House Speaker John Boehner shout to Tea Party, “GET YOUR ASS IN LINE!”

by Engineer Of Knowledge

This past couple of weeks we are seeing the results and payback rewards to the now dysfunctional Republican held House of Representatives when they embraced and gave validity to the extreme elements by welcoming in the Tea Party into their ranks.  This was never more evident when out of frustration the House Speaker and Majority Leader, John Boehner, shouted out in the House session, “Get your ass in line.”  This comment was directed to the fanatic element calling themselves “Tea Party.”  Even former Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain railed against the Tea Party calling them, “Worse than Foolish. Bizarros!!”

I guess the thinking was any vote, even mentally incompetent, was a vote needed to push the agenda of the wealthy backers that has bought the influence of my Republican Party.

Now I am not saying that we are doomed and all is lost for this country because I do take refuge of optimism from Churchill’s reputed line:

“In the long run, Americans will always do the right thing….after exploring all other alternatives first.”

I do take refuge in the comfort in the reason to believe that history is going to repeat itself.  I do have faith that the American People will see these extreme elements today currently identifying themselves as Tea Party, Conservative Religious Right, etc. are just too much of a lunatic fringe to renew their political power by the next election.

I have always taken the belief in the formula for past American success was built on five basic pillars:

1. Educating the work force up to and beyond whatever technology demands.

2. Building the world’s best infrastructure of ports, roads and telecommunications.

3. Attracting the world’s most dynamic and high-I.Q. immigrants to enrich our universities and start new businesses.

4. Putting together the best regulations to promote risk-taking incentives.

5. Funding research.

This country does not need a Tea Party extremist plan for regaining American solvency.  We all ready have the plan for maintaining American greatness and sustaining the American dream for another generation.

Some of the world’s most talented people, students, and would-be entrepreneurs who would like nothing more than to remain in this country are told they are not welcome.

Anyone who says that tax increases are off the table does not have a plan for sustaining American greatness and passing on the American dream to the next generation.

To employ artistic license and put this in a Shakespearian form, “Alas Destruction, thy name is Tea Party.”  The extreme elements of the Tea Party is so lacking in any aspiration for American greatness, so dominated by the narrowest visions for our country and so ignorant of the fact that it was not tax cuts that made America great but our unique (public / private) partnerships across the generations.

If everyone, more importantly the sane and moderate Republicans in this country, do not stand up to this extreme, fanatical, mentally ill, faction in their midst, the Tea Party will take the G.O.P. and this country on a suicide mission.

I will reiterate and stress the obvious point that it’s not just the Republican Party that the Teabaggers are destroying.  It Is Our Country that is at risk!

This characterization of Teabaggers is exactly, spot on, correct.  Since they’ll never see it themselves, because introspection clarity is hardly a defining characteristic of this group, the only hope is that enough voters will figure it out before the next election and it becomes too late.

But, as we have coined the phrase, “Low Information Voters,” we have seen too many times the critical mass of the electorate that has been carefully molded by the Karl Rovian cynicism into a bunch of credulous, gullible true believers, unable to see where their and their country’s real interests lie.  There are those who are happy to buy into the hatreds and falsehoods that extreme, self massaging, and financial grabbing, elements have so deliberately and effectively nurtured.

When it comes to economics, we have proven and know well that a market economy with a significant government role is the only proven model of success.

From time to time through history, we have seen the ebb and flow of the unencumbered market forces gaining too much control in our legislators that will inevitably lead to disasters, such as in 1929 and 2008.  These historical examples have made it clear where the abused have been laid victim by those unmonitored by legal rules complemented with regulations, the economic devastation is incurred by the middle class of this country.  This is no different than any other example of a “Pyramid Scheme.”

Fact is today the bottom 50 percent of households, based on pretax income, make less combined than the top 1 percent who have benefited from the current laws and tax codes that were enacted at the turn of the century.  Only three decades ago, the bottom half made more than twice as much. The middle class has also received a much smaller tax cut in recent decades than the affluent.

The real problem with so many of these issues is that the “Tea Party Political System” is not even trying to find SANE solutions.

Amazingly, Congress may be about to create a whole new economic problem by voluntarily defaulting on the national debt for the first time in our 250 year history.

Bottom line you can count me as one who doesn’t think this will happen, or if they do, it will be too late, because it already was too late for us all.


4 thoughts on “House Speaker John Boehner shout to Tea Party, “GET YOUR ASS IN LINE!”

  1. Right on, EOK…..It appears to me that Boehner is looking to be canonized, lol…Just yesterday he uttered that “my neck was stretched way out.” He is asking to be a martyred saint. To me, this is continued evidence of the religious nature of the the current GOP. Sainthood would be his reward
    for doing “God’s work.” And, “the people” who are doing God’s work are the
    5 percenters. The remaining 95 percenters are not worthy of being saved as
    they are living off the largess of the 5 percenters. According to the GOP we are wasting our resources on the 95 percenters as they are the evil ones. All they need is bare subsistence, while the good, they and the 5 percenters who they front for, deserve all the benefits of American life. This the GOP faith; it
    is their belief. And, as long as we don’t attack it and its root, we will not
    reclaim the United States for the 95 percenters…..

  2. Well, the President and the Dems have caved to the Tea Party GOP. I am not
    an economist but I do question the thought of reducing the cost of government
    on this scale. Our domestic spending now equates with that of the Eisehnower Presidency. When Eisenower the population of the United
    States was 179,000,000 in 1960. Today, the population number is at
    330,000,000. Now, according to this debt ceiling bill, we are to service 330 million people on the same revenue that served, and may I say underserved,
    179 million in 1960. Moreover, wasn’t the highest income tax rate under IKE at tthe 70% level and today it is half that and no estate taxes today? How are we
    going to grow out of recession by laying tens of thousands of government
    workers off, let alone it all backing down to state and local governments. Seems to men this will all be done on the backs of the 95 percenters.

  3. Most excellent post, Engineer! You have summarized the greatest threat to this nation ever- Tea Party extremists! Your comment, This country does not need a Tea Party extremist plan for regaining American solvency. was spot-on. In fact, there is no PLAN. Extremists never have a plan; they only have bombs. They never think past the ends of their noses. They attempt to justify their existence with the tired, hackneyed phrase, ‘mounding debt on our children and grandchildren.’ Meanwhile they ‘blow-up’ all of the infrastructure and intellectual resources that generations of Americans have built up and passed on to this generation.

    Any moron can explode a bomb. GW Bush proved that point. Try building a lasting structure with a bomb.

    UptheFlag- excellent comment!

  4. Yes, the debt drama has been a disaster for the Low Information US voter. This is one bit of theatre that was completely unnecessary, but happened due to the Social and Constitutional framework which allowed it to happen.

    First off, the debt ceiling has been broached quite a few times prior to Barack Obama being president without the histrionics that accompanied the recent bumping against that ceiling. Why now? We can see loads of hypocracy as John Boehner and Paul Ryan did their bit to run up the deficit, yet play games with unknown consequences.

    Fact is that the US is one of the few countries with these ridiculous ideas about the national debt and “balancing the budget”. Other countries do what needs to be done. And the debt issue is left to the market forces whether they want to invest in the nationally issued securities (which is how the debt manifests).

    The fact is that the right dislikes the social security system that holds the country together. The extreme right dislikes government altogether. They would take things back to the good old days of product adulteration and pollution–anything to make a buck. That means any social welfare gains that came from Clean Air and Water Acts, pure food and drug acts, and so on will become history.

    Especially if they can sell you the air you breathe and water you drink.

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