The Ignorance Continues to Move Forward Quite Nicely

Our local newspaper is running a series of election articles during which it focuses on various voting precincts throughout the city. Voters are asked about their past and future voting preferences. Many of the ‘answers’ are mindless. One that struck a nerve with me this morning came from a right-winger, naturally. Let me get the newspaper….

Trisch Deiners, 27, her two daughters, 7 and 9, and her fiance, Chad Thomas. They live on Higley in a 1,000-square-foot house Mr. Thomas has owned since 1999. The girls attend a charter school, Bennett Venture Academy.

She jokingly calls the neighborhood “Higleywood.” Ms. Deiners is not happy with the youth who gather at the nearby Corbin Park.

“We see kids wandering around at midnight. It makes us feel unsafe,” said Ms. Deiners, who works late hours as a guard while taking classes at Owens Community College to become a chemical engineer.

She hoped Sarah Palin would run for president, voted for John McCain in 2008, and is not planning to vote for President Obama next year.

“They should throw out the health care [reform enacted in March, 2010] and it should never be seen again,” Ms. Deiners said. “It opens the door to socialism.”

Yes, that’s what she said to the reporter from the newspaper. Apparently proudly, too.  She posed for a photo as well. A 1000 square foot house…works as a guard…attends a community college…should throw out the health care reform…opens the door to socialism.

Who believes that this woman has actually spent time thinking about what she told to the reporter? Opens the door to socialism. Hoped Sarah Palin would run.

Author Thomas Frank [What’s the Matter with Kansas?] has already discussed Ms. Deiners.  In fact, she and her clones are the very subject of the book. They don’t have to live in Kansas.  ‘We’re not in Kansas any more.’ – Dorothy.

What’s the matter with right-wingers?  They are easily bamboozled, shallow people, who would vote against their own economic interests because of some red herring issue presented to them as more important than their own welfare. I’ll bet that Ms. Deiners doesn’t know squat about the health care act that she did not even name. What did she say?  “They should throw out the health care and it should never be seen again.” Surely she did not mean to literally throw out health care, did she?

What was the title of this post?



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  1. Let’s see now…..single mother of a 7 and a 9 year old. Wonder who carries the health coverage for the kids. Works as a guard; probably Bruce Rumpf’s Job-1. I know a guy who works for them. No health coverage there so she probably gets it through Owens as part of her tuition. Tuition is probably subsidized by some taxpayer supported government entity.

    Wait a minute, I’m confused. Isn’t little Sarah against all these feebies?

    Tell me the part again about how’s she’s against any form of socialism.

    1. Ever heard of “child support” Jeff?

      The father of those kids is probably required to cover them under a support order.

      1. You would just prefer that the father brought kids into the world and neglected them, the way your dad did wouldn’t you seppo?

        Come on, seppo, what welfare programmes was your single mum on?

      2. Why would you assume the father provides health coverage? I’m was in the biz and health coverage was rarely ordered through child support. And to take it one stop further, what makes you think the father even has health coverage? In case you’re uninformed, many, many Americans do not have health coverage.

        (I keep hoping for the best from you, but expect the worst. And you never let me down.)

        1. He won’t let you down, Jeff.

          If you were in the health insurance biz, you will find that seppo has as much understanding of that topics (and the others he likes to consider himself an expert) as he does of the intracacies of quantum physics.

          Probably much less of an understanding.

        2. Why do you assume he doesent? Kind of screws your narrative when the possibility exists that the kid’s father actually supports them.

          In case YOU’RE not informed, many fathers actually are responsible and take responsibility.

          1. Care to back that up, seppo?

            According to the US Census Bureau, 47.3% of custodial mothers (as “obligees”) received all child support that they were owed and 77.5% received some. Additionally, 46.2% of custodial fathers (as “obligees”) received all child support that they were owed and 74.5% received some.

            According to a California study, 76% of the $14.4 billion in child support arrears in California has been attributed to “obligors” who lack the ability to pay. In California, the “deadbeat” parents had a median annual income of $6349, arrears of $9447, ongoing support of $300 per month. One reason given for this was that 71% of the orders were set by default.

            Seppo, wrong again!

  2. I recall President Kennedy being asked what can the individual do to overcome a feeling a frustration during the Cold War … and his response was “the first thing is to be informed. If you are going to write to your member of Congress, you have to know something about the subject; otherwise you will get an answer back that will not tell you anything.”

    The message is still true today … BE INFORMED !

    That is not easy … especially today when Iowa’s Favorite Daughter will formally announce her campaign for President.
    Check out PolitiFact’s evaluation of wannabe-President Bachmann’s claims …
    True – One
    Mostly True – Zero
    Half True – Two
    Barely True – Four
    False – Nine
    Pants on Fire – Seven

    I wish more voters followed President Reagan’s advise … “trust but verify” … if someone only tells you one true statement out of twenty-three with sixteen being blatantly a lie, don’t trust that person.
    Yet Ms. Bachmann has increased her margin of victories while being a prominent user of Franked Mail … 173,841 in the First Quarter of 2011 ( )

    1. “I wish more voters followed President Reagan’s advise … “trust but verify”.

      You won’t see much of that from this blog. The mantra around here regarding anything Obama is…
      “Trust and believe without question”!

      1. Sepp, you need to follow that advise yourself since I have more than once shown that you have repeated complete and total bullshit.

          1. Hey, seppo, I would have thought that one of the qualifications for service in the US military was the ability to read, write, and understand the English language.

            That’s something you have proven you can’t do.

    2. As you all may have noticed, there is a certain poster who regularly posts things without doing any research on the subject. It’s as if he only reads the headlines, then posts what he thinks it is saying (usually wrong).

      Well, he’s not the only one:

      Rep. Michele Bachmann kicked off her presidential
      campaign on Monday in Waterloo, Iowa, and in one interview surrounding the official event she promised to mimic the spirit of Waterloo’s own John Wayne.
      The only problem, as one eagle-eyed reader notes: Waterloo’s John Wayne was not the beloved movie star, but rather John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer.

      I think instead of running for President, she should enter STAR SEARCH as a comedian.

  3. Laci- you can bet your house that she couldn’t define socialism nor give a proper example of it if she had all day to answer. No thoughts, just knee-jerk reaction from way-too many hours listening to the right-wing babble-a-thon.

    Jeff- you nailed it. She also sends her children to a charter school that drained tax dollars from the public system. I’ll bet that she ‘believes’ that the school is privately funded.

    Minnesota- you have to know something about the subject Didn’t you see the small asterisk? It says ‘right-wingers exempted.’

    I’m waiting for Engineer of Knowledge to reply. Perhaps he’ll tell us the odds of this woman passing organic chemistry.

    1. I always find it curious that people don’t realize all the “socialism” we take for granted.
      – Insurance (life, car, etc.)
      – Public Education
      – The Military
      – Pubic Infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, etc.)
      – Fire & Police protection
      – City garbage pickup
      – Public Regulatory Agencies (Air Traffic Controllers, Health Inspectors, etc.)

      1. Sepp hates them all. I assume he doesn’t accept garbage pickup which is why his blog is called “uncommon squalor”. And all his nasty socialist neighbours who hate the piled up garbage….

  4. Want to bet that this person knows very little about most subjects, is anti-intellectual, and wants to believe that every problem is simplistic and has a simplistic solution?

    That would make it less scary for the non-thinkers; a big segment of the right, who consistently put their faith in right wing ideology over fact checking, reality in contrast to their non-reality based world view, and who resist making the effort for in depth analysis or any form of critical thinking.

    They tend to like Palin and Bachmann and similar political figures.

  5. This frightening realisation just came to me as I renewed my Laci’s health insurance.

    In addition to all the things my dog is, she is better insured that the average US citizen! Yes, I realise that I pay for this out of my own pocket, but the concept is still there.

    While people think of the Human Society as primarily an animal welfare organisation, it also works to stop human or animal suffering due to cruelty or other reasons. I sort of remember a story of how a child sought protection under animal cruelty statutes prior to Victorian Child protection acts.

    Corect, muckrake, people cannot give a proper definition of “socialism” which is another aspect of this problem. They are propagandised to react negatively to “socialism” (see the film astroturf wars for a discussion of this). Thus she reacts negatively to programmes which work to benefit her.

    I believe we have seen the ladder principle demonstrated by a sometime poster based upon propagandisation.

    Are we against seeing children go to school hungry because it is socialism? Are we for people going bankrupt because it is not socialism and they are not being “personally responsible” if they contract serious illness?

    The current US budget debate represents value judgements that I find particularly perverse.

  6. It seems to me that there is no moving forward. It has just become a more venting of one’s frustrations…No one seems to be looking for solutions.

    Over the last couple of days I tried to offer a number of open discussion areas, and all that I got was a BIG 0, Nada, Nothing. Instead, gentlemen,
    we have a post that has appeared a number of times over the years. It’s a post playing to the choir. And, look how we fell into line.

    LACI, you come the closest of offering to broaden the discussion in your comment about “value judgements.” A discussion about what the real values of the American experience are is a part of what we need. We need to separate the real from the myths. It seems to me that as we do this, we began to change the conversation. As Chris Matthews asks, “what is American exceptionalism?” Is it meism?

    Does any one know of a blog that focuses on the problems and wants to find solutions?

  7. What you guys completely miss is the point that the woman is working, attending school, raising kids and living in a house thats affordable to them until better times roll around.

    I’d gamble that if the woman was complaining that housing, food and healthcare wasn’t being hand delivered and subsidized, you wouldn’t be shitting on her.
    Some people take pride in making do and making it on their own while working towards their goals in life.

    What she’s saying is that she isn’t expecting for anyone to step up and pull her weight for her and, she also doesent want her pocket picked for the benefit of those who DO sit on their asses waiting for someone else to pick up their slack for them.

    Typical that you guys who make every excuse for the slugs of society would bash a person who could play the system but chooses not to.

    1. NO, seppo, if she’s as much of an idiot as you are and wants to go bankrupt when somebody has a serious illness, then that’s her problem that she swallows the rubbish that people like you spout.

      If she goes bankrupt, then as you cheerfully point out: “fuck you, for being dumb enough to believe rubbish sister. Next time get a brain! Until then, suffer!”

      BTW, seppo, you never told us about your single mother and what programmes she availed herself of: say public education< housing, ADC.

      She should have just said, "well, I think we should make seppo work in the coal mines or as a chimney sweep. He won't ever be a contributing member of society."

  8. Seppo, part of being a contributing member of society isn’t that you just “earn your way”, but it is that as part of society that you give back.

    If you received an education with government assistance, you give back. And I can put serious money down that you probably went to a governmentally subsidised school or had them contribute as part of the GI bill to whatever minimal education you received.

    Likewise, I will put money down that your mother received some form of public assistance as a single mother.

    If you want to be an idiot who works 62 hour weeks, doesn’t have health care, and all the rest of the crap you claim, that’s your problem. I don’t want you spunging on the Emergency Room because you can’t afford health care because your boss messed with your benefits package. I don’t want you whining when you have a medical bankruptcy.

    But whine you will because you already whine about performing your responsibilities as a good citizen and PAYING YOUR TAXES. I seriously doubt that you would have served in the military if you could have found a decent job. And I doubt you would work 62 hours a week if you could find a decent job as well.

    I don’t want what you are selling.

    Is that put simply enough for you?

    1. Unlike YOU and your ilk Lacy, I add more to society than I’ll ever take.
      I work for a living and not bawling that the world owes me something that it certainly does not.

      Asshats like you resent people like me and the woman muddy posted about because WE are living proof that getting off your ass and chasing goals does indeed pay off and pay off nicely.

      It’s usually those “high intellect” slugs like you who are crying for help from the government while the very people you denigrate are independent and making their way via true hard work and happy for doing it.
      I work my 50-60 hours (NINE months a year) happily while you’re a bitter bitch praying for a handout from the very people you shit on…the producers!

      As for my mother, she busted her ass raising 2 kids and working her ass off and attending school…she could have rode the system but, chose not to and, God knows she could have lived better if she had decided to be a leach instead of a productive citizen!

      So unless YOU are a leach too, it should piss you off when somebody who is just as capable as you are is siphoning off of YOUR labors while contributing nothing to their own existence.

      Sorry Laci, the liberal myth that being poor is an automatic pass for being a slug is just pure bullshit since some people WORK to overcome it.

      I dug my way out of all the liberal excuses…poverty, divorced parents, no fatherly role model, and made something of myself against the liberal odds…(which would have used all of the above to excuse criminal behavior if I’d have went that way)

      I “Gave back” to this country via 12 years of military service…going places I didn’t want to go and doing things civil people don’t ask others to do while living under conditions that nobody should have to.
      And, I’d do every bit of it again because it taught me about something YOU will never know…reality!

      Until your sorry ass is asked to be mortared on, shot at, camped in a minefield and, required to conduct “conflict resolution” between people who are busy killing each other and not really caring if you get “dinged” too and spending 5 months melting in a desert waiting for a war to start, do me the fucking justice of not preaching to me about “giving something back” when I highly doubt you’ve contributed anything even fucking remotely close to “giving back” on that scale.
      Drop out of sight from your family and friends tomorrow without the luxury of an explaination of where you were for the last 2 months!
      Spend a year away from home and return to find that baby you left behind can talk and walk and knows you only from a fucking picture on the wall!

      Other than paying my taxes for the basic services such as roads and schools, etc, I’ve donated 12 years of my life and one marriage towards ANY debt I owe this country.

      Unlike most people who post here, I’ve paid in advance with the expectation that I be left alone to live my life as I see fit.
      I’ll pay my taxes for the basic services but, the rest of the political freebies to you looters I’ll resist seeing my money wasted on!

      YOU Laci haven’t earned one dime’s worth of my sympathy or, charity. Those who do get my help are, and should be MY decision alone.

      1. I hate to say this, but you’re not totally truthful all the time so anything you post has to be a little suspect. You can say all that stuff, but history will always prove you wrong.

        If you can “do a little research” about the different outcomes of the 1893 crash and the 1929 crash, you might begin to realize why we Americans usually offer our assistance without any strings attached. The government regimes you seem to seek can usually be found in several places in the Middle East. (How does your wife look in a Burka?)

        1. 12 years, seppo? You said it was ten for a while. Now you want to add a couple of more years to that total. SO, JEff, you have every right to distrust what seppo claims.

          “As for my mother, she busted her ass raising 2 kids and working her ass off and attending school.”

          I am assuming that was a public school. And I don’t think that a single mother can earn enough on her own without public assistance.

          So, you are a leech, seppo.

          And I did serve 6 years in the Army, but I don’t expect special treatment.

          BUt, seppo, you weren’t drafted, you VOLUNTEERED. You knew what the job entailed.

          And you are whining in my opinion. Military service is another part of your obligation as a citizen. Be thankful that you served in the US military because you get better benefits than most foreign armies give their veterans.

          If it is up to us to decide who deserves benefits, then seppo, you don’t deserve any of the goodies you received for serving in the US army in my opinion.

          Sorry, but being a citizen is participating in society.

          1. TEN in Europe two in CONUS dipshit.

            “And I don’t think that a single mother can earn enough on her own without public assistance.”

            Thats because you’re ignorant Laci.
            I know plenty of single women raising kids who aren’t on the welfare bandwagon who work and pay a babysitter.

            Of course in liberal land, everything is impossible without sucking on the tit of government.

            You did 6 years in the army? What army? The Salvation army?

            And yes, I volunteered and, it’s a volunteer military and NOT an obligation, it’s a choice.

            So, what “benefits” and “goodies” did I get from the Army? I’ve yet to have used any and, have no need to.

            “Sorry, but being a citizen is participating in society.”

            Exactly! And, the woman in the post IS participating / contributing to society and yet, you all seem fine with shitting on her for her independence.

            God forbid a single woman raising 2 kids steps off your liberal script and, works toward succeeding in life! It fucks up everthing the liberal ideal of a single mother should be…dependent, impoverished, helpless and crying out for the government to father her children and provide for them!

            Whenever you actually see an independent person, it just pisses you off doesent it Laci?

            Motivated people must really make you feel small.

        2. I would prefer to fund programmes that lead to productive citizens, which “welfare” programmes do as opposed to pay the higher cost of incarcerating them later on.

          Although, seppo, you do prove that people who were once welfare recipients don’t become productive and responsible citizens who contribute to society later on.

          1. “I would prefer to fund programmes that lead to productive citizens, which “welfare” programmes do as opposed to pay the higher cost of incarcerating them later on.”

            Well maybe you need to do some research on the American welfare system!

          2. OK, Seppo, what was your MOS?

            You say you had several foreign language identifiers, but what were they? Not to mention that the US Army expects some proficiency before one can be certified in a language.

            Did you attend DLIFLC?

        3. The US Ist Armoured Division was primarily attached to NATO in Germany with participation in Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Task Force Eagle in Bosnia, and Kosovo in 1999. Given I spent two tours in Ulster and in a South Atlantic conflict, I think I can comment on your service, seppo.

          You are no one special, buddy, and don’t expect special treatment since you signed up for it and should have been aware what the deal was.

          1. Special treatment? I’ve never once asked for it. But, when some clown says I’ve never given anything or, contributed to my country, well, thats just pure bunk no matter how badly you wish otherwise.
            I was active and involved during the shield and the storm under the 8th ID.
            I was sent to the yugoslav civil war DURING the war because I have several foreign language identifiers that included Serbo-Croat that required me to go before Operation joint endeavor kicked off to scout NATO lodgement areas in sector west before being sent back to redeploy with my home unit that was the advance party for the entire operation began.
            Oddly though Laci, I worked with many Brit soldiers in Bosnia and they all came off as hard charging, no-nonsense folks who didn’t swallow a lot of bullshit…sorry, YOU aren’t even close to what I saw a Brit soldier as being.

            Maybe I just linked up with Brits who were an anomoly to whatever you are but, the ones I’ve met were without a doubt commendable soldiers and not sellouts like you are.

            1. Sepp, could you elaborate please on ‘foreign language identifiers’ and CONUS. I’m unfamiliar with the military jargon. Good for you for doing your military service.

              As to Laci or anyone else’s military service, I don’t see any justifiction for your phrase ‘sellout’, nor do you appear to know anything about his military service. If you expect respect for your service, you should give it to others who also served their countries in combat.

              You were, if I understand you correctly Sepp, IN combat?

            2. hard charging, no-nonsense folks who didn’t swallow a lot of bullshit

              Hey, seppo, I don’t buy your bullshit and I’ll be happy enough to pound some sense into you if I ever meet you.

              And I’ve more than demonstrated that bullshit is what you spout.

              An, yes, you do ask for special treatment in that you don’t want to contribute to society, but have sponged off it for your education.

        1. Although, I have to ask why 10 or even 12 years in the US Army?

          Unlike the British Army, which has had all sorts of reductions over the past 50 years, the US Army has grown in size.

          1. I should also add that one can retire from the US Military after 20 years, which is why I would question your serving for only 12 years. Why not be able to retire by serving another 8?

            Were you too stupid?

          2. Per my best man: “A tour of duty at a permanent duty station is typically 2 years for unacompanied/single service members while accompanied (with dependents) is typically 3 years.”

  9. The budget is indeed about value judgements and what sort of nation we want this to be.

    Do we want to go forward in prosperity.

    Or return to the tried and failed policies of yore?

    The way things are going, the founders should have just defaulted on all their debts after the war for independence.

    Maybe that’s why they feel they have so much in common with the founders!

  10. UptheFlag asks, Does any one know of a blog that focuses on the problems and wants to find solutions?

    Pie in the sky, my friend. Solutions? In this uber-corrupt political theater? Your naivete astounds me. There is tremendous hate on both sides of the political aisle- a point that you surely understand quite well. It would require a joint effort of Jesus, Mother Theresa, Gandhi and the Buddha to bring these political opponents together for a common cause.

    Or another 9-11 attack.

    1. “There is tremendous hate on both sides of the political aisle…”

      And there you have it. They’re too busy trying to screw the other party and to hell with being a good government.

  11. OK, Seppo, what was your MOS?

    You say you had several foreign language identifiers, but what were they? Not to mention that the US Army expects some proficiency before one can be certified in a language.

    Did you attend DLIFLC?

    1. 13B20, 63D20, 18B20 13F20. German, Sebo-Croat and Russian language identifiers in which I “tested out” of (IAW AR611-6)…which means that I took the final exam which covered listening and comprehension of those languages and passed them. So no, I wasn’t required to attend a school at the Presidio as soldiers who join the Army as linguists are required to do.

      Laci, you just won’t be happy until you can chink my armor. Sorry, you’re a nobody who has done nothing.

      You keep seeking to bash my childhood, my upbringing, my military service and, my present life and keep comming up empty handed on every front.

      Sorry that it bothers you that a South Toledo kid CAN be raised by a working single mother and NOT turn into a piece of shit who either ends up in jail or, a drug dealer…it must really fuck up your narative of how I was “supposed” to turn out.

      I beat your liberal odds via my goals and made my life my own as opposed to another leftist statistic in favor of bullshit excuses.

      Suck it up and deal with it.

      1. But,seppo,Only a handful of units from the 8th Infantry Division were sent from Germany to participate in the Gulf War. Which one were you in?

        Are you saying you were still in the 8th in Bosnia?

        18b20, small arms expert, sniper???

        What was the test that you took to get your “language identifiers”? As I said, you can’t understand English, I think you would have a fuck of a time with the Cyrillic alphabet.

        Pretty impressive for mechanic or cannon crew member to have language skills. With the exception of your claiming to be a sniper, you mostly did artillery and mechanics,

        Hey, seppo, you’re still an asshole as far as I a concerned.

  12. SInce I didn’t serve in the US military, I didn’t know this:

    The MOS code (MOSC), consisting of nine characters, provides more defined information than a soldier’s MOS.

    When asked, sepp should have provided me with a 9 character MOSC, instead, he provided me with a five digit code.

    The elements of the MOSC are as follows:

    First three characters: The MOS. The first two characters are always a number, the third character is always a letter. The two-digit number is usually (but not always) synonymous with the Career Management Field (CMF). For example, CMF 11 covers infantry, so MOS 11B is “Rifle Infantryman”. Among the letters, “Z” is reserved for “Senior Sergeant” (E-8), such that 11Z is “Infantry Senior Sergeant”.
    The fourth character of the MOSC represents skill level (commensurate with rank and grade):
    Fifth character: A letter or number and a special Qualification identifier (SQI). It may be associated with any MOS unless otherwise specified. Soldiers without any special SQI are assigned the SQI “O” (oscar), often confused as a zero.
    Sixth and seventh characters: An additional skill identifier (ASI). They are an alphanumeric combination and may only be associated with specified MOSs, although in practice some ASIs are available to every MOS (e.g. ASI P5 for “master fitness trainer”). Soldiers without any ASIs are assigned the default ASI “00” (zero-zero).[1]
    Eighth and ninth characters: Two-letter requirements and qualifications which are a language identification code (LIC). Soldiers without a language skill are assigned the default LIC “OO” (Oscar-Oscar).[1] LIC codes can be found in AR 611-6.

    Sepp was directly asked about his language identification code information, yet he failed to provide it. This would have been part of his MOSC.

    So, walt seppo, what’s the truth?

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