That Great Sucking Sound [Again]

I tip my hat to Ross Perot for the phrase back in 1992.  Wow! Nearly 20 years has passed and the sucking sound is as loud or perhaps even louder than back. That sucks!

Exactly what is the sucking sound, you may ask? Candidate Perot focused his remarks on job losses to Mexico because of cheap labor costs there compared to here in the U.S. That sucking sound was the sound of factories [and profits and jobs] moving to Mexico.

There is another more subtle sucking sound that has been going on since about 1980- the sound of pocket change being vacuumed from the pockets of the working class and into the bank accounts of the uber wealthy. Not only change but dollar bills- tens and twenties- on a daily business. Subtle stuff, but nonetheless real. One needs only to look at the ever-widening gap developing, chasm-like in fact, between the middle class worker and the top 10 percent.  More exactly, the top 2%.  Where, do you suppose, those dollars that are now in investment banks in Luxembourg and Switzerland came from?

Think vacuum hose. SUCK!!!!!

It’s a perfect image for me to help ‘see’ what is happening to The People here in the United States. We the People as suckers.

Even more problematic and mind-boggling to me are the vast numbers of co-conspirators in the vacuuming heist.  The Tea Party and the ordinary right-winger yell and scream at the middle class workers who are trying to protect their shrinking income and rights.  They are, in fact, stooges for the top 2%.  Cheerleaders for the wealthy, dissing their fellow middle class citizens.  The word ‘pathetic’ doesn’t even come close to describing this set of ignoramuses.

This entire scenario sucks.  Big time!  When will we wake up, America, and stop the theft? I fear that it may already be too late to puncture the hose.


5 thoughts on “That Great Sucking Sound [Again]

  1. “The Tea Party and the ordinary right-winger yell and scream at the middle class workers who are trying to protect their shrinking income and rights. They are, in fact, stooges for the top 2%. ”

    That’s the part that really get me. I just can’t understand why they don’t get it. It’s like they’re little robots that parrot what they’re programmed to say by their overlords. Well, that and their little insults about people who disagree with them.

  2. Hello Jeff,
    All you have to do is read the classic book, “1984.” It was all predicted and forwarning to all who have read this book since the mid-1940’s….Of course those who do not read will repeat the “New Speak” from Fox programming and conservative “BLOW HARD” radio. I present you LIVs.
    Trust me, “Big Brother” is watching and directing you.”

  3. One of the next windfalls for the 2 percenters is REPATRIATION. In this case, it’s not a person be repatriated, but it’s the billions of dollars sitting off shore accumulating from tax havens and income generated from their foreign factories. I believe the last time this was done was in 2005. The figure
    that I am hearing will be a 5% tax on the rest comes in free. Yup, we are
    about to take it in the shorts again…..

  4. Hello Muddy and Uptheflag,
    Today the Dow dropped 512 points today erasing all of the gains for the whole year so far. The irresponsible Teabaggers who held hostage the U.S.’s finances have given the rest of the world’s economy the jitters. The Dow is expected to take a sever drop tomorrow. THIS IS EVERY “BABY BOOMERS” RETIREMENT! We all will be needing this soon and the Teabaggers are doing everything to destroy it.

    Free Market employers are not wanting to hire 60+ years olds to fill what few employment oppertunities in this country. So are we all to become Welfare Stats?

    The uneducated and ignorant agenda aspect that is the Tea Party have in just this last couple of weeks have destroyed any hopes this year of pulling out of the recession and the futures of us who served our country well in the past only to have the rug pulled out from under us in our later years.

    I really hope every sane voter takes note what the Teabaggers have done to this country in the few months they have been in office. It is ultimately important that they are purged from their political power responsibilities. This country has suffered enough from their irresponsibility’s.

  5. Well, when Speaker Boehner was asked if he was satisfied with the debt limit
    deal, he responded he got 98% of what he wanted. Today in the stock market we can see what he meant. Another, 4% was sucked out of mutual funds,
    IRAs, and 401Ks of the real 98 percenters

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