.’s economic financial rating is laid directly on the Tea Party. The Worlds Financial Markets have stated this fact with no question were the blame is to be applied. They are now telling their investors that the U.S. is no longer the safest place to invest their assets. China and India are two preferred alternatives starting on Monday.

  2. I suspect many of those claiming past military involvement are outright liars. Back in “my day” the Marines had a minimum “mental” requirement and frankly, most of those I see on the Internet would never pass muster.

  3. For the total U.S. debt it appears that Bush II is responsible for $6 plus
    TRILLION. Obama is responsible for $2 plus TRILLION. In other words,
    Bush and the GOP is roughly three times more responsible than Obama,
    but Bush is to have a pass. If Obama and the Dems can’t fashion an
    argument that is credible, well then they will clutch defeat out of the jaws
    of victory.

    1. I can just hear some baggers now calling you uninformed and/or a liar. Facts don’t figure in to their way of thinking.

      Interesting though, before I myself did a little research, I just assumed that Obama had been the big spender. I just couldn’t figure out how he could have done that with a hostile Congress. This is way I love reading the blogs; it makes me research for the truth.

  4. Pardon my digress, M_R. Does any one know what happened to that young
    reporter on MSNBC, David Schuster? He ran afoul of Joe Scarborough, and
    it appears Scarborough ran him off. The token conservative over there at
    MSNBC wasn’t about to be upped by this young reporter who would not fall
    into line with whatever conservative line Scarborough was pushing at the
    time. Meka is a poor substitute, if she is supposed to be the co-balance
    to his conservatism…He will shout her down, and she runs off. Just this
    week Rev. Al Sharpton was on and wasnt afraid to take him on, so it will
    be interesting to see when the Rev. gets invited back. And, why did they
    replace the “Mad Turk” with Rev. Al?

    1. “On April 6, 2010, MSNBC announced that it had suspended David Shuster for an “indefinite period” after they learned from press reports that Shuster and Michel Martin of National Public Radio had shot a pilot episode for a new show on CNN, without the knowledge or permission of MSNBC.”

      “On July 29, 2011, David Shuster guest-hosted Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Current TV.”

      “Shuster announced in 2011 that he is seeking to launch a website for investigative journalism.”

      All comments from Wikipedia 08/08/11

  5. Hello Uptheflag,
    Sorry in getting back to you so late by my wife drugged me and took me to the movies to see the new Planet of the Apes.

    2.5% tax would fill the U.S. coffers but companies like Wal-Mart and FedEx would scream to the likes no one has ever heard before. It is the shipments from China to the U.S. that has kept FedEx in business these last couple of years. As a matter of fact I know a couple of Material Traffic Managers who have negotiated some sweet air shipping fares from FedEx going to China because if it were not for the few pallets they ship per month to China, the FedEx planes would be flying empty.

    This will not happen anytime soon as this tax bill will never see the light of day much less even getting out of committee to have a vote on the House floor.

    1. I understand EOK, but this tax on Chinese imports seems to be out there, and it seems also to be connected with the balance of payments between
      the two countries. However, if we don’t curb Asian manufactured goods from
      coming into the U.S., how will our manufacturing industry ever recover? If
      we are not manufacturing then we are not employing people with a livable
      wage. A service economy just isn’t going to do it, it seems to me.

      Btw, EOK, what do u think about this repatrition of U.S. corporate money sitting off-shore? Seems like I hear the tax would be 5%. Seems like a
      much too low tax for these companies damage that they have done to the
      economy and social fabric of the United States…

  6. Great comments, gentlemen. I’ve been occupied with family matters lately and cannot get to the blog as often as I wish to.

    Spending? The facts? Now, why would anyone assume that anybody from the Tea Party or on the right wing of the GOP would examine the facts before shooting off their mouths?

    Facts be damned. They only get in the way of ideology.

  7. By the way, the ‘noose blogger,’ referred to in the post above, has a new post today:

    Liberals are the filth of the earth. They truly are like infants, eating, crying, and sh*tting and producing nothing but filthy diapers. They are like a host of ticks who infest an animal and drain it dry, owning it nothing, giving it nothing (but disease), and then ultimately killing their host. They have spit on us, thrown sh*tty diapers at us, hurled invectives at us, vandalized our recruiting stations and monuments, and they have shown no respect for us, our values, beliefs, traditions, our the nation. They exist at the beneficence of others and shoot their suckholes off in the freedom that we not only provide for them but protect for them as well. They deserve only out scorn and contempt.

    I do not know, although I do suspect, that the author is a ‘good’ Christian man. I also suspect that this newest post was in response to the fact that I highlighted his noose posting. They do have a short fuse.

    Speaking of ‘good’ Christians [as opposed to ‘bad’ Christians], I must warn all of you who post comments here regularly that the mother of Common Sense is offended by ‘dirty words.’ So, please, watch your language!

    When asked why he moderates [censors] comments on his blog he responded:

    You want me to open my blog so you and others can type dirty words there again? My mother and other good Christian people read my blog and they were repelled by your comments.

    So, BEWARE: I will tolerate NO dirty words on this blog lest the mother of Common Sense click over here and be mortified by what she reads.

  8. Oh my goodness gracious, I’ve also been banned from Mr. Freedom of Speech and The American Way Guy (aka Common Sense).

    He posted a You Tube video on his blog you all must see. Here is the comment I tried to leave:

    Wow, I had heard of this video but had never seen it. And it’s got to be the truth because there’s certainly no bias with the Heritage Foundation.

    But it did upset me a little. I respect a blogger I disagree with sometimes because of his past military service, dedication to his family and his go-getter attitude to take care of his family. But according to this video, this tenth generation patriot is nothing but a big ole liar. He’s not poor at all.

    Here’s a link to another YouTube video about a function held by another reliable group, the American Family Association (except for that stuff about them being a hate group and all):

  9. Ex-military hatred of liberals is the direct result of a successful long term plan to infiltrate the armed forces by right wing ideologues. Chaplains are overwhelmingly right wing zealots who eagerly applied and were accepted into the ranks. The Air Force is practically the military wing of the Dominionist movement at this point and the Marine Corps is not far behind. Add to that the years of officially sanctioned Rush Limbaugh and other such crazed media personalities being officially sanctioned entertainment under the Bush junta and this is what you produce.

    1. As a former infantry officer who served in combat in Vietnam, I must say that my hatred (yes hatred) of the right and of the Reagans and Bushes in particular is only exceeded by my hatred of Democrats (such as the president for whom I voted) who cave to money and right-wing garbage-think. I feel a revolution coming on and will gladly treat bankers, hedge fund thieves and greedy/cowardly politicians the same way I treated VC and NVA. Oh, and keep your crappy gods out of government. They don’t belong there and their presence in your delusions make you psychotic.

  10. “Neither the Tea Party nor others on the right were offended too very much by President Bush’s preemptive invasion of Iraq in March, 2003.”

    Nope. Their response was, “You’re not allowed to ask the President questions during war time.”

  11. GP- yes, “Jesus-pimping” is a.n integral part of the right-wing messaging which harkens back to the Crusades. ‘Onward Christian soldiers…” They are too dense to realize that they have been duped into providing cannon fodder for the military-industrial complex.

    Charles- the usual double-standards befitting non-thinking ideologues.

  12. Wow! I just read the statistics for this post:1495 ‘reads.’ Glad I could share the idiocy and contempt of the right-wing extremists. Spread the word that this nasty clutch of ideologues would lynch the President of the United States if they hd the chance!

  13. The problem is that Common Sense doesn’t know who the real parasites are. The entitlement programmes pay for themselves, while corporate welfare does not. The rich get tax cuts in order to “produce jobs”, but what jobs are being produced?

    The guiding philosophy of the right is that public money that goes to programs for middle income and poor people is money that could be in the pockets of the wealthy. For this reason, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are an offense to their sensibilities. They are programs that help ordinary working people, not the rich, therefore these programs conflict directly with their philosophy of government.

  14. I was so out of touch for the last week or so…I relied on my news from my 76 year old co worker, Robert Paret, who doesn’t speak a word of english.
    My take? in a nutshell? I wrote something on thebrainpolice last night, but concisely, there is a circus parade with a lot of elephants every few years and then a democratic president has to come in and clean up the elephant poop in the street and then get blamed for the mess.

    1. So if I were lynched in the nude, (let’s not speculate on the circumstances as the statute of limitations might not have run out yet) and a picture made of the act was mounted on a wall in an rather gristly art exhibition, the correct phrase would be, “The picture of the well hung hanged exihibitionist was hung on the wall at the exposition?”
      I think I understand…..

  15. I do find it interesting that rightbloggers find spouting such violent rhetoric perfectly OK–but God forbid a progressive attempts any kind of pushback–then they erupt with piteous cries of being victimized, and with demands “for a return to civilized discourse.”

    It’s like that video of the Teabaggers cheering S&P’s downgrading America’s credit rating–if progressives had done that, they would have been screaming “Traitor!” and “Why do you hate America?”

    And probably calling for a lynching, too….

  16. This is what happens when you have an all-volunteer military (particularly in a time of war) and the volunteer base is limited to the least educated.

  17. I guess the deeply cherished dream of lynching the uppity Negro in the White House(shared by a diapery,diaspora of like-minded,donut dunking dip-shits)is really about all we can expect from a guy who insists on referring to himself in the 3rd person,as *cough* “Gunny”.That’s right:my name is GUNNY and I don’t take NO for an ANSWER.I’m a hard bitten,cigar chomping,13 inch knife wielding muscle man of mayhem who does the World a favor by dealing with “Libtards” on a daily basis and..wait for it…TAKING OUT THE TRASH” and not at all the sad,pear shaped,50 year old Walmart greeter/Virgin/Trekkie/hopeless Dork you correctly suspect me of being.

  18. Hello All,
    Sorry I am getting back to everyone late but I was involved in a particularly long Masonic Meeting last night. Anyway here goes.

    Muddy says, “Spread the word that this nasty clutch of ideologues would lynch the President of the United States if they had the chance!” Interesting….is not a death threat to the President a Federal Crime? Maybe the Secret Service needs to make a house call to this little radical group.

    I agree that a tax on Chinese imports could be in the options as the Chinese have intentionally kept their currency artificially low to make their exports more aggressive.

    May I also say you posed a very good question, “However, if we don’t curb Asian manufactured goods from coming into the U.S., how will our manufacturing industry ever recover?”

    One story I would like to pass on with reference to this is the CEO, VP of Sales, CFO etc. of a company I was working for at the time made a visit to a company in China. They got a plant tour that was very much in automation robotics in their manufacturing process. The VP of Sales asked, “What profit margin are you working with.” The Chinese Plant Manager said, “This is the cost of my material, this is the cost of my labor….that is my price.” The concept (Oh lets say) a 30% profit margin was not comprehendible to him at all. He was selling for cost.

    “If we are not manufacturing then we are not employing people with a livable
    wage.” I have been saying this for a very long time ever since China got “Preferred Trading Partner” status. You are very correct that a service economy just isn’t going to do it. I give reference to the classic book, “The Wealth Of Nations.” The message is, “Value Added” converting of raw materials.

    As far as U.S. corporate money sitting off-shore? Much like Halliburton being paid Billions of dollars in “No Bid Government Contracts” but because they moved their Corporate Headquarters to Dubai, they pay no taxes. I think a minimum of 5% (should me more) would be a fair tax if they were to view themselves as “Good Americans.”

    Once again you have put it so visually poetically, “there is a circus parade with a lot of elephants every few years and then a democratic president has to come in and clean up the elephant poop in the street and then get blamed for the mess.

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