And So?

I suggest that the display of idiocy unfolding in D.C. over the debt ceiling ought to be made into a film with the title, The Swines You Sent to Washington. It would be a tragic-comedy, of course, starring the ‘leadership’ of Congress.  I’m quite sure that a person with much more talent than I could work it into a Star Wars/Muppets redux. However,  Ms. Piggy is much too dignified and intelligent to be cast in the role of Boehner or Cantor- so don’t go there.  Clearly, though, the Mos Eisley Cantina on the planet Tatooine with its cast of galactic oddities is ripe for members of the Tea Party.

Who, though, will be cast as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker?

I feel as if I am one of those Muppet old farts in the balcony, Statler and Waldorf,  making odd comments on the proceedings unfolding on stage below. Perhaps these characters are the most wise of all because, after all, this comic relief is single thread that loosely tethers me to sanity.


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  1. Someone really SHOULD do a film, or even a TV series, on the corrupting and dysfunctional state of affairs in Washington. It could be somewhat patterned after the hilarious old British spoof “Yes, Prime Minister” in which a well-meaning, well-intentioned Brit runs for and wins a seat in Parliament and immediately is unwittingly compromised by powerful, entrenched civil servants who circumvent his every wish and render him totally ineffective. He is rendered SO ineffectual that eventually he becomes Prime Minister and can’t accomplish ANYTHING! In the US version, rather than sabotage-happy civil servants, it could be lobbyists and/oe special interests who foil a newly-elected representatives agenda and force him or her to compromise positions…

  2. The raising of the debt ceiling and the national debt are separate issues.
    What has happened is that the GOP have been allowed by a Democratic
    President, whose ineptness is becoming clearer daily, and a Democratic
    Senate to make it appear that the debt ceiling and the national debt are
    connected, while in reality they are not. The debt ceiling is for previous
    obligations of the national government, most those of George Bush II; the
    national debt is for present and future obligations.

    What we have in D.C. is one of the worst scams being laid on the people of
    the United States, we 95 percenters. I have no doubt that it will be the 95
    percenters of us who will take it in the shorts. This is the GOP and the
    Democrats playing to their bases. The GOP can say we held out for cutting,
    a balanced budget amendment, and no increase in taxes(we honored our
    pledge to Grover Nordquist!). The Dems can say we protected the social
    compact, improvied chances of economic recovery and jobs by standing up
    for a debt ceiling until after the next election to remove business uncertainty, and tried to remove some tax
    loopholes for the wealthy. Then , in the end they come together with wringing
    hands and say but all we can do is pass the increase in the debt ceiling.

    However, look at what has happedned in the meantime. While they have tied
    the government up in a knot our GNP has shrunk to the 1% level, with
    more unemployment and stagnant wages. We are now at the double
    dip recession level. Our economy is not growing. And, to cut current
    revenue levels would me the most ridiculous position the government
    could do. The political talk has to cease. They can do that after we don’t
    let the U.S. move into default. If not, the middleclass will again move down
    the ladder of success.

    1. …which is precisely why I said that unless we change the system, this once-great nation of ours will become just ‘one of many others’ that became too corrupt to function for the benefit of the majority of The People.

  3. The truth is that the debt ceiling has been raised countless times without any fuss. This time, Obama is president and the Republicans have made it clear that they will do whatever they need to make him fail. Not that Barack isn’t helping the issue by leaning toward their side in this charade.

    The debt ceiling needs to be abolished. Furthermore, there needs to be much more transparency in the budget debate. That, of course, requires an informed public.

    As for films,the British media have made loads of films on the topic of naive citizen going to Whitehall only to be frustrated by the system.–the latest in the batch being “the Amazing Mrs. Pritchard”.

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