If It’s a Fake, Will they Still Believe?

The Bible either is or is not the ‘word of God.’ I’ve doubted the God-authorship for some time, but the true believers, the evangelicals and fundamentalists slap me across the wrists when I say that. Now, it seems, I’m on solid ground while they are sinking in the sand.

The Associated Press reports:

Software developed by an Israeli team is giving intriguing new hints about what researchers believe to be the multiple hands that wrote the Bible. The new software analyses style and word choices to distinguish parts of a single text written by different authors, and when applied to the Bible its algorithm teased out distinct writerly voices in the holy book.

That phrase, multiple hands, ends the debate. I win, if there was a contest. But of course they will not concede defeat. After all, their entire delusional world is predicated on some divine hand working in our lives, dictating right and wrong among other things. As I have often said, I couldn’t give a hoot about a person’s religious beliefs if they were parochial about all of that.  Unfortunately for The People of this nation, religious busy-bodies are working hard to incorporate their religious tenants into U.S. law.

The odd thing about this later statement is that the presidential candidates in the GOP, aka God’s Own Party, have brought up the red herring of Shira Law to the uninformed public as if the Muslims are a real threat to our Constitution. It would be a good joke except that millions of dumbed-down citizens might actually believe that there really is a ‘threat’ like that.  Going quite unnoticed, ironically, is the push by fundamentalist Christians to tweak our Constitution and state and Federal laws so that they reflect biblical ‘truths.’

Now that the Bible has been proven to have had multiple human authors, those ‘truths’ are nothing but man-made edicts written by Jewish priests of the first millennium BCE to reflect the customs and religious edicts of that era. It would be pathetic at best if a group of religious zealots think that 3000-year-old laws and customs would be appropriate for citizens living in a democracy in the 21st century.

Yet they do and will continue to work hard for their cause. We need to check their spurious activities and call them out when we find them attempting to insert ancient biblical laws into our democratic society.


13 thoughts on “If It’s a Fake, Will they Still Believe?

  1. I have a couple of links that say the New Testiment was basically a fake and rehashed mystery religions.

    The interesting thing is that Judaism doesn’t take the Tanakh as literally as does Christianity.

  2. The interesting thing is that Judaism doesn’t take the Tanakh as literally as does Christianity.

    That’s why the men who did this research were able to stay focused on the science rather than having to worry about what the rabbis would say about it.

    Regarding the NT, there is lots of evidence that much of the ‘story’ was lifted from earlier man-gods. Isn’t it amazing though how long the ruse has lasted?

  3. Well, M_R, yesterday in his news conference, Obama said the magic word of the day..”NAIVE”, lol…He said the press may consider him “naive” for expecting reasonableness from the GOP. We made the rounds with that word, lol….

  4. M_R wrote, ” religious busy-bodies are working hard to incorporate their religious tenants into U.S. law.”

    I agree, but I seem to recall a post of a couple of years ago about religioln on the right being quashed. Is this a change of mind from two
    years ago?

    And, don’t you think they already have?

    Yep, “… they… will continue to work hard for their cause.” The have have worked for over 200 years, so don’t expect them to back off now.

    1. But, the people who made this a secular country were the religious right of their day. Unlike today, they knew that government and religion should not be intertwined. This was due to there close proximity in time to the European religious wars and intolerance. For some reason, the modern fantatics have decided that religion and government are a good mix forgetting the lessons of history.

  5. I believe if we don’t learn from history, we’ll blow it again. So here are some historical and current facts I’m having trouble reconciling. Seems the Roman Catholic Church has been pushing for more input into our government. What bothers me is don’t they know that any religious principles incorporated into the U.S. government will NOT be Roman Catholic based?

    Now, about those Protestants. Wasn’t that whole movement started by a guy named Martin Luther? And wasn’t Reverend Luther’s whole thing about separating church and state?

    1. Correct, he produced the Doctrine of Two Kingdoms. God is the ruler of the whole world and that he rules in two ways. He rules the earthly or left-hand kingdom through secular (and, though this point is often misunderstood, also churchly) government, by means of law (i.e., the sword or compulsion) and in the heavenly or righthand kingdom (his spiritual kingdom, that is, Christians insofar as they are a new creation who spontaneously and voluntarily obey) through the gospel or grace.

      NOte that when the Puritans created their theocracy after the English Civil War that the country became incredibly repressed. Likewise, Scotland was fairly repressed as well. Christmas was not an official Scottish holiday until fairly recently!

  6. I find the religious wars between Scotland and England…the Cromwellian Puritans versus Knox fascinating. Both equally repressive…and then creating a religious police state in their wake.
    They only differed in matters of Biblical interpretaion. I suppose this still goes on today with the rhetorical differences between Arminism and Calvinism. I guess that is somehow the difference between Presbyterian and Episcopalian. But back in the days of Cromwell, it was power and politics.
    The trauma left in the wake of Luther and Calvin consumed Europe for 2 centuries. My mothers family history would have made a great epic with the dramatic political and religious tapestry as a backdrop.
    An Alsatian Strasbourg Catholic mercantile clan forced to emigrate when the Wars of Religion consumed France, they ended up in Ireland. A seemingly safe place for Catholics, until the time of Cromwell, when the Catholic upper class became persecuted and had their properties confiscated. They survived because of Lord Calvert, an English Catholic Nobelman who negotiated with Cromwell to have a land grant in the Chesapeake Bay…for a group of Catholic colonists…today they are the old families of Baltimore, the Powers and the Taneys and the Harts.
    This all occurred in the time frame of a century.
    If this doesn’t illustrate how religion really is merely an extension of power and politics, in our modern age, give me another example, please. Why? Because the rise of protestantism truly was the dawning of the next stage of the evolution of our human species consciousness. The ability of men to doubt, to question to evolve beyond their fear of the mystery of existence. Evolution is real, it isn’t just physical it is intellectual and we have as a specie moved on to another level…we just have to deal with all these frikin dinosaurs roaring as they stampede off the cliff into oblivion.

  7. “of course they will not concede defeat. After all, their entire delusional world is predicated on some divine hand working in our lives, dictating right and wrong among other things.”

    And, why is that? Faith. As Aquinas wrote, it all comes down to faith, and these people have the faith…

    An interesting question to me is that with the population shifting from North to the Bible Belt, what does this mean for relilgious intrustion
    into our local, state, and federal government…..

  8. Are we ‘northerners’ welcome down there in the Bible Belt? With our ‘amorality’ and ‘ungodliness’ surely we are a threat to the bobblehead Baptists who rule life there all week, not only just on Sundays.

  9. I was listening to BBC4 last night and there was a program which was a comic panel discussion about the supernatural and belief and the author I linked to, Richard Wiseman was a panelist and he was hilarious! The guy is worth checking out for his intelligent humor alone.

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