Doing the Work of The People

John McCain stood in the well of the Senate yesterday and asked whether that branch of the government was doing the work of The People.  Apparently he was disgusted that they were going to recess after doing nothing that morning. By the way, what’s going on in the House these days? Or are they still on holiday from the 4th?

Meanwhile the re-election campaigns are in full swing, especially in the so-called debt ceiling talks. Lest anyone be confused, these important discussions are little more than re-election politics on a grand and scary scale. Surely you weren’t under the assumption that our representatives in Congress and our president were actually working for the benefit of The People, were you? The great debt-ceiling debate! Over the cliff!  Catastrophic! Ho-hum. It was quietly raised 8 times during the 8 GW Bush years. Yawn.

Political theater at the most contemptibly blatant sewer-level. The People my ass! It’s all about getting reelected. Period. The Republicans want to show that they kept taxes low- taxes not on The People, but on corporations and the uber rich. Of course, they don’t say that.  Rather they say that they will not raise taxes on The People. And what about those tax loopholes for oil companies, Wall Street, and other high-rollers? The GOP has the same answer: we won’t raise taxes on The People. The question, of course, is do The People see this ruse? I doubt it.  Propaganda at its finest.

Then there is the president. He’s willing to give away anything so that he will be reelected. Mr. Centrist.  Mr. Compromiser. No thought about the damage that will cause The People. Just stuff to reassure reelection. He’ll even tinker with Social Security even though that program is 100% funded and has nothing to do with the debt. He hopes the independents will be happy that he’s willing to compromise, even willing to sell-off the prize golden goose if that will bring him votes.

And where are the Democrats?


As we exit Fantasy land, a cold wet wind suddenly awakens us from our temporary journey into the make-believe realm of politics. Two wars drag on with the pipeline from the Treasury to the Pentagon at maximum flow. Factories, businesses and Ma & Pa stores hang For Sale signs in their windows. Soup kitchens become more crowded as do homeless shelters. Bank-owned for sale signs pop up like mushrooms after a good soaking rain. Joblessness spreads like a cancer. Pot holes grow more cavernous, bridges crumble; police, firefighters, and teachers are laid-off. Schools cut programs, class-sizes expand, facilities left in disrepair.

The People.

Of The People. For The People.  By The People.

Sadly, that’s just a dream of times gone by.  The good old days.

But “used to be’s” don’t count anymore
They just lay on the floor
‘Til we sweep them away.

-Neil Diamond


12 thoughts on “Doing the Work of The People


    We the people have, for once, a consensus – about the debt ceiling, and about job creation (or the lack of job creation, in the case of Republicans).

    Anyone who alters Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the ‘big three’ will be voted out of office in 2012. No ifs, no ands, no buts, no excuses or explanations will prevent that.

    We the people are still the only voters; the right hasn’t given corporations the right to vote directly, at least not yet. All the right has given to corporations so far is the right to try to buy elections. The elections in 2010 were more of an auction, than an election in that respect. If that is the plan, the Republicans have a clearly losing strategy. I’m waiting to see if Obama shows the savvy that I think he has, that Bill Clinton has always had in abundance. If Obama doesn’t understand it inately, one can hope he’ll listen to ‘Bubba’ and figure it out that way. Obama has shown some courage, some cool in how he has handled certain foreign crises – the Somali pirate incident, getting bin Laden, among others. He works best quietly, below the radar and behind the scenes. I found myself reasonably satisfied with the provisions of the health care reform; something even Clinton couldn’t get passed no matter how hard he tried. He got rid of DADT, although I’m not sure he didn’t give up too much to do it.

    I’m willing to sit back and see where this goes; there might still be some redeeming surprises amdist the disgusting politics. I’m not fully a pessimist quite yet.

  2. The nice thing about westminster model parliamentary democracies is that the defeat of a supply bill (one that concerns the spending of money) automatically requires the resignation of the government or dissolution of Parliament. Just imagine what that would do to the US game of posturing on budgetary matters. I can imagine the US as going through more governments than Italy if it adopted this convention!

    I find this type of politics to be silly. I also find it to be deceptive since the true meaning of the shenanigans is hidden to the American public who decry welfare for the needy, yet the system gives money to the rich who need it least.

  3. Of course, what should happen is that the President should use the 14th Amendment to declare the debt limit unconstitutional. Section 4 confirms the legitimacy of all United States public debt appropriated by the Congress. Surprisingly, the originator of the constitutional arguments against the debt ceiling was a former Reagan Administration official, Bruce Bartlett, whose last essay on the subject, “The Debt Limit Option President Obama Can Use,” has started to gain significant policy traction.

  4. Since you asked if the House was still on vacation … the answer is NO … they are in full DELAY MODE.

    Yesterday, the focus of the 72nd work day for the Republican-managed House was to “debate” and authorize FY2012 funding for the Department of Defense. There were some interesting amendments such as no funding in contravention of the Defense of Marriage Act … and plenty of amendments about Operation Odyssey Dawn (former U.S. operations in Libya -which prompts the question if that operation is over, why do you need an amendment after the fact) or Operation Unified Protector (NATO operations in Libya) …

    Now, why do I say Delay Mode … the normal practice that when a Representative has an amendment (assuming that it has been approved by the House Rules Committee), they offer it … then the clerk is instructed to read it aloud … then debate … then a voice vote …
    Well, yesterday, I watched in horror as the amendment was offered, the clerk identified it, the the Representative started talking about why the amendment was needed … then the Chair stopped her and asked the clerk to read the amendment … the Representative waived the reading of the amendment and the Chair asked if there was an objection … sure enough there was … WHY … the Chamber was virtually empty … the simple reason was to drag out the process … in the end, the amendment was rejected on a voice vote … what a waste of time.
    There was also an interesting colloquy about a funding for TBI (Traumatic brain injury) … what makes it interesting is that the funding would require an “earmark … which is a No-No in this Congress even though most members publicly express support for it.
    YES, the House is dysfunctional … by their own management methods.

  5. Minnesota- pitiful; simply astounding. So much for The People. I am seeing further and further distance between the people and their representatives– as if they exist in two parallel but distinct universes. There is, sadly, little hope for anything worthwhile in at least the next year and a half, perhaps beyond that. In the meantime, the nation rots and The People seemingly don’t give a damn.

  6. “As we exit Fantasy land…”
    That’ll be the day!
    ” So much for The People. I am seeing further and further distance between the people and their representatives– as if they exist in two parallel but distinct universes. There is, sadly, little hope for anything worthwhile in at least the next year and a half, perhaps beyond that. In the meantime, the nation rots and The People seemingly don’t give a damn.

    YOU wanted this! Remember? Hope and change?
    A government where you’re forced to hope that they don’t ruin everything before you can change it.
    We’ve always agreed that Bush was bad but, at least you’re now beginning to see what I warned you about 3 years ago muddy.

    1. We hope, and we are getting the changes, just not fast enough. The extreme political right keeps working overtime to return to a golden era past that never existed, touting economic policies that are pure fantasy, and social policies that are horrific and dehumanizing and which promote increasing inequality in every aspect of our lives.

      That’s why the right, at least those who currently control it, can only lie to persuade people. They are dishonest, some are corrupt in the sense of being dishonest for personal gain. Others are just liars who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on their lying backsides. The Right might still snatch defeat from success; they’re working hard enough at it.

      1. Sepp knows quite a bit about being dishonest.

        I was in 4-29 FA during the gulf war douchbag. Afterwards I attended airborne training and went on to other schools and, yes, just like I do in civilian life Laci, I busted my ass to succeed in the military…maybe YOU didn’t but I DID.

        You have admitted that your claim to having attended airborne training was a lie. 4th Battalion 29th Field Artillery was in Germany during the gulf war.

        I guess we can assume that the rest of it is also lies.

        What was your basic training class, sepp?

        1. I’m all for freedom of speech, but I just came across this from the “Sepp person crowd”: “… I will find you and beat you senseless. You be a man and say that shit to my face, or be a man and apologize. Your choice. And you and your looney friends on Mud’s site aren’t the only ones who can use IP addresses.”

          This sure sounds like a threat of physical harm for speaking the truth. I thought censuring anyone was a little over the top, but where to you draw the line. I honestly don’t know. I guess I still believe truth is worth the risk/wrath of the “low educated voters”.

          1. What shit? That he is a liar?

            Sepp has already admitted, with several different explanations, that his airborne comment was a lie. Likewise, he has offered several different reasons that a unit which was not posted to the gulf combat theatre was present in during that conflict.

            Sepp can be as brave as he wants behind his keyboard, but I am pretty sure he is a coward in person.

          2. My very first exposure to the extremists among “the Sepp crowd” were threats from them. It was in fact part of how I came to meet Laci, and through Laci, to find this blog (where I enjoy the company of all of you who comment with logic and courtesy. The Sepp crowd are merely tedious..

            I laughed at the threats, because laughing at them is all they deserve. I don’t give a damn if they know how to use IP addresses. I doubt they know as much about any subject as they think they do. They bluster and posture, because they cannot be taken seriously using fact and logic. It’s all they have left, and to them it seems impressive because they are fearful people.

  7. Hello Dog Gone,
    Very well stated and I too am in your camp of thought.

    Yes I too have seen the unprovoked verbal abuse from Sepp when he did not agree with the facts someone had posted. He has even accused those as lying when what was stated did not fall into his world of what he wants it to be.

    This is why if find it so interesting and telling of his personal level, when he was found out to be lying of his military service.

    Weak minds almost always resort to the blustering and posturing tactics when logical reasoning and counter arguments render their viewpoint worthless. I remember a historical clip of a German Nazi Trooper at a rally making the statement, “When ever I hear those making statements of Freedom and Justice….(then looking around to the crowd with a hard smirk on his face he continues) I PULL OUT MY GUN!!….

    Your are seeing this same reaction and antics from this current Ultra Right Wing aspects today in this country.

    As you have said, “It’s all they have left, and to them it seems impressive because they are fearful people.” Here is the value of Free Speech over the years and especially this latest blog technology; “These type of people are exposed for what they truly are.”

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