When in the Course of Human Events

One ought not put a band aid on a major laceration nor chewing gum on a plumbing leak. Why then should we continue to attempt to operate a 21st century nation on a plan developed in the 18th century? Our Founding Fathers rode horses rather than Model T’s to the signing of  our plan of government. They didn’t get their news from IPads or the telegraph. Birds, not people, twittered. A black woman, more than likely, cleaned the chamber for the Founding Fathers, receiving just room and board for compensation. Rockets launched into the air on subsequent 4ths of July never overcame the forces of gravity. Women were in the kitchen not on Space Shuttles. Few Native Americans living in Ohio celebrated the first twenty 4th of July festivities because they were too busy protecting their lands from being seized by the newly formed government. Mexicans, at that time, happily lived and worked in Texas without green cards. Irish Need Not Apply.

When in the course of human events…

How about a new initial adverbial phrase: When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a People to realize that their form of Government is a relic of antiquity…

Or, like the Apache, the Shawnee and the Navajo, do we fight to the last warrior for an idea whose time has long gone?


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  1. The first thing I’d change is the make up of the U.S. Senate. Do the “smaller” states really need to be protected any more? Ask any Californian and they’ll tell you California needs protection FROM the “smaller” states.

    (I’m sorry, but having two Senators and one representive just makes it too easy to buy votes.)

  2. Jeff- frequent contributor UptheFlag has often written about this very point and I agree with you and him. That’s one of the idiocies along with the Editorial College that ought to have been amended early in the 20th century. But no, we seem to cling to tradition as if it were sacred.

  3. So what are you advocating exactly muddy? Shitcanning the bill of rights? And if so, in favor of what? And, created by whom?

    Or, are you living in that liberal fantasy that all the parts of the constitution you don’t agree with will be abolished by some “new” government that respects those rights you DO agree with?

    I’d bet (judging from history) that you’d be even more disappointed when your “new” ideal government is no longer constrained by the laws that govern it now.

    How about demanding that the government obey it’s own laws for a change?
    That makes more sense than blindly trusting some new boss to not be the same as the old boss. Right?

    The minute you shitcan the law and allow power seekers to create the new laws to replace the old laws, you shouldn’t be to surprised to wake up the next morning even more fucked over than you thought you were yesterday morning.

    1. http://penigma.blogspot.com/2011/01/quiz-on-us-constitution.html
      Liberals consistently support the constitution, without major changes, except to extend the obvious intent of the founding fathers when they framed the constitution.

      Conservatives, based on the thee times greater number of attempts to amend the Constitution, with amendments which would substantively CHANGE the fundamental principles of the Constitution, clearly do not embrace or support our core document, or the philosophy behind it – which was not, btw, uniquely American. See the Scots for that, or perhaps Laci will comment further.

      1. Really? What exactly have I lied about? Name it.
        Name anything…you have nothing but the bipolar rants and, links to nothing that the site nutcase spent hours trying to spin into a case of me lying about something…and comming up empty handed.

        Meanwhile, you just simply buy the idea that a nutcase who posts things here and then answers his own posts is not only an attorney with a lot of time onhand to “investigate” my honesty but, also claims to have fought in the Falkland war and served in the shittiest areas of N. Ireland…without a bit of proof for ANY claim ever made?

        Then you’d have to ask yourself…why would anyone claim to be an artilleryman when they could lie about a much cooler job? Why would I lie about speaking a different language when the nutbag calling foul has already accused me of being from yugoslavia and, also commented on another blog of mine that is ONLY a German language blog?
        Pretty fucking flimsy evidence by any standard.
        Especially comming from a clown with muliple profiles who answers his own bullshit.

        1. But sepp, you claimed to have been in airborne training until I asked your class.

          And unlike you, I can back up my claims that don’t come with units which were not in the theatre of combat. And I can name my classes.

  4. As this is the 4th of July weekend, it’s time to look at the cause of the American Revolution…Obviously, religion was a major cause. There is
    no doubt that all the colonies were God-Centered, as the colonies were founded because of religion and had an official colonial religion. Our Revolution was, therefore, God-Centered and not man-centered. The signers of the Declaration were all men of the Judaeo-Christian belief,
    and that even includes those that were Deists. What united all the colonists was their fear that England would enact laws limiting their individual colony official religion without representation. The rights
    the Declaration calls forth are deemed “inalienable” and that is because
    the rights came from God. People like to give the standard refrain that the Revolution was caused because of British taxation policies. But,
    the real fear was Britain would curtail dissident colonial religion from being in conflict with the established relligion of England. The Monarch is the Head of the Church of England, and King George was a devoted Anglican and was serious about enforcing his royal powers. This
    colonial fear of their many different christain religions led the demand
    that they have freedom of region. It was their Judaeo-Christian
    colonial heritage that fueled the American Revolution and the Declartation
    of Independence.

    1. Contrary to how fundamentalists (and other assorted nuts) are trying to rewrite history, those documents were written with freedom FROM religion in mind. Do some research please.

  5. “So what are you advocating exactly muddy? Shitcanning the bill of rights? And if so, in favor of what? And, created by whom?”
    Yeah right, sepp….another librul konspiracy….your typical negative whining uncreative lead underwear unimaginative response to a real question…if asked by one of your buddies…it would be a cause for rabid “discussion” with some very inventive solutions involving steel pry bars wielded by an “honest patriotic righteous citizens” militia movement or what ever.
    From my view point, I try to think about this as if the fossilized sacred document we call the Constitution is like the operating system of your computer. The “security safeguards” can and have been compromised. Like any outdated system, it has been hacked repeatedly. Like a cobbled together document, like the bible, which we have been discussing here, it has been interpreted and the interpretations have been twisted and reinterpreted to mean what ever anyone with the time and legal power care to make them mean. The population of America for the most part does not participate or understand the legal ramifications of how these interpretations impact their lives. We shouldn’t have to be concerned on a daily basis with how the very foundations of our lives and government are being destroyed. But unfortunately, we should be paying attention.
    I think a more apt analogy would be how a computer operating system is upgraded and kept secure. We do these things regularly if we are conscientious users of the technology.
    Iceland is great example. Of course, Iceland is a tiny country, but they were one of the first countries to really suffer in the world financial crisis. Instead of bowing to the will of the banks and being led by the nose…they are actively rewriting the operating system of their country. A “sacred” constitution inherited from Denmark. The entire country is participating on line. Check out their facebook and You Tube pages. The panel rewriting the constitution is composed of Icelandic citizens from all walks of life and social strata.
    The American Constitution was an admirable document written in the 18th century do deal with an 18th century legal and social climate. The framework, the hard technology still is basically sound, but the software has been hacked, and severly compromised. The founding fathers never anticipated the corporate sabotage we now face daily.
    Iceland proved they can upgrade. They proved that they can do it. Where Iceland was a financial disaster zone only a few years ago, it is now the place to invest. The economy will be a model for the rest of the world in recovery.
    Instead of grabbing your stainless steel prybar and fighting off the libruls, perhas its time to open your eyes, try to catch what is happening else where, not necessarily copy, but try to learn.

  6. Sepp asks, So what are you advocating exactly muddy? Shitcanning the bill of rights? And if so, in favor of what? And, created by whom?

    Quite the odd interpretation, Sepp. Where in my post did I suggest that? Do you need to visit your optometrist? Or, as I rather suspect, in your altered-universe, you assume that I meant that.

    Odd, Sepp, very odd. Perhaps you need to take some time off- away from the computer, away from AM radio, and then, press the ‘reset’ button at the back left of your skull.

  7. UptheFlag writes, it’s time to look at the cause of the American Revolution…Obviously, religion was a major cause.

    What? Is your AC still on the fritz? Heat stroke?

    1. UTF, how could you make a statement along that line? Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence is that listed as a grievance. Likewise, there was enough religious freedom in the Colonies to negate that as an issue.

      The real issue if the US is going to undergo constitutional changes would deal with the influence of corporations on the government, lack of ability to effectively manage the economy, and lack of popular involvement in the governing process.

      It seems that the new law of the land is the golden rule–those with the gold make the rules. That needs to change.

      As for “changing” the bill of rights, one can argue that has already happened. Fortunately, the people are too ignorance to realise that has happened.

  8. “how could you make a statement along that line? Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence is that listed as a grievance. Likewise, there was enough religious freedom in the Colonies to negate that as an issue.”

    Well, the Declaration is a trully God Centered bill of particulars drafted
    by men of law and religious beliefs. It justify the grievances on “nature’s God” and a “Supreme Judge of the world”. And we know that it states that all men had a Creator and that there were inalienable rights, and AMONG them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Among is the operative word in a way…There were many grievances, and Jefferson and Adams, mainly Jefferson chose the ones he wanted. Freedom of Religion for each colony was in the Royal Charters, and specifically the Declaration holds the King responsible “taking away” these charters.

    We can’t escape the fact that colonial American was a God-Centered
    world. Ask yourselves why were there so many clergy in the Founding
    Fathers, why so many clergy fought in the Revolution, while many
    other clergy based their sermons on Separation. This aspect of the
    Revolution has been swept under the carpet. This is why there will be a be a struggle over the ratification of the future Constitution.

    1. Don’t forget that the German Military had “God is With Us” on their insignia, but they still last the two World Wars for what that is worth. But I digress.

      Yes, but Jefferson was pretty much a deist who came up with the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom who was accused of being an atheist. You might have a point if it were John Witherspoon who came up with the Declaration of Independence. I would add in that there were arguments from the Loyalist side that rebellion against the established order was contrary to the word of god (which is where my German Military quote comes in).

      And you can’t forget my fave founding father Haym Solomon (and other Jews in Providence, Philadelphia, and Charleston)

      Ulitimately, the US was such a patchwork quilt of religion that it had to become a secular state with the adoption of the Constitution.

      But my point was that religious establishment or other grievances related to religion were a rallying point for independence as those were pretty much givens in the Colonial system. OK, perhaps some grievance was due to the Quebec Act guaranteeing free practice of the Catholic faith. I would still argue that It was after Independence that the religious issue became a problem.


  9. To some extent, UTF is quite right, though the Constitution is a ground braking document in so far as it attempts to define the separation of church from state. There were as well as conservative clergy, progressive thinkers who understood the immediate necessity. None the less, they managed to interject enough fear of godliness into the mix to muddy the waters for future constitutional interpreters.
    That said, perhaps I should clarify and qualify my earlier comments regarding the possibility of “upgrading” the operating system.
    The United States is not Iceland. For America to attempt to rewrite a constitution by consensus would be an invitation to mayhem. Too bad that the forces of disunity, regionalism, racism, religion, class entitlement and predestination are so firmly embedded in the national psyche. It’s too bad that the United States has already devolved from a semi representational democracy into an utterly medocre media-cracy of paranoid sensationalism.

    Happy 4th Of July, my friends.

  10. Thanks MD for bring some balance to the blog. What many forget is that
    the Declaration and the Constitution are different documents and written in
    different times. The Declaration is a war document, while the Constitution
    is a governing document. One calls on a God, the other does not and
    is secular. Yet, even the Constitution had to be modifed to attain passage,
    specifically the Bill Of Rights. It is significant because the very first Amend
    ment specifies the there can be “no law” passed concerning religion. You are
    very correct for saying, “the Constitution is a ground braking document in so far as it attempts to define the separation of church from state.”

    It seems to me to counteract the fundamentalist GOP, we have to agree
    with the religious nature of the Declaration. If we reject that fact, we are \
    not reasoning from facts but from leftist ideology and it dilutes our
    argumentative points as we move into the Constitutional phase which is
    the law we all live under. There is no laws in the Declaration; it is a
    statement of intent…..

  11. I was corrected in another forum regarding my claim that the Constitution was American OS1…it was actually OS2…the articles of confederation were OS1…so there actually is a precedent for installing an upgrade. Call the Techs!

  12. Hello All,
    Sepp asks, “So what are you advocating exactly muddy? Shitcanning the bill of rights? And if so, in favor of what? And, created by whom?”

    Muddy’s reply followed by the question:
    Quite the odd interpretation, Sepp. Where in my post did I suggest that? Do you need to visit your optometrist?

    Yes, here we have the perfect example of the uneducated person trying to debate logical argumentatively and employing the “Straw Man” argument. This example has been pointed out several times to this person but this argument pitfall lesson still escapes his feeble mind.

    Now he has been recently been proven a liar but still has the gaul to post once again as if nothing happened.

    Is this person really this dumb or just an ass? Maybe both.

      1. Being history could only improve what passes for knowledge of history with Sepp aka ‘Walt’. He is more like old news, suitable for wrapping the garbage before tossing, or lining a birdcage.

        Those of us who have bothered to learn history don’t need to repeat the lessons.

  13. Oh, dream on, Sepp will be back, after all we give him his raison d’etre. It would be ever so cruel of you to deny him his only contact with the the real world. I mean, have you ever visited his blog?

    1. Unfortunately, I have read his crap.

      But, I am ready for his return and resumption of false claims about his success and military service.

      The man has no shame.

  14. I was in 4-29 FA during the gulf war douchbag. Afterwards I attended airborne training and went on to other schools and, yes, just like I do in civilian life Laci, I busted my ass to succeed in the military…maybe YOU didn’t but I DID.

    You have admitted that your claim to having attended airborne training was a lie. 4th Battalion 29th Field Artillery was in Germany during the gulf war.

    I guess we can assume that the rest of it is also lies.

    What was your basic training class, sepp?

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