“That’s why they sent us to Congress”

The assumed stupidity of The People is increasing at a fast pace in the past several weeks, if you know what I mean. It seems that, after every failed set of negotiations over the debt ceiling, some politician tells The People what they should think. My all-time classic is the one by Tea Party Republicans who ASSume that they were sent to Congress to keep people’s taxes low. I heard that line at least 3 times in the past 48 hours.

Well, if my memory serves me, The People sent them to Congress for “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” How soon we forget, eh? Now, the only time that one hears the word jobs is in the sentence that goes, “…those job-killing taxes!”

Jobs indeed.  By the way, how does Congress create jobs? Or the president?

The Republicans tell us that it we keep taxes ‘low enough’ that the job-creators will create jobs. Huh! Well, tax rates have been historically low for quite some time now [2001] and, surprise, jobs are shrinking.  Where’s the magic? Or we were bamboozled? Again.

I ask once again, just how dumb do they think The People are? Wolf! Wolf!

Thus might we ask the same question again: why were they sent to Congress?  To fiddle while Washington [and Detroit, Atlanta and Chicago] burned? To keep the rich, rich? To feather their election war chests?

OK, I give up.  Why?

…but not all of The People all of the time.”


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  1. “I ask once again, just how dumb do they think The People are?”

    Sadly, the truth is our stupidity cannot be underestimated. See:

    I hate to keep banging the drum, but low information voters keep the Repugs in business. They don’t want people who are far wealthier than them to pay taxes but they believe the roads will magically get paved and the fire department will come when called. Oh, and we can send the military anywhere, anytime just to show furriners who’s boss.

    The good news–or bad, depending on your perspective–is that low information voters are usually one medical or financial setback away from discovering how stupid they really are.

  2. low information voters keep the Repugs in business.

    Always have. Let’s count the ways:

    1. fundamentalist Christians- they “believe” that the GOP will stop abortions and will incorporate biblical laws into the Constitution;

    2. white supremacists- they enjoy the ‘purity’ of the GOP

    3. military families- “believe” that the GOP is on the side of military families

    4. homophobes- the just-hate-gays “believe” that the GOP will keep those people from destroying family values

    5. immigration purists- think that the GOP will build a wall around the U.S.

    6. business community- these are the real winners of the GOP because they are well-served through the dogged efforts of the GOP too let them keep business taxes low and regulations weak

    7. uber wealthy- need I say more?

  3. 1. fundamentalist Christians- they “believe” that the GOP will stop abortions and will incorporate biblical laws into the Constitution;

    We have GOPers worse than that; one who was elected to the Minnesota state legislature believes – and legislates accordingly – that GOD won’t let global warming happen. One of our most heinous fundy street ‘ministers’ (and I use the word in what I consider a non-dictionary way) asserts that if we only persecute gays and non-christians GOD will make sure we win wars. When we lose wars we should go kill gays, like the moslems do, in order to win.

    Never mind that the Bush wars has nearly destroyed our military with redeployments.

    1. Thanks for enjoining the discussion, Cal. We will consider at length your right-wing solution to our nation’s problems.

  4. Well, M_R, the post says it all…But here is my question:

    Why do the 98 PERCENTERS continue to accept losing income ground
    in getting ahead and tolerate the ONE or TWO PERCENTERS who take
    home huge income increases at the detriment of the 98 PERCENTERS
    in food, clothing, and shelter?

    1. This sort of mentality may help explain your question, UTF. Rather than think, they would prefer to listen to the propaganda that feeds their fear, egos, paranoia, or whatever else. They refuse to think for themselves and project their inadaquacies upon others.

      For example, we had someone who claimed to have “busted his ass” in the military, the same as he does in civilian life. Upon close scrutiny, his claims of military service fell apart. What was in it for this person to claim to be far more successful than he probably is? Why would he support a system which is eroding his standard of living? Is this the “lottery syndrome” which is where these people hope that indeed the wealth will suddenly start flowing from the 2% to the 98% despite all the evidence showing that is a fallacy?

      Part of propagandisation is controlling the message and the media, which is very much the case in the US. Only 5 huge corporations — Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS) — now control most of the media industry in the U.S with General Electric’s NBC is a close sixth. Freedom of the press only prevents government intrustion in the marketplace of ideas–it does not prevent non-governmental agencies blocking dissenting opinion.

      US Public Broadcasting is a joke since it is pretty much commercial as well. Public Broadcasting calls its commercials “Underwriting”, but that is still corporate sponsorship. Corporations don’t want to support media that regularly criticizes their products or discusses corporate wrongdoing. More generally, they would rather support media that puts audiences in a passive, non-critical state of mind-making it easier to sell their products.

      In our society, however, large corporations are a more common source of censorship than governments: Media outlets killing stories because they undermine corporate interests; advertisers using their financial clout to squelch negative reports; powerful businesses using the threat of expensive lawsuits to discourage legitimate investigations. The most frequent form of censorship is self-censorship: Journalists deciding not to pursue certain stories that they know will be unpopular with the boss.

  5. UTF: Several years ago, Obama caught a lot of flak for saying some “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”

    It was an inartful, impolitic statement.

    It was also 100% accurate.

    And it explains why many folks vote for that which is detrimental to their self-interest. Many low information voters are just plain ignorant; when they hear about an “estate tax” they believe they’re going to lose the bulk of their inheritance from Aunt Sophie’s $10K estate to taxes. Or they buy the propaganda that their healthcare is going to be determined by a bureaucrat (as if the fact their healthcare being decided by a corporation whose priority is the bottomline is preferable).

    But, beyond sheer ignorance (or because of it), the low info voter has managed to meld social issues into the mix. They believe gays threaten their marriage or that Sharia Law is on the outskirts of Topeka or owning 30 guns will earn them respect. They manage to attribute their own lack of success to others who aren’t like them–minorities, foreigners, immigrants, gays. To a certain extent, this antipathy towards minorities is a balm to the low info voter in that it allows them to enjoy the facade of class superiority.

    1. Exactly. This is the problem and it is both serious and pervasive. I do not see much ‘education’ on any even minimal scale to help these low info voters ‘see the light.’

  6. Go here for an explaination of how the Right exploits single issues and manipulates religious faith to direct workers into voting for candidates who are a threat to their economic interests.

    1. Lets here it for those low information voters, like Sepp, who vote against their own intersts, time after time after time…….dummies.

  7. Hello All,
    A good friend sent me a text message today. He saw the bumper sticker, “Palin 2012” on a car going down the road. He called me later and said the driver was the epitome of typical stereo type. Dull look on their face while breathing through their mouth, 100lbs over weight…and obvious never had an original thought for themselves…..YOU KNOW THE TYPICAL TEABAGGER!!

  8. Thanks for the lead above, LACI.

    In those articles there is the following statement by Thomas Frank,
    Harper’s Magazine, April 2004:

    “The leaders (the Right, my addition) ….may talk Christ, but they
    talk corporate..”

    You know, I have to wonder if it’s not reversed..They talk corporate,
    but walk Christ? Is it not a fundamentalist christian movement?

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