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Here we go again. There is probably no better example of the concept of immiscibility than church and science. It beats water and oil all to hell.  Nonetheless, in the past few days, here in the Toledo area there was an uproar [and it continues] over a decree by the local Catholic bishop against the Susan G Komen for the Cure.  This breast cancer foundation has been forbidden from visiting Catholic schools in the Diocese of Toledo. The Toledo Blade reported, “Toledo Catholic Bishop Leonard Blair has banned parishes and parochial schools from raising funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, citing concerns that the global anti-cancer giant may someday fund embryonic stem-cell research.”

Someday… maybe.. there is a possibility… could come to be…

The idiocy is blatant. The logic is absurd, but then, we’re dealing with the make-believe world of religion.

This ultra-conservative bishop has, since his appointment to this diocese, replaced most of the women in public ministerial roles with men. He has ordered more stringent rules about what must be included in worship and how the clergy should dress. He has disallowed the extension of service beyond retirement age to ‘liberal’ priests. In short, he’s a throw-back to the Dark Ages of the church.

Now this- one more misogynous move against a group which has no rights in the male-dominated church.

For the past several days, the bishop has been blasted by letters to the editor- letters written by brave women who find this latest dictate beyond the pale. By signing these letters, the women are ‘risking’ being drummed out of the church by the ‘authorities.’ Yet, who would want to remain in such an organization which summarily tramples on the rights of women? Seems to me that there are much better choices than the Catholic Church if one wishes to continue in the fanciful world of religious make-believe.

On another immiscible point, science and politics, yesterday our right-wing governor signed a bill restricting abortion in the state. The right-wing, male-dominated Ohio legislature sent him the bill that mandates a 20-week ‘test of fetal viability’ before an abortion can proceed. Governor Kasich told reporters that  ‘he has always been pro-life.’ Of course, that opens an entirely separate debate as to just what does ‘pro-life’ entail. As Kasich continues to make draconian cuts in health and welfare services to the poor throughout the state, one could argue that his so-called pro-life stance is laughable at best. But it will get him votes in the next election by that mindless clutch of ‘pro-life voters.’

The ruse goes on, day after miserable day. The People are victimized again and again by authoritarian figures who enjoy their hierarchical position in life, while the peasants trudge on, carrying more burdens, poverty and misery.


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  1. I second Dog Gone’s comment about Hypatia of Alexandria and will add see the film Agora

    Of course, they are pro-life voters until it comes to firearms, executions, and wars.

    I bet pro-life Barb was terribly upset that Casey Anthony didn’t give her pound of flesh. It would be interesting to find out that Barb would have enjoyed some old fashioned hanging, drawing, and quartering of miscreants. Barb could have been there wanting to burn Hypatia of Alexandria like all the other good Chrtisitans!

    Then we have the castle doctrine, property is, after all, more important than life. We shouldn’t have any sympathy for criminals since lack of education, housing, jobs, and nutrition can be made up by long stints in prison, or on death row.

    In reality, the sanctity of life is a concept that one believes in. It is, in other words, a moral conviction.

    Second, it is a moral conviction about how human beings are to be perceived and treated. Belief in the sanctity of life prescribes a certain way of looking at the world, in particular its human inhabitants (with implications for its non-human inhabitants—a subject for another article). This perception then leads to behavioral implications related to how human beings are to be treated. Moral conviction leads to perception and flows into behavior. Notice that in constructing my understanding of the sanctity of life in this way I am emphasizing worldview dimensions first (convictions), character qualities next (perceptions), and behavioral prescriptions last. I think this is actually how the moral life works.

    The third thing to notice about this definition is its universality. Rightly understood, the sanctity of life is among the broadest and most inclusive understandings possible of our moral obligations to other human beings.

    All human beings are included (each and every human being), at all stages of existence, with every quality of experience, reflecting every type of human diversity, and encompassing every possible quality of relationship to the person who does the perceiving. What all are included in is a vision of their immeasurable worth and inviolable dignity. This means that each of these human beings has a value that transcends all human capacity to count or measure, which confers upon them an elevated status that must not be dishonored or degraded.

    Whether we like them or not.

  2. Pope Benedict has decided the issue. He is stamping out all liberal
    clergy with conservative priest/bishops. He has just removed the Archbishop
    of Philadelphia and replaced him with the bishop of Denver who is a arch-
    conservative. More importantly, the replacements are not only charged with
    maintaining Catholic conservative orthodoxy, but they are charged with taking
    political action. The political action decision is new and very ominous. This is happening to provide the Catholic Church as a political player in the 2012 elections.

  3. Re political vows are unChristian from

    The Sermon on the Mount reads:

    You have also heard that our ancestors were told, ‘You must not break your vows; you must carry out the vows you make to the Lord.’ But I say, do not make any vows! Do not say, ‘By heaven!’ because heaven is God’s throne. And do not say, ‘By the earth!’ because the earth is his footstool. And do not say, ‘By Jerusalem!’ for Jerusalem is the city of the great King. Do not even say, ‘By my head!’ for you can’t turn one hair white or black. Just say a simple, ‘Yes, I will,’ or ‘No, I won’t.’ Anything beyond this is from the evil one (Matthew 5:33-37).

    Wills writes that “most Republicans in Congress have signed a Mephistophelian pact. They have left their consciences in the pocket of Grover Norquist.” But these words from the Gospel of Matthew imply that Republicans who have signed these pledges have literally made a pact with the devil.

    As I have been saying for a while, people should run from those who wear patriotism and religion on their sleeves!

  4. People should not forget that BeneDICK is a Nazi. A real one. He remembers the lessons taught to him by his Führer, and he’s putting them to use now that he has the authority to do so.

    1. Benedict is a jerk, but it is not fair to characterize him as a willing Nazi. He’s addressed that part of his life quite adequately.

      The Catholic church knew what they were getting when they elected him to the job; he’s largely leading the faith backwards, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that backfires on the church, with their numbers continuing to decline.

  5. Dog, I can only go by how he acts, and what he says, in the here and now. And I believe that his Führer would approve wholeheartedly of his protege’s actions.

  6. This is backfiring on the Catholic Church. Did you know that there is a huge movement in Italy of people who are going through the legal process, because it requires a legal process there, to be un baptized?
    More and more Catholics in America become like the Catholic majority in France. Except for the very conservatives, the church is a ceremonial detail. Birth, death, not necessarily marriage.
    Organized religion becomes more and more an extremist kind of thing. Unquestioning faith requires blind belief and obedience, like fascism.

    I haven’t been here for a few days because thigs are getting hectic as I prepare for another hiatus in the 19th century away from media for a week or so. At the last minute, my seasonal viticultural work beckons. Chateau Vieux Chevrol decided that they have to do a vendange verte…there are so many grapes on the vines and with the recent rain, the foliage has really grown. So, I will be working there cutting off the excess bunches and trimming foliage on 21 hectares of grapes with 5 or 6 other people…
    I think the sun will come back on Tuesday….I hope….

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