The 2012 Choices: Hash Loaf

With Michelle Bachmann’s announcement yesterday to run for president, there are nearly a dozen people who believe that they can steer this Ship of State. Are there clear choices? I don’t think so. The clutch of GOP candidates especially reminds me of that circus act when the clowns pile out of the tiny car. It appears that President Obama will have no challengers for his reelection bid. Thus, we are stuck with the current lot.  Is it any wonder that few of our fellow citizens are satisfied with the direction of the Ship of State?

The election may be close depending on how radical the GOP nominee is, but what will come of it all? If Huntsman or Romney wins, will that improve the lives of the vast majority of our citizens?  Will a 2nd Obama term be more memorable and achieve better results for The People than his first? What will the congressional quilt look like? And does that really matter to The People?

When I was a child, my mother made a hash loaf for dinner on Thursdays.  She ground up the left-over Sunday beef roast and the Tuesday pork,  adding the left-over potatoes and vegetables from those dinners.  What came out of the grinder was an amorphous brownish gray paste which could be eaten only with the proper amount of ketchup atop it.

Hash loaf. That’s what The People of this nation will be served in November 2012. On the side will be the ‘new’ Congress which will be as appealing as the over-cooked, boiled asparagus I was forced to choke down. The winners will be very pleased with themselves as will their partisan supporters. A smell of optimism will waft across this land for a few weeks. Then, the cheering will have ceased, the enthusiasm will wane, and reality will once again face us- just like the hash on Thursday evenings. But, will there be enough ketchup?

85 thoughts on “The 2012 Choices: Hash Loaf

  1. Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right, and Monkeys in the middle!

    Only a fool would want to be President of the US.

    Election 2012, another fine hash the US has gotten into.

  2. Who needs catsup! I want some tabasco! The parade of candidates now taking place in the Republican party is like the menu at a Baskins and Robbins in the twilight zone…we have the flavuh of the weak…2 weeks ago it was some guy (who?) named Herman Cain…Sarah quit her bus tour…Newt’s entire staff quit on him as he personally set himself on fire with is burning Tiffany dual overdrawn charge accounts…he somehow blamed it on his wife, Callista’s hair…Scarborough is bitching because no one takes the intellectual weight of the Republicans seriously…then we get Michelle and Rick Perry? Michelle’s rabid supporters were trying to change the John Wayne entry in Wikipedia to support her inept use of the internets so that John Wayne (the American Icon Movie Star) was born in Waterloo, Iowa instead of the other John Wayne (Gacy…you know the homosexual serial killer who liked to dress up as a clown) who actually lived in Waterloo for a brief period. As if they can change Wikipedia for a few hours, they can change the world….
    Perry…he’s like a George Bush Jr. Lite…lite…you know…less filling, and liter in the loafers, if you know what I mean…oh yeah…cowboy boots…he’s from Texas.
    Michelle has the media attention now, but you know, with this cast of characters, it’s like a grade Z Castle monster flick from the 1960’s…I will always remember Bela Lugosi as being the perfect Dracula….can you recall any great lines that Christopher Lee delivered? NEXT VICTM??????

  3. M_R chides me for being naive: “Pie in the sky, my friend. Solutions? In this uber-corrupt political theater? Your naivete astounds me.”

    I believe that you too have had your moments of naivete as well. Standing on a street corner getting the one finger salute, standing on an
    expressway overpass with a sign to vote for Kerry or Democratic, passing flyers out in a mall, and canvassing a black low class area and being met by a woman with a knife. And, your blog today is a place
    for others to verbally attack another one of your regular commentators.
    Yep, there are the two poles! Neither one is going to be changed, as you say…So, there is only one solution, may spontaneous combustion
    come upon them, lol……

  4. “And, your blog today is a place
    for others to verbally attack another one of your regular commentators.”

    You are not seriously talking about that Sepp person, are you? The guy who personally attacks other posters just because they have a different opinion than his? The guy who’s verbal insults would make a sailor blush? The same guy that responded to a post I made on another blog with “I googled “Jeff” and it came up with the names of child molesters.” That guy either has some serious issues or he posts crap on purpose for less than honorable intentions.

    1. Hey, I get back at seppo meself if I do say so, but only because he is so thick that he doesn’t realise what an idiot he makes of himself.

    2. You can lead seppo to a concept, but you can’t make him think.

      Personally, I prefer to have intelligent discussion, but that’s impossible when seppo shows up and struts his stuff.

      1. “You can lead seppo to a concept, but you can’t make him think.”

        THAT comming from a clown who believes that out of control debt and the printing of currency is “good” for a nation!
        Go figure!

        1. Seppo, you don’t know the mechanics of quantitative easing which you call “the printing of currency”. No currency is printed in Quantitative Easing.

          Likewise, you exagerate the concept of debt.

          But you have no idea of what caused the panic of 1837, do you?

          Come on, seppo, dazzle us with your bullshit. We know you’re the real GI Joe!

    3. Jeff, you claim to be a conservative on my site…and we’ve yet to see any evidence of it.
      Say something conservative or, show a conservative position once. Until then, you’re just an echo of Laci’s points.

      1. I believe the exact statement was “Most people would call me a conservative.” (And there you go again calling me names.)

        And then there was this from UPYOURFLAG: “And, your blog today is a place
        for others to verbally attack another one of your regular commentators.” I guess he must’ve meant you.

        And here’s another news flash for you Einstein; I don’t have to be in “lock-step” with a bunch of morons to be considered conservative, liberal or in between.

        1. You’re in lockstep with the drones on this blog though aren’t you?
          Because if you were not, you’d have been shit on for the simple act of disagreeing and making an independent statement.

  5. You know what being naive in a political sense in America means?
    It means believing you are powerless and you can’t fight the system. It means not understanding that you are the system!
    Naive is not voting as a protest. Naive is believing you don’t have a voice. Naive is the lack of indignation!
    Naive is letting yourself be too timid to lose your temper.
    Naive is letting yourself believe that you are naive just because someone tells you that you are naive for speaking out, losing your temper, standing on street corners protesting and uniting with other so called naive individuals to share ideas.
    Perhaps each of Mudrakes posts don’t come to the solution solving equation that we are searching for, but every post, every comment is the evidence that we are not naive. The fact that some of his “fans” are drawn to this blog like a moths to a flame, like a lightning rod to express their own form of naivety, which is very evident in the fact that every post is an attempt to bash propaganda into your skull, is evidence of the effectiveness of the blog.
    I have opposite sides of my personality, I try to channel them into my writing, on one side, anger, indignation and the other a sense of humor and absurdity…things work best when the two meld together. I am very thankful for the opportunity that this blog has given me to do just that!

    1. Thanks, Microdot, for your support. I always enjoy your insightful comments as well as the originality of the posts on your blog. You have, as I see in your comments as well as postings, a ‘whole brain,’ which can slide from the right-side to the left as the case warrants.

      I’m not talking right/left as in political ideology, but rather the creative right and the logical left hemispheres of the brain. Too bad that many are stuck on the left and cannot understand the other half of reality.

  6. laci, I find the longer you let seppo go on, the rope he has to handg himself with…I rarely have ever witnessed a more blatant example of the cliche…”I’m not prejudiced…but……”
    I haven’t been posting very much lately because tomorrow is a big day for me…I have to confront French Bureaucracy and prove how “integrated” I am into French society. For me, this means taking a 2 hour plus train trip to Bordeaux. We are a “one car family” and my wife has a big appointment tomorrow as well….so hopefully, I get out of the OFII in enough time to catch the last train back here to the outback up here in the middle of nowhere…if not…I have to stay overnight in Bordeaux.
    This should be no problem…I am a white, seemingly charming fairly fluent French speaking American who will be dressed to kill, but if I were a non white, middle eastern or african, or oriental, I would have to include an elaborately choreographed dance routine into my repertoire as well. When this is over, I’m cool for the next 10 years.

    1. I have to admit having considered joining the Legion Etranger for “intensive French language drill” and a French passport. Although, European integration means that I don’t have to be a French citizen to live there. In the mean time, I think I prefer Belgium to France, at least the Parisian section.

      Fortunately, Paris is not representative of France!

      Bon chance, mon vieux!

    2. Bonne Chance, Microdot!

      You are not ‘seemingly charming’, you ARE charming, mon ami. I admire a man who dresses well.

      I’m laughing to myself at the notion of the choreography… imagining it literally.

  7. Tell me LACI, where can we go to “get together to try and change the system”?

  8. How about Obama as the hash created from yesterdays bad plans?
    How many of Bush’s policies did you bitch about but, have now forgiven since OBAMA has adopted them?

    And to beat that dead horse, I’ll ask you again…were they bad policies or, just the “wrong” guy making them?

    For some odd reason ( laughing) you guys seem to have forgotten that you hated hash only because the cook changed!
    Same recipe
    Different guy
    As if shitcake no longer tastes like shit because “O-momma” makes it!

      1. Name them!
        What exactly are those “worse” policies that I advocate?

        The government obeying the law?

        God forbid that “worse policy” right?

        1. It’s a long list, seppo, But, just about everything that springs from your mouth is horseshit.

          Are you saying that the US government doesn’t obey the constitution?

      2. I really hate to think this, but when someone praises any policy by Bush then bashes the exact same policy by Obama, they just might be a racist.

  9. OK, Seppo, what was your MOS?

    You say you had several foreign language identifiers, but what were they? Not to mention that the US Army expects some proficiency before one can be certified in a language.

    Did you attend DLIFLC?

      1. But,seppo,Only a handful of units from the 8th Infantry Division were sent from Germany to participate in the Gulf War. Which one were you in?

        Are you saying you were still in the 8th in Bosnia?

        18b20, small arms expert, sniper???

        What was the test that you took to get your “language identifiers”? As I said, you can’t understand English, I think you would have a fuck of a time with the Cyrillic alphabet.

        Pretty impressive for mechanic or cannon crew member to have language skills. With the exception of your claiming to be a sniper, you mostly did artillery and mechanics,

        Hey, seppo, you’re still an asshole as far as I a concerned.

      2. I’ve got a question. There was talk of a bill to criminalize impersonating military personnel. Did it ever pass and should this Sepp person be worried?

        1. I was in 4-29 FA during the gulf war douchbag. Afterwards I attended airborne training and went on to other schools and, yes, just like I do in civilian life Laci, I busted my ass to succeed in the military…maybe YOU didn’t but I DID.
          You’re nothing but a fucking failure in life who only looks to tear others who DO succeed down.
          Not to worry, I see shitbags like you begging for nickles and dimes every day who spout the same shit when they don’t get what they want.
          I’d walk right past your sorry ass too.

          1. Hey, seppo, puts airborne schoolin his MOS collectionMOS collection? That is:
            13B20, 63D20, 18B20 13F20.

            MOS 13B: Cannon Crewmember
            MOS 63D: Artillery Mechanic
            MOS 18B: Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
            This is where he makes the claim that he was 18b20, AKA “small arms expert, sniper”

            MOS 13F: Fire Support Specialist

            BTW, the USSF Qualification Course usually lasts between 55 to 95 weeks. It takes place in the CONUS to use seppo’s argot.

            Part of the reason asked about the DLIFLC was that those courses last from 24 to 64 weeks in length.

            With all that training, Seppo, wouldn’t you have spent more than 2 of your 12 years statesside?

            And as for your claim of being in Desert Shield/Storm with the 8th ID: Only a handful of units from the 8th Infantry Division were sent from Germany to participate in the Gulf War. These were the 2nd Battalion/29th Field Artillery, 12th Engineers, 4th Battalion/34th Armor and 3rd Air Defense Artillery

            4-29 FA was not deployed to the Gulf.

          2. Sepp, you appear to have been caught by Laci, lying about your military service.

            If that is correct, as it appears to be, lying about military service is dispicable, if not illegal.




            “It is a crime to dishonor the sacrifice of so many by falsely representing combat service for the purposes of self-promotion or benefit,” Hatch said when he made his proposal. “My amendment would deter those who would falsely prop themselves up in order to appear worthy of the award and title of ‘combat veteran.’”

  10. Walt Seppo now is claiming he was trained in the Airborne and claims the following MOS

    MOS 18B: Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
    This is where he makes the claim that he was 18b20, AKA “small arms expert, sniper”

    NExt question for Walt Seppo is–What was your SF class number?

  11. Hello Laci and Dog Gone,
    I knew that Sepp was inaccurate with many of his stated facts; I also knew that his education level was very lacking to the point of being sad. These I could over look as being a person of lacking fortitude. But to stoop to the level of embellishing if I were to be kind or maybe I should just use the term “Damn Liar,” his military duty as some “Wanna Be” without doing what was required to make the claim is the lowest of the low.

    As one who served and did my duty for my country in the early 1970’s, we had a name for people like this…but for Muddy’s sake I will keep this to myself.

    I really cannot convey my distain for this low life. This just gives more evidence of how sad this LITTLE person must be.

  12. I have to apologize for feeding this obssessive nutcase. For the record, no I wasn’t an 18 series but, gave in to the temptation to put something outlandish short of claiming to be an international man of mystery or, a CIA spy for this fool to spend hours and hours rabidly “Ob-Seppsing” over it…in which the bipolar results are obvious as expected.

    And Spaci, yes you’re correct 4-29 didn’t deploy to the Gulf as a unit.
    2 Batteries were split up between 2/29, 2nd ACR and, some guys were even patched and attatched to the 42nd FA bde.

    And yes, 8th ID was deactivated and reflagged as 1AD…whatever point you were trying to make with that is pretty irrelevent since it was nothing more than a shoulder patch change.

    And, yes, language schools can last a long time. Especially if you join the Army to be a translator for certain languages…however,
    you can get a language identifier by taking a language proficiency test at the Education center. No, it doesent change a soldier’s MOS, it’s just a skill identifier for your record.
    I’m sure you’d never believe that Hispanic soldiers, Arab and, Pacific Islander soldiers also go take the tests for Spanish, Taglong, Chamorro, Arabic, etc since it’s good to have on record and can lead to good opportunities. I took the language tests that I had some experience with and got credit for them…so what?
    How many times did you state that I was a Croat in the past here?

    Lets see, did I miss anything other than tweeting you a crotch shot for your deep analysis?
    Then again, that would also cause a bipolar reaction where you’d begin posting and, answering yourself over and, over again while providing us with your deeply researched facts on average crotch sizes for residents of the midwest thus “proving” that I sent you an altered crotch pic after many hours of study and conclusion!
    And the best part of that is that I’m 100% certain that everyone who posts here has no doubt whatsoever that you would!

    THAT is real power when I can spend less than a minute typing something completely pointless and cause you to spend hours obsessing over it.
    Have a nice day Laci

    1. Sepp, you are a liar, and not for the first or the only time.

      Typical of a liar, you try to blame someone else for your lies. If there was one thing more than any other which would convince me that you are a damned liar, it was blaming someone else to justify your lies.

      There is no more reason to believe your explanation than there was to believe the lies about your service. You have no credibility.

      Dishonesty, dishonor. You Sepp are a man without honor or integrity, an inept fraud.

      I deliberately selected a conservative, Orrin Hatch, to quote, so that this would NOT be along partisan lines. Let me repeat it for you, as it represents how many of us feel about your offensive lack of honesty.

      “It is a crime to dishonor the sacrifice of so many by falsely representing combat service for the purposes of self-promotion or benefit,” Hatch said when he made his proposal. “My amendment would deter those who would falsely prop themselves up in order to appear worthy of the award and title of ‘combat veteran.’”

      What Laci did was to uphold the honor of those who really have served, especially those who really are combat veterans, in the face of you dishonoring that service Sepp.

      Laci’s fact checking was to honor and respect genuine veterans, not to indulge you. You did an excellent job, Laci, of exposing this ‘Walt’. My compliments sir, for your efforts.

      Thank you Laci for your repspect and loyalty to those who, like yourself, have actually served in harm’s way for their country.

      Sepp, nothing else you have to say after this will have any value, or receive any acknowledgement. While I can only speak for myself, I expect you will be shunned and ignored. If you are acknowledged at all, it will almost certainly be someone noting only that you are a liar, pointing out tht anything you write is not worthy of response because you lack integrity.

      That Sepp is all you deserve from polite society and honest people.

      Especially Sepp, from GENUINE veterans; shame on you, if you have any capacity for shame and guilt left in your character.

    2. Now wouldn’t we all be embarrassed if the reason Sepp has all summer off and works 69 hours a week during he rest of the year is because his mom won’t let him watch TV until he does his homework?

      1. I forgot to add that you mentioned that you had “tested out” IAC with AR 611-6, yet didn’t provide the LICs mentioned for those languages in that Reg.

        Additionally, you didn’t say that you had passed the DLAB, which is the test you would have had to have passed to have “tested out”, which was also mentioned in the same reg.

      2. Sepp, the more Laci uncovers your lies, the less it appears you have actually been anywhere near the U.S. military, much less in it.

  13. Oh really, walt seppo, someone asks you for your MOS and you “just happen” to put in a special forces series as a pure lark.

    Not to mention that you say:

    I attended airborne training and went on to other schools.

    Sounds like you were trying to pass yourself off as a Green Beret, but hoping I was going to be too dumb to call you on it. Except when I asked you what SF class you were in, you had to come up with this piece of Bullshit..

    Problem is, when asked what unit you were in at theGulf, you responded:

    I was in 4-29 FA during the gulf war douchbag.

    You were asked directly what unit you were in when you went to the gulf and responded with one that never deployed there. When called on it, you claim that “2 Batteries were split up between 2/29, 2nd ACR and, some guys were even patched and attatched to the 42nd FA bde.” Why didn’t you say that in the first place.

    Guess what, seppo? I can get the names of the people who deployed to the Gulf from the 8th Infantry Division. In fact, I checked the names of the 2-29 members to see if you were listed, nobody with a slavic surname and a given name along the lines of “sep” was posted to that Unit.

    Only one unit from the 8th Infantry Division, 29 Field Artillery Unit was reflagged as 1st Armor, and that was 4-29 FA.

    You have never admitted to having been a Croat, even when asked directly if English is your second language.

    Once again, You’ve been caught lying and are trying to back out on it.

    But the others can be the judge as to who is right and who is wrong here.

    1. correction, two units from 29 Field Artillery were reflagged as 1st Armor: 4-29 and 6-29.

      And which unit you serve under and when is a bit “more than a shoulder patch change” since it reflects on your veracity. If you say you served under a unit that didn’t exist, it makes people question whether you are telling the truth about actually having served in that unit or in that location.

  14. Sepp, that was probably the most interesting and entertaining post you have ever written. Don’t mess with the DA…You can call Laci names and try to taint the thoroughness of his personality but we like the guy, his opinions, his acute humor and observations and honestly, you have to admit that he does his job very well, and we aren’t even paying him!
    But, I look forward to buying him a pint of Newcastles or what ever murky shyte they drink up there in Scotland!
    By the way, I aced my French “integration” exam yesterday. No one in the office could pronounce my last name. There were Africans, Vietnamese, Indonesians all with extremely complicated multi syllable names…my last name is one syllable but starts with the dreaded letter H and has a the terrifying letter W in it. I made the guy who gave me the language exam listen to my rendition of La Marseillaise…he asked me to repeat the performance…I did it with all the gestures from Abel Gance’s 1907 silent film epic of Napoleon…they had never seen any thing like it in their lives. I also proved that I know more anecdotal real French history than most French citizens. Today, I feel so damn French!

  15. Since I didn’t serve in the US military, I didn’t know this:

    The MOS code (MOSC), consisting of nine characters, provides more defined information than a soldier’s MOS.

    When asked, sepp should have provided me with a 9 character MOSC, instead, he provided me with a five digit code.

    The elements of the MOSC are as follows:

    First three characters: The MOS. The first two characters are always a number, the third character is always a letter. The two-digit number is usually (but not always) synonymous with the Career Management Field (CMF). For example, CMF 11 covers infantry, so MOS 11B is “Rifle Infantryman”. Among the letters, “Z” is reserved for “Senior Sergeant” (E-8), such that 11Z is “Infantry Senior Sergeant”.
    The fourth character of the MOSC represents skill level (commensurate with rank and grade):
    Fifth character: A letter or number and a special Qualification identifier (SQI). It may be associated with any MOS unless otherwise specified. Soldiers without any special SQI are assigned the SQI “O” (oscar), often confused as a zero.
    Sixth and seventh characters: An additional skill identifier (ASI). They are an alphanumeric combination and may only be associated with specified MOSs, although in practice some ASIs are available to every MOS (e.g. ASI P5 for “master fitness trainer”). Soldiers without any ASIs are assigned the default ASI “00” (zero-zero).[1]
    Eighth and ninth characters: Two-letter requirements and qualifications which are a language identification code (LIC). Soldiers without a language skill are assigned the default LIC “OO” (Oscar-Oscar).[1] LIC codes can be found in AR 611-6.

    Sepp was directly asked about his language identification code information, yet he failed to provide it. This would have been part of his MOSC.

    So, walt seppo, what’s the truth?

  16. And speaking of the truth, going back to the original subject of this post, Sepp made this comment, which was obviously intended as a snarky barb, but in its own way, fails miserably as a barb, but supports the lameness of the criticism and the Republican’s negative and subversively cynical approach to dealing with the hash they created….
    Sepp wrote:
    “How about Obama as the hash created from yesterdays bad plans?”
    When the democrats regained the presidency in 2008, we all realized that it would be a struggle just to deal with the quagmire of Bush’s wars, and the fallout from his insane economic policies. How can a government function in a positive manner when the opposition is focused on regaining power with what ever means necessary, even it means destroying any recovery, sinking the worlds economy and trying to create propagandistic sensationalistic fear to manipulate the victims of their chicanery.
    Meanwhile, they cynically are reaping personal fortunes through their investments….
    Let’s look at the term treason, and stick to a real definition as far as how the subversive tactics of a political group have damaged and trashed the infrastructure and the economy of not just the United States, but the world.
    Thank you Sepp for the chance to refocus on the intent of this post.

    1. I have to admit that I am curious as to whether the US will default by failing to honour its obligations by failing to raise the debt limit.

      Sepp doesn’t realise that it is within Congress’s power under Article I, Section 8:

      The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

      To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

      Add in that Section 7 says:

      All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives;

      The congress is the body that has “the power of the purse”, not Obama.

      You can’t blame Obama for the financial mess that the government is in since the US is not a parliamentary democracy. The US president is not the leader of the legislature, he is only head of state and executive. In a parliamentary democracy, the head of government is the leader of the majority party in parliament.

      BTW, additional Congressional powers under Congress’s power under Article I, Section 8:

      To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

      To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;

      IMHO, Sepp has demonstrated that his opinions aren’t worth a lot and that he is not interested in honest debate. He just wants to vent his hate against the system.

      1. Sepp does however realize that you can’t create something from nothing.
        If you spend more than you take in while increasing your spending every FY, you will be broke and collapse.
        The UK?
        All fine examples of places that have screwed their own economies via insane taxation…and then still spending more than they can afford.

        Those countries are cutting budgets in an attempt to break even with what they take in while the taxation is already to the point of theft from the working man.

        Democrats and Labour’s fix is to just fuck the businesses who employ people with higher taxation as opposed to renegging on the promises they made and knew were impossible to keep.

        When a business sends your job to India, it isn’t because they ‘re just plain greedy…they do it to stay in business!

        Those days are gone where businesses are stuck in regional economies and if the region becomes too expensive, you should be looking to WHAT made it that way.

        1. Sepp, you did a wonderful job of creating something out of nothing by lyinig about your military service and then come and spout some more bullshit.

          What three European Union countries are having a debt crisis?

          You only mentioned one. The UK isn’t even Euro zone.

  17. You can’t blame Obama for the financial mess that the government is in since the US is not a parliamentary democracy.

    Yet, he’s such an easy target for all of those on the right side of life as well as the disenchanted in the center. Apparently he was supposed to be a miracle worker- not unlike a saint.

    Those of us in the know, so to speak, understand that Congress rules the Land, but with 535 members, it is easier to focus one’s hate on a singular man.

      1. This ‘dingbat’ will attempt to educate the author of the comment above. By the way, the uber-patriot runs his own right-of-center blog, There one can read several deep and incisive posts and comments about how to move this nation forward.

        After ten generations of patriotism, one might ASSume that one has a tradition of historical scholarship. Perhaps even some knowledge of the Branches of Government as well as the separate powers granted to each. For example, a power that is well-studied in the 4th grade civics class, is the presidential power of the veto. One simple word and one signature can doom Congressional legislation to the dustbin of history.

        An 8th grade civics class might have examined, as an interesting study,how a president has exercised his veto-authority over Congress.Take George W. Bush for example. How many times did he veto the Congressional Budget during his eight years in office? For the answer, phone an eighth grader that you may know.

        1. I know the answer without calling you. None. But you can’t defend the acts of Congress by saying “Well, he let us do it.” The fact that Bush didn’t veto any of the Dems bills is a problem I have with Bush. I also blame him for the 787 billion dollar stimulus that has done nothing to fix the economy. Bush is not blameless. But neither is Obama.

          But lets get back to the point you made. Congress rules the land. Perhaps Bush assumed that the election of so many liberal Democrats to Congress was the will of the people, and that is why he didn’t veto bad legislation. I disagree with him, but I can understand the idea that the will of the people is THE motivating force in government. Except for the Healthcare deal. Or DADT. Or gay marriage. On those issues, our elected officials don’t need to heed the will of the public, right?

          1. Notice that our uber-patriot is also one of those fundamentalist Christians who “believes” that DADT and gay marriage are against the will of God. The poor fellow still “believes” that that dusty document formulated by misogynistic, racist and arrogant rabbis 3000 years ago was “from God.”

            Could anyone enlighten him on this? I’m quite tired of attempting to deal with these fundies.

            Now, back to the issue at hand. Our uber-patriot, ex-Marine and unemployed house-builder writes, I can understand the idea that the will of the people is THE motivating force in government. Except for the Healthcare deal. Or DADT. Or gay marriage. On those issues, our elected officials don’t need to heed the will of the public, right?

            The will of the people, he suggests. Apparently the set of ‘people’ he hangs with set the ‘standard’ for him. Sadly, in our universe, the non-delusional world, those three issues are in majority support.

            Any other questions?

            1. When did I say I believe “that that dusty document formulated by misogynistic, racist and arrogant rabbis 3000 years ago was “from God.””?

              I believe that the question of gay marriage has been put to the ballot over 30 times, and lost every time. That is the will of the people. I guess you assume that your opinion is the only one that matters. That is about as arrogant as “believing” that little book is “from God”. I am sorry I visited your trash bin of hate and imaginary facts.

      2. No, The US is not a parliamentary democracy, which means that you also can’t blame the legislature for how the government is run.

        I believe it is called “checks and balances”.

        Legislature enacts laws and controls finance
        Executive administers how the laws are implemented.

        I do have to admit that TenthGenerationPatriot does put thoughts into my head regarding whether patriotism is the first or last refuge of a scoundrel. For this one to claim ten generations does make me wonder how much of a scoundrel he might be in the same lines as does EoK.

        Perhaps a comparison of IP addresses is needed since we can see the IP addresses of those who post comments here.

      3. I’m unclear Laci, as to what it is you seek to uncover about 10gen through IP addresses.

        Not that those are always reliable either.

        1. While an IP address may not be reliable, it could show if the poster is just a sock puppet. I seriously doubt that the person in question would be intelligent enough to be able to mask his true location. Especially after my dealings with him.

            1. Your IP address shows up with your posts–isn’t that in simple and clear enough for English for you to understand>

              Also, why would a former marine stand by someone who has been proven to have lied about his military service (sepp)?

  18. Hello Muddy, Microdot, and Laci,
    You would think that anyone being exposed as poorly as Sepp has just been would shrink back into his own “Delusions of Grandeur” sucking his thumb curled up in the fetal position in a corner of a room.

    As we have seen so often, no matter what the subject, “Grandiose Delusion” lad always reverts to the Obama factor such as the recent example of, “How about Obama as the hash created from yesterdays bad plans?” Yes the liar’s single note song of, “It is always Obama’s fault.” Don’t you know it was Obama who ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden ruining the good thing for everyone else in the world?

    Being exposed as a liar of his military duty, you would think that even a MINIMALLY sane person would realize that “When standing in a deep hole dug by lies, they would put down the shovel.”

  19. Hello Muddy,
    Are you saying that the Tenth Grade Dropout General does not even have the rudimentary working knowledge of 4th grade? Am I noting a recurring theme here from the Extreme Right Wing proponents? Much like the lack of 4th grade fractional math from others?

    It would seem the lack of elementary education is the cause and effect here.

  20. Engineer writes, It would seem the lack of elementary education is the cause and effect here.

    Indeed it is as most of us already know and weep. The masses are so easily duped by small red herrings thrown to them like bait at a seal.

    Here’s the even-more serious point about this clutch of right-wingers. Note the number of GOP [right] state legislators and their newly elected [2010] governors who are hell-bent at de-funding public schools. Talk about an even greater pool of ignorant citizens in the future!

    1. That de-funding absolutely scares the hell out of me. That’s like cutting off your feet so you can save money on shoes. When Senate Bill 5 passed, i was all for it. Then after some thought, I realized what a piece of crap it is. The problem is not the teachers being overpaid (I know how much they make for a fact), it’s the levies keep failing and the state government continues to reduce basic funding.

  21. And then the conservatives try to blame progressives because kids don’t know history. It’s a liberal conspiracy, doncha know…they should be reading those dang highskul Texas History books!

  22. “Highskul” – I like that; nice variant on highbrow.

    But then I also like the earthy euphemism for thinking, “skullsweat”.

  23. perhaps you misunderstood me, that’s the way we congenital idiots spell high school…but in the process of trying to appear intelligent, I do exert a lot of skullsweat, could you please recommend a good brain deodorant product, maam?

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