In the Course of Human Events, Change is Necessary

Unless we change this system of government, this once-great nation of ours will become just ‘one of many others’ that became too corrupt to function for the benefit of the majority of The People.

Anybody who has been watching these bozos [my apologies to Bozo the Clown] for the past few weeks has to come to the realization that the system of governance set up in the 18th century does not function in the high-tech, money-flushed 21st century.

Why do we continue to pretend that it works? Is it a Sacred Cow or something?

Are we too afraid to change it?  Do we not know how to change it? Perhaps we are apprehensive about what the new government will look like and how it will function?

What, pray tell, is still ‘functional’ here in the 21st century that was ‘functional’ in the late 1700’s? If our Founding Fathers were reincarnated, they would find the 21st century too mind-boggling to comprehend. Yet, they would feel quite comfortable visiting the Capitol, the House and the Senate in operation.  Is that odd or what!

The Sacred Cow that is our current form of governance ought to be euthanized, stuffed and put on display at the Smithsonian in DC. People could come and visit, weep, and tell their grandchildren how things were in the old days, just like they would while looking at a stage coach or the steam engine.

I suspect that none of our Founding Fathers would have suspected that their form of governance would not have been modified over the years to suit the changing needs of our nation. We are 9 generations removed from that time, from those wise men. Much has changed in this Land of the Free.  A hundred other nations adopted the idea of democracy since our brave men signed those documents. We hold no patent on democracy.

Ours may have been the first, but sadly today, it is not the best. The corruption of money and power-hungry corporate interests have made a mockery of the beautiful plan that our Founding Fathers created. The general Welfare mentioned in the Preamble is a farce. It has been stomped upon and diluted. This is no longer a government of, by and for The People.

The dream has become a nightmare. It’s over. Wake up, America!  Wake up before they take everything away from you.



5 thoughts on “In the Course of Human Events, Change is Necessary

  1. Why I like the parliamentary system. The leader of the majority party is the head of government and any budgetary disagreement leads to a motion of no confidence.

    Constitutional monarchy is nice because if give a head of state who is a wonderful figurehead, but not much else. The US could always make a celebrity head of state every few years.

    Anyway, the concept of the “debt ceiling” seriously needs to be abolished. Her’s an interesting article for you:

    BTW, Notice that there has been little concern for the US troops in combat not being paid if there be no debt deal. Imagine being in combat getting shot at as you worry if your family is going to go hungry. Where is the right wing press on that issue?

    Support our troops my arse!

  2. Another thought, 2011 is the centennial of the political conflicts of 1911 between the House of Commons and the House of Lords which established the supremacy of the elected House of Commons in the UK. It seems to me that the Republicans are making a constitutional crisis for some reason. The obvious answer is that they dislike having a black president, but I believe there is a more sinister reason behind the debt issue since it has never been a problem before.

    The real issue is what will be the reaction of the poorly informed US public to the shenanigans going on at all levels of government. Will they be fooled into further abandonment of real rights other than the silly rights they believe they have)?

    These are truly scary times!

  3. These may be scary times, but our U.S. history has had other horribly corrupt periods in the past where big money ran things. We’ ve recovered from those before; we can recover from this. There is always a backlash; it is just a matter of who, and when, and under what circumstances. If you have any doubt about this, look at the Pecorra commission in the early part of the last century.

  4. Tell me, ole Sage, if we can’t have a simple one sentence bill passed to raise
    the debt limit in order to pay our previous bills, how in the world would we
    ever get the votes to “change the system of government.”

    It is too bad that the politicos are attaching our national deficit to a simple paying of our previous bills. Since 1962 raising the debt limit has been a
    non-issue; it was just done.

    Here is what Obama has done in the last few months. His first statement was he wanted a “clean” raise the debt limit bill. Then, Obama backed off that
    and said he would take a bill that included tax cuts and revenue increases.
    Now, he has totally capitulated and sold out the middle class by seemingly
    agree to $1.2 TRILLION cuts only. Peggy Noonan of the WSJ wrote this
    weekend that Obama is “a loser.” You decide.

    1. He’s only thinking of his reelection. I’m quite convinced of that, especially if he signs that 2-part ‘plan’ that the GOP is waving around. If he does that, I’m out!

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